Crowd Shot Led To Unexpected Chesticles

Discussion in '[Hidden] General Wrestling Discussion' started by ABMorales787, Jul 19, 2017.

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    It wasn't WWE, but CMLL, who've done the damned crowd shots for as far back as I can see. Last week, their Tuesday show in Arena Mexico, as soon as the main event ends, they cut to the crowd, to this group of what looked like drunk tourist girls. So one of them did the obvious. Took her top off. Live, on air.

    It just got me to think. One of these days. Something wacky like that will happen on WWE TV and a fuzz about it happening. Say what you want but CMLL is way more wholesome than WWE.

    Sure, it's not CMLL's fault and if it were to happen in a WWE event it wouldn't be their fault. But it would still cause an unwanted fuzz and there is in fact a presedent with Triple H in like 1998. Decades ago, but still.

    Crowd shots aren't necesarily bad, CMLL uses them to show they get lots of tourists and they wave at the camera and such so there's a level of interaction. Until it backfired. But when WWE does it, well more often than not, they edit them. It's a pretty useless thing that can lead to a very mild incident at best, but still worth mentioning.

    And before anyone is stupid enough to do it - Dont post nudity. It's a death sentence. AKA YOU'LL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY
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    Second isn't TNA err I mean global force wrestling still taping in Orlando?
    Has this happened? Or do they go elsewhere for ppv?

    This was common in the attitude era with both Nash in wcw and hhh in wwe encouraging it...
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    I'm not hugely familiar with CMLL as a whole, but I do know that it's pretty much always been the most conservative wrestling promotion out there. From what I understand, they don't do a lot of stuff that are common place for just about everyone else such as brawls that go out among fans, any swear words, gimmick matches outside of a few cage matches a year are extremely rare, etc.

    WWE doesn't really have to worry about anything like that happening because here in the United States, thanks to the whole incident in which Janet Jackson's boobs were accidentally exposed during the halftime show at the Super Bowl some years back, it's become SOP via FCC regulations that every live broadcast isn't technically "live" as there's something like a 10-12 second tape delay. So if some woman or women did decide to flash their breastases whenever they knew that the cameras were focused on them, there'd be enough time for the production crew to make sure the nudity itself wouldn't be seen on TV 10-12 seconds after it happened in real time.

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