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    Oct 5, 2013
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    Well i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like wade barrett is gonna return tonight, with a possible "new gimmick" #badnewsbarrett.
    Barrett is talented, and is a good wrestler not to mention his mic skills are pretty fine, but on the other hand wwe really has nothing for barrett, so we maybe getting to see bad news barrett tonight. no build up or even a commercial about barrett, so how will this go down will wade barrett be a wrestler or will he be like a general manager who tells people bad news i think that would work pretty much like give wade barrett the sleezy general manager buttkiss who always tells the bad news. wade and vickie would be great! who's up for bad news barrett?
  2. MCMG

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    #BadNewsBarrett. What does that even mean. I really like Barrett and I am desperate for him to be a success. I enjoy his matches and I think he is a very good heel. The gimmick almost sounds as if he is going to act as a henchman - kind off what The Big Show is doing on behalf of Steph but only willingly.
  3. Mustang Sally

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    That's most likely because he received a long, long build-up last time with his "Fight Club" schtick that went nowhere once he finally appeared. It's hard to blame WWE for not wanting to make the investment of time and money again.....yet it's understandable they'd want to find a way for Barrett to shine.

    If they're bringing him out as an individual act again, it might be a mistake. The man's persona works best as a leader of men, as proven in his Nexus days.

    Hopefully, he does well this time.
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    #BadNewsBarret...kinda sounds like Bad News Brown

    I'm hoping against all hope it's not a lackey role. I think we have seen enough greasy management roles to last the rest of the year. I can't see Barret playing a henchman character for the life of me. He seems like a natural born leader, and excels at that role. Give him another go with a stable or something. Let him have cronies that goes to give "Bad News" for him.

    I have no clue where this angle is going to go, but Barret is a tremendous athlete and I'm sure he's good enough to go somewhere with this. Hopefully.
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    Oct 7, 2013
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    Ha, if they played it off as a debbie downer/Eeyore style gimmick he could be hilariously awesome. Especially if he were to follow ridiculously 'up' characters like Daniel Bryan, Santino Marella, and others around going "This WOULD be a great occasion, but it's too bad there are starving people in Africa."

    "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
    "Well, maybe... I think maybe it's more like: I guess..." /sigh

    "Congratulations on becoming the WWE Champion. It's just a shame Eddie Guerrero weren't still around." /sigh
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    May 24, 2013
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    why did you get future endeavoured?
    your we're pretty darn good.
    i like wade barrett and i really wanna see him back.
    bad news barrett is a funny gimmick, but is'nt my fav gimmick of barrett.
    i wanna see wade barrett like how he was during the nexus. maybe even the leader of the shield. but that might affect the shield's push.
    there's nothing much left for wade to do until wrestlemania season so i expect wwe is keeping him off tv like they did with carlito.
  7. Jack-Hammer

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    I read something on this late last week. The story seemed hinted that they might go the route of Wade Barrett adopting the Bad News Brown gimmick. Bad News Brown was a pretty basic gimmick and it's one that COULD possibly work for Barrett.

    Bad News Brown, AKA Allan Coage, was a 100% legit badass and he didn't really get involved in pro wrestling until he was in his mid 30s. Prior to that, Coage devoted his life to Judo, even living in poverty, especially while in Japan to train, purely on his love for the sport. He won gold medals in Judo in the 1967 & 1975 Pan America Games as a heavyweight before winning the bronze medal in Judo as a heavyweight in the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. In his autobiography, the Dynamite Kid talks about how genuinely tough Coage was. He also mentioned a confrontation between Coage & Andre the Giant while all three were on tour in Japan. Allegedly, Andre made a racist comment or a joke that Coage overheard and order the driver of the bus they were riding to stop. Coage stepped off and started yelling at Andre to get off the bus and to mix it up one on one. Andre stayed in his seat and apologized to Coage for the remarks. Andre was well known in the day as someone you didn't cross, for obvious reasons so if this altercation is true, then Coage most definitely was someone you didn't wanna screw with. Coage's Bad News Brown character, from what I've read, wasn't really much of a stretch from his actual personality. To most wrestlers, he wasn't exactly the most sociable or easy going kinda guy.

    As I alluded to, such a character might honestly work well for Barrett considering his extensive background as a bare knuckle boxer. I don't know how long Barrett competed in bare knuckle fights, only that he started while in his early 20s while studying at the University of Liverpool. Barrett's loaded with a lot more personality than Coage and given Barrett's size coupled with his look and legit toughness, I think he could pull this off. If he can add just a little touch of arrogance to the character without going too far into the arrogant & overconfident heel direction, it might work.
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    Bad news, Barrett. You're not on the show last night after all. :rolleyes:

    Who cares what the gimmick is. If A) WWE drops it like they did his streetfighter gimmick, what's the point? B) He fails to take the ball and run with it when they do give him another chance he'll either be a jobber for life or future endeavored.

    Let's see the gimmick before we judge it.
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