Has anyone ever been on a game show?

Discussion in 'Non-Wrestling Archives' started by Kermit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Kermit

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    You know, an actual game show like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", "Deal or No Deal" or etc. I've always tell myself that I am going to go online and sign up for a bunch of them, but I never seem to get around to doing it. I'm just wondering if anyone here has ever got a chance to be on one or knows someone that has? If so, could you explain the process when you are on the actual show?

    For a bonus question, what game show would you be on if you could (past or present)?

    I've always wanted to go on "The Price is Right". I would play the heck out of plinko!
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  2. Mac Attack

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    So this current year I tried to make the college themed episode of Jeoprady and to do that they actually had regional qualifiers and all and I got through to a higher round and all as expected (my school actually had a trivia team and all) I was all scheduled to play to get on the show and the day It was was the day I was set to have surgery so that got axed pretty fast. I was trying to get on for a following tournament when I'd be in college that is.

    All you have to do is watch online for opportunities answer a few questions and you should get some sort of notice. Now granted I found out due to being on a trivia team at school so they would check for everyone however that's how it worked for me.

    If I could go on any however it be who wants to be a millionaire. I'd say on average I can get to the 250,000 mark consistently cause I know a ton of random shit but yah that's a nice chunk of change.
  3. Fire Marshall Bill

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    Dec 22, 2009
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    I've never been on one, but I'd love to do it sometime. I love game shows. When I still lived with my parents they had Dish and I'd watch the Game Show Network all the time.

    If I could go on one it would be Wheel Of Fortune. I grew up watching it with my mom and love that show. Plus I kick ass at it.
  4. cgallows

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    Jun 18, 2013
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    I personally have yet to be on one but I hear it's fairly easy to get onto Price Is Right. Face time with Drew Carey anyone?

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