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    This Federtaion will be done by me and Da Prophet.I'll be writing my show Evolution.
    I will focus a lot on making the young guys of today into the Biggest stars of the Future!
    I have made myself the GM of my show and will have a Championship Tournament to determine champions.
    Here is the roster:​

    Chris Jericho
    Triple H
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    CM Punk
    Luke Gallows
    Matt Hardy
    The Miz
    John Morrison
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Zack Ryder
    Big Show
    Vladmir Kozlov
    Drew McIntyre
    dolph ziggler
    Justin Gabriel
    David Otunga
    caylen croft
    trent barrera
    Desmond Wolfe
    The Pope D'Angelo Dinero​
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    Intro: Boom by P.O.D
    Matt Stryker: Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to EWE Evolution! I am your commentator Matt Stryker, along with Todd Grisham. Todd Take it from here...

    This is the new revolution of wrestling history, and this will be its first show to premiere on your TV screens, It will be a great time calling this show with you Matt

    Matt: Thank you, it will be a honor to call this awesome show...wait.. its The Self Proclaimed King of Awesome in the Ring

    Match 1: Justin Gabriel vs. Matt Hardy
    Good match, lot of high flying moves by Gabriel, Both men are doing well till Kane and Big Show come in and throw both of them out of the ring for a 10 count as Matt and Angel are both counted out

    Chair shot to Jericho, as Morrison and Edge walk away. A man in a hood ( you can only see the back of him) is holding a chair and screams above him: Welcome to the Future!!!

    First round of the Championship Chase:
    Triple H vs. Vladmir Kozlov.
    Very fast paced match as Triple H hits a Pedigree on Kozlov 3 Minutes into the match, 1.2.3!
    Lillian Garcia: The winner and advances into the next round Triple H.
    Triple H: To all of you in this arena, and for all of you watching at home. At Souled Out, This King will come back to his Throne!!

    Commercial Break-

    MVP vs. Kofi Kingston Championship Chase.

    Kofi Kingston hits the trouble in paradise for the win.

    Champion Chase Match:
    Christian vs. Randy Orton..later on tonight.

    The Bliz backstage with The Miz.
    Miz: Bliz, So your trying to copy me with that whole Iz thing going on, and the whole Awesome! thing. Bliz...your a bad rip off. I suggest you drop your whole Bliz thingy, because it aint working for me.
    Bliz: Miz, I suggest you get into that ring, and maybe if your lucky youll win and advance into the next round...Ciao.
    Christian vs. Orton now...
    Christian comes out to a huge pop, and Orton comes out to his Voices theme, mixed reaction here.
    Christian def. Orton with a killswitch after a distraction by CM Punk and Luke Gallows.
    Miz is ready for his matchup backstage as his match is up next.
    Miz vs. Morrison now.
    Morrison wins via Starship Pain. Miz is pissed off, as Morrison advances to the next round.

    The main event for tonight is: Edge vs. The Big Show

    Pope def. Kane after Gabriel distracts Kane, and Pope does his finisher FTW
    so next week its Morrison vs. Pope in Round 2 of the ChampChase

    Jericho vs. Mysterio ends with Jericho hitting the Walls of Jericho on Mysterio FTW.

    Desmond Wolfe is shown walking from his locker room to the arena with a mic: Now you will see what the Wolfman is all about..Im bringing the impact here on Evolution. Welcome to the Future people!

    Desmond Wolfe def. Batista cleanly.

    Bliz announces a Intercontinental Battle Royal for Souled Out.

    Edge def. Big Show after 3 Spears.
    Edge stands and points to the Title which is in a Case by the Entrance.
    Edge vs. Kofi Kingston next week for round two of the Championship Chase.

    Show goes off air
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    Ok I like the storyline thing with the championship chase.It brings a what is going to happen next feel to the show which is always good.It really has people wanting to read more and waiting for PPV.

    But Bliz I do think that you need to write more for your matchs.Having "Edge spears Big Show for a win isn't good" sorry to sound rude but people wont read your show.Maybe even mine if they see that we both are under the EWE brand.So put a little more time into your matchs and they will become heaps better.The championship chase wont be any good unless you fix this.Plus if you did this for the PPV it would be a huge mistake.But it is your first time so don't worry about it.Just put more time into the matchs, other than that I liked you show.
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    i cant write about the match itself, i can only explain what happened in the start of the match, and the end.
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    Yeah that's cool.You don't have to write a massive long match for a normal show.And if you want to do a quick run down than just put what the main spots were in the match, ad how it finished.A little more than Edge speared Big Show 3 times.
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    EWE Evolution's first ever pay per view event is coming live to St. Louis, Missouri home of EWE Superstar Randy Orton. This pay per view will be the beginning of an era, beginning of everything, and it is SoULED OUT!

    See the first ever Champions crowned as the finals of the Championship Chase will appear on this card.
    Who will be the Intercontinental Champion in the Battle Royal?

    You wont want to miss this pay per view.

    We will update the matchcard soon. ​
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    Week 2 of EWE Evolution!

    Intro: BOOM by P.O.D

    We go backstage and see Jack Swagger lacing his boots as he is getting ready to face Sheamus. NEXT.

    Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus.
    Match starts off with some technical stuff by Swagger as Swagger ties up with Sheamus. Sheamus then kicks Swagger in the stomach, and clotheslines him. Sheamus is completley controlling in this match. As sheamus is stomping on Swagger, Swagger grabs on to Sheamus.----forward to the end.
    Match ends with Swagger getting a pumplehandle kick in the face, as Swagger is out cold, maybe even injured.

    Locker room segment:
    Christian: Hey Hunter! I wanna speak to you.
    Triple: Christian, what?
    Christian: Whatever happens tonight, let the best man win. You deserve it, I deserve it. The peeps deserve it! The peeps want to see Captain Charisma as Champion! But anyways Good Luck Hunter.
    Triple H: Christian, you know me.. I dont care if you are my enemy, friend, brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, dog, father in law, even my grandpa. I will break you apart just to get that World Championship because I am the King of Kings and I will get back on my throne...and like you say..Thats how I roll!


    (We go backstage to Wolfe)

    ---Next week it will be Triple H, CM Punk, and Luke Gallows vs. Randy Orton, Batista, and Sheamus.-----

    Tony Chimel: LAdies, and Gentleman! We are ready for the main event of the evening.
    Introducing for London, England! Desmond Wolfe.
    major boos.
    and his opponent for Manhasset! Chris Jericho! Tweener reaction (Boos, and Cheers)

    Show goes off air.
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    EWE Evolution! Week 3 Preview:
    Main Event: Christian vs. Edge (Semi Finals)

    CM Punk, Triple H, and Luke Gallows vs. Randy Orton, Batista, and Sheamus.

    Chris Jericho & ??? vs. Desmond Wolfe & John Morrison

    Rey Mysterio vs. Drew McIntyre

    Ziggler vs. Barreta, Ryder vs. Croft.

    Check out next week for the show. PEACE&LOVE <3
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    EWE Presents Souled Out Live in St. Louis, Missouri.
    The first Evolution! PPV to debut onto your very screens.
    Watch history be made as we crown the new eWe Champion, Tag Champions, and Intercontinental Champion!

    The Matchcard:
    EWE Championship: John Morrison vs. (Edge or Christian)
    Intercontinental Battle Royal: 15 men
    Justin Gabriel & ???? vs. Big Show & Kane
    Tag Team Championship Triangle Ladder Match:
    Zack Ryder&Dolph Ziggler vs. Croft&Berreta vs. ????????

    Fatal 4 Way #1 Contendership Match: TBA
    Rookie Challenge (Contract on a Pole):
    Calgary Kid vs. David Otunga vs. Jamie Noble
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    Evolution Show 3: Championship Chase Round 3.

    Intro: Boom by P.O.D

    We are live in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    Backstage Segment:
    Triple H gets out of his Cadillac Escalade, and CM Punk approaches him along with Luke Gallows.
    Punk: HHH, You want to get your hands on Orton? So do I!! You want to kick his ass real hard? and so do I. Triple H, me and you could be a perfect Tag Team... and since Gabriel, and Hardy wont be competing in the Tag Team Ladder match, Im asking you to be my partner at the Tag Match.
    HHH: Does it involve shaving your head?
    CM Punk: No, it actually doesnt. In order to be my tag team partner you just have to be drug free, alcohol free, and smoke free. Any more questions?
    HHH: Do you know who I am? I am the King of Kings!! I am the freaking game! The Cerebral Assasin!! Why in the world would you think I would be interested teaming up with some StraightEdge Loser like you. Do me a favor Punk, Get lost, and find your own partner...Oh I forgot your friend Luke Gallows finally can speak.
    CM Punk: Yeah he could, because I saved him. I can save you Triple H, you have no idea how many issues you have deep inside. Accept us Triple H! Accept Straightedge into your life.
    Punk leaves the parking lot.
    They show a recap of last weeks match: Desmond Wolfe vs. Jericho.
    Desmond Wolfe comes out to major boos.
    Wolfe: Chris, last week I sacrificed a championship match just to show you who is the boss. I wanted to prove to you that I am not a newbie like you say I am! Chris, See..I didnt do it to screw you out of the match. I did it to show you whos the boss!!!
    Chris, you want respect? Your not going to get it from me! No your not.
    Look, we are evened out. I didnt get into the next round, and you didnt get into the next round, I dont know if you could hear this or not since you might still be in concussion after I beat the living hell outta you. Chris, I want to speak about you...

    Ehem! Jericho, You say your the best in the world, You come out and brag, but your rubbish!..Chris I hope you can hear me!!! (Desmond walks out of the ring and walks to the locker room.) Chris, Give me a chance to prove you that I am simply the best in the world! Chris!! Remember this place (interview place) This is the place where you got beaten up by some masked man perhaps? I know that masked man...his name happens to be the same as mine. His name is...Sir Desmond Wolfe. Oh yes. This man is the real deal here in EWE. See Jericho, I want to face YOU so badly...I will do anything.
    This time it wont be any simple wrestling match, it will be a real wrestling match...
    a Submission Match! The winner of this match will have the right to be The Best in the World. Chris, I hope I didnt kill ya last week. Because I dont want a weak opponent at Souled Out! (Wolfe drops the mic and walks into his locker room)


    Christian vs. Edge will be later tonight.

    We show the video of the Championship Chase promo.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Trent Barreta
    Dolph Ziggler wins. (ill book this match later)

    -Ok we are back-

    Gabriel talks with Mysterio.
    Gabriel: Rey man, Ive been a fan of yours since you were 18 fighting in mexico, I have been inspired by your ring work. I then decided to start learning your moves, and wished one day I could be just like you. Now here I am standing in front of the man ive been idolizing for years.
    Rey: Thanks for the words bro, your not too bad yourself. Sooner or later youll be one of the biggest names in the biz.
    Gabriel: Yeah, Well Rey, I was supposed to fight in a ladder match but then you know, Kane came out and nearly killed my friend Matt Hardy. I was gonna ask you if youd like to team up with me at Souled Out to face TheKaneShow.
    Rey: Amigo, Id love to man but I have an intercontinental championship match, and im really focused on winning that title man. But dude, I have a great partner for you.
    Gabriel: Im listening...
    Rey: You know Evan Bourne...the dude who does the shooting star press?
    Gabriel: Yeah him! Perfect combo. The high flying team of Bourne&Angel sounds great Rey, speaking about Bourne... He is part of my fantasy matchup for Wrestlemania. I could see Rey Mysterio vs. Justin Angel vs. Evan Bourne..nothing more than high flying, aerial wrestling.
    Rey: Your a good kid Justin, Keep it up homes, I got high expectations of you man. Go out there and show everyone what your all about.

    Croft def. Ryder

    Josh Mathews backstage with Jack Swagger
    Josh: Im here with the All American American Jack Swagger.
    Jack:Out of all the people in the battle royal there is only one man who is capable of winning it, and that is me! Josh let me do the interview: Who do you think will win?
    Jack: Yeah Josh, Words cannot describe the All American American Jack Swagger.
    Lets take a look at my opponents..
    Kofi Kingston-Where is he? Jamaica? Africa?
    MVP-It will be fun beating the hell out of a guy whos all bruised up from Kozlov.
    Shelton- Hes a pure athlete, but cannot compete in the same ring as JACK SWAGGER.
    Miz- is fired no?

    Swagger: People compare me to Kurt Angle, but honestly I feel that a diss.
    Pope: Really Swagger! Swagga! You aint nothin' come Souled Out, you wont be thinking high because Imma put you down. I got three word's for you. and no its not Jack is Wack, its Pope is Pimpin! Oh yeah and the other one i said too haha.

    Edge def. Christian (Semi Finals)
    (Book it later)

    Triple H pinned Orton for the win for his team (Book it Later)

    - More results later
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    The Updated Matchcard
    Chris Jericho vs. Desmond Wolfe
    Ultimate I Quit Match

    Championship Chase Finals

    Intercontinental Battle Royal

    [5 Men Elimination #1 Contenders Match:

    Contract on a Pole Match (Opponents will be Suprise)

    Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Dolph&Zack vs. Dudebusters vs. ??? & ????

    TheKaneShow vs. Justin Gabriel & Evan Bourne (NO DQ)
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    Thursday Night Evolution! Intro: Welcome to the Jungle- Guns N Roses
    Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Thursday Night Evolution! Thats right Thursday Nights are better than ever with Evolution! This past Sunday we have witnessed our first ever PPV..Souled Out! and Wow! What an event..it was literally SOULED OUT!! Heres a recap of one of the hectic parts of the show (EWE Championship and 5 men elimination)
    Matt: That was amazing, did you feel the excitement in the air when Edge speared Morrison for the win...and won the first ever EWE Championship? The crowd was going wild. Speaking of Edge, tonight he will host his Cutting Edge Show with his host..the number one contender Christian!
    Todd: We have seen history...as well we saw a shocking debut of JBL..JBL is in the ring now

    Our matchcard so far for tonight:
    The Miz vs. Desmond Wolfe
    Jack Swagger vs. JBL vs. Rey Mysterio
    The Cutting Edge with Christian!

    Sheamus vs. Shelton Benjamin.

    Sheamus comes in: At Souled Out, I was supposed to win the elimination match...thanks to Randy Orton I got eliminated. Randy, I dont understand what the fans see in you. Your a third generation superstar, So what?
    I am the only wrestler in the O'Sheamussy family tree..it doesnt make a damn difference.
    Whoever my opponent is tonight, I will destroy them Randy, and Ill dedicate this match to you.
    Shelton Benjamin comes out..
    Match Starts:
    Shelton and Sheamus lock up, Sheamus kicks Shelton in the gut. Sheltons bent down, and Sheamus clotheslines Shelton. Shelton is down, Sheamus is stomping Shelton. Shelton has no escape, because Sheamus is beating the hell out of Shelton.
    Sheamus goes out of the ring goes to Lillian, grabs her chair. Goes to the ring and is about to hit Shelton, Shelton gets up and reverses Sheamus' Chair Shot. Shelton Superkicks Sheamus in the face, Shelton starts Suplexing Sheamus. 1 Suplex, 2 Suplex, and then a SuperPlex. Shelton goes for the pin..1.2....oh Sheamus gets up.
    Sheamus is slowly getting back up, Shelton starts punching Sheamus. Sheamus shoulder blocks Shelton, and Boot kick to Sheltons face,
    Sheamus gets out of the ring.
    Ref counts 1.
    Sheamus comes over to Orton, the stare face to face.
    Still staring, Orton looks like a deadly viper, ortons face is red.
    8) Randy Orton tries to RkO Sheamus, but misses, Sheamus tries to hit Randy..
    RKO out of nowhere! Sheamus is down. and Shelton won via Countout.

    Randy leaves the arena, and takes a glimpse at Sheamus.

    Cutting Edge Segment:
    Edge is in the ring with his new EWE Championship!
    Edge: Wow! It feels great to be here in this ring as EWE Champion! Now I am officially a 10 time World Champion!
    Last night was a career defying moment for me, and for my opponent John Morrison, John fought the match of his life, he proved that he is the future of this company.

    (more later..)

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