Batista / Lesnar CAN NOT be in the WM30 Main Event!

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Luten, Jan 19, 2014.

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    They both have name value, but if either Batista or Lensar are in the main event of Wrestlemania 30 then surely that’s a slap in the face to the all the members of the WWE roster who have scratched and clawed over the past 5 years.

    I understand Wrestlemania is all about drawing as many PPV buys as possible but I can’t help but feel this way. Batista was never a ‘wrestlers wrestler’ – He has even been quoted as saying he got in to the business just to make money. He’s been gone since 2010, but hey, Wrestlemania 30 is right around the corner, ‘that’ll be a good pay cheque – I better give Hunter a call’ – This is how this feels to me.

    As for Lesnar, I really like Lesnar, but the guy is spoilt. Yes, he made a massive impact, but for a guy who was only in WWE for 2 years during his first run, he really is lucky to have such a light schedule and walk in and out as he pleases. He increased his name value in UFC but what was he giving to the business of Pro-Wrestling during that time? – Not a lot. In fact he didn’t speak highly of it at all.

    This years Wrestlemania is 30 years in the making. As a long time fan I need to have a guy who 100% lives, breathes and eats the WWE in the main event at Wrestlemania. Hell, I’d even settle for Cena!
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    This point annoys me: "They are just in the business for the money therefore they do not deserve to be there" Stop bitching. If WWE goes all the way with this idea it will be a very interesting match with two of the biggest stars of the roster. WWE is a business and like in any business the ones that make me more money are the ones to get opportunities. It's not the salesman that goes into your house and is totally honest with you and tells you all the weak points of what he's selling that makes the company more money. It's the one that persuades you into buying it, while seemingly pleasing you but not being 99% honest.

    Batista and Brock Lesnar have two big fan bases and very similar ones so if by any chance they do main event WrestleMania it simply makes sense. They'll probably not gonna give you the best match of the night, but they could have the match that a lot more people are interested in watching. Sure I know, Daniel Bryan worked so hard for many years, he deserves that... boo hoo, do you want to compare Daniel Bryan's fan base, made out of in majority hardcore wrestling fans against two big stars in Dave Batista and Brock Lesnar who not only are known from wrestling fans around the world, but also in somehow pop culture as in movies and in sports in general.

    If you are a wrestling fan you'll buy WrestleMania or sign with the WWE Network or whatever and you'll do it because:

    a) You have the money and it's probably already a tradition;
    b) Your favorite stars will be in the card and it doesn't matter that it isn't in the Main Event;

    WWE cares for what the fans think, contrarily of what the majority internet fans say. The business went down on it's own, a lot of more things appeared on television and it's pretty much impossible to stay a part of pop culture for a long period of time as history as proven. It was not necessarily WWE's fault, people just gave other stuff opportunities and a lot more demand from the audience for different show, brought a lot more different shows and WWE felt that, as well as other type of entertainment. But the reason WWE is still growing as a company and making more money each year, it's because they are in touch with their fan base and they know a lot more about them then we know. My advice - sit down and relax, see it play out. If you are a fan you'll give the $60 bucks for the WWE Network (it's the better option really) if not, you'll download it or stream it after and watch it anyway.
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    Wrestlemania is never going to cater to those who are in love with newer wrestlers because older names will always trump new guys. The only ones who should be protected this year are Punk, Bryan, Cena and Orton. Everyone else I could give two shits about.

    Hell, I'd take Piper vs. Hogan over a Ziggler vs. Del Rio if that was a choice. The IWC is in love with these 2 guys, but I just don't care if they are or aren't at Wrestlemania. Let these guys main event a lesser-view PPV. Wrestlemania is for THE BIG NAMES.
  4. MCMG

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    What about Taker? Was The Rock closing the show three years in a row not a slap in the face? Ok, they are bigger names than Batista and Lesnar but the principle is the same. In fact, The Rock and Batista pretty much had the same time as a member of the active roster.

    I understand wanting to see one of the one of the full time stars in the main-event. They work tirelessly all year in a very physical job; however, we won't have a Wrestlemania 30 if Vince acted in such a manner. "Ruthless" is a word that McMahon has used in the past and it applies here. He wants the highest buy-rate possible and he needs some of the part-timers to achieve that.

    There is, of course, the theory that the only way to create these stars is to throw them in the deep end. However, I don't think WM is the stage for that. I'm sure some of the full-time stars would benefit if the likes of Batista and Lesnar didn't come back but the WWE wouldn't and that is the sad reality.

    If I could book the WM card I would have guys like Ziggler and Wade Barrett right at the top. The reality is that these two wouldn't draw and don't possess the same quality as Lesnar. Lesnar might only be in the WWE because of money - that has been the case since day 1- but my goodness he gives his all. Initially, his feud with Angle and his matches since his return with the likes of Punk and Cena were all of immense, five-star quality. That is what the WWE are paying him for. Something that, unfortunately, Wade Barrett could not offer.

    Batista might very well be in the same boat but he worked as a full-time star. He did his time working TV, house shows, PPV. He got to the top. In fact, he was put over by two returning wrestlers: Mick Foley and The Rock. That is slightly different to two part-time wrestlers against each other (for the belt) but their contribution is still valid.

    I don't want Batista vs Lesnar but for completely different reasons. There are better options for both but I couldn't care less if they are part-timers. Lesnar is THE biggest draw in UFC history as well as being a massive draw for the WWE. I'm not really sure about Batista but I reckon more people will pay to see him than Damien Sandow.

    Slap in the face? Yeh, sure. However, it is clear that this needs to happen for buyrates and in the case of both Batista and Brock they have done enough in their careers to warrant this spot.
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    WWE is a business, it's all about making money, so yes Batista and Lesnar CAN be in the WM30 main-event.. WWE doesn't care if it's a "slap in the face to the roster". As long as they make big bucks, that's all they care about... Why do so many fans not understand WWE is about making money? You're worried how the rest of the roster feels? If they don't like it, get out then.. Or they can focus on being as big of a draw as Batista or Lesnar.
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    I can definitely see your point seeing as I prefer a majority of the younger talent right now & I really don't care to see Lesnar/Batista, Lesnar/Orton or Batista/Orton, especially for the ONLY World Championship. But this is Wrestlemania, the show that has always been known for being a big spectacle where celebrities are involved & Legends/Superstars of the past return. & since it's the 30th Anniversary of Mania this year every fan should be expecting nothing other than Cena & Taker winning at mania for the millionth time & a show crammed full of nostalgia. I mean it's not like Lesnar & Batista are Floyd Mayweather who never worked for the WWE & comes in to take a main event spot. These are past WWE Superstars & multi-time world champions that fought their way to the top just like many of the current talent today. No matter ones feelings on Batista's wrestling ability, Lesnar's intial run in the company or how shlefish they are because they too want a big Mania payday, these are guys who have built their names in the WWE, not some random shmucks picked up off the streets.

    -Did I care to see The Rock return & take a Mania main event spot from other talent who were much more deserving? No.
    -Did I care to see him return once again & have virtually the same exact match he already had just to once again take up another Mania spot? Definitely not.
    -& Do I want to see two part timers who will most likely be gone in a few weeks be the main event at mania, or heaven forbid Orton close out Mania XXX with the title? Hell no!

    But WWE obviously wants to make as much money as possible, as well as everyone else involved in the situation. & just like how we see the stars of the past return these days to big ovations & big ol' bags of money, I'm sure if guys like Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, etc. end up becoming huge stars they will return in 15 years or so at Mania to the same exact treatment & will want to cash-in big time as well.
  7. GeneralKarim

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    Problem is WM is made for big buy-rates and shit.

    That's what they care about.And in order to have those buy-rates you need star power and its WWE's fault for making a joke out of its hard working talent.

    Their new talent doesnt draw and its their fault.Look at Wade Barret, if Nexus didnt get burried by Cena and got booked right , Wade could have been a massive player.He's good in the ring, awesome on the mic, has a presence to him, he's tall, and well built.And look what's happened to him.20 Theme changes, bad gimmicks and angles that his fault?I would be inclined to say no.

    I agree with WWE that they need these guys with star power to draw in numbers but at the same time, at some point they need to draw a line and say "Dude what are we gonna do in 2020?".Ruthless Agression ERa and Attitude Era had a lot of star power, rosters full of big names and now we have CM Punk who is a shell of his former self in my opnion,tho his injuriers might be a reason for that, Cena and Orton and Bryan.That's it.

    I dont know man....something needs to light a fire under VKM's ass and make him realise that he has a roster full of talented creative people that are just itching to show the world what they can do.Instead of letting them loose, he's keeping everyone down so that Cena and Orton and fucking Big Diaper can have their runs.
  8. HBsam31

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    I am a huge Lesner fan, but have never really liked Batista at all. I have no interest in seeing this match anywhere on the card to be honest. Surely it will draw money though for the company. I am back and forth with it actually. On one hand I say tough shit to the rest of the roster because they haven't made stars out of themselves, but then again how can they do that when they constantly have to step aside for part time stars? More than anything I want to see Daniel Bryan in the main event taking the title off of whoever to end Mania, but the truth is we will probably see a match like Batista and Lesner. We will all moan and complain, but I know I will be watching Mania 30 anyway.
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  9. Cody Trail

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    I get sick of seeing IWC members shit on wrestlers who are supposedly only there for the money.

    Newsflash: EVERYONE in WWE is there for the money.

    Do any of you actually believe ANYONE in the WWE locker room legitimately gives two shits about how high or low they are on the card? Or about how they're booked? Fuck no. It's the entertainment business, and there are jobbers in the company like Zack Ryder and Yoshi Tatsu making as much money as pushed stars like Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose. If they DO care about main-eventing PPVs, it's because they want to make even more money. If they DO care about how they're booked, it's because they don't want to risk being released and watch the paychecks dry up. Even the former indy guys the IWC loves so much like Punk, Bryan, Rollins, and Cesaro are there for the cash. If ROH were paying the same amount as WWE pays them, they would've never left.

    Guys like Dave Batista and Kevin Nash who are open about making the money shouldn't be disrespected. They're telling it like it is.
  10. George Steele's Barber

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    I'll give people Lesnar, but how is Batista a draw? He's going to be in a movie that should be popular but that movie hasn't come out yet. He was in another movie but I don't remember it being a box office success. He was in an MMA fight but I only know this cause I read this forum. Batista's non-WWE career seems to be going so bad he is back to working with WWE for the money.

    In other words I don't think you have to worry about Lesnar and Batista in the main event. They may fight and they may even fight over the title but I highly doubt it's going to be the last match to go on. Neither guy can really carry a story. Lesnar has Heyman but I don't think a face Batista gets enough of a pop let alone buys to warrant the most attention going in to WM. John Cena is more famous than Batista. This may change after that Guardians movie but Cena has his two main events with The Rock cred to put him over Batista. UT is more famous. So is HHH. I'd even venture a guess that Punk is a bigger name with anyone that may buy WM.

    Batista had a couple good years but the fans figured him out. He hit his ceiling fast. I wouldn't worry about seeing him close the show.
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  11. SmattyG

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    There will be so much other stuff on the WM card that it won't matter either way if there is a Brock V Batista match.

    If you're a fan of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or John Cena, I'm sure you'll be happy to see there's a spot on the card for them.

    If you're a fan of Antonio Cesaro, The Shield, The Wyatts, Dolph Ziggler or Alberto Del Rio, you'll probably be ok too.

    The rest of the roster can't really complain about part timers coming back. Although I'm not a big fan of the part timers being at WM I do understand it from a business sense. Someone like Jack Swagger has had many years to become as popular as Lesnar or Batista, but it's just not going to happen.

    Come to think of it, Lesnar V Swagger holds some appeal.....
  12. L@RISANO

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    The way how Brock Lesnar is being booked since he returned, it seems like his opponent for Wrestlemania will be someone who won't be portrayed as being intimidated by him. Thus, it will probably be Batista or, the long rumoured opponent, the Undertaker.
    If it is indeed Batista, then personally, I believe that putting that bout as the Main Event, would get more buys than a normal feud match. If it is done, then
    I assume, they will pair John Cena and the Undertaker together alongwith the expected CM Punk vs Triple H. The Match Card for Wrestlemania would look fairly formidable if that occurs.
    At this time, it is unclear as to which direction they will indeed go. After the Royal Rumble, I think it would be much easier to predict than it is now.
  13. ABMorales787

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    If either one does get booked in the main event, that just tells that today's roster holds very little drawing power in comparison to them.

    The last two Wrestlemania's had their main matches featuring wrestlers that only wrestled that one match. Both PPV's are record shattering events. Lesnar was involved in one of those matches. If money is to be made, it's not a farfetched idea to put bets on the proven draws. And yes, Batista has shown that is a proven draw for the WWE in the past and could very well be one again today.
  14. Winds-Of-Change

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    Aug 3, 2012
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    WWE is a business and they make money.

    The reason they have bought in Batista and Lesnar is becasue it's money.
    Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler for example is great, but it won't make money.


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  15. rge2010

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    Yawn....who cares about the other talent. They have 11 months and 11 PPV's, countless Raws and Smackdown to make a name for themselves. If they can't get over then tough shit.

    The fact is Wrestlemania isnt about THE main event, Wrestlemania has about 3 or maybe 4 main events. There are plenty of spaces available for talent. The undercard means nothing - I would much rather see Lesnar and Batista over those full timers like Miz, Ziggler and Barrett. The fact is all 3 are decent workers, but wont draw a dime in their careers.

    The only superstars that need protecting are the big four of Cena, Orton, Punk and Bryan. And all 4 will have a say in the 'main events' of Mania 30.
  16. kumarjtk

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    Nov 27, 2013
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    Mostly IWC writes only negative review

    If wwe put kofi vs ziggler for wwe title at wm30. They u guys willing to buy wm ticket to watch that match. U wont.

    U guys already wrote kofi vs ziggler for 10000th time in your review. Then how you write kofi vs ziggler is greater than batista vs lesnar
  17. New Hot Fed

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    There's no way this will be the Wrestlemania main event. Cause it's been rare in the last ten years or so where they've allowed the main event to be two big guys that may flop in the ring. They want a big workrate heaven match. It's not Wrestlemania 3 anymore where you could have two slow guys like Andre and Hogan. They've tried it with Lesnar vs Goldberg and it didn't work, remember?

    Furthermore, people thinking that Batista will win the Rumble and Lesnar will be Orton at Elminiation Chamber for a World title Lesnar-Batista match at Mania are delusional. Cause these guys are not permanent wrestlers enough for the WWE to invest this much into them.
  18. Mustang Sally

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    Very true, and I'm sure no one knows it better than Vince McMahon. I doubt Lesnar-Batista would ever be the featured match of the ppv, if for no other reason than the perception that "what we can bring in is better than what we've got" is a concept they will avoid at all costs.

    These two guys provide an interesting problem: they've both been integral parts of WWE in the past. We all know who they are and what they bring to the table. Yet, they feature as mercenaries, guys who have expressed dissatisfaction with WWE and pro wrestling, took their ball and went home.

    Now, they're back, and while that's a good thing (since nostalgia always plays in pro wrestling, at least in small doses), management is smart enough not to put the regular talent in subordinate position to the visiting dignitaries.

    Of course, having one regular fight it out with one "temporary" works just fine, as it did the last two years with Cena vs. Rock.....and as it would with Undertaker vs. Sting.

    Somehow, John Cena will be part of the main event at WM30; you can talk all you want about Randy Orton or CM Punk heading the card, but in the end Cena will be the one......and if this is going to be so, they'd better get to whatever they're going to have him do so they can properly promote it.

    Time's a-wasting.
  19. justinept

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Batista and Lesnar represent what the WWE wants in their stars. They're oversized beasts with larger than life personalities. To help matters, Lesnar can even wrestle. For those who don't remember, Batista gets by with power moves.

    But here's the problem. Over the past decade, both these guys have essentially quit the wrestling industry prematurely to pursue other interests. Lesnar first left in a failed pursuit of an NFL career before turning to MMA. Batista followed suit years later in a failed pursuit of an MMA career before turning to Hollywood. Bottom line. Both these guys are sell outs. Both represent the McMahon model - a model that internet wrestling geeks (like myself) typically dislike. And both are genuinely unlikable talents that work best as heels.

    Now, while I expect Batista to get a huge pop tonight when his music hits - and I wouldn't be surprised if that reaction carries over into the Royal Rumble or even the Elimination Chamber - I have serious doubts that his face status could withstand the entirety of the WrestleMania season. Consider this. The WWE has Monday Night Raw stops in both Chicago and Brooklyn on it's road to WrestleMania. If Batista and Lesnar were placed in the main event of WrestleMania over a Daniel Bryan - or even a CM Punk at this point - then the crowds are legitimately going to boo those two out the building. Hell, regardless of who those two are competing against, they're likely to get booed in those buildings.

    ...keep in mind that none of this takes into account how the actual WrestleMania crowd would react to a match that could easily be billed as "Vince's Wet Dream." The Mania crowd is like the IWC multiplied by 1000. It's filled with European fans who save their money all year to make an annual pilgrimage to the WWE's biggest show. If you keep Daniel Bryan - and CM Punk - out of the main event, in favor of two muscle-bound freaks that sold out, then these fans will shit all over it ... and if they shit all over it, then your WrestleMania 30 main event is going to come across terribly on PPV. Is that the impression the WWE wants to give with their biggest show? I doubt it. Hopefully they're smart enough to see what would happen if they went that route.
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  20. Mitch Henessey

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    I have zero interest in Lesnar VS Batista at Wrestlemania XXX. For starters, Wrestlemania doesn't need Lesnar VS Batista. Summerslam would be the ideal place for Lesnar VS Batista as a "big" match. We've already seen seen Brock VS Cena, Triple H, and Punk, so Batista is on a short list of guys, who can give Lesnar a fresh match up at Summerslam.

    I've said this before, but Batista is not The Rock. Yeah, I'm sure he'll receive a huge "welcome back" pop tonight, but that's going to wear off after while. The Rock is a big time action star in Hollywood. Batista is a guy, who's had a handful of forgettable roles in mainstream films, and his straight-to-video stuff is unbearable.

    And the timing of his departure was a smart move on Batista's part. He left, when his stock was high as the narcissistic ******** with a big ego. Batista was at his best with this character, because the jacked-up meathead persona was worn out and stale. I can see Batista VS Orton for the WWE WHC, but that match up doesn't have enough sizzle to it to close Wrestlemania XXX. If anything, I'm hoping this is the year we'll finally get Cena VS Undertaker, or Brock VS Undertaker as the main event.
  21. Sundar

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    I don't see Lesnar v Batista being the main event anyway. They would not want to risk another Brock vs Goldberg. Brock is really great in the ring but I don't think he would be able to carry Batista to a WM main event level match.
  22. George Steele's Barber

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    Batista's return last night was further evidence of why he won't or shouldn't be main eventing WM. He expected so much more from the audience and they really fell flat for his return. I kind of felt bad for him.

    Maybe he should dress less like Bieber.
  23. Jonny B

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    I don't think the pop that Batista got last night will do him any favours, people just didn't really seem to care that he came back.

    The standing rumours for Wrestlemania for the last few months have been Lesnar vs. Undertaker and CM Punk vs. Triple H, with the latter looking more and more like a lock as each week goes by. But there has been talk that Lesnar is too stiff to work with Undertaker, so they are leaning away from this which probably leaves Cena vs. Undertaker which personally I'd rather see anyway. This free's Lesnar up to do something else I could see him working the Main Event with Batista which doesn't really excite me a whole lot or they could go the route of having Batista win the Rumble and face Orton for the title and maybe have Lesnar vs. Bryan.

    I dont have a problem with either of these guys working the title match, I think the card is going to be stacked anyway.
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  24. Hayesamania

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    Personally, I am a big fan of Brock Lesnar and he seems to draw quite well. He always gets a great reaction and is rightfully billed as a destructive force. But I just never have been much of a Batista mark. It seems after last night that he still is poor on the mic, his spinebuster and powerbomb were very tame last night, and the reaction he got was also quite disappointing. I am glad Batista is back, but I agree that he shouldn't definitely not win the Rumble on Sunday. Although he is HHH's boy so that is exactly what will most likely happen. :rolleyes:
  25. kadroan

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    I'm all for a Batista/Lesnar main event. Wrestlemania usually have dream matches and that definitely is a dream match.

    With their match as the main event, it brings a new set of eyes to the product. It helps the Ziggler's, Barrett's etc, it's just up to them to take advantage of their opportunity.

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