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    Initially there were reports all over the dirtsheets stating that Daniel Bryan was out over worry about him having an concussion and him having to vacate the title. But what I don't remember is hearing anything on whether or not he legit had a concussion. Now I know obviously WWE.com reported it. But I don't trust their sites with leading stories, as they use it to further storylines or feed us BS.

    Now even if he did have a legit concussion? Then why isn't he back. I understand a concussion is a serious deal. But concussions tend to only last for three to six months if even that. My question is was Bryan ever really injured? I'm not talking about the serious injury he suffered the year before. But I am talking about following Mania' 31. I know it sounds dumb to ask, but i'm asking a legit question. Was he ever injured or that badly injured?

    3 Doctors has already cleared him so why can't WWE. It begs the question rather or not he was injured or was it WWE looking for any reason to get him off TV to get Reigns and a number of others over?
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    Concussions are a very serious problem that the world is still in the beginning stages of learning about and learning treatments.

    I have had multiple concussions in my life. Luckily they haven't damaged me TOO much in the long run. My girlfriend was in a car accident and has been suffering from post concussion syndrome for half a year now. Some people recover in days, some never recover.

    Ask Christopher Nowitski why his wrestling career ended.

    I'm not sure the severity of DBs concussion or the severity of the neck/nerve issues he had before it. But its very likely he may never wrestle again. And if he does its very likely to not be for WWE as they are very careful about concussions these days.

    So sorry to tell you, but, yes...he was injured. And he may never be the same again. Only time (combined with the top sports medicine doctors in the world) will tell.
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    I wish Danial Bryan was already back in the ring as the next guy. But I can't blame WWE from being cautious. It's a real blessing Danial Bryan is in good health to return, though WWE is much more cautious as to what happens to their wrestlers. In case they can get sued. CM Punk being a good example.
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    The real answer is that he has a history of concussions and the WWE don't want to clear a guy who has the potential to continue giving himself concussions and, potentially, might ruin his life. Simple really.
  5. Azane

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    They're keeping DBry off, because he's a huge Crowd magnet, we saw last year that their chosen one was booed to hell, even with The Rock, so Daniel Bryan coming back and reminding us that wrestling can be interesting to watch, would derail him.

    He's been cleared for long enough, by enough people that it's no longer fathomable that he's injured, he's just being held in limbo.
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    It is exactly as the dirt sheets are saying. Bryan has been cleared by doctors, but not by WWE's head doctor. I wish it was something more than that and that he was just waiting for that big moment. But it is sadly not the case.

    I see a UCLA doctor has now cleared him, so I would guess that WWE would likely clear him on his next testing. So lets just wait and HOPE!

    Vince and WWE still have guilt for the Chris Benoit incident and concussion is now and forever will be an extremely serious issue and touchy subject for them. It took away Corey Graves (Gave us the best announcer WWE currently has(not seen smackdown in months and dont know who Ranello is(i'm English))) and it nearly took away Ziggler and it almost....or is about to take away Daniel Bryan too. And Daniel Bryan is MONEY so you know it's serious when they don't even fuck around.
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    It would make no sense for the WWE to keep Daniel Bryan out of the game without a legitimate reason, especially with all the other wrestlers out of action. I think they are just playing it safe. Bret Hart had his career ended by a string of concussions, Chris Nowinski had a very promising career cut short due to concussions and not to mention Chris Benoit. I would imagine they are playing it safe, its quite obvious the that wrestling is finally learning to look out for their own, no way in hell 20 years ago would a performer be given the necessary time needed to mend from an injury and still have a job.
  8. BestSportsEntertainer

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    Because WWE doesn't like Daniel Bryan and doesn't like the fact he's more over, more liked, and more talented than Roman Reigns.

    What other reason could there be? Bryan has been cleared by his doctors.
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    It's dumb and sick how certain people keep saying it's a conspiracy by the WWE, and that they'd rather have Roman Reigns on top and so on.

    While I am terribly bored of Roman Reigns and his WWE WHC reign(yes, it's only been 3-4 weeks, but still), it's still absurd to come up with those conspiracy theories just because Daniel Bryan is presently inactive. Typical IWC.
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    There were lot of reasons why he isn't allowed to be back in the WWE ring yet. When Daniel Bryan got injured for the first time and had to have a neck surgery, it didn't so well for him apparently as he started to lose strength in his arms. So it took longer than usual for him to get back into the ring. Many reports suggested that he would need to change his Moveset to cope with the surgery but he was completely against it.

    WWE made him participate in a Hardcore Ladder match as soon as he got cleared which was an asinine decision. Then made him work with Sheamus, one of the stiffest and strongest Star in the company was debatable as well. This lead to yet another Injury that he had sustained. So it made WWE look more responsible for his injuries.

    WWE Doctors already have a hard time dealing the past Superstars filing lawsuits over their injuries more infamously CM Punk. That's one of the primary reasons why they curtailed the usage of Curb Stomp by Seth Rollings. Which is also the same reason why WWE keeps Daniel Bryan waiting to get cleared to compete yet again. But Daniel wants to wrestle back so badly that made him consult the other doctors to get cleared to compete albeit the ultimate deciding authority is the WWE Medical personal.
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    I've always had trouble with the tinfoil hat stuff. Do they really bench Bryan past the Rumble just to avoid a 3-peat of a Royal Boofest? If that's the case then they really have no idea what happened at the past two Rumbles, at all.

    Bryan didn't ruin the Rumble, WWE torpedoed their own events by poorly shoehorning not over guys and not embracing the story they told, both years happening to have the best stories revolve around Bryan.

    If Batista or Roman had returned earlier, feuded with the real top heels in Triple H and Stephanie, and been kept as mostly silent ass kickers, they probably would have been cheered.

    I have a lot of trouble believing that benching Bryan is just to allow Roman to go over when there's other alternatives. You could bury Bryan, you could turn him heel, there's other things that could keep him preoccupied. Burial would probably just keep people cheering, whereas a total character change could be huge.

    I'll put my metal hat back on if Bryan returns on the Monday after the Rumble. When WWE is so hurting for stars, and supposing that there is malicious intent behind benching him, isn't this the time you bring him back?

    In my experience the truth is usually somewhere in between the two biggest extremes, in those case the keeping him on injured reserve as a precaution or as a means to bury him. Personally I think a major heel turn would be the better way to achieve both outcomes.

    It would have to be a total character change. No "yes," and definitely no "no." New music, new gear, new look, probably trim if not remove the beard. I'd book him as the A+ player and align him with Triple H against Roman. Let his wife be his manager. Roman could learn a lot working with Bryan more, Bryan could make Roman look great, we would all be entertained, Bob's your uncle.
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    I am hoping him to return in the period of post-Royal Rumble and pre-Wrestlemania 32! :blush:

    All i can say about him being held back for the return is that there isnot one reason for it. Multiple reasons are there which will surely ensure prospects of both WWE & Daniel Bryan!


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