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    ECW One Night Stand
    Date: June 12, 2005
    Location: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, New York
    Attendance: 2,500
    Announcers: Joey Styles and Mick Foley

    Oh god, I just wanted to watch some botches. The crowd is into it, the stuff they're saying is astounding.

    Chris Jericho vs Lance Storm with Dawn Marie

    This is Lance Storm's "last match", he's been having "last matches" for about 5 years now, sorry to break it to you. They're mat wrestling right off the start of the match, the crowd is loving it. Some nice back and forth here, the kind of stuff you would expect from these two. Baseball slide to the floor by Jericho, Jericho jumps at Storm but he moves and Jericho's hung up on the guard rail. Back in the ring now, nice Suplex by Storm here. A bit more back and forth here, the crowds letting out a nice "Holy Shit" chant due to some crazy dropkick by Jericho. Bit more back and forth, some pin attempts, then Storm gets a Super Kick only for Jericho to kick out again. More back and forth, Jericho rolls through a single leg Boston Crab and tries for the Walls, but gets sent into the corner for his efforts. Lionsault misses here, but Jericho gets the Walls again. Dawn Marie distracts the ref as Storm taps, Jason Knight and Justin Credible interfere, Credible nails Jericho with a Singapore Cane and Lance Storm gets the win. A very loud "Chris Candido" chant throughout. Decent match, nice way to kick off the night.

    Rating: C-. It was a bit short, had a few nice spots, but for the most part it was all a setup for the ending. A nice exciting start to the show though.

    A nice "Lionheart" chant for Jericho. We see a video package of ECW Originals who have passed on, sad video. Triple threat match next.

    Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Little Guido

    Tajiri comes out with Sinister Minister and Mickey Whipwreck and Guido comes out with the rest of FBI, Super Crazy's a loner on this night. Elimination rules in this one. Some quick action here, you really can't tell what the fuck is going on. Super Crazy in control early, but Tajiri is still right there with him, Guido? Well, Guido is gonna job anyway so he's getting his ass beat. Crazy hits a standing moonsault, some more drop kicks and flippy shit here, some crazy action until the next big spot. Crazy off the balcony with a moonsault, some interference by FBI here, long story short Guido gets eliminated. Tajiri and Crazy keep on going, back and forth action, Whipwreck interferes but fails, as usual. Crazy with a powerbomb to set up the moonsault and it's all over. Crazy wins.

    Rating: D-. If you thought the review was a clusterfuck, imagine what it was like watching it.

    Another video package here, shows some big moments from the original E-C-Dub.

    Psychosis vs Rey Mysterio

    Should be good for some more crazy action. Some mat wrestling in the early going, as a ton of arm drags are thrown. Joey Styles is just killin' it on commentary throughout. Psycho has the advantage here after Mysterio fucked up a splash, the crowds chanting for Psychosis to put his mask on. (He took it off before the match) The crowd is actually really annoying. They're on the outside now and Psycho is setting up a Psycho Guillotine (leg drop off the rope onto an opponents back while draped over the railing) and he gets it. The crowd loves it. Mysterio makes a comeback in the ring now, and Psycho ends up in the first row and Mysterio hits a ridiculous Senton off the top. Back in the ring a 619 and a West Coast Pop end this one quick.

    Rating: C. Good match for how short it was. They're capable of much more.

    Here we go, the Smackdown guys are down to the ring. Angle, JBL, and others (Matt Morgan was there) are down to ringside. The crowd doesn't even want to hear it. A nice "You Suck Dick" chant is met by a retort about their mothers by Angle. JBL's turn and all you can hear is "Fuck You Smackdown" or "Shut The Fuck Up" from the crowd. RVD and Bill Alfonso interrupt, nice "shoot" promo, Rhyno hits a Gore on RVD and Sabu gets in there after the lights go out and that's the next match.

    Sabu vs Rhyno

    Sabu is cleaning house here. Some early chair action. Crowd chanting at Rhyno, "You Got Fired." Rhyno to the outside and Sabu gets a Springboard, kind of. He botched it, but... it's Sabu, so whatever. Back in the ring Sabu misses a Moonsault and Rhyno has control. Rhyno hits a few slams, and tries a pin, but Sabu kicks out. Some back and forth here and some unique ways to use a chair, Rhyno nails the ref with a Gore, after Sabu moved. RVD interferes, pulls in a table and sets up an Arabian Skullcrusher and Sabu is your winner.

    Rating: D+. Too many botches, kinda cool though.

    Al Snow sighting, and now the Raw guys are here. Joey Styles makes an ass out of Coach.

    Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

    This is such a sad match to watch. Great chemistry between the two of them and Styles is saying it best really. Some crazy hard chops early on, some nice punches and kicks. These guys could make anything look good. Pretty deep into the match, in comparison with the others and they're still setting up for later, that's a good sign. Eddie with a chair here, a hard shot to Benoit, really hard. Crazy Superplex by Eddie, he's totally in control. Frog Splash misses and Benoit's back in this thing. Charging at Eddie with chops, a clothesline, then a bridging Northern Lights Suplex for two. Benoit then gets a Superplex of his own, looked great. 3 German Suplexes here, the last one being released, Benoit with the headbutt for two. Some back and forth and then finally Benoit gets the Crossface and Eddie taps. The crowd is giving them a lot of love.

    Rating: B-. Best match of the night, thus far.

    Interview with Bischoff, he's drawing massive heat.

    Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

    Sad little factoid, 3 of the 4 guys in the last two matches are dead. It really sucks to think about it. This feud dates back to the original ECW, and it should be an excellent match. Styles says he was pissed at Awesome for going to WCW, seemed legitimate to me. Awesome is using his power as Tanaka is diving around and doing whatever he can. Early on Awesome gets the Awesome Bomb through a table, "OH MY GOD" from Joey. Hits the Awesome Splash but Tanaka stays in this thing and kicks out. Awesome nails Tanaka with 3 of the hardest chair shots I saw all night and Tanaka stays up. Tanaka hits a DDT onto the chairs and sets up a chair on Awesome's face and just nails him. Some more back and forth stuff from both guys. Tanaka hits a Tornado DDT to Awesome through a table, holy shit. Awesome hits another Awesome Bomb through a table over the top rope then hits a splash for the win.

    Rating: B+. Match of the night. Amazing from these two.

    Heyman comes out now and cuts a very emotional promo, the E-C-Fucking-W promo. I won't cover it, but he stepped on a few toes here, I think.

    As the entrants for the Main Event come out the bWo, Rotten, Mahoney, and Kid Kash come out. A bit of a brawl and they get cleared out and the Main Event goes on.

    The Dudleys vs Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    A shit-ton of weapons kick it off. They're beating the shit out of each other and they do that for a while. Tons of blood here, reverse 3D here, that was cool. A huge shot to Sandman's head with a chair from Bubba, the crowd even gave them a "Holy Shit." Sandman with the cane, and here come Storm and Credible. That's Incredible on a barbed wire bat, here comes Francine and Beulah right after. The women brawl for a bit. Eventually Bubba hits a Powerbomb through a flaming table on Dreamer for the win.

    Rating: C-. Not bad, nice little history lesson for some.

    Stone Cold comes out and a huge brawl breaks out, a bit of Angle and Tazz at first then everybody comes out. Bischoff on commentary, says "Fuck ECW," how nice of him. Stunner to Bischoff. The ECW guys celebrate with Stone Cold, lots of beer flowing. Joey Styles thanks the fans and that's it.

    Final Rating: C. Not a bad show, some nice wrestling and promos, mostly a nostalgia trip. Set up what was to come for ECW over the coming years.
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    Good review Crock, I actually read the whole thing. I don't think I've ever seen this PPV, and after your review I don't think I will, though I do want to check out that Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka match. Doesn't surprise me in the least that Benoit and Eddy put on a great match, two of my all time favorite guys when it comes to what they can do in the ring.
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    Interesting review Crock. I personally found the event to be better than the C you gave it, and here's why:

    ECW never got a proper farewell just before it closed. This was Vince McMahon's way of seeing if the company was still marketable and at the same time giving the ECW fans their final farewell to the original product. This card showcased exactly what ECW was all about: Good wrestling, fan interaction and sheer violence. Benoit/Guerrero is a solid encounter, Awesome & Tanaka was a violent battle and the fans had some great interaction with both the ECW guys and the 'invaders'. I do agree with you on most of the match grades, but to me this show was all about that final farewell as opposed to the quality of the overall product.
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    This show wasn't really about the wrestling, but more about giving the original ECW fan one last show. While I do agree with the match grades, the show is more than a C. If you were a fan of ECW when it was around, than this show has to be given a A grade. It couldn't be given any grade other than that, if you were a fan. The ending with Eric and the ECW lockerroom, was a dream for the fans. The Anti Christ/Satan of ECW was getting destroyed in their ring. However if you didn't watch in the original days, than most people wouldn't think it is that great a show.
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    It was a really good ppv but I feel that there could be some re-booking done here tbh such as:

    1) Super Crazy Vs Tajiri Vs Kid Kash Vs Mikey Whipwreck Vs Little Guido Vs Psichosis
    Six-Way Dance Elimination Match. Add Kash, Mikey and Psichosis to the match and make it a 6 way elimination match with Crazy getting the victory, this is there version of a cruiserweight match.

    2) Chris Benoit Vs Eddie Guerrero
    Singles Match. Stays the same.

    3) Stevie Richards Vs Tommy Dreamer Vs The Sandman
    Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match. Add this to the card with Dreamer getting the win.

    4) Rey Mysterio Vs Chris Jericho
    Singles Match. Put these two together and it'll be a classic with Jericho getting the win.

    5) Mike Awesome Vs Masato Tanaka
    Tables Match. Stays the same but make it a tables match.

    6) Rob Van Dam Vs Rhino Vs Sabu
    Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match. Add Van Dam to the match and have him win.

    7) The Dudley Boys Vs The Impact Players
    Tag Team Street Fight Match. Make this the main event with the Dudley boys getting the win and sending the crowd home happy.
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    Why would you want to make Tanaka v Awesome into a tables match? They used tables in their match anyway, so why would you add a stipulation that means the match ended as soon as someone went through a table, therefore taking away a lot of the big spots in the match?

    Also, while I'd have loved RVD to be on the card, he was injured (and very pissed off as it was him who suggested the ECW PPV to Vince. That's why he had his leg in a brace while cutting his promo in the ring before getting speared by Rhino.
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    This PPV was great, and the next years mightve been even better.
    Crazy to see Dreamer get his head grated, or 60+ year old Terry Funk jump from the top of a ladder + nearly lose an eye to barbed wire, all on WWE's watch, who must have been having heart attacks!

    No one expected ECW rebrand to be like that, but its still a shame they felt they had to water it down so much. On the plus side, that brand helped bring about NXT

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