Global Force Wrestling: A Fresh Start

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    Prior to television/internet streaming, the organization holds an event to build some exposure for the coming debut and sell some DVDs/online subscriptions...the event is as follows


    GFW Bring It In With A Bang!

    Generic announce team introduces DDP as guest color commentator for the night! "You can't bring in a show with a BANG! without D-D-P!"

    - Jarrett defeats Burke via Figure Four submission to advance in the tournament
    - Carlito defeats DiBiase Jr via Back Cracker into a pin to advance in the tournament
    - Hero defeats Sabin via Rolling Elbow Smash into a pin to advance in the tournament
    - Shamrock defeats Masters via Anklelock submission to advance in the tournament

    Hype for Steiners vs. KES (Scott Steiner says some crazy stuff, KES play the heels)

    - Devitt defeats Nese and O'Reilly via Bloody Sunday on O'Reilly into a pin
    - Cabana defeats Delirious via Colt .45 into a pin

    Cabana follows up the match saying he is sick of people who don't take wrestling seriously. He points to the man he just defeated as a small example then rips into what he calls the "irresponsible hardcore buffoons" who think cutting each other open for a living is the same a being a wrestler. He says not a single one of these buffoons could stand toe to toe with a real wrestler and he defies any one of them to prove him wrong. Cue Masada coming out, the two piss pounding each other, and the referees having to break it up.

    Carlito cuts a promo saying its good to be back on top and he doesn't care if he has to go through the owner of the company to stay there. Jarrett says Carlito may have what it takes outside of the ring but in the ring Jarrett is going to make an example out of him.

    - Jarrett defeats Carlito via The Stroke into a pin

    Jarrett proceeds to beat the living hell out of Carlito then puts the call out to both Shamrock and Hero because whoever wins is in for one bad night on their tv debut

    - Hero defeats Shamrock via Rivera Cloverleaf submission

    Hero grabs the mic and says "Jeff Jarrett...enough said" while looking down at the defeated Shamrock.

    Jarrett is back again, this time to make a presentation to Minoru Suzuki for his legendary career and for helping GFW grow a worldwide appeal. A bunch of people come out to shake Suzuki's hand but one person, Johnny Gargano, seems a bit too enthusiastic. When they tell Gargano to leave he says he just wants to say something to Suzuki..."Suzuki, you were a childhood hero of mine, you are the greatest star I've ever seen from MMA to wrestling and I...I think I can beat you." Everyone is shocked, Jarrett gets pissed and demands Gargano leave, apologizing to Suzuki who doesn't seem to know how to take such a bold challenge.

    - KES defeat the Steiner Brothers via Running Powerslam by Smith on Rick Steiner into a pin (after a fair bit of cheating)

    As the KES stand tall (albeit while running from the ring), the announcers hype the television debut, with DDP saying he knows Jarrett can be absolutely cut-throat in the ring but he hasn't seen a young talent as good as Chris Hero in a very long time.

    Sign off.


    A lot of hype is built for the title match, as well as announcing other matches on the first card to get people to tune in. A hype video based on the DVD show is spread around the internet to catch people up on what to expect. A partnership with SHIMMER is also announced prior to the show to bring REAL women's wrestling to the mainstream.


    GFW Television (Show #1)

    Jarrett is in the ring to welcome everyone to the debut show, this eventually leads to an interruption by Hero, some words are exchanged, and a staredown takes place...then Johnny Gargano interrupts, saying he is waiting to hear Minoru Suzuki's response to his challenge to which Jarrett responds "Around here you earn things kid, if you want a match so bad, you'll have one next get out of here!"

    Devitt and Sabin both meet backstage for an interview, having lots of respect for each other and looking forward to their huge battle later

    - Masada defeats Cabana via Count Out

    Before the match, Cabana runs his mouth some more about how Masada is a disgrace to wrestling, Masada surprises Cabana by bringing a few actual wrestling maneuvers out and Cabana runs

    Cheerleader Melissa is in the ring and says GFW and SHIMMER have partnered so that the greatest womens athletes in the world can finally take center stage. She talks about the long history of SHIMMER until being interrupted by MsChif. MsChif says if anyone should be talking about the history of SHIMMER its her. The two trade personal acheivement stories from within the industry before finally settling down for a championship match for the SHIMMER Championship!

    - Melissa defeats MsChif via Air Raid Crash into a pin

    The Killer Elite Squad come out with a rather overweight unknown indy talent calling himself the "Elite Killer", after making fun of his seemingly too coincidental name choice and his obvious weight problem, they say he can prove his worth to them tonight by beating THIS MAN!...cue Spike Dudley!

    - Spike defeats Elite Killer via Acid Drop into a pin

    After the match, Hoyt destroys Spike then he and Smith hit the Killer Bomb on both Spike and the big jobber to get some heat, finally Tommy Dreamer comes out with a microphone and gets in the ring "You two think you're pretty tough picking on guys half...well, twice...well, you get what I'm trying to say!" Dreamer challenges the KES to a match next week and says he'll bring his own partner.

    - Devitt defeats Sabin via Brainbuster into a pin

    Kyle O'Reilly is being interviewed and says he is looking forward to getting in the ring with Devitt again, saying it will be a different story when its one on one, Anthony Nese interrupts, telling O'Reilly that if anyone should get another match with Devitt then its him, it was O'Reilly who lost the match after all...seems something is brewing!

    - Hero defeats Jarrett via Hangman's Clutch II submission to become the very first GFW Champion!

    Hero not only puts on a hell of an effort, he even kicks out of a guitar shot after two, only to catch Jarrett in a submission for the win! Huge celebration until a familiar face breaks in. ITS AJ STYLES! Styles comes to the ring to congratulate Hero on his win and the two shake hands. Very respectful moment and Hero stands tall, but was that really all that Styles was out there for?


    A bunch of promotional stuff is done to hype a Special Attraction AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin match that will main event show #2. It seems GFW is busy making some huge signings! A video of Carlito saying he is out for revenge after the brutal attack Jarrett put him through makes its rounds on the internet.


    GFW Television (Show #2)

    Jarrett starts off the show blaming AJ Styles for trying to steal his thunder and that of Chris Hero's as well. Jarrett says he wishes he had full creative control because Styles would never be allowed to overshadow the GWF champion, let alone be put in a main event for it! Hero finally comes out, looking like a badass champion, and tells Jarrett that he already took everything he had and Jarrett still lost. Jarrett says "You think after all the years I've spent in this business that THAT was all I have? You haven't gotten the best of me, you have one win, congratulations, but soon history will forget all about it when I take my rightful place as GWF champion."

    Gargano is standing in the ring waiting on his mystery opponent who turns out to be Sean Waltman!

    - Gargano defeats Waltman via Uniquely You into a pin

    After the match, Gargano again asks that Minoru Suzuki answer his challenge. Suzuki comes to the ring with his posse (which includes the Killer Elite Squad) and has a microphone. "You have big balls (insert crowd laugh)'re on!" Suzuki hits Gargano with a Yakuza kick out of nowhere and beats Gargano into a bloody mess. It seems Gargano may regret this challenge.

    Colt Cabana is backstage cutting a promo and says that Masada caught him by surprise last week, he doesn't know who taught him to wrestle but he'll be ready for him next time! Cabana issues a challenge for next week, which Masada immediately accepts while chasing Cabana out of the promo area "YOU'RE ON!"

    - O'Reilly defeats Nese via Triangle submission

    Nese came out looking confident and cocky but O'Reilly made fairly quick work of him. O'Reilly yells in the camera that he hopes Devitt is ready.

    Carlito cuts another promo about getting revenge against Jarrett, saying he will take a bite out of his head.

    - Jarrett defeats Carlito via Figure Four submission (after a lengthy, hard fought match)

    Jarrett says this should be a lesson to anyone who doubts him, he has overcome the odds before, and he will do it again.

    AJ Styles is being interviewed, he says he has a ton of respect for Hero and wasn't trying to butt in on his celebration. As for tonight, he's going to put a stop to Shelton Benjamin.

    The Killer Elite Squad are in the ring ready for their match as Tommy Dreamer reveals his partner...Raven! Raven isn't looking his best but still looks ready for a fight.

    - KES defeats Dreamer and Raven after a Killer Bomb on Raven into a pin

    The match was more of a fight and KES rack up another victory over a legendary team.

    Backstage Shelton Benjamin is preparing to be interviewed when the KES walk by wishing him luck, finally the interviewer is able to ask him what he thinks about tonight's match "How do I feel about tonight's match?...Like I've never felt before."

    - Styles defeats Benjamin via Spiral Tap into a pin

    The match goes nearly 30 minutes and both men are exhausted. Benjamin looks angry while Styles celebrates to close the show.


    To be continued...

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