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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Issa Genesis, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Issa Genesis

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    Jun 8, 2014
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    On Mondays edition of Raw, Mr.McMahon returned and named Shane McMahon the Commissioner of WWE Tuesday Smackdown Live! Stephanie McMahon the Commissioner of WWE Monday Night Raw. Two things that stuck with Me.

    The first is how Vince put over Raw being the 3 hour juggernaut/ flagship show. And the other was how he told them to break all the rules. And it led Me to wonder...Is this gonna lead to TV-14 SmackDown?

    During the original Brand Split, Raw of course was TV-14 and SmackDown was TV PG. But then SmackDown was arguably the flagship show. But things changed, WWE went PG and now have to answer to sponsors,etc.,etc. However, SmackDown is a bit different from Raw as they don't have all the advertisement deals for SmackDown. I personally think they could get away with it too. Maybe it posses Stephanie off even more because she knows one rule she can't break is making Raw TV-14.

    Can anyone else see this happening?
  2. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    It might as well mean that we're gonna see lots of show invasions (hope not), open challenges for shoot battles and other stuff that happened during the Monday Night Wars, developed into storylines.

    Let's see what the WWE can do, by creating a fake-legit "war", between the two brands.
  3. Makaveli31

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    I hope it means Vince finally backs off and see what these two can do. I would love a FULL OUT war. No restraints. Bring in whomever you want. Russo, Cornette, Hall, Nash, Bret. Just the the ideas fly. Bring in guys from Mexico, Japan, The Indy's, TNA go all out.
  4. dsotm5150

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    I would much rather see two very different and distinct brands with as little interaction between the two as possible. It seems pointless to me for them to put this much effort into Smackdown going live, booking separate PPVs and what not to give us essentially the same thing we have now.
  5. Wrestlingaholic

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    Absolutely this. They *should* be endeavoring to make each brand as distinct as possible. Logically, they should put the tag teams on one (PLEASE Don't pointlessly break tag teams up like they did the first time around!) and the women on the other rather than share the teams and women between them (they don't have enough in either division to divide them across shows); make Raw about the story-line drama and Smackdown about the athleticism (whilst obviously still maintaining story-lines).

    The ONLY thing that should be shared is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (there should only be one top title and there should be minimal interaction between the two, except for in the Royal Rumble match and a Bragging Rights elimination tag team match each year at Survivor Series.
  6. BestSportsEntertainer

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    'Break all the rules' is code for yet another McMahon family power struggle.

    WWE isn't going away from PG for a long time.
  7. Kyphael

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    It would be funny if Shane interpreted that as giving his roster steroids. Even funnier if Shane's two top draft picks are Reigns and Lesnar.

    "You did it and got caught, dad!"
  8. dalenichol

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    I think this sets up some surprises for the draft. We've been speculating for a while now about some of the old names that'll come back and what have you.

    Hopefully though, once the draft is over and done with, we can have two separate shows with very limited references to or involvement of the other. Each with their own atmosphere and personality.

    We can dream
  9. Shua

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    Aug 1, 2006
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    One of the things I'm hoping happens is superstars getting "stolen". I still remember when Lesnar(as WWE Champ) because exclusive SmackDown! property. It was such a shocking moment, that led to the return of the World Title.

    What about the Chuck & Billy "wedding"? Even though it ultimately went nowhere, it was one of the top segments that helped solidify the "anything goes" of the draft.

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