Cory Monteith: Glee Write-Off Talk

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    A few disclaimers/guide lines before I start this thread:

    1) This thread in no way is meant to bash Cory. Conversation is focused around glee and how to logically write him off.

    2) These posts should deal with Glee as its focus and not be focused solely on his situation.

    3) I actually do watch Glee before it's asked

    And now for the actual thread. As a lot of you know already Glee star Cory Monteith died last night and it is being speculated this his past alcohol/drug history is to blame for this. Now seeing as Glee is in between seasons Cory somehow has to mysteriously get written off television.

    Now almost any other TV I'd have said this would be easy however Glee a T.V show about every day problems and how to topple them could potentially use this to their advantage.

    Now I think seeing as he was the "glue" of the group I sense that he won't be written off jokingly as that would be rude to his memory. I also think it would be rude if it was only done in brief passing since there's a lot of unfinished story lines from last season with him.

    So as to what to do about the situation. Write up a storyline where Cory/Finn whilst working to be a teacher ended up making a bad decision did drugs and alcohol and ended up dying.

    Another disclaimer: all this is hypothetical on his family's consent.

    I think if what people say about him are true and he was the heart of glee then using a real life situation and showing the audience how it can effect you would be something he'd figuratively sign on for. I think this would be also very effective if they included a RIP Cory Monteith at the end to hit home that this stuff happens.

    Sure it be controversial, sure it be debated, and sure it would by typical Glee fashion to push the boundaries a bit.

    What are your thoughts?
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    No...Glee isn't for adults per se, I know countless children who watch it, and by children I mean those even younger than 13. I'm not sure a replay of his life and death on screen is a good or sensitive way to write him out. Even as a 21 year old who has watched Glee from the beginning, I wouldn't want to see one of the main characters in that light. Glee ISN'T real life, and while it has handled some real issues, I'm not sure I feel comfortable with a death by drugs overdose being shown.

    As for how to continue the show, I was talking about this with my 11 year old Glee-addict, who thinks they should say Finn died, and hold a funeral/memorial service for him on the show.. I'm not sure how I feel about that or what reason would be given, but it is the only permanent option, as the last time we saw Finn he was promising Rachel they'd be together and planning on working at McKinley High under Will. SO many loose ends, it's come at a really bad time in show-terms.
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    I was thinking the same thing, it's really unfortunate that he went at this time as storyline wise it won't make a lot of sense. I think if they don't want to go the serious route and show the problem on T.V I think what might possibly work is if they don't actually kill of the Finn character. I don't think you could do something funny with him anymore as personally I feel that could be considered rude but if they don't want to go the serious route immediately they can see at the start of the season he transferred to study at some obscure university maybe in like Siberia or somewhere totally isolated (you get the point) and later on in the season they can mention his character actually died.

    I think no matter what you have to address that Finn's not coming back. I don't have the exact answer or proper way to do that I know it can't be comedic and personally I wouldn't mind a mention of it. However I think no matter what they do whenever they do announce him as dead a small RIP at the very end I think we can all agree on would be a classy move. Maybe they can rehash a classic Finn song.
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    I think doing an overdose storyline would be too close to the bone for many, if not all, actors involved. I understand some people may feel differently but I wouldn't feel comfortable watching something like that.

    I don't think there's any other logical way to deal with the situation other than to kill the character off. As the rest of you have observed, it's both a terrible time to lost the character and an important character to lose also.

    The climax of the whole series was clearly going to revolve around Finn and Rachel, they were arguably the show's most important couple, and it's going to be hard to find a new love interest for Rachel that the fans will accept.

    Any sort of funeral, memorial or episode(s) dealing with Finn's death will be very emotional episodes regardless of what direction they take. All of the actor's, Lea Michelle in particular, will be able to draw on their real life emotions to portray the grief on screen.

    I think a decent way to deal with the situation would be to have Finn die in a drink driving accident - with Puck at the wheel. It makes sense, they'd started college, it deals with a real life issue and showcases it well: the loss of a life with so much promist as a result of a stupid mistake.

    You could have all of the characters coming to terms with Finn's death, with Rachel in particular blaming Puck, and you could eventually have a Puck/Rachel romance blossom for the final episode in a few seasons.

    Not a perfect scenario but it might work.
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    I'm going to play Devils Advocate here and say "why bother?"

    I mean why bother going to all these lengths to address the issue here. A smackhead died because he abused his body and then it kicked in. Nobody should be sat around going "Oh well because he liked drilling heroin and lager we need to find a way to write him out of the show."

    No. You drop it in to the first episode he's gone. And leave it at that. You don't celebrate a smackhead who decided bunging a load of shit in his veins was more important than those around him. You ignore the selfish, self-destructive behavior and leave it at that. Don't draw more attention to it.

    Seriously, some people have far more sympathy in their bodies than they need, the dude was a fucking idiot IRL and shouldn't be treated as if it was a dreadful accident just because the majority of his fanbase are young, impressionable, teenagers. He speedballed a load of heroin into his system, got pissed, and died. School will still be open on his birthday.

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