If TNA Goes Under, Who Are the Top-10 Free Agents?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Radical Canadian Goose, Aug 30, 2015.

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    A big story/rumor is that TNA is done come September. I for one hope that this is not true. With that in mind however, I would like to know who the top 10 free agents would be if TNA does fold.

    My list would look like this.

    10.) Jesse Gooderz - Former reality star who has really turned it up as of late. He really could be great in NXT and potentially be a midcard star on the main roster in WWE

    9.) Robbie E - This guy just has the look and skills to move further

    8.)Eli Drake - Could be gold if given a second chance in NXT

    7.) Rockstar Spud - I could see him with Enzo and Cass for some reason

    6.) The Hardys - Yes an awesome dream. The Dudleys just came back, why not the Hardy Boyz?

    5.) Mr.Anderson - Kennedy, Kennedy. This schtick needs to return to a WWE ring

    4.) The Wolves - Yes a revamped Tag division involving the Hardys, Dudleys, Uso's, Enzo and Cass, New Day and the Wolves would be epic

    3.) EC3- Ethan Carter deserves a second chance. I always enjoyed Derek Bateman, maybe make him Derek Helmsley and it could be fun

    2.) Taryn Terrell - Add her to the Revolution immediately

    1.) Bobby Roode- Must add, and not not a straight to NXT add. I mean straight to upper mid card add

    Also Kurt Angle as a GM figure would be cool
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    Here my list and why

    10) Gail Kim: still one of the greatest female wrestler in the world. Lack charisma but could be a great trainer for the girls in nxt.

    9) bram: here a guy that was let go by wwe because his temper, but he's a great talent and was a better fit in the ascension then viktor, so I could see him come back and take out Viktor so that he could reform the original ascension.

    8) ec3: this guy had all the tool to be a superstar but was waste in wwe. He doing a great job in TNA and should be a great pick up for any promotions.

    7) rock star spud: here a guy that really as te it factor. For a small guy, he got great charisma and is a really good wrestler. The best part is that he's one of the only guy that still give a damn about TNA.

    6) the wolves: simply put a really good team that any promotions should be proud to have in their roster.

    5) the hardy's: good be a great part time act for wwe. Especially with the Dudley's back on the roster.

    4) manik: that a surprise pick but her a young guy that as a lot of talent and his in prime of his career. The guy could have great match in nxt.

    3) taryn tarell: pretty good wrestlers and great charisma, sadly won't be sign in wwe since she pretty much burn the bridge with them.

    2) drew Galloway: here a guy that has tremendous charisma and is a awesome wrestlers, his original run as drew McIntyre prove how great he is as a heel and still got a lot of people in wwe that would love to re hired him.

    Honorable mentions: Eric young,bobby lashley, velvet sky and Brooke tessmacher. Eric young would be a great asset as a comedy wrestler and buth velvet and Brooke are pretty decent in the ring and could great eye candies in the diva's division. Bobby lashley as become a way better wrestler then when he was in wwe and with is size could be a superstar in wwe.

    1) bobby roode: officially the best all around wrestler in TNA could be great in nxt or roh.
  3. World Class Mark

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    Hmm, Top 10 according to whom? Another indie fed? WWE? The fans? Are we talking for just the here and now, or someone who can be a player for at least the next 5-8 years?

    In any event, I'll answer as a fan and who I think have the best ability to draw…

    1. Kurt Angle, of course.
    2. Bobby Lashley, of course.

    These two guys would be a "draw" for WWE. They're not necessarily the "best" or have longevity.

    Okay, now it gets interesting...

    3. Jeff Hardy, who is still incredibly over with fans
    4. EC3 -- he's #1 in terms of best free agent with longevity
    5. Rockstar Spud -- he would be a great free agent for indie feds, but I only have him at #5 because I can't see WWE wanting to take a chance.
    6. Bobby Roode -- best all-around wrestler of this bunch, but he's a little older
    7. Eric Young -- like Rockstar Spud, moreso for indies than WWE
    8. Awesome Kong
    9. Taryn Terrell
    10. Gail Kim, Velvet Sky

  4. The Samoan Heritage

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    I don't see TNA going under and if they do I don't even see 10 people from their roster that Wwe would want.(which is why i'm still hoping TNA gets better)
    But here's my list:
    The ones I would love to see happen:
    10) Gail Kim- The best women's wrestler in a decade. I wouldn't mind her and Natalya teaching the "divas revolution" what real wrestling is about. But sadly her and Vince have some heat with each other...

    9) Bobby Lashley- One of my favorites and left wwe at the beginning of his peak. (though I see Apollo Crews quickly making me forget ever about Lashley)

    8) The Bromans- haha, I really don't see this happening but I would really love for it to happen. Robbie E and Jesse are so are underrated. They aren't given a chance because of their gimmick but they pull it off. And don't get me started on Zema, the dude is extremely talent and has a unique look yet he is constantly being jobbed out in Tna since becoming DJ Z.

    7) BeerMoney- Storm and Roode are getting old so if they eventually do go to wwe it will be as a team to keep their longevity. I could see them being given a chance years later if wwe were ever in need of some extra mid-carders but I don't see them being given a real push straight out the back.

    6) The Beautiful People-With The Dudleys signing multi-year contracts I can see them eventually becoming trainers and Bubba trying to get his girl signed. And I see the Bella's career winding down so another two women team should be in the works.

    The ones I actually see happening(Wouldn't mind happening either):
    5) Taryn Terell- I think she was given a shot to wrestle for not even a month before she was fired in the wwe. So I can see her being given a second chance with the awesome work she has put out in tna.

    4) The Wolves- Easily the second best team in wwe and tna. With the addition of the Wolves the tag scene could easily gain its old glory back with teams like Dudleys, Wolves, New Day, Enzo&Cass, The Usos all fighting for supremacy.

    2&3) The Hardy Boys- I am all for using the past legends to help build the future. Cena and Orton had legends/guys like Flair, Triple H, Michaels, Taker, Angle, Guerrero, etc to help them out while the new guys have Show, Orton, and Kane....

    1) EC3-Easily the best asset in TNA. He is a champion and if he would go back to wwe I can see him being given the mega push that Kennedy got(and was suppose to have been given as a face).
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  5. WWEIsLife2

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    I would only really like to see Kurt Angle,Hardy Boyz (both with part time deals),Bobby Roode,and James Storm. The Wolves might be ok but isn't one of them a complete douche? Eric Young or the Beautiful People ive never gotten the appeal of,same with EC3. He didn't do much for me in the original days of NXT as Derrek Bateman. Gail Kim is just like watching paint dry and didn't much for me in WWE either.
  6. BringThePain834

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    I'd hope that they put Velvet with Bubba and D-Von if they sign her, but I honestly think she'd just go to NXT.

    I'd think that The Hardys would get the same deal that The Dudleys have now.

    EC3? They jobbed him out when he was last there, so what makes people think WWE would actually push him this time around?

    If anybody, Kurt Angle is more likely to get the part time gig because of his age, his injuries, etc.

    Gail Kim has vowed to never work for WWE again, so there's the answer to that.
  7. It's Damn Real!

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    To WWE, specifically, or to anywhere else? There's a bit of an inherent flaw in logic in the OP in not specifying this difference. Your responses seem to imply you mean for WWE to look at, but to me, that dramatically undercuts who the best free agents might actually be to wrestling in general — that is to say, every other promotion on the planet who are not WWE.

    To WWE, they'd probably see the most value, or value of any kind, in returning figures like Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Lashley and Drew Galloway, perhaps.

    To the wrestling world outside WWE, I think the results would be drastically different. I think you’d see companies like ROH, FWE, PWG, DGUSA/Evolve, and others all make pitches to the younger, somewhat more established performers like Bobby Roode, Bram, The Wolves, Eric Young, Kenny King and Robbie E, as well as Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Gail Kim (who would be of worth to both the independent scene as well a WWE) and Taryn Terrell from the Knockouts division.

    I hate top-anything lists, because they always devolve into two users arguing over the subjective nature of these kinds of lists. I find it's much more rewarding to just line-list them out in no particular order so you don't run the risk of fighting over why I have the Wolves listed higher than you do.
  8. adam

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    Dec 29, 2010
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    Likely there will not be a lot of wrestlers going to the WWE for the
    roster is quite full but Kurt Angle would likely be allowed back as
    would perhaps the Hardy Boys. Most of the talent will go the ROH
    or overseas. Be curious to how Angle would react to a return of
    his you suck chant if he returns as a face.

    EC3 was just mentioned in a Seth Rollins tweet so perhaps he might
    be signed to add more depth to the mid card.
  9. MINISTRYrising

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    Jun 27, 2012
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    1. KURT ANGLE. Still one of the best wrestlers alive today and while he only has a couple of years left in the ring, he would still be a Hugh draw for any company.

    2. BOBBY ROODE. The guy has it all and would be a instant main eventer wherever he went.

    3. JEFF HARDY. Still has a Hugh fan base and would also command a main event spot wherever he went.

    4. THE WOLVES. Arguably the best tag team around today.

    5. LASHLEY. Another main event guy who still has a lot to offer.

    6. BRAM. One of the most believable and talented guys on the roster.

    7. EC3. Has become one of the best heels in the business today

    8. DREW GALLOWAY. Like Bram, Drew is hugely talented and has the abilities to one day be world champion.

    9. ROCKSTAR SPUD. Really entertaining and is capable of having some great matches

    10. AWESOME KONG. One of the most unique woman wrestlers around today.
  10. whoopin' ass

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    Problem is most of the people you mentioned either were released by wwe or had the choice to go back and didn't. Kong cold have gone back there instead of wwe if she wanted to but she didn't. Hardy left them for TNA. Wolves has a shot and passed, EC3 was let go, same with Bram and Galloway and as for Rockstar Spud, is he going to take Hornswoggle's place because there is no Cruiserweight division for him to run in and we know wwe won't push him otherwise unless it is as a comedy act. It isn't that these people don't have talent, they don't fit wwe. IF TNA does do under, they will go to GFW or disperse to the indies because there isn't one company other than wwe who could afford to hire any 10 of them at once, not to long term contracts.
  11. TDFG

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    Feb 5, 2014
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    1. Kurt Angle. One of the biggest names in the business.

    2. Lashley. MMA career an all, this guy would be a big signing for NJPW etc.

    3. Jeff Hardy. I still think he'll end up back in WWE some day, regardless of what happens in TNA.

    4. The Wolves. One of the best tag-teams around, better than what WWE has bar The Dudley's.

    5. Awesome Kong. Her comeback has had it's moments.

    6. Bobby Roode. Maybe missed his chance in WWE but he'd find work anywhere else in the World.

    7. Mr. Anderson. His physique has been better, but he's still great on the mic and can still go, would be a good addition to help talent get over.

    8. Bram. Sticking solely to what he does inside the ring, he's been one of the guys who's brought freshness to TNA.

    9. EC3. One of the best heels in the business, but if you have TNA ceasing then how long really can he get out of the EC3 gimmick, he's her 'nephew' after all.

    10. Eric Young. So many gimmicks and so many times he's made it his own and got over, the guy is underrated, maybe not the best worker in the business, but he can certainly contribute.

  12. Hollywood Naitch

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    It's a shame that WWE won't even consider signing most of the TNA roster, but there are a hell of a lot of wrestlers who would be great additions to either the main roster, or NXT.

    1. Bobby Roode Nothing needs to be said, except he is the total package. In my opinion one of the very best in the world at every aspect of wrestling.

    2. Kurt Angle- For God's sake, rehire Angle WWE! Give him a few matches against guys like Cesaro, Bryan (if healthy) and Rollins then his retirement match at WM. He deserves it.

    3. The Hardy Boyz- Self-explanatory isn't it. Both Matt and Jeff can still go, are hugely popular and if Jeff's schedules wasn't too heavy, or it was part-time like an RVD, then The Hardy's would be an amazing addition to the tag-team scene.

    4. Ethan Cater III- Forget his run as Derrick Batemen, EC3 has improved so much and is an fantastic heel. Plus, he has the physique that Vince McMahon worships. He'd be a great guy to pick up.

    5.The Wolves- Just a great tag-team, one of the best in the world. They'd add so much to an improving tag-team division in WWE.

    6.Brooke Tessmacher- Incredibly hot, solid in the ring and extremely popular. Get her back in the big time, that ass needs global exposure!

    7.Velvet Sky- I think this is quite a likely one, as she's dating Bubba Ray Dudley. I'd be really surprised if WWE didn't bring a stunner like her in, especially as she's so popular. Angelina Love could come as well and reform The Beautiful People in WWE.

    8.Jesse Godderz- One of the most improved wrestlers over the last couple of years, Jesse has really come into his own. That physique alone should get him an interview with Vince as well! Incredible.

    9. Drew Galloway- I'm still shocked WWE released him. He's young, good looking and extremely talented. I'm pretty sure he'll be back in WWE someday soon but I'd love to see him appear in NXT and win the title before moving to the main roster and forming a United Nations stable with Barrett, Balor and Becky Lynch.

    10. Bram- I would have said Bram, but due to his recent arrest I think that's pretty much certain he won't be coming back. He was the best member of The Ascension before blowing his WWE chance. I was hoping he'd get a second shot but that isn't happening now.
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  13. showtyme27

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    1. Eric Young: I truly believe He is a very underutilized talent, great on the mic and in the ring. Can play serious or comical characters, has a underated vicious streak that I enjoy. IMO He is the best overall wrestler in TNA bred by TNA. He does have the tendency to over act/over sell but so does Dean Ambrose and IMO Mr. Young is a better wrestler and more entertaining on the mic.

    2. EC3: I have absolutely no clue why the WWE dropped the ball with this guy. He is far and beyond the "saving grace" in TNA right now. Vastly talented on the mic and underated in the ring. I know His stock is through the roof right now, He will continue to be a star wherever He ends up

    3. Drew Galloway: Speaking of dropping the ball I have no idea how WWE not only cut Him from the roster but damaged a great character in the process. When"The Choosen One" Drew McIntyre debut He was the hottest wrestler on the roster. I couldn't wait to see what He would do next, had a great presence, great music, ruthless wrestling style and devastating finisher. For lack of a better term He had it all. He has never spoken I'll of the WWE and I hope He gets another run on the big show.

    4. Elijah Burke: Or as You might know Him by the moniker of "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero. I think He is absolutely brilliant on the commentary and on the mic in general. He seemed destined for great things in WWE and TNA. I just don't know why He fell short, thought He was a excellent worker in the ring and if He can still wrestle I would love to see what He could do with the proper push.

    5. Madison Rayne/Gail Kim/Awesome Kong: These three women are the best the Knockouts Division has to offer I don't think I have to make a case for Gail or Kong as they are considered amongst the best Women's Wrestlers in the world but I must admit I consider Madison to be the best overall Knockout TNA has on it's roster. Great on the mic and talented in the ring and if You have a hard time believing Me than just think back to when she dominated the Knockouts Division a few years back I still consider her the most entertaining Knockouts Champion of all-time.

    6. Lashley: I think He still has all the tools to be a top draw, very fluid and talented tactician in the ring and I must admit I would love to see Him and Brock go a few rounds. He is capable of having great matches and could add value to any wrestling roster.

    7. Bobby Roode: Although I am not as high on Him as the rest of the world seems to be, I can not deny that He is an incredible talent. Well rounded competitor in the ring and fairly decent on the mic. There is just something about Him that screams poor man's Triple H to Me. I much prefer His more colorful and talented Tag Team Partners IMO James Storm and Austin Aires. With that being said He is still very talented on His own right (even if He is slightly overrated IMO) and would add instant value to any roster.

    8. The Wolves & The Hardyz: Two very entertaining Tag Teams. The Hardyz are time tested hardened ring veterans now, they know exactly who they are, have developed interesting characters, know how to work a Tag Team feud (truly a lost art) and would bring instant credibility to any Tag Division. The Wolves on the other hand while they are absolutely awe-inspiring in the ring, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their horrible mic work, poor character development and general overall lack of charisma. I do believe they are one of the very best Tag Teams in the world but they still have a lot to learn and improve upon when it comes to the gimmicky aspect of their act. The WWE could be the perfect place to nurture their latent charismatic talents.

    9. Kurt Angle: He is a little long in the tooth nowadays but still an incredible talent. Simply one of the best to lace up a pair of boots.Still could be a big draw if healthy. If anybody is deserving of one last run at the best company in the world it is Our Olympic Hero Kurt freakin' Angle! I honestly don't know if His body would hold up for WWE's high standardized physical test, but if He is able I would love to see a farewell tour in WWE against their best and brightest.

    10. DJ Z/ Tigre Uno/ Manik: I absolutely love Cruiserweights/Light Heavyweights and it is well past time for the WWE to reform this exciting Division and these three guys are the best of what's left of TNA's once flagship Division. All three have had their chance to shine and have proven themselves to be ready for the big stage. I would have loved to put Kenny King in there but He no longer works for TNA.

    Well those are My top ten Free Agents I know I cheated but considering just how depleted the TNA roster is right now it's beyond amazing I had to cheat. I think the only other wrestlers of value is Mr. Kennedy and Bram (who would have made My list if not for legal troubles).
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  14. TWJC: The Beginning

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    The entire women's roster.

    Seriously. Most of the guys are more or less replaceable. Not that guys like Young, Angle, Wolves, etc aren't good. Just that you can find someone with similar talent/appeal to each of them. With the NXT women's revival showing the more mainstream audiences on Raw what it can be, introducing women who've been doing it forever would be huge.
  15. BestSportsEntertainer

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    Velvet Sky - Two words. Dat ass!

    Eli Drake - Great addition to NXT.

    The Wolves - Great in the ring. Solid additions to the tag team scene.

    Hardy Boyz - They're just simply entertaining.

    Mr. Anderson - His gimmick was awesome.

    Drew Galloway - Young and talented. Plus, he has a great look.

    Bobby Roode - Natural heel. Great ring and mic skills.

    Ethan Carter III - Probably the greatest heel today. Young, charismatic, and great ring and mic skills. He's the total package.
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