How Marvel can fit it the X-Men into the current continuity

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    I just had this idea, of how Marvel can just have the X-Men pop up in their Universe, out of the blue, without really creating any plot holes.

    The story is simple: a reverse House of M storyline

    In sort, the reality we're living right now, is a reality created by Scarlet Witch when she was young, after a panic attack. Mutants did exist in the MCU, however the world was a cruel place for them and a war had broken out. Wanda and Pietro had a human mother and a mutant father, the famous Magneto.

    One event leads to another and the human mother gets killed in front of the children and Magneto. Magneto of course goes berserk and unleashes a huge rage. However, a young Wanda, having seen her mother die in front of her and the endless rage and pain of her father and the endless acts of war of the mutants and humans, snaps. She starts hitting herself, denying her own nature and screams "No more!" Pietro hugs her as an act of protection and Wanda once again screams "No more mutants!" and in a blast, the reality changes and indeed, no more mutant powered humans exist and Wanda and Pietro are the only ones left. Everybody is still alive in the current reality (Logan, Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Cyclops, Jean etc.), but nobody remembers what they were before, but instead have new "fake memories". Wanda and Pietro do not remember either.

    So Marvel, just needs to make a movie where Wanda remembers and restores the memories and the powers of the mutants and suddently, mutants will appear!

    And then it's up to the current heroes to end the new uproar that this will create and bring balance, between humans and mutants.

    Dr. Strange can of course be the first one to realize that something is wrong with the current reality and that it's not what it should be. As to why Wanda needs to turn back the reality? Well because if she doesn't, some weird shit will happen that will bring the current world to an end, because "you just can't change reality into your own needs Wanda". Natural order gets lost, butterfly effect, world collapses. Classic story.

    Throw Loki in there, just to get all the magicians in one movie, have Onslaught as the villain and end it by revealing that the mutants have returned with cameos of the new Professor X, Magneto ready to do some damage, the new Wolverine (or not) and other mutants (except Deadpool, Deadpool movies should stay canon and he should have total knowledge of everything that's happened).

    Another thing they could do: Instead of having Wanda taking away the powers of mutants, Wanda could have just created a whole other Universe of mutants, also creating another version of herself and her brother. She just sent every mutant over there, banishing them fromt the current universe and thus seperating humans and mutants (she thought so). That other universe is of course the Fox universe and they could just have the two universies finally becoming one as they had to be. That keeps the entire Fox cast canon and saves all the recasts. The Watchers along with Strange find out about this other universe that shouldn't exist. Loki does somethin wrong and a hybrid from both universies is created: Onslaught. After they defeat him, the two universies become once again, whole.

    Plus: Maybe the reason mutants die in Logan, is because Wanda is restoring the universe, so they just return there. So, the movie can start with Logan waking up in the real MCU and trying to figure out what happened.

    EDIT: Can someone remove the "it" from the title?
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    I like this idea a lot, but it would have to come after what’s already planned and in production. With the Infinity War coming sooner than later, I think they could essentially speed up the process, and cut out the pleasantries. We know who the X-Men are. We know what they are all about. Disney has an already made pot of Gold. There is no reason to reboot everything, unless, of course, they want the money grab. What I was thinking was Scarlet Witch could just say, “My Dad is coming to help, and he is bringing his friends.” Enter the Children Of The Atom. Enter the Gifted. Enter the X-Men.
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    I was thinking that ever since the first Avenger's film when the aliens invaded and some of their tech got out on the black market; it mutated some humans that were around their tech and boom, MUTANTS EXIST IN THE MCU!!!!!!
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    Personally I'd do it like this. it's 1961 and the man we know as Kycellius escapes oppression in his home country to the safety of the US. He attends MIT as a grad student and befriends Reed Richards, his girlfriend Sue Storm and her younger brother. Ben Grimm is Reed's Air Force buddy. The man we know as Kycellius' real name is... VICTOR VON DOOM.

    Victor wishes to reclaim his homeland, now known as Sokovia and researches the ways used by HYDRA/Red Skull as well as more mystical and scientific means. After Sue chooses Reed over Victor and an ugly situation that results in Ben punching him, Victor flees and disappears.

    In 1967, Reed Richards is one of the foremost scientific minds in the World, when Victor reappears, now profoundly wealthy. He claims he has the means to beat the US and Russia in the space race and offers Reed and his team the chance to join. Having concerns over NASA's true plans, Reed agrees and in secret the group launch and successfully land on the moon.

    On their return however, they inadvertently stray into the path of an object offering strange red radiation. They return home all changed and as we know The Fantastic Four. Shortly after their return, Victor Von Doom stages a coup in his home country, renaming it to it's traditional name Latveria and installs himself as a dictator. The Fantastic Four repel his scheme to threaten the world realising that Victor had stolen the source of the radiation for himself while Reed hopes to use it to help young adults and teens who appear to have a mutation.

    In a climactic battle , the radiation seems to come alive (it is in fact the Aether/Reality Stone) and all 4 disappear,with the timeline altering. It is claimed few remember that time, but they are normally said to be imagining it. Those mutated people also seemed to disappear. This is all narrated to us in flashback by Alicia Masters, an old woman who certainly does remember the Fantastic Four as she loved one of them, even though she never saw him.

    Infinity War ends, and in the chaos, that reality begins to warp back into 2016... Those mutants begin to appear again, Sokovia is renamed Latveria by its new leader Lucia Von Bardas with the aid of a mysterious benefactor and Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, fresh from 1967 arrive at The Baxter Building... only to see it called Avengers Tower!

    For me, this would rock as it means we'd get to see Mads Mikkelsen as Doctor Doom, which is perfect casting... it's maddening he was wasted on Kycellius, but if reality is warping, he might have gone a different way and become Doctor Doom instead.

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