Breaking News: Garth Black Issues Challenge To World Champion

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    The scene opens and the camera is shaky, unfocused and tilted to the side. Garth Black appears in frame, it’s night and he is wearing a jacket as we hear rain splattering on the roof. The camera is handheld, Garth fumbles with it for a moment before placing it down on something and he leans back in his chair. A table is to his right, a beer and an ashtray reside on its surface, and Garth holds the World Title in his lap.

    Black: I told you I’d get the World Championship back. I spoke the truth and was laughed at by all the stupid fans around the world. Repeatedly, I told everyone that somehow, I’d get my hands on this title once again and nobody believed me. Not only did I take the World Title but I ripped it from Justin Cooper’s hands. I ripped it right out from under him and left him beaten, bruised and broken.

    He glides his hand over the title belt and feels the jewels and the nameplate.

    Black: Where is your hero this week? Huh. Nowhere to be found. Hiding like a little girl who just met the monster that is going to rip her to pieces. I’m no monster, Justin. I am simply a man who knows what is right and true. I am truth and the truth is that you have become a puppet for the masters of WZCW. Once a rebel who spoke truth just as I do but when you got your hands on this title, well, you sold out instantly. You sold out everything you ever stood for and now you’re as bad as Mikey Stormrage. Just as pathetic and weak.

    The rain continues to fall as Black pauses to take a sip of his beer.

    Black: When I was champion I continued to fight for the cause. I remained true and never bent the knee to the masters who will use us and throw us away like rubbish when we’re past our expiration date. That would be a coward’s way out and that is exactly what you did, Justin. You bent down and kissed the ring so you could keep your title, the fame, the fortune, all of it and you sold your soul for a stack of green backs.

    Another sip empties the bottle and Black throws it out of view.

    Black: I stole took what you worked so hard to get. I have the World Title and I dare you to come get it. I know you’re not cleared to compete after I beat you down last week. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a ticket and come see Meltdown. That’s right, I’ll be waiting on Meltdown for you. Show up and I’ll walk right down to the ring and you can try to take back the World Championship.

    A smirk comes over Black’s face.

    Black: Unless you’re a coward. Show up and prove to the world the kind of hero you are. Prove me wrong, Justin. Come to Meltdown and try to take this away from me. See you then.

    Black stares at the World Title for a brief moment, a smile flashes over his face, before reaching out and turning off the camera.

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