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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by DugoutDan17, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I miss the good old Managers of the 80's and 90's with the likes of Mr Fuji, Virgil, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Sensational Sherri, Miss Elizabeth, Jimmy Hart, Brother Love, Paul Bearer to name a few of accompanying there wrestlers to the ring.

    I use to love how much cheap heat it would give some of the heels if the manager got involved in the match up on the apron, put there foot on the ropes to stop the 3 count, salt to the eyes. They pulled out all the stops so there guy could gain advantage or retain there title and it would work you would see someone win a match because of it and the crowd would go nuts that the face was screwed out of the title.

    I know we have Vickie Guerrero who I think does a fantastic job but I would love to see her have a nice stable full of potential heels (like the Heenan family back in the late 80’s early 90’s) obviously with Ziggler, Swagger and maybe some more like Tyler Reks etc this would not only give the character TV time he would gain the heat he needs to be over.

    I would love the Managers to be a character aswell with the backstage promos, commentary, bigging there guys up etc so they don’t fade into the background like say Khali’s manager (im not even going to spell that). Just a thought what do you guys think? Would a manager help or hinder the progress of future stars?
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    I think Teddy Long will be a manager if he loses to Johnny Ace at Mania, he could be a face manager to counter Vickie's squad. I think mike Chiapetta would be a good manager for Zack Ryder and maybe Hawkins. Rosa should maybe get some more on her team as well, it would be a good way to keep guys that are not gonna have tv matches on tv.
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    Vickie has excelled in this area bith Dolph and Swagger have benefitted from it also, I'd like to see Vickie build her stable up with more a Divas or two and maybe a tag team so effectively she has someone in every division.

    Rosa as well I wouldn't mind seeing her maybe join up with Hunico & Comacho in the future, as Hunico is getting lost in the mix since Sin Cara's Survivor Series injury.
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    I'm a big fan of the manager, and I do think they can be used to really push some under utilized talent in the WWE.

    One person who I think would make a great manager is Michal Cole. He already draws enormous heat and you can see he really wants to be involved in a story line. Hell when he's on cometary he doesn't give cometary, he only talks about story line. I think he would do a great job giving back stage interviews for his superstars, and really push some young talent far.
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    I don't understand the infatuation you people have with managers. Do you even watch wrestling? You know, it is possible for wrestlers to actually get over on their own. And to get others over on their own too. There aren't managers anymore because managers are a waste of a roster spot and money. Why pay somebody to be on the roster who doesn't wrestle matches, when you can give that spot and money to someone who has the potential to get just as over and actually put on matches?

    This "it was cool in 1983, so it must still work these days" mentality makes me sick and needs to stop. Next thing I know somebody is going to tell me that somebody should get bitten by a snake on RAW next week and that they would believe it if it were to happen. Or that Rock should blow up Cena's limo before Wrestlemania. Or that Vickie Guerrero should give birth to a hand fathered by Cody Rhodes. You people make me sick. It's 2012, get over it.
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    Managers can always be a good thing and should be used as an enhancement to talent who lack a certain skill, usually in the promo department. It allowed guys like the undertaker to be awesome by saying simply "Rest in Peace". I personally miss Bobby Heenan but well seldom does a person come across and do his job THAT well. Another great manager was Bill Alfonso, talk about someone who played a pretty good heel. As a crooked referee then managing RVD/Sabu and with his stupid whistle.

    Managers are still used mildly such as Vickie and Rosa but WWE could use more. See what I think helped back in the day that obviously isn't being used right now are stables. The best managers all had a stable of sorts. The Heenan family, Jimmy Hart always jumping around and managing whichever team had the gold plus a couple wrestlers. Now if WWE would bring back a stable or even just allow Vickie to expand the people she manages then I could see that turning into something to work with.

    The main issue though is that she's probably the only person that I could see making this work. WWE would have to either make some other talent into managers or introduce new people to be a manager. Micheal Cole could be an awesome manager but then what happens to the announce team? A nice thought maybe would be whatever happens post HHH/Undertaker, perhaps HHH becomes a manager but it'd be very doubtful considering his more important backstage role.
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    A few managers that could make a splash in today's WWE with some wrestlers:

    1. Armando Alejandro Estrada

    Armando Alejandro Estrada was one of the best recent managers ever. Not only was he great at getting Umaga over, but he was funny, had great mannerisms, and was decent every time he had to get in the ring. Very few people took the FU as good as Armando did. His gimmick was creative and his catchphrase was over with the crowd. He was great even when he was GM of ECW. Things went downhill when he signed himself to a contract, because let's face it, he was a more entertaining mouthpiece than a wrestler.

    When he came back as an American businessman on Superstar, I was very disappointed. WWE needs to remember what made him so great in the first place. The gimmick, the accent, the facial expressions! I think if he came back with a new monster wrestler he can get him over just like he did Umaga. I bet if Husky Harris returns to WWE with Armando in his corner, he will be in the main event in no time.

    2. Michael Cole

    He was at his best when he managed Jack Swagger before WrestleMania 28. The promos he cut on Lawler were boring, his announcing was (read: is) terrible and his wrestling was even worse. But when he was in Swagger's corner, it was GOLD. He really garners serious heat when he's in someone's corner and knows how to rile up the crowd. The way he screamed at the opponent and then backed away in fear was priceless. I think he can be a top manager if only they keep him off the announce desk. Jack Swagger would have had a great year had he had Michael Cole in his corner the whole time.

    3. Vince McMahon

    The problem with Vince McMahon is that if he starts regularly managing someone, the spotlight will be taken off the wrestler because Vince attracts attention to himself. But it isn't his fault. He's so good at what he does as a performer that the audience always eats out of his hand wether he is a face or a heel. Vince has been in the corner of guys like Rock, Mankind and Steve Austin before and he was great at it. Imagine if he started accompanying The Chosen One Drew McIntyre to the ring giving him all sorts of opportunities? It would raise Drew's stock tenfold.

    4. Arn Anderson

    It's odd that they have one of the best managers/enforcers in the company and never use him. I could definitely see Anderson accompanying someone like Tyson Kidd or Joe Hennig to the ring. I think he could really work as a face mouthpiece. Sure he's most famous for being a heel, but I think he could get it done as a face to combat strong heel managers like the aforementioned Cole, Estrada and McMahon. Hopefully he can still bump as I'd like to see him slap the taste out of cocky young heels just to get in a brawl.

    5. William Regal

    Regal's days as a full-time wrestler are numbered. There were times were I thought he would have been a great World Champion, but sadly it never came to be. Nevertheless, he is still far away from retiring. He is so good on the microphone, it would be a waste to keep him off TV for so long. I think that if he started accompanying fellow Brit Mason Ryan to the ring, it would do wonders for Ryan's career. The great thing is that Regal has proven himself as a face and a heel, and can be perfect in any role. And we all know he's still great at bumping, so playing scapegoat for his clients would be something we would see him do regularly.

    6. Scott Stanford

    Scott is a great commentator, but he is also a great character as we have seen on Z! True Long Island Story. What if Scott started accompanying Zack Ryder to the ring every chance he got? Not only would he an awesome presence at ringside, but his legit chemistry with Zack make them one of the most entertaining duos on TV. I'd like to see him manage a whole Zack Pack of guys like Hawkins, Beretta and JTG following Ryder around. It would be entertaining to say the least. Plus imagine Scott getting attacked by Kane? Hilarious!

    7. Vickie Guerrero

    She has done so much for the careers of Dolph Ziggler and Edge, imagine how much good she will do for the next guy. Of course, she did nothing for Eric Escobar, but that's just a speck on an otherwise immaculate record for awesome managing. She even made Chavo Guerrero relevant when she managed him against Rey Mysterio. I'd like to see her stray away from Dolph and look for new clients such as Derrick Bateman or Johnny Curtis. It's a winning formula that gets instant heat and turns young up-and-coming wrestlers into main events.

    8. Teddy Long

    Now that we are probably saying Bye-Bye to his GM role, Teddy still has a lot to offer in other departments. He has too much personality and backstory to go back to refereeing, but people tend to forget he was a pretty good manager when he managed Mark Henry and Rodney Mack. He was a heel at the time, but he has showed some babyface fire in his feuds with Eric Bischoff, Drew McIntyre, John Laurinitis and a few others. I can see Long returning to manage someone like Santino. Santino is a goofy character, so it will be hard to see him be serious if he is entrenched in a feud with someone. But if he has Long in his corner, Long can act as the straight-man counterpart to Santino's clowny-self. I think it could be a great move if done right.

    9. Edge

    Everyone knows how great a talent Edge is so I don't have to defend why he should be back on our TVs. But the guy I really want to see him manage is CHRISTIAN. It would be different than the typical manager-wrestler relationship. He wouldn't even be a manager really, he'd just be Christian's best friend who is looking out for his best interests. They would play up the heel promos just like they did in their Edge & Christian days and will cheat just as much as well. I can see Edge distracting referees, throwing chairs in the ring and freaking out every time Christian is hit with a finisher. Edge could be a really great presence at ringside that will only elevate Christian's standing in the WWE.

    10. Valets!

    Not only does WWE need more managers, but they need valets too. We've seen a resurgence recently with Eve accompanying Ryder before her heel turn and Rosa Mendes accompanying Primo and Epico. The best example would most definitely be AJ being in Daniel Bryan's corner. AJ and Bryan have amazing chemistry and have one of the best angles going on in a long time. They're building up to AJ turning on Bryan and that will be an amazing moment when it comes. Or what if it doesn't? Imagine if AJ goes full-heel and starts being just as cocky as Bryan is? That would be even better!

    They could use more valets. Natalya could start accompanying Tyson, her real-life boyfriend to the ring. Tamina can join The Usos again so they can even the numbers when they feud with Primo, Epico and Rosa. Layla can team up with Cody Rhodes in what I think will be all sorts of awesomeness. If The Miz stays heel, I think he could really use a gorgeous woman by his side. Someone like Michelle McCool.

    Women like Miss Elisabeth, Sensational Sherri, Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus and others have proven that valets can be great assets to the business. Hopefully, this AJ angle will mark the return of valets on programming.

    If WWE takes all these ideas, we'd have a WWE filled with managers which isn't a bad thing. WWE thinks it will take away from the wrestler, but I just can't disagree enough. It's not as if Vickie is stealing the spotlight from Dolph Ziggler. I can see many wrestlers getting the extra help they need by having a strong manager at ringside. Once the manager does his/her job, the wrestler can take it from there and get over on his own.
  8. HBsam31

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    I touched on this subject in another thread. I think managers should most definitely be brought back. I believe it so much so that I can't see why anyone would disagree. There is no downside at all. Managers lie the brain and jimmy hart etc were so good that they managed to get their guys over without hogging the spotlight them selves. They were so pesky that you wanted to see their guys get beaten so bad. Granted they became entities of their own, but the focus was always kept on the guys they were managing. Think how many of today's guys could get over with a good mouthpiece. If possible I would appreciate it if some others could give me some examples of a downside to having a few managers around.
  9. EastCoastFan

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    Abo****ely! A good manager can be a valuable asset with the right combination. It can get a good worker/bad talker over with the crowd. Case in point then: the Midnight Express. Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton were both great wrestlers, but neither was considered a good promo. Having Jim Cornette do their promos and running around ringside with his tennis racket made them one of the most hated tag teams ever. Now: look at Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has a lot going for him, but having Vickie with him actually gets people caring about him.

    Even if a guy can talk, the right manager/valet can add to his appeal. Randy Savage was a good enough promo that he didn't need Elizabeth at ringside, but the combination worked big time. Bobby Heenan often managed guys who didn't really need a manager (Rick Rude, Nick Bockwinkel, ...), but he added to what they had and made them even more hated.

    There are a lot of guys who could have done better if they had had the right manager. Shelton Benjamin was a fantastic wrestler, but he wasn't a good promo - and Momma Benjamin was NOT the right manager to get him over. Besides Vickie, William Regal has shown that he can be a great manager and can be one again if WWE chose to use him that way. Rosa Mendes could head up a Latino/Hispanic stable. Half the Divas can't wrestle for squat, but accompanying the right guy to the ring could help them be more than just a useless piece of eye candy.
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    I agree managers are VITAL in today's WWE product. Here's why:

    Most of the superstars of today cannot seem to tell a story both in the ring and on the mic. You have guys like Dolph Ziggler (who I know can talk) but does not get much of a chance too, but doesnt need to because he has Vicky Guerrero, who is a freakin' heat magnet!

    Fine, but you then have guys who have never gotten experience on the mic, but can really go in the ring. Give them a manager who knows what they're doing and get the guy over! If you don't get em over in the first place, he won't need to learn to talk because he'll probably be demoted to NXT or Superstars where there isn't that much mic work. Mic work is half the battle in this game and if they can't pick it up, they'll never get anywhere. So again, next best thing is to pair the wrester up with a manager to help them pick it up, and in the meantime get them over.

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