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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Apr 1, 2017.

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    Bram needs his own stable. This guy is too talented, at least vocally, to be kicked to the curb, even if it's because the new front office is looking to get behind Storm again (something that's been years overdue).

    I just watched Aleister Black (Tommy End) debut (at least I think it was his debut) for NXT and it immediately made me think "this gimmick could have gone to Bram". I know End has been doing the existential nihilistic thing for years on the indie scene in the UK, but it's not like Bram doesn't have the look to do something similar or a history with a dark theme.


    I'm a total mark for occult-themed anything in wrestling—Raven's Flock, Serotonin, Kevin Sullivan, The Brood, etc—and I'd love to see Impact make right by Bram. It pisses me off how quickly they threw DCC and he, by way of, under the proverbial bus. But there's an opportunity here to make right by this and do what the DCC could have, or should have done.

    Given their desire to bolster the roster with new talent, I'd also like to see them bring in at least two new bodies with him, whoever they may be. Just so long as they fit the bill. Marty Scurll would have been a coup, but he's with ROH now.
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    I think Trevor Lee would be a good pairing. In fact, I could see the two of them as tag champs. Lee is known as the technical savage. I'd play off the savage name and call them something like the Savage Kingdom or something.

    To your point though, I've liked Bram since the ascension days. I think he and Eli are two cornerstones to build on. I always wanted to see him and Gunner together too when Gunner was in TNA.
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    The weird thing with Bram is that if it wasn't for is personal problems he use to have back in the day, they had something special with him and konnor as the original ascension. I'm pretty sure that if that version of the team would have been called up instead of the new version, it would have caught on with the fans

    But now that he's in TNA, i'm guessing that they might be keeping the DCC as a team but just take James storm out of the group. I think that bram and kingston have been a very solid tag team over the past few months and could bring a solid boost the the tag team division which is in serious need of some good establish tag team. Plus i really want to see these 2 fight LAX for the tag titles.
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    Bram just looks plain out of place in the DCC. It’s not a knock on the rest of the group (although the argument could be made that Kingston shouldn’t be in the group at all), but Bram doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that would be affiliated with James Storm. Considering what talent TNA has right now, I don’t see a lot of options for him as a tag team partner. However, for another stable, and given his character and fighting style, I could see him being a mouthpiece or leader of the Decay. Mind you, he’s not as demented as the other three members of the group, but I feel his personality is somewhat suited for them.
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    I would rather prefer Bram getting a stint in the midcard and occasionally main eventing as well. He could be a good challenger to Moose as IMPACT Grand Champion. The tag division isn't shallow anymore. I don't think that tag division needs Bram now. He would be a better fit for the upper midcard. Like Eli Drake. Build him as a unstoppable force & have him face Moose at Slammiversary for the title.

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