Dean Ambrose vs Daniel Bryan for #1 Contendership

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    If by some miracle, Bryan was able to return before the Royal Rumble, I think that Ambrose vs Bryan would be an engaging feud to have for a shot at Lesnar and both are over and more ready than Roman....anyway

    To layout my plan for a Bryan and Ambrose feud:

    - Feuds starts out where those two end up as the last guys in the Royal rumble and both of their feet hit the ground simultaneously.

    - To resolve this issue these two end up set for a #1 Contender match at Fast Lane

    - In the build for this match, have Ambrose start to take this match more "personally" than he should by trying everything to get under Bryan's skin.

    - Either a week before the go home show or the night of, have a segment where Ambrose goes as far as ambushing Bryan in his house, tying him down to a chair and trimming his beard as well as cutting his hair all while rambling about how, Bryan's going to need to become "The Dragon" again to beat him or Lesnar. The thought process behind the haircut would be that Bryan would only see "The Dragon" when he looked in the Mirror as a psychological tactic or if that isn't good, have Ambrose tie Bryan to a chair and use a low rent Ludovico Treatment from A Clockwork Orange by making Bryan watch his most brutal work to reignite his old bloodlust

    - Build the match up with Bryan and Ambrose talking about the importance of the match in interview segments as well as Ambrose's desire to fight "The Dragon" and how Bryan better show up as him

    - Also have Heyman giving his input on this match to pour Gasoline on the flame

    - When those two wrestle at Fast Lane, have the match start out as a WWE style match and gradually devolve into a more "Dragon Gate" -esque match due to Ambrose provoking him with trash talk during the match. The catalyst of the match going "Dragon Gate" would be when Bryan says "He's gonna get his fricking head kicked in" and after trying everything Bryan finally beats Ambrose by TKO after a relentless flurry of elbows, which in turn would put them both over in the match by implying that Bryan is a vicious man when provoked and Ambrose doesn't accept defeat unless you beat the life out of him literally.

    What do you guys think and what would you do differently?
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