ECW: One Last Stand

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    Back Story
    The ECW brand of WWE was hemorrhaging money and Vince McMahon wanted to get rid of it before he went out of business. Hearing this Paul Heyman went to Vince and was able to buy it for a very cheap price. He filled the roster with Wrestlers that were in the old ECW and he kept a couple that were in the WWE version of ECW.

    Tommy Dreamer W/Beulah
    Cactus Jack
    'The Franchise' Shane Douglas W/Francine
    Steve Corino
    The Sandman

    RVD W/Bill Alfonso
    2 Cold Scorpio
    'Lion Heart' Chris Jeicho
    CM Punk
    Louie Spicolli
    C.W. Anderson
    Jerry Lynn
    Mike Awesome

    Tag Teams
    Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger
    The Dudleys
    The F.B.I. (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke W/ Trinity)
    The Unholy Alliance (Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck W/ The Sinister Minister)
    Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill W/Miss Congeniality
    bWo (Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova & The Blue Guy)
    The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustapha)
    The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronos)
    The Impact Players (Lance Storm & Justin Credible W/ Dawn Marie)
    Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freaks (Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney)

    Joey Styles

    Ring Announcers
    Bob Artese

    Joel Gertner

    Show Theme

    January: Guilty as Charged
    February: Hostile City Showdown
    March: Living Dangerously
    April: Barely Legal
    May: Wrestlepalooza
    June: Ultimate Jeopardy
    July: Heat Wave
    August: Hardcore Heaven
    September: Anarchy Rulz
    October: Born to be Wired
    November: November to Remember
    December: Massacre on 34th Street

    ECW Championships



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    The theme for ECW: One Last Stand hits the PA system as the show goes on the air and the fans go wild

    Crowd: ECW! ECW! ECW!

    Paul Heyman comes out during the intro with the ECW World Television title over his shoulder and the fans cheer even louder.

    Crowd: Paul E! Paul E Paul E!

    Paul listens ot the crowd with a smile on his face before he starts talking.

    Paul: God it feels good to be standing in an ECW ring one more time! I came down here to address a few things. Tonight we will kick off the Tournament that will crown a new ECW World Champion at Guilty as Charged. A few names in the tournament are Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman Sabu, Raven and 'The King Of Old School' Steve Corino!

    The Crowd goes wild hearing Dreamer, Sandman & Sabu are going to be in the tournament but when Heyman mentions Raven & Corino the cheers turn to deafening boos.

    Paul: That's not all, tonight we will crown new ECW Tag Team Champions and every team will be in that match.

    Somehow the crowd's cheers get even louder at the mention of a title being decided.

    Paul: However there is only one man that deserves to hold the ECW World Television title and that man is none other than the longest reigning Television Champion in ECW history, 'Mr. Pay Per View' Rob Van Dam! The Tournament that was going to crown a Television champion will now decide who will face RVD at Guilty as Charged.


    His music hits the PA system and RVD walks onto the stage and down the ramp with Bill Alfonso walking next to him. RVD & Alfonso get in the ring and RVD goes up to Heyman ans shakes his hand as he is given the World Television Title. RVD then asks for a microphone.

    RVD: Paul you couldn't have chosen a better man to be the ECW World Television Champion in this new era of ECW. Everyone knows that the only reason I had to give up the title was because I broke my ankle. There is no one who deserves this title more than me.


    All of a sudden Jerry Lynn's music hits the PA system as he walks down to the ring and gets right in RVD's face.

    Lynn: Rob you think you deserve to be handed the World Television Title? Well I think that's a bunch of bullshit! You have dome nothing to earn that belt so how about proving it right here tonight against me?

    RVD interrupts Lynn before he has a chance to say anything else while Fonzie blows his whistle in Lynn's face.

    RVD: I was the longest World Television Champion in ECW history. I have beaten everyone including you. But I have no problem kicking your ass right now and proving why I am 'The Whole Fucking Show'!

    Lynn gets ready to reply but Heyman interrupts before it goes any further.

    Paul: That's enough out of you two. Rob you say you're the best Television Champion ever, Jerry you say Rob doesn't deserve to be Champion. Jerry you're going to get what you want because right now it will be RVD Vs Jerry Lynn for the ECW World Television Championship.

    Heyman leaves the ring as RVD talks to Fonzie and Jerry gets a smile on his face. RVD turns around and walks right into a dropkick from Lynn. RVD gets up gets laid out by another dropkick from Lynn.

    Styles: Welcome ladies & gentleman to ECW: One Last Stand on WZ TV. We're starting things off tonight with an impromptu World Television Title match. The new Television Champion RVD was just handed the title by ECW owner Paul Heyman and Jerry Lynn came down here demanding a shot at the champ and Paul Heyman decided to give him and the fans what they all wanted. If there past encounters are any indication both of these men will leave it all in the ring.

    RVD gets up from the mat and Lynn Irish Whips him into the corner. Lyn then runs after him but RVD is able to leap frog over his head and land behind him. Lynn turns around a walks in to a spinning Heel kick sending him to the mat holding his jaw. RVD goes for a quick pin.

    1...2...kickout by Lynn!

    Styles: It's going to take a lot more than that to keep down Jerry Lynn. He is out to prove to Rob Van Dam that you have to earn Titles here in ECW and he wants to do just that by beating RVD.

    Lyn rolls out of the ring to catch his breath but RVD follows him and whips him into the guardrail sending him into the crowd. Lynn slowly to get to his feet and when he does Fonzie throws him a chair. He looks at the chair for a second when out of nowhere RVD kicks the chair right into Lynn's face, sending him into the surrounding crowd.

    Styles: OH MY GOD! That shot had to have knocked Lynn out cold. All Van Dam needs to do is get Lynn in the ring and he will win this match.

    RVD picks Lynn up and tosses him back over the guardrail. The camera goes for a close up on Lynn and he is busted open and bleeding. RVD follows and throws Lynn into the ring where Lynn uses the ropes to get to his feet. When RVD rolls into the ring Lynn starts kicking him in the back of the head to wear him down. RVD is able to fight back and get to his feet. Fonzie gets up on the apron and blows his whistle in Lynn's face. Lynn gets annoyed and knocks him off of the apron. While he is distracted RVD hits him in the back knocking him down to the mat again. RVD picks Lynn up by the neck and powers him up to the top rope.

    Styles: Lynn was so close to gaining momentum but thanks to Bill Alfonso and his damn whistle RVD is back in control.

    RVD climbs the corner on the other side of the ring and motions for Fonzie to grab a steel chair and put it in front of Lynn's face. Fonzie goes to do this but Lynn is able to grab the chair and when RVD jumps across the ring Lynn throws the Chair right into his face sending him crashing to the mat with blood pouring down his face.

    Styles: Both men are busted open from the same steel chair. Jerry Lynn finally has the upper hand and he wants to make the best of it.

    Lynn climbs all the way to the top rope and jumps off hitting RVD with a flying elbow and going for the pin.

    1..2..kickout by Van Dam!

    RVD and Lynn get to their feet at the same time and they trade lefts and rights as they stumble around the ring. They both lean against the ropes to catch their breath. All of a sudden Lynn goes for a knockout shot but RVD ducks it and hits him with a clothesline sending him down to mat. RVD then runs across the ring bouncing off the ropes and hits the Rolling Thunder on Lynn.

    Styles: Van Dam hits Rolling Thunder. That has to be it, if Van Dam goes for the pin it's over.

    Instead of going for the pin RVD drags Lynn to the corner and jumps onto the top rope and hits the 5-Star Frog Splash.


    Bob Artese: Here is the winner and still ECW World Television Champion 'Mr. Pay Per View Rob Van Dam!

    Bill Alfonso takes the title from the ref and hands it to a tired and bloody RVD, who has to grab the ropes in order to say on his feet. RVD takes his title and rolls under the bottom and slowly makes his way to the back.

    Styles: What a way to kick of the first episode of ECW: One Last Stand. And it's only going to get better from here because we still have to crown Tag Team Champions. Now lets go to the back where Joel Gertner is standing by with Taz.

    The camera fades out and when it fades back in we see Joel Gertner standing backstage next to Taz.

    Gertner: Standing next to me is the man known as 'The Human Suplex Machine'. He is facing Raven in a first round match in the Tournament that will crown a new World Champion.

    Taz finally gets tired of waiting and grabs the mic from Gertner shoving him out of camera range.

    Taz: Raven, you're one of the most violent, hardcore men I've ever seen in ECW and you are without a doubt one of the best. The thing is Raven I'm better than you, I've beaten men better than you. I will chew you up and spit you out. Beat me if you can, survive if I let you.

    Taz shoves the mic at Gertner and he walks away. The camera goes back to ringside as Taz's entrance music hits the PA system.

    Bob Artese: The following match is a first round match in the World Championship Tournament. Introducing first from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY weighing in at 240 lbs Taz!


    Taz's walks down the ramp with a black towel over his head. He gets into the ring and takes the towel off his head and crosses his arms over his chest waiting for Raven.


    Bob Artese: And his opponent from The Bowery weighing in at 245 lbs this is Raven!

    Raven's music hits the PA system and he slowly walks down to the ring not taking his eyes off of Taz. He gets into the ring and does his pose as the ref rings the bell.

    Styles: Raven & Taz are eying each other like couple of hungry wolves. They are both former ECW World Champions and both of these men would like nothing more than to win it one more time.

    Raven & Taz lock up in the center of the ring an after a second Taz spins behind him and hits a German Suplex making raven land hard on the back of his neck. Clutching his neck Raven rolls under the ropes and lands on the floor. After a few seconds Taz reaches through the ropes and grabs Raven by the hair and tries to pull him back in the ring. All of a sudden Raven nails Taz with a chair shot to the head sending Taz sprawling into the center of the ring. Raven quickly gets back into the ring and goes for the cover.

    1..2.. kickout by Taz!

    Styles: I can't believe Taz kicked out of that vicious chair shot to the head by Raven. I'm surprised Taz was able to kick out of that.

    Taz slowly gets to his feet and grabs his head as Raven goes to the outside and starts rummaging under the ring. After a minute he pulls out a table. He gets the table inside the ring and sets it up in the corner.

    Styles: Nothing good can come from that table being in the ring. I promise you someone is going through that table.

    Raven goes over to Taz who is still in a daze and tries to Irish Whip him into the corner and through the table but Taz is able to reverse it and send Raven though the table instead

    Styles: Just like that the tables are turned on Raven all Taz has to do is pin him and he moves one step closer to becoming ECW World Champion.

    Instead of pinning Raven Taz stalks him waiting for him to get to his feet. After A few minutes Raven stumbles to his feet and backs right into Taz who quickly locks in the Tazmission

    Styles: The Kata-Ha-Jime! This match is over, no one has been able to break out of this move.

    The ref checks on Raven and calls for the bell giving the match to Taz.

    Bob Artese: Here is your winner by submission 'The Human Suplex Machine' Taz!

    Taz lets go of Raven and gets to his feet. The ref raises his hand and then Taz leaves the ring and goes to the back.

    Styles: What a way to kick off the World Championship tournament now lets go right into the first match of the #1 contenders tournament.

    Bob Artese: This following match is a first round match in the #1 contenders tournament for a shot at the World Television Championship. Introducing first from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at 222 lbs CM Punk!


    The fans cheer for CM Punk as he smiles at the fans and high fives a few as he walks down to the ring.

    Bob Artese: And his opponent from Minneapolis, Minnesota weighing in at 230 lbs CW Anderson!


    Anderson walks to the ring and gets right in Punks face. Punk only listens for a second before he delivers a spinning back fist to the face of CW Anderson.

    Styles: Punk taking exception to CW Anderson getting in his face like that. If Punk keeps this up he may very well win this match.

    Punk goes from using his hands to kicking Anderson in the midsection. After a few well placed kicks Punk puts Anderson up on his shoulders and gets ready to deliver the GTS when all of a sudden Simon Diamond comes from out of nowhere and jumps p on the ring apron distracting both Punk and the ref. Johnny Swinger comes into the ring from behind and nails punk in the back of the head with a steel chair which leads to a Spinbuster on that same chair and the pin from CW Anderson.


    Anderson doesn't even wait to be announced the winner. He just rolls out of the ring and walks to the back with Diamond and Swinger.

    Styles: I can't believe this! CM punk was well on his way to winning this match but Diamond and Swinger come out and cost him the match. Let's go to the back and see if we can get some answers from those three.

    Gertner: I'm standing here with CW Anderson, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. Diamond, Swinger why did you cost CM Punk that match?

    Diamond: C.W. Anderson is a member of the famous Anderson wrestling family. He has years of experience and would have beaten that straight-edge punk no matter what.

    C.W. Anderson takes the mic and starts talking.

    Anderson: Punk it was only a matter of time before I put you down for the 1...2...3. This is ECW so what these 2 did doesn't matter, me winning was a forgone conclusion.

    All of a sudden Punk comes in and gets right in the face of Diamond & Swinger.

    Punk: You two want to cost me my match and shot at the World Television Title? I have a little proposition for you, right here next week on WZ TV the two of you Vs me and a partner of my choosing what do you say?

    Swinger takes the mic and gets in Punks face and answers the challenge.

    Swinger: You want a match with the two of us you got it be prepared to be taken out again, this time for good.

    Diamond & Swinger walk back into the arena to take part in the Tag Team Championship gauntlet match.

    Bob Artese: The following is a Tag Team Gauntlet match to crown new ECW World Tag Team Champions. Introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of 480 lbs Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger.


    Diamond & Swinger's music hits the PA system as walk out onto the ramp to a huge chorus of boos they walk down to the ring and wait for the first of nine other teams.

    Bob Artese: and their opponents weighing in at a combined weight of 394 lbs, being accompanied to the ring by The Sinister Minister, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck The Unholy Alliance!


    Styles: These two teams have an uphill battle due to being the first two teams in this match.

    Tajiri & Johnny Swinger start the match . Swinger tries to catch Tajiri with a left hook but he is to fast and is able to roll under his arm and hit Swinger in the legs with lightning fast kicks. Swinger turns around a tries to catch Tajiri again but Tajiri is still able to dodge the fists that are being thrown and continues to land kicks.

    Styles: Tajiri is trying to knot up the thighs of Johnny Swinger. Smart move trying to chop the bigger man down to his size.

    Tajiri goes to kick him again but Swinger catches his leg and drags him around the ring a little bit before Tajiri jumps up and hits him with an Enziguri to the back of the head. Tajiri tags in Whipwreck and Swinger crawls to his corner looking to tag in Diamond.

    Styles: Swinger needs to make the tag to his partner and soon other wise they are going to be eliminated early.

    Swinger gets close to Diamond when all of a sudden a masked man grabs Simon by the ankle and pulls him off the apron The masked man then gives Diamond a vertical suplex onto the concrete floor at ringside. Swinger uses the rope to get to his feet and stares at Diamond lying there on the floor. When he turns around he walks right into a boot to the gut and a Whippersnapper from Mikey Whipwreck. Mikey immediately goes for the pin


    Bob Artese: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger have been eliminated!

    Styles: The Unholy Alliance gets the pinfall, but who the hell is that masked man that cost them the match?

    Before Diamond & Swinger can get up and get their hands on him the masked man runs through the fans to get away. Doring & Roadkill run to the ring and start beating down Mikey. Tajiri quickly gets into the ring and hits both of them with a flurry of kicks backing them into a corner. Mikey gets up and joins Tajiri in wailing on Doring & Roadkill.

    Styles: Doring & Roadkill got the early advantage but now it's all Tajiri & Whipwreck. If they keep this up they have a good shot a winning the Tag Titles.

    Doring & Roadkill shove Mikey & Tajiri away but they are right back on them continuing to nail them with kicks to the midsection.After another minute of this Doring is able to throw Tajiri over the top rope and out onto the floor. With his teammate out on the outside Doring and Roadkill are able to team up on Mikey and get out of the corner.

    Styles: this is just the opening Doring & Roadkill need to take out The Unholy Alliance.

    Roadkill gives Mikey a Bearhug and Doring runs off the ropes and hits a Running Lariat knocking Whipwreck to the ground, Roadkill goes for the immediate pin.


    Bob Artese: The Unholy Alliance has been eliminated!

    Styles: They call that the Lancaster Lariat of Lust and they used it here to move one step closer to winning this match.

    As soon as the ref makes the 3 count The Gangstas coming running down to the ring with a trash can full of weapons. Mustapha grabs a kKendo stick and new Jack grabs a staple gun as they get into the ring. Doring & Roadkill try to stop them but they can't stand the onslaught of weapons. Mustapha takes care of Doring with the Kendo stick sending him to the outside. New Jack stands over Roadkill holding the Staple gun in his hand.

    Styles: New Jack can't be thinking about doing what I think he's gonna do is he?

    Seemingly in response New Jack takes the Staple gun a repeatedly slams in down on the head of Roadkill making him bleed profusely. New Jack steps away and Mustapha nails him in the face with the Kendo stick and goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill have been eliminated.

    Styles: OH MY GOD, Roadkill looks like roadkill after having his head stapled and being hit in the face with that Kendo stick.


    All of a sudden the bWo's music is heard over the PA system and the fans go wild and start chanting.

    Half the crowd: Where's my pizza?

    Other half: Meanie ate it!

    Styles: The bWo is here and they are looking to make an impact tonight.

    The Gangstas are waiting for them and when Big Stevie Cool & Hollywood Nova try to get in the ring they lay in to them with a steel chair and a Kendo Stick busting them open before they even get to their feet.

    Styles: The Gangstas not even letting the bWo get to their feet. They have been on fire ever since they got into this match.

    Mustapha picks up Big Stevie Cool and throws him over the top rope onto Da Blue Guy. New Jack nails Nova with the steel chair as he gets to his feet knocking him out cold. New Jack then drags Nova to the corner and climbs the top rope. He jumps off and nails the 187 and goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: the bWo has been eliminated.

    Styles: Can anyone stop the Gangstas from winning this match and becoming ECW World Tag Team Champions?

    The Impact Players' theme hits the PA system and The Gangstas stare at the entrance ramp but Credible and Storm don't come out.

    Styles: Where are The Impact Players. do they even know they're apart of this match?

    All of a sudden the Impact Players come out from the crowd and slide under the ropes and stand up behind New Jack & Mustapha. Sensing something is wrong they turn around only to be hit by simultaneous Superkicks sending them both to the mat. Credible quickly goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: The Gangstas have been eliminated.

    Styles: Of all the no good tricks to pull. Storm & Credible are cowards. Real men face their opponents head on not sneaking up behind them like that.

    Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke run down to the ring and slide under the bottom rope taking Storm & Credible out at the knees. Storm & Credible start hitting The FBI with Kendo sticks as they get to their feet.

    Styles: The FBI starting things off good but The Impact Players are just to much for them to handle.

    Storm & Credible pull The FBI to their feet and each immediately get hit with a superkick. Storm quickly goes for the pin on Guido.


    Bob Artese: The FBI has been eliminated

    Styles: The Impact Players making short work of the FBI. Will anyone be able to stop them?

    While The FBI makes their way to the back The Dudleys run past them and get into the ring, going right for the Impact Players.

    Styles: The 24x World Tag Team Champions wasting no time in going after The Impact Players. They want that 25th title reign so bad they can taste it.

    Credible and Storm are able to get away from The Dudleys and get out of the ring. They start walking to the back when all of a sudden The Gangstas run in from the back and hit The Impact Players sending them to the floor. New jack starts wailing on Credible as Mustapha throws Storm in to the ring. Storm get to his feet and walks right into a 3D from The Dudleys.


    Bob Artese: The Impact Players have been eliminated

    Styles: The Gangstas are not happy with how The Impact Players snuck up on them from behind and they're out here to return the favor and it cost them this match.

    As The Gangstas and The Impact Players brawl to the back The Eliminators run past them and slide into the ring and start throwing lefts and rights at The Dudleys. Bubba Ray & D-Von are disoriented for a little bit but are able to throw the Eliminators off of them.

    Styles: the Eliminators giving it to Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley. Both of these teams wants those Tag Titles but only one of them will walk out as ECW World Tag Team Champions.

    The Eliminators jump right back on top of The Dudleys this time making them get out of the ring to catch a breather but Saturn and Kronus are right out there with them. The Dudleys run around the ring and hide on around the corner. Saturn follows them and gets nailed in the face with a steel chair by Bubba Ray. Kronus runs to see what happened and gets attacked by both Dudleys and thrown in the ring.

    Styles: Saturn laying on the outside from that vicious chair shot and his partner is alone in the ring with perhaps the most dominate Tag Team in the world. Unless Saturn gets back in the ring there is no way The Eliminators are going to win this match.

    Bubba ray stands behind Kronus and picks hm up for a back suplex and on the way down D-Von grabs him by the neck making him land on the back of his head. The Dudleys get up and look at each other as The crowd chants as loud as they can.

    Crowd: ECW! ECW! ECW!

    Kronus gets up and as he turns around he walks right into a 3D. D-Von quickly goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: The Eliminators have been eliminated.

    Styles: There is only one team left in this match. The Dudleys have been in this match for a long time can they beat the fresher team of Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney?


    Mahoney & Rotten walk down to the ring with chairs in there hands and slide under the bottom rope. They get up and start swinging at The Dudleys who try to block it.

    Styles: Mahoney & Rotten looking to take out The Dudleys early and this is the way to do it.

    The Dudleys bail out of the ring as Mahoney And Rotten follow them to the outside and chase them around the ring. The Dudleys nail Rotten with a Kendo stick as he turns the corner sending him down to the floor clutching his face. They catch Mahoney and throw him into the ring. Before they get in the ring they reach under the ring and pull out a table.

    Styles: The Dudleys looking to end this match with an exclamation point. if they put Mahoney through that table they will be the 25x World Tag Team Champions.

    Bubba Ray and D-Von set up the table and when Mahoney gets up they put him through the table with a vicious 3D. Mahoney is lying there in pain as Bubba Ray goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten have been eliminated. Here are your winners and new ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boys!

    Bubba Ray and D-Von take their titles and make their way to the back.

    Styles: There you have it folks The Dudleys beat nine other teams to one again become World Tag Team Champions . Up next we have 2 Cold Scorpio Vs Christian Cage in a first round tournament match to determine the #1 contender to Rob Van Dam's World Television Title. Right now lets go to the back where Joel Gertner is standing by with the New World Tag team Champions.

    Gertner: I'm here with the New ECW Tag Team Champions. Guys how does it make you feel to be Tag Team Champions for a twenty-fifth time?

    Bubba Ray: it feels great to be Tag Team Champions once again here in ECW. We plan on holding these titles for a very long time but if any team wants to step up to the plate be my guest.

    D-Von: Oh my brother TESTIFYYYYYY!!!

    The Dudleys walk away as the camera goes back out to the arena.

    Bob Artese: The following match is a first round tournament match to determine the #1 contender to the World Television Title. Introducing first from Denver, Colorado weighing in at 220 lbs 2 Cold Scorpio!


    The fans cheer as Scorpio walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. He stands in the ring and waits for his opponent.


    Bob Artese: And his opponent from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 235 lbs Christian Cage!

    Christian walks down the ramp to a chorus of boos as he just smiles at the fans. He steps in to the ring and starts talking trash right in Scorpio's face. Scorpio doesn't listen for very long as he pie faces Christian, sending him sprawling to the mat.

    Styles: 2 Cold Scorpio doesn't want to hear anything from Christian Cage. He's here for one thing and that is move one step closer to a World Television Title shot.

    Christian gets up quickly and throws a wide left a Scorpio's head which he ducks easily. Scorpio then hits Christian with rights and lefts of his own which send Christian staggering. He spots a thrash can lid laying in the corner and picks it up. He swings it at Christians head but Christian ducks and is able to grab the trash can lid and hit Scorpio repeatedly in the face knocking him down to the mat. Christian then quickly climbs the top rope and hits Scorpio with a Frog Splash for the pin*


    Bob Artese: Here is your winner Christian Cage!

    Styles: Christian making short work of 2 Cold Scorpio in this match. If he keeps that up he may just become #1 contender.

    Bob Artese: The following is a 3 way Dance first round match up of the World Championship Tournament. Introducing first from Yonkers, New York weighing in at 255 lbs Tommy Dreamer!


    Dreamer walks onto the stage with a huge smile on his face as he listens to the fans chant and cheer. He gets into the ring and waits for his opponents to come down to the ring as he chants with the fans

    Crowd: ECW! ECW! ECW!

    Styles: This man has embodied ECW from day 1 and he would love nothing more than to be ECW champion again but first he has to outlast 2 other men.

    Bob Artese: And his opponents making his way to the ring from Bombay, India weighing in at 220 lbs The Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal Sabu!


    Sabu walks onto the stage and goes right into the ring and gets in Dreamer's face. The ref separates them as they wait for the third and final participant.


    Bob Artese: and the final particpant from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 270 lbs Rhino!

    Rhino runs down to the ring and wastes no time in going right after Sabu and laying him out.

    Styles: Rhino wasting no time in going after Sabu. He was the last ECW World Champion back in 2001 and he never lost it.

    Tommy Dreamer sits back and lets Sabu and Rhino try to destroy each other. Sabu is able to get away from Rhino and grab a chair that was left in the ring from earlier. Rhino runs at Sabu again but gets hit in the head with the chair as Sabu throws it at his head.

    Styles: Sabu just threw that chair and cracked Rhino in the head with it. No one is more Hardcore than Sabu.

    All of a sudden Tommy Dreamer takes the chair and smashes it over the head of Sabu. He then setst the chair down and picks up Sabu and sets him up for a DDT on the steel chair.

    Dreamer: E.C. fucking W!

    The fans go wild as Dreamer plants Sabu on the chair and goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: Sabu has been eliminated.

    Styles: An elimination can happen that fast here in ECW. It's now down to Tommy Dreamer and Rhino one of these men will move one step closer to becoming the first ECW World Champion in over half a decade.

    Dreamer looks down at Rhino as he goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. He puts it inside the ring and sets it up in the corner. he then goes over to Rhino and picks him up and puts him up on the top rope. He climbs up and puts him on his shoulders and sends him through the table with a Spicolli Driver and he goes for the pin.


    Bob Artese: Rhino has been eliminated, here is your winner Tommy Dreamer!

    Styles: What a Main Event! Tommy Dreamer, The heart and soul of ECW, moves one step closer to becoming World Champion. Thank you for tuning in ladies and gentleman we'll see you next week right here on WZ TV for ECW: One Last Stand!

    Dreamer stands in the middle of the ring smiling at the fans as her tries not to cry in joy. The credits start to roll as he climbs out of the ring and the camera fades out.​
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    Ignore this. I didn't see the match already up there
  5. Hyorinmaru

    Hyorinmaru Sit Upon The Frozen Heavens
    E-Fed Mod

    Dec 7, 2007
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    I haven't forgotten about this I've just been very busy this last couple months. after I finish my RP for WZCW I will get back to this and barring something else drastic happening I should be able to get episode 2 done in a couple weeks.
  6. Hyorinmaru

    Hyorinmaru Sit Upon The Frozen Heavens
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    Dec 7, 2007
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    It's been longer than 2 weeks but something drastic happened.

    My laptop kicked the bucket and I had all my OLS stuff on it that I didn't back up. I need to start Episode 2 completely from scratch.

    I can't say when it will be but I'll probably start it after my WZCW RP is up.

    Hopefully people are still interested.
  7. Issa Genesis

    Issa Genesis Actively evolving

    Jun 8, 2014
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    THIS IS AWESOME!!! What I would love to do seeing as if you don't have anyone that's already on my roster is instead of me making a GFW you can be my rival. The NEW ECW vs. WCWF with everyone in their prime. I think it could be fun if your for it! As for adding new stars...We just can't pick someone of the opposing roster and anyone from GFW is up for grabs. You wanna do this?
  8. Hyorinmaru

    Hyorinmaru Sit Upon The Frozen Heavens
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    Dec 7, 2007
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    We can definitely talk about it. I want to get through a single PPV cycle first. That way I have my champions set and my current storylines done. We can set something up for Guilty as Charged though and run it for a couple cycles at least.

    This means I actually need to read your show though.
  9. Issa Genesis

    Issa Genesis Actively evolving

    Jun 8, 2014
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    OK next episode of my Rampage I'm going to write Rhyno off of WCWF and do a little trash talk just to get the ball rolling lol. But I'm with it for sure this will be alot of fun!

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