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    American Alpha has quickly become one of NXT's most popular tag teams since forming last year. Both Jason Jordan and Chad Gable can go in the ring, but I think Gable's personality and charisma has really pushed the team toward the top of the totem pole so fast.

    But let's focus on who I feel is often overlooked because of Gable's personality. Jordan has pretty much all the qualities it takes to be a star. He's a big, athletic, good-looking guy who can wrestle well. The only thing that he missing is the personality or character side of it, and I think being paired with Gable will help that.

    What kind of future will Jordan have, though? Can he ultimately rise to the top and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Is he midcard title material? Or something else? Where do you see the future taking him?
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    Far too early to tell. He appears to have all the tools and should have a bright future ahead of him but then so did Shelton Benjamin. Time will tell how he gets on. Jordan is exactly where he should be at this stage of his career. Going slightly off topic, I was watcing IYH: Final Four the other day and I noticed how much Chad Gable reminds me of Doug Furnas both in terms of his look and moveset. I wonder if that's intentional or not.
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    Jason Jordan has huge potential.
    He's athletic. He has a great look. He's respected by higher ups(triple H and A-train:blush:) and he can wrestle.
    Main Eventer/World champ? I don't see it...yet. He needs some work before he should be given a singles push.
    To my knowledge he doesn't have a finisher and his move set is pretty limited. Mostly consisting of suplexes and a dropkick.

    Another down side as the OP mentioned he doesn't show the most personality. But we've seen plenty of guys get over one way or the other without showing personality. Some of the more recent ones being Bryan and Cesaro. Heck Sheamus and Del Rio don't have much personality yet are multi-time World champions.
    One thing he better learn fast though is a wider range of moves. JJ is no Lesnar or Angle, those suplexes are only going to get him so far. Me personally I would love to see Jordan get a main event/singles push. ONLY after accomplishing PLENTY of tag team success with Gable. No need to go down wwe's usual tag team route of breaking a team up for one guy only to fail due to pushing him too far too fast.
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    Jordan reminds me a bit of Kurt Angle in terms of his move set, the intensity he shows when he gets all hulked up and he even looks a bit like Angle, at least to me. Not identical or anything but they just seem to have similar facial features. I dunno, maybe it's just me that sees it.

    Both Jordan and Gable are two of WWE's best "homegrown" talents. Both are highly accomplished grapplers as well; Jordan was ranked in the top 15 wrestlers in the country for several years while wrestling for Indiana University, including ranking #2 as a heavyweight Gable was on the US wrestling team at the 2012 Summer Olympics . He's also an intelligent guy, he was offered a developmental deal back in 2010 but put it off as he wanted to finish school with a Bachelor's degree in biology with minors in chemistry, social science and medicine. Vince has a special fondness for college graduates as he thinks it simply helps make WWE look better.

    It's too early to say about what happens to Jordan, but I agree that he has a ton of potential. He's a big, athletic, highly skilled grappler who has a good look and has a good head on his shoulders.
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    I think both Gable and Jordan are going to go on to do some big things in the WWE. Personally, I'm most excited to see what Gable can do on the main roster as he's the talent that holds the most intrigue to me. I think he can either rise to that Kurt Angle level as a singles guy or end up falling into mid-card obscurity. Kurt Angle was damn intense which gave him credible legitimacy as a fucking animal. Obviously the gold medal thing did that as well but he was really able to put himself over as unstoppable when he got to that level. I haven't really seen that side of Gable come out and the flashes that I have seen... it just doesn't seem to suit his personality. Time will tell I guess.

    As for Jason Jordan, OP hit the nail on the head when he said he needs to develop a personality. That's 50% of the game right there, you need to have some type of personality. I still think Jordan is a little green and will originally struggle when he eventually goes out on his own, but if he can overcome the usual rookie speed bumps and improve on the character aspect, he has a good shot of being a big future player 5-6 years down the line. The guy's only 27, it makes sense for the WWE to push guys like Styles, Balor, Joe, etc. so they can make some money out of them while they can, but home-grown, young WWE talent like Bray Wyatt and Jason Jordan are going to be around for a long time yet. He may have to wait his turn, but I think he'll get his shot eventually.
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    I like the paring of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. It gives both men great exposure and they just work as a unit. The formulated matches let both the men shine while also giving the opponents time to look good. I think Chad Gable has a lot of potential and may even be the WWE World Heavyweight champion sometime down the line but with big names like Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Owens, Balor, Joe, Cena, Orton, Itami, Corbin, Aries etc etc all perhaps one day becoming champion, you have to wonder if Gable will ever get to that point due to his look. Daniel Bryan did it so why not Chad right?

    The topic here is of Jason Jordan. The guy has the look, size and talent to become a top star. Will he become a top guy and get a good championship reign(s)? I doubt it.

    Jason Jordan lacks the IT factor if you ask me. I don't see him as someone who I'd pay to see headline a show or anything. He's going to be a great mid card talent who will hold the IC, Us and tag titles on multiple occasions but he won't ever amount to the WWE Worldheavyweight Championship. He reminds me of Big E. He has everything but it just doesn't all click with him. Big E. looked like he was surely going to be a world champion one day and while he is tearing it up in the New Day right now, I just don't see Big E. ever becoming the man.

    I really would not mind seeing a tag team feat. Big E and JJ down the line after New Day and American Alpha break up.
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    Jordan is going to need an in ring endorsement from Angle. If he got that.. the rest will come naturally. He needs that guy he's going to remind people of to put him over as the next guy to beat
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    IMO it is WAY too early to even think about an American Alpha break up. Jordan has finally found His niche and I honestly like the direction His character development has proceeded to at this point. He is almost unrecognizable from the Jacked up, All-American, boring little pretty boy enhancement talent He was just nine very short months ago. His advancement may be considered a little slow amongst most circles because He has been signed for about four years now but IMO He has had very few opportunities to truly shine and was not already a King of the Independent Scene, He was a fresh out of college Amateur Wrestler with alot of potential.

    He actually was able to have some success believe it or not in FCW as CJ Parker's partner, in fact They not only won The Tag Titles but were the last FCW Tag Team Champions. Once FCW turn into NXT that partnership completely dissolved and in His defense He was sporadically used from 2011 to 2013 and faded to obscurity as a Full-Time Jobber.

    When He finally did get another small opportunity I thought He did a good job with the spotlight given as He formed a semi successful tag team with the perpetual developmental talent/OVW Mega Star and a former FCW Tag Team Champion (with believe it or not Dolph Ziggler) "The Canadian Sensation" Shawn Spears... I mean ECW "New Superstar Initiative" failed experiment Gavin Spears... I mean "Mr Re-packaged" Himself the now "Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger. I thought They were a promising Tag Team Myself but was never given the ball when They failed to advance in some random Tag Tournament They seemingly fell apart at the seems with Jordan playing the heel role in the break up. I thought He was finally going to push as a singles Star but little did I know Chad Gable had arrived. Loved how They slowly put these two together and made Jordan massively reluctant to take the highly enigmatic, care-free , overly confident Gable. IMO They take each other to the next level They complement one another like all of the great Tag Teams do. IMO They are the very best Tag Team in the untire WWE and have a very bright and (hopefully) lengthy future as NXT and WWE Tag Team Partners, Competitors and Champions.

    With that being said I see a huge upside to both members of American Alpha, like most of You I think Gable has the slightest edge. He is naturally a very charismatically gifted individual and has a unmatched technical prowess in the ring that makes Him stand out in a very talent rich NXT but IMO there is something special about Jordan ever since I first saw Him I just can't help but to feel He will be a Huge Star on The Main Roster. The last time I got the feeling was the first time I saw a little forgotten OVW Tag Team by the name of The Minnesota Stretching Crew namely Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin, one reached the promise land and the other found a great amount of success albeit but ultimately fell short. I know deep down somewhere in My wrestling soul that Jordan and Gable will either replicate Their success or exceed it.

    I think Jordan is bigger, stronger, and as stated above has an overall intensity, hunger and fire that Gable is simply lacking, I believe one day this will propel Him past His obviously very talented counterpart. Gable has a RVD, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles Cool Hipster almost comedic albeit entertaining persona, IMO it's really hard for someone to get to the Main Event picture with this type of gimmick and I don't really see Him as a Mega aggressive type but I guess He could surprise Me. Although Jordan has all the upside in the world He still has a long road of character development ahead of Him I believe three or four more years with Gable and the up's and downs of feuding with the best talent in the world on The Main Roster atop The Tag Division will develop Him to the point He needs to be established.

    About His Moveset... Tag Team Wrestling doesn't really give You the chance to showcase Your entire repertoire, with that being said over the course of His developmental Career I have seen Him display a multitude of maneuvers including His Finishers of choice (When He was able to pickup the occasional win) The Angle/Jordan Slam, The Texas Cloverleaf Submission Hold and last The Who's Your Daddy? Double Underhook DDT. I think He needs to develop a new unique to Him high impact Finisher but again that comes with time. People most remember Jordan is not from the Independent Scene He is an WWE product through and through for better or worse it will take time for Him to adapt and grow to the apex of His ever evolving Character and in ring Wrestling ability.
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    Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I had some family come into town this weekend so I couldn't really get on.

    I completely agree with you. I have no desire to see American Alpha part ways anytime soon. They have a good future as NXT Tag Team Champions ahead of them.

    But I can't help but notice that Jason Jordan just seems loaded to become a star, even more so then Chad Gable. While I am definitely Ready, Willing and Gable, I think his overall look will hold him back on the main roster, at least at first, while Jordan will have no such issues.

    Also, I think the pairing with Gable has already improved Jordan's presence and ability to play to the crowd. At 27, he can still stay in NXT and develop for another two-three years and really grow as a performer. If he's able to grow his personality, I truly think the sky is the limit for him. If he doesn't improve on that side, but continues progressing in ring on his already great foundation, then he could possibly slot into that Cesaro-role of upper midcard guy who puts on great matches with anyone. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  10. Sean Valjean

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    Jordan has a great look, nice intensity, and is more than solid in the ring. He's really come out of his shell since getting paired with Gable, and I don't think he gets enough credit for playing a good straight man to Chad's goofiness.

    If him and Gable stick together for another year or so, it could do wonders for him in the charisma department which will help him when they inevitably split. Some people compare Jason to Shelton Benjamin, but he's in a far better position than Shelton, who didn't have a personality well like Gable to tap from on a long-term basis.

    Talking is easily Jordan's weakest asset and he's getting better at it every week, albeit it little by little. With that in mind, I'd say he's got a very bright future if he keeps his nose clean and creative doesn't screw him over if/when he hits the main roster. I don't see a world champion in him yet, but he could definitely be a very solid upper-mid card guy who puts on good matches with anyone.
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    Well Predicting about his singles run would be a stretch according to me. First let them have couple of years as a team so that we can know them more. A tag team run at NxT and then main roster can do wonders for both guys. There is no doubt that Jordan and Gable are very talented.

    They are really "Cesaro"s of the tag division. I can see them revolutionizing the tag division of WWE in couple of years. Really felt nice to see such a good wrestling tag team after Cesaro/Kidd.

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