Jeff Jarrett: "We're Looking at a World Cup"

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, May 15, 2017.

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    Jarrett was a guest on FOX Sports' Wrestling Compadres Slamcast last week and let slip (though probably intentionally) that Impact are looking to bring back the World Cup this October (likely just in time for BFG):

    "We're actually in discussion with—obviously we've partnered with NOAH, AAA out of Mexico—we're looking at a World Cup based out of Japan in October."

    "The i's are not dotted and the t's are not crossed, but we want to bring that type of programming to Impact in 2017-18."


    This would play well with Impact's current roster, especially depending on what happens as they conclude their India tour this summer, as well as with their direct partnerships with AAA, NOAH, and Crash Lucha Libre.

    They already have numerous national talents under contract in Fallah Bahh (Filipino-American), Mario Bokara (Croatia), Sonjay Dutt (American from Indian descent), Idris Abraham (billed as Middle Eastern), Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid, and LAX. Not to mention Magnus and el Patron.

    The Impact roster itself isn't overly rich, but in conjunction with the partnerships they own, plus the potential for a returning face or two (hi Petey Williams), there's a framework to build on that could make the return of the World Cup a lot of fun.
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    I swear, I thought TNA do this back in the day? I get that they are no longer TNA, so it is cool to see Impact making the moves TNA did back in the day. With the talent exchanges that can take place, this would be cool to watch again.
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    I'd probably watch it. Aside from Styles/Daniels/Joe at Unbreakable, the World X Cup in 2008 was my favorite thing to come out of the company, and I still mark out a bit watching the four team twelve man elimination tag match from Victory Road.
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    It was an utterly forgettable, poorly executed and overly elaborate concept a decade ago.

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