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    In sports, every time there is a great team they are often compared to other teams from previous decades. Last years Celtics and this years Lakers were compared to the Celtic and Laker teams form the 80's. When the Patriots went undefeated two years ago they were compared to some of the greatest NFL teams ever. It happens in every sport. So this is going to be a series of threads discussing the greatest team ever in all of the major sports.

    If this one goes well then I'll do one for the NFL, MLB, NHL, College Football, and College Basketball. But I'm going to start with the NBA.

    This may be a homer pick but I'm going to go with the 1988-1989 Bad Boy Detroit Pistons. This team was led by an all star back court of Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars. The had Mark Acguire at small forward and he could light it up. Then inside they had Dennis Rodman and Bill Lambier. They also had an amazing bench. Vinnie "the Microwave" Johnson was the sixth man and he averaged double figures throughout the season and the playoffs. They also had a lot of athletic bigs on the bench. John "Spider" Salley, Rick Mahorn, and James "Buddha" Edwards all played major roles on the team.

    The previous season the Pistons had a 3-2 series lead in the NBA Finals against the Lakers, but LA was able to come back and win after a questionable foul called on Bill Lambier late in game 6 turned the series around. However, things were much different the next season. The Pistons swept through the first 2 rounds of the playoffs beating the Celtics, and Bucks. Then in the East Finals they defeated Jordan and the Bulls in 6 games. They had a rematch in the NBA finals with the Lakers who had swept through the first three rounds of the playoffs. Detroit then proceeded to sweep the Lakers and win the NBA title. The Lakers were short handed. Byron Scott missed the series and Magic Johnson only played in the first 2 games, but the Pistons were not going to be denied. They started the series with a 12 point win and never looked back. If the Lakers were completely healthy they probably would have won a couple games but the Pistons were not going to be denied a second straight year.

    So which team do you think is the greatest in NBA history?
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    85-86 Boston Celtics.

    Regular season record: 67-15

    Regular season home record: 40-1. Not even the Bulls during their dynasty did this.

    Playoff record: 15-3

    Playoff Home Record: 10-0 (50-1 home record overall)

    HOF frontline of NBA MVP Bird (who keep in mind was banged up the majority of the season), Parish and McHale. Not to mention the great guard duo of Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge and a bench that consisted of a Hall of Famer in Walton, Scott Wedman, and Jerry Schisting.

    In the playoffs they swept the Jordan led Bulls (he went off for 60 something points in one game), owned the Hawks and swept the Bucks then went on to beat the Twin Towers and the Rockets in 6 games.

    Bulls 95-96 would be my runner up. The NBA was pretty shit compared to what it was 10 years before.

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