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    Halloween Havoc 1999
    Date: October 24, 1999
    Location: MGM Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Attendance: 8,464
    Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone

    This is the first show of the Russo Era in WCW. Therefore, the show is a total mess and the ending is as stupid as you could ask for. This should be an interesting experiment because we're going to look at one of the last PPVs before Russo took over and the first one after he took over. Either way, I'm not expecting this to work all that well. Let's get to it.

    The opening video is about the double main event: Goldberg vs. Sid and Sting vs. Hogan for the US and World Titles respectively. Shenanigans would ensue. Sting is something like a heel while Hogan is the face, of course.

    Rey Mysterio is injured and can't compete tonight. Therefore, Mysterio and Konnan are stripped of the titles so it'll be a triple threat tag team hardcore match with Harlem Heat vs. Brian Knobbs/Hugh Morrus vs. Kidman/Konnan. You know, because we couldn't just sub Kidman into the match in Rey's place.

    The announcers run down the card.

    Cruiserweight Title: Disco Inferno vs. Lash Leroux

    Disco is champion coming in. The massive demon holding the massive pumpkin is always cool to see for the set. It's shaking here (intentionally) which makes it look even better. Disco takes over to start and Lash isn't really able to fight back. The ring is really big looking by comparison to the modern WWE one. Out to the floor and Lash goes into the post. He finally gets something going with a combination belly to belly/powerslam for two.

    Lash grabs a sleeper and this match is really nothing special. Disco sends him over the top but Lash hangs on. Disco gets the first shot in anyway but the Last Dance (Stunner) misses. A neckbreaker, a middle rope axe handle and a piledriver all get two for the champion. Lash grabs a blue thunder driver (his move according to Tony) for two. They botch...something involving a clothesline and the Last Dance keeps the title on Disco.

    Rating: D. It's passable but this probably belonged on Nitro more than anything else. They weren't clicking at all and it was really hurting things. Lash wasn't anything special but he got a lot better once they put him into the MIA. Disco was always around and had a much better career than he's remembered for. Pretty sloppy match though.

    Lash beats up Disco post match to LOUD booing.

    Benoit and Malenko got here earlier and Saturn yelled at them. The two of them are quitting the Revolution.

    Harlem Heat says they'll get the titles back after they lost them on Monday.

    Tag Titles: Konnan/Billy Kidman vs. Harlem Heat vs. Hugh Morrus/Brian Knobbs

    Morrus/Knobbs are the First Family and are managed by Hart. This is under hardcore rules and there are two referees. Remember that. Kidman and Konnan have the belts and wear them out despite not being champions. They're thieves apparently and have stolen Flair's socks. The first shot of the match is Knobbs hitting Ray with a trashcan and the brawl begins.

    Yep it's a big mess. Booker throws Knobbs into the first row and the cameramen can't keep up with everything. This is a case where split screen would be a good idea. The First Family screws up a bit and Morrus takes a trashcan shot. Jimmy gets caught in the ring and runs as Booker stalks him. Knobbs makes the save, pelting a trashcan at him. I don't mind it as much when you can get the pin out there.

    Knobbs is double teamed by the Heat who send him through a casket. Kidman is dropped on a chair as the Heat beat up Knobbs in the back. Scratch that as the Heat screw up and it's table time back in the arena. Morrus hits his moonsault on Konnan through the table. We cut to the back to see Stevie hit Knobbs with a mummy and Booker gets the pin. 26 seconds later, Kidman pins Morrus (via something we totally miss) and we have a controversy. Not really, but it's WCW so logic and the laws of time and space take a backseat to Russo's brain.

    Rating: F. This wasn't wrestling. This was proof that the Hardcore matches in WWF had some logic and thinking behind them. Let that sink in for a few seconds. This was junk and the “controversy” was really stupid because there were two referees and Harlem Heat clearly got the pin far earlier. Kidman and Konnan would win the titles the next night, making this whole thing totally pointless.

    The Flairs arrive and Ric has a crowbar.

    Here's DDP and my goodness Kimberly was hot. Page is a heel here and has been for awhile I think. Kimberly makes fun of Flair for being a 14 time spanker of her. I don't like where this is going. Sex jokes are made and it's Russo-Vision all over. Page runs down Vegas and talks about Kimberly pretending to seduce David Flair. More sex jokes and this is going nowhere. Page offers a strap match against Flair who he may or may not have had a match with already. Apparently they had one already. Depending on how you interpreted it, it could have meant Page wanted a handjob from Flair.

    Goldberg is looking for Sid.

    The Filthy Animals aren't happy with Tenay asking about Konnan. Eddie has a stolen Rolex from Flair and implies he has a stolen phone.

    Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero

    This is Revolution vs. Filthy Animals. Eddie leaves the watch with Heenan because he doesn't trust Tony. I have no idea who the faces and heels are here. Your usual fast paced start from these two with Eddie taking out Perry's knee to send him to the floor. Tony asks Heenan who the leader of the Filthy Animals is. Heenan: “I think it's Kidman, but it might be Konnan, but it's probably Mysterio.” Tony: “I think it's Eddie Guerrero.” Heenan: “I was just going to say that.”

    The steps are used outside by Eddie but he gets sent into them according to wrestling law #1. Back in the ring Saturn takes over and works on the arm. Saturn busts out a bunch of freaky holds on the arm and then hits a t-bone for two. Now Saturn is working on the knee. Pick something dude. Eddie works the arm himself to really get the people into this. Heenan has slipped the watch into his pocket.

    Perry does the British Bulldog/Shawn Michaels short arm scissors counter and hits a Lionsault for two. Brainbuster hits for Eddie but the Frog Splash misses. They go to the corner and Eddie gets crotched, allowing Saturn to hit a belly to belly superplex (kind of) for a very close two. The crowd doesn't care but this has been a pretty good match. Saturn tries a Razor's Edge from the top but Eddie rolls though and snaps off a superplex. And never mind because here's Flair with the crowbar for the DQ. Russo strikes again.

    Rating: C+. The middle part was really fun but the opening and ending sucked. The opening can be blamed on the two of them but the ending was all on the booker. There's no reason at all to have this end in a DQ win for Eddie. Have that happen post match, not as the ending. Naturally though we can't have a clean win, which I think played a lot into the Radicalz's departure.

    Kidman and Torrie can't make a save so Flair kisses her. She looks GREAT here. Flair comes back and gets his watch.

    Goldberg destroys Sid in the back and Sid is busted open but fine other than that.

    Here's Buff Bagwell to talk and he calls out Jeff Jarrett. Why? No idea but I guess they're feuding. Here's Jeff with the guitar but he drops it so the brawl can begin. Lex comes out for the save...and turns on Buff. Or was it by mistake? Why is this happening again? Something about Liz I think, but the announcers can't just explain anything so it doesn't matter.

    Sid gets stitched up but throws the doctor out.

    Eddie has a phone from somewhere and wants to know how Rey is. He tells Rey to get back here because they have business to take care of.

    Brad Armstrong vs. Berlyn

    Berlyn is Alex Wright as a crazy German kind of Neo-Nazi. Armstrong is a career jobber that wore an American jacket for awhile. Berlyn dominates to start so the fans chant USA. Big powerbomb puts Brad down as does a spinwheel kick. Things speed up a bit and Armstrong hits a cross body for two. We talk about the Filthy Animals because there's no real point to this match. Then of course we make this stupider by having Berlyn go for his neckbreaker but Armstrong grabs the rope. Berlyn knocks himself out enough for Brad to get the pin.

    Rating: F+. Here lies Berlyn. This ended any credibility that his character had and he would be back to Alex Wright in a few months. This was horribly stupid and was clearly meant for a shock instead of being an impressive win. Armstrong got treated like a jobber the entire time until the last bit. I see no point to that and it was stupid.

    Flair says he slept with Kimberly and will sleep with Torrie. Oh and WOO a lot. He's all fired up for this and tells the Animals to bring it on.

    TV Title: Chris Benoit vs. Rick Steiner

    Benoit is champion coming in. This is the main event of the last two Nitros I've done too. Steiner immediately stalls on the floor and catches Benoit when the Canadian chases him. Steiner Line and a suplex puts Benoit down for two. Benoit fights back and hits a superplex but Steiner no sells that too. A Crossface attempt is avoided and we head to the floor. Benoit hits a suicide dive and Steiner is up in seconds.

    Steiner keeps stalling every time Benoit gets anything going. There's a kick to the balls and Steiner takes over with a rest hold to the leg. Time for a chinlock because Steiner has already wrestled like 6 minutes. Steiner uses various boring power moves as Benoit sells like a master for him. The American hits two Germans on the Canadian for two. Make that three which is all Steiner seems to be able to do. It must run in the family.

    A suplex is countered into a DDT by Benoit to finally give him a breather. Not that Steiner sells it or anything. A flying shoulder block and Steiner is up first again. Three Rolling Germans get two and Steiner won't freaking stay down. There goes the referee and Steiner brings in a chair which goes into Steiner's face but he throws it at Benoit during a Swan Dive attempt. Malenko comes in and turns on Benoit by hitting him with the chair. That's enough for the pin and the title for Steiner.

    Rating: D. Rick Steiner messes up almost every match he's in. What can Benoit do when Steiner won't stay down off ANYTHING Benoit hits him with? This is one of those great examples of why Benoit left. Why should he stick around here when he's getting jobbed out to Sid for the US Title a few months earlier (Sid wouldn't sell) and now to another washed up old guy who won't sell? The TV Title would be around for a little over another month as Steiner would drop it to Scott Hall and Hall would literally throw the title away.

    Malenko hugs Saturn in the aisle.

    Bret says he has a bad leg but he's going to fight tonight anyway.

    Total Package vs. Bret Hart

    Bret dominates to start and Luger can't get anything going at all. As they fight to the floor for the second time, Liz trips Bret which doesn't work at all. Lex finally takes over with more generic offense. These old guys really can't do much but why should they? They're making a fortune already. Bret grabs a Russian legsweep for two. Luger's official name here is Lex Luger but you get the idea.

    Bret keeps firing off and we hear about Goldberg and Sid some more. Here are the Five Moves of Doom by Hart and he loads up the Sharpshooter, but Lex pokes him in the eye. Someone tries a hiptoss and they tumble to the floor. Back in and Bret's knee is almost done. Lex goes after the leg, works on it for about 10 seconds and hooks a half crab for the clean tap out. Yes, in 1999 Lex Luger got a clean submission win over Bret Hart.

    Rating: D-. This match sucked and the only thing that keeps it from failing is how Liz looked in that dress with her implants. I can't comprehend the booking of this show but believe me: it's going to get worse. It's not like Luger meant anything at this point, so let's put him over Bret freaking Hart. Makes sense.

    Goldberg points to the blood on the floor that came from Sid. That's just a preview for later.

    Here's Madusa in a bikini to promote Nitro Perfume. She freaks out over it, pours the perfume on Bobby, curses a lot, and leaves. On PPV people. On PPV.

    We recap Sting vs. Hogan which is this whole “who can you trust” stuff which was done forever in 95 and no one cared. This is a rematch from some show that they don't bother telling us.

    WCW World Title: Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

    And there's no Hogan. The music plays for like two minutes and he's not here. Here's Sting, the champion, instead. Here's Hogan's music again and still no one comes out. He finally comes out in street clothes and yes, this is where they're going. Hogan whispers in Sting's ear and lays down. Bell, pin, bell, match over. Yes, they did this before Bash at the Beach 2000.

    No mention of it after that (yet) and it's on to the next match.

    US Title: Sid Vicious vs. Goldberg

    Sid is champion and is taped up from earlier in the night. Goldberg does his walk from the back with cops around him. The cops come into the arena which they never do, and the Outsiders jump Goldberg during the entrance. Sid jumps him in the aisle but Goldberg fights back and busts him open again. This is all on the floor so far. They're in the ring now and it's still a brawl. To be fair though that's all it needs to be.

    Off to a camel clutch by Sid and the fans chant for the bald one. Goldberg fights out of that and slams Sid for two. Sid is down on his knees and almost begging for mercy but he keep staring up at Goldberg. He's up to his feet now but Goldberg just keeps pounding him down. Sid is a bloody mess. He keeps trying to fight but goes down almost every time. They're really pushing Sid as a face here which I don't think is the idea. Sid tries to walk and falls to his knees and it's stopped. Goldberg wins the title.

    Rating: D. Yes, that's seriously the whole thing. This was built up almost since the beginning of the year and a six minute total domination by Goldberg is what we end it with. The Outsiders wound up being totally worthless as Goldberg shrugged the attack off and they just left. Nothing to see here, as will be common for Russo.

    Sid is back up and Rick Steiner tries to hold him back. I really hope this was a Sid face turn because it came off like one. Sid starts to walk back to the ring after having the blood wiped away but ultimately he turns around and goes to the back. Yeah that was a face turn.

    Goldberg would lose the title to Hart the next night.

    We get a clip from Nitro of the Kimberly/Flair thing. It was supposed to be David but it wound up being Ric.

    Sting is in the ring now and says he didn't come here for a night off, so he issues an open challenge.

    Ric Flair vs. Diamond Dallas Page

    It's a strap match but you just win by pin. Page tries to stall but only can do that so much with the strap aspect. Flair slugs him down in the corner and pulls him into the post shoulder first. They head back towards the entrance and into the crowd. They slug it out among the fans for a bit and we're just killing time in this effort to be like ECW and WWF. Back to ringside and Flair kisses Kimberly.

    Page hammers him down and Flair is busted of course. I don't think they've been in the ring more than 30 seconds so far. Flair is thrown onto the table and takes a hard beating. We go into the ring for a change and Flair takes over. He whips Page like he stole something and chops away in the corner after tying Page up like a smart man. There's the knee drop and Kimberly's rocking rack is worried.

    Flair starts in on the leg and ties the strap around Page's throat. With Page almost choked out, Ric hooks in the Figure Four. That's really pretty smart when you think about it. Page really isn't all that good at selling this hold. Page grabs the rope and Flair pounds him down again. A low blow out of nowhere changes things and Page grabs a Diamond Cutter with the strap around Flair's throat. I'm about 99% sure the ending is botched as Flair lifts his leg to put it on the rope but misses. The referee almost stopped but calls it a pin anyway.

    Rating: C. Pretty fun fight but the ending (amazing isn't it) messes things up again. Also, was there really a reason for this to be a strap match? If there was I certainly don't know what it was. That being said, it was a decent match but that basically means if you have talented guys in there, you get a decent match.

    Post match David tries a save but that fails as well with Page standing tall. Tony says he's never heard Flair scream in pain. He's been around 16 years right? Flair goes out on a stretcher. He's being taken out with about 14 minutes to go in the show and the Sting challenge to go by the way. This isn't going to end well is it? As Flair is taken to the ambulance, the Filthy Animals jump the medics and steal the ambulance with Flair in it. If my memory is right, this resulted in Flair being buried in the desert. I can't wait to get to the crazy days of Nitro.

    With 9 minutes to go, here's Sting for the challenge.

    WCW World Title: Sting vs. Goldberg

    Yep, that's what they're doing. Pay no attention to the fact that this could have been HUGE on PPV if they did it right, because we need to SHOCK people right? He doesn't even bring the US Title with him because it doesn't mean anything by this point. When Goldberg gets in the ring, we have seven minutes left. Tony has no idea if this is for the title or not. And Sting goes to the floor before the match starts. Six minutes left and the bell hasn't rung yet, nor do we have a referee. There's a referee and the bell rings with 5:36 in the show.

    All Goldberg to start and he hammers Sting down to the floor. Still no official word on if this is for the title or not. Sting goes into the barricade and we're almost out of time. Sting takes him down back in the ring and hits a top rope splash for two. He tries to spear Goldberg and that just ticks him off but the real spear misses in the corner. There's the Splash and a second one. Make it three and Bill goes down. And never mind as he pops up, hits the spear and Jackhammer for the title. The match barely lasted three minutes. Screw rating this nonsense as the title was vacated the next night.

    The announcers are STUNNED that the title has changed. Sting hits the referee post match, which was the reason for the title being vacated after it was given back to Sting since this was unsanctioned. There was a tournament which ended at Mayhem with Bret winning the title.

    Overall Rating: F. I really have no idea how to feel about this show. So much happened on it and the pace was so fast (kind of) that you didn't really have the chance to process what was going on. There were swerves, stuff like Hogan (never mentioned again for the rest of the show) and the really strange finishes which made you realize how bad it was, but it never stops going. That being said, it sucked and there's no other way to put it. The lack of finishes, the stupid angles and all the swerves made this show horrible. No good matches at all and the world title match (version one) alone makes this a full on failure.
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    Honestly, how can anyone ever defend Vince Russo? I wish I could meet him one time just to ask him why he doesn’t realize how much he sucks. Russo has always lived by the theory that fans will keep watching if they don’t know what to expect. Fans like a surprise ONCE IN A WHILE but they also like to see advertised matches take place. This chump thought any idea was automatically clever if it was unexpected. I was the biggest WWF supporter during the Monday Night War and even I was sad to see what WCW had become. I never actually saw this show but it sounds terrible and if it’s anything like the little I saw of Russo’s WCW I have no interest in ever watching it.
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    I have never seen this show, but I am reading this review with my mouth hanging open in shock at how utterly stupid this booking was! Steiner no selling for Benoit, Sting laying down for Hogan, stripping the Filthy Animals of the tag titles just because Rey was injured, Berlyn knocking himself out, A world title match lasting under 5 minutes.

    This is one of the most ridiculous wrestling shows I have seen in a long time, why Russo can still get a job in the wrestling industry is beyond me. Do people not remember crap like this???
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    This show was terrible tbh because of the stupid booking that was taking place in the ppv itself and I would change a lot of things about this starting off with:

    1) The Filthy Animals (C) Vs The First Family Vs Harlem Heat Vs The Revolution
    Wcw Tag Team Title Four Corner Elimination Match. Add Saturn and Malenko to the match and have them win the titles by eliminating the champs last to win the gold.

    2) Disco Inferno (C) Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Psicosis
    Wcw Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Match. Take Lash out and put Mysterio in and Psicosis in and have Psicosis win the match and the title.

    3) Rick Steiner (C) Vs Shane Douglas
    Tv Title Match. I would give the title to Steiner and have Douglas win the title from him here to give the revolution a bit of gold.

    4) DDP Vs Ric Flair
    Strap Match. Stays the same.

    5) Bret Hart (C) Vs Sting Vs Goldberg
    Wcw Title Triple Threat Match. This match has to be better then the main event and have Hart retain the title.

    That's my card for this ppv and they are the important ones that could of made this debacle better tbh.

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