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Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by JGlass, Apr 24, 2011.

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    I can't wait until a few more years have passed and the Cena diehards are old enough to post here intelligently and start blasting Steve Austin as a redneck wife-beater has-been that only got to where he was because Vince pushed him there.

    It's no more true of Austin than all the anti-Hogan rants are of him.

    Have you ever noticed the anti-Hogan marks start off saying the same thing? Hogan helped build the industry, and was a the biggest name ever back then, and I respect that, but... he sucks.

    Hulk Hogan, for that generation (MY generation) IS pro-wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling in the late 80's and early 90's and I was a Randy Savage fan. I didn't care for Hogan, but I admitted he was the top guy and deservedly so, in the 90's when he went Hollywood, I hated his guts, but admitted he was the top guy and deservedly so, then Vince brings him back with the nWo in 2002 and inexplicably, even to me, I marked the f**k out for him. I simply could not believe how good it was to see Hulk Hogan again.

    Then came the infamous "Hogan Ovations" which became a phenomenon never seen before or since in the world of pro-wrestling. It became a contest of one crowd trying to see if they could out-cheer the crowd from the week before.

    If you saw these live, and you were a knowledgeable fan of pro-wrestling, it's simply mind blowing. I have a hard time believing that Austin will ever get this reaction. I don't think The Rock will get this, it's still WAY too early to see if Cena will ever get this, but look, Hogan blew the roof off crowds over and over again. It wasn't because he was the best wrestler in the WWE at that point in time, it was a matter of wrestling fans showing respect for the greatest legend pro-wrestling has ever seen.

    Since that time however, the world has moved on. Now is time of the attitude era fans, not the time of my generation. Austin is the man, I get that, and I respect that, even while I disagree. However I'd be blown away (again) to see another ovation like the Hogan Ovations, this time for Steve Austin.

    Hogan is the man, and while time keeps going, just like the legend of Andre was more or less lost on my generation, Hogan's legacy will fade some, and soon, so will Austin's, and then it will once again be saying "My time is now".

    Hogan is a Hall of Famer, and a right respectable choice for the first, just like Andre would have been, just like Austin would have been, and 10-15 years from now just like The Rock will be, and Cena will be.
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    Hulk hogan despite what he is doing currently is the most worthy wrestler/superstar to be inducted into The HOF and there is absolutely not a single thread of doubt about it in my head as he made wrestling what it is he promoted wrestling to what it is now..
  3. DRP

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    of course Hulkster deserves to be the first to go in he was the first real face of WWF/E, wrestlemania where he slammed Andre the Giant kick started it all, and with out his phenomina you would not have had Shawn Michaels who then took wrestlingup another notch with his ladder match with Scott Hall. Just cause he's still going is irrelevant im not a fan of him in TNA i used to like TNA as it was before him and Bischoff came in but hey, who cares.
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    Totally agree.

    I like all the classpost here.

    Not just another markforum but real fans with knowledge.


    Love him or hate him. He is the man.

    Like Scott Hall said "Hulk is Hulk, that's why we love him".

    Agreed as everyone else.

    Hulk Hogan is "Da Man", the grandaddy. The father of wrestling. The man who made wrestling.

    That's why you gotta respect him. Sacrificed and gave so much for so many people. Over so many years.

    Touched the heart of millions of people around the world. A hero.

    There will never be anyone like him ever again.

    There is no other words for Hulk Hogan. He sacrificed his whole body to entertain.

    No one is close and no one is second, that's how big he is.

    Just look at this whole video. This is unbelievable.


    It's just unreal. He's career is just unreal when you see the whole video.
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    I absolutely agree that Hogan is the number 1 guy. Nobody else comes close to put it quite bluntly.

    He made wrestling what it is.

    I don't agree with the views he puts forward these days not only on TNA but all his religious crap.
    The point is there is no right and wrong in the universe despite all of Hogans "the secret" shit and what Hogan did for wrestling can never be wiped away, its out there forever even if he does rape his daughter one day.
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    Hogan should be number 1. He is the personification of Wrestling today. Launched it into the multi-million/billion dollar business it is today and where everybody tries to emulate.

    All this whining from wrestlers today wanting to main event Wrestlemania and have that 'Wrestlemania' moment want to be like Hulk.
  7. lowandmighty

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    I have no problem with Hulk being number 1, he's the obvious choice in my opinion. I don't think my reasons for that need explaining, I mean he's Hulk Hogan and his record speaks for itself.

    As far as his fall from grace marring my view on him goes, yes my view of him over the last couple of years of him in TNA was unfavorable and I'm guilty of the odd anti-Hogan post.
    However I've made lots of pro Hogan posts too and every day I mature a bit more and as I mature I realize that I too would've been just as selfish as him if I was in his position.
    If he can milk as much money out of his character for himself at the expense of others then why not go for it. Its the old school wrestling way of doing things after all.

    It's not like he's had the worst fall from grace either. Compare him to Chris Benoitt (as Chris Jericho once hilariously put it) and Hulk Hogan is an angel.
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    Actually, he's the personification of wrestling yesterday.

    No problem there, though, as what is being discussed is the Hall of Fame, so what happened yesterday very much applies. It's interesting, though, about the #1 thing: I think Bruno Sammartino might have earned that position by what he accomplished in and out of the ring during his era. If he had the same Internet & media tools at his disposal.....and if pro wrestling back then had the resources to go international instead each company just operating regionally, we'd have a better basis on which to compare Hogan and Bruno.

    But, we don't.....and since many folks dismiss anything that happened before their ability to remember it, they'd choose Hogan as #1 because they remember him.....and he's still around.

    So, no problem: Hogan can be #1.
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    I don't know what forum you're reading, son, but Hulk Hogan is #1. I'm not sure what you're complaining about. Let's check with our former Hall of Fame Moderator, JGlass:

    So as you can see, @ WWE Fan79, Hogan was our first ever inductee...and you're complaining that...Hogan should have been our first ever inductee. :lmao:

    Are you referring to one CM Punk, who has had Wrestlemania moments, just simply not that huge one like Hogan has had many of. HHH has, Cena has, Big Show recently got his with the IC Title. Everyone's definition of what a Wrestlemania moment, as a wrestler, is obviously different, and Punk apparently wanted the Hogan treatment at Wrestlemania 9: Posing in the ring while the rest of the faces celebrate around him, going off the air celebrating.

    But where you're getting this "Hogan should be #1 stuff from" is hilarious, because he already is.

    I actually agree with Sally, perish the day. :p While he's only at #7 on our list, there's a case to be made for him being much higher, namely, in his two large championship reigns that lasted over 11 years.

    Combine that with calling Pittsburgh his home ;), and calling Bruno #1 isn't a reach whatsoever.
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    Agree with what mustang sally is saying to a point, however on the media thing, Hogans first, there was NO internet buzz about it, cuz it was the 80s, and I think the traditional media buzz was created BY Hogan, Andre and Vince for that defining moment, and in my opinion Hogan could have been number one on this list without the nWo run (although with it, I mean ... it MAY be repeated, but if it is.... doubt I'll be alive to see it. )

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