Awesome Kong Retires

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by BringThePain834, Nov 22, 2015.

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    What a career. And that's even without the brief WWE run, which unfortunately I feel overshadows conversation from her Japan, SHIMMER and early TNA contributions. Her feud with Gail did so much for not only TNA as a TV show, and not only for the Knockouts division, but for women's wrestling as a whole. I really think that feud contributed to the growth/popularity of women's wrestling in general and on the independent scene, during a time when WWE was refusing to present any women as being important to their show. It's not often a female wrestler comes off as a major star and special attraction in the way that Kong did when she began wrestling in America. She's a shoe-in multiple wrestling Hall of Fames.

    Obviously she hasn't been in the same in recent years, and apparently she is retiring due to doctor's orders, but some of those matches she had in 2007 and 2008 were among the best performances I've ever seen from a 'monster' wrestler. Her agility, pace, and execution were so great, and the atmosphere those matches had were chill-inducing.

    So for that, Awesome Kong, I say thank you.
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    Kong was an incredible talent who made women's wrestling more than just tolerable. She made it must-see TV. Especially in TNA. Especially that first run she had with the company that lead to Kong/Kim I and Kong/Kim II.

    That's a real shame about this being medically forced, but her health is clearly the more important of the two options.
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    Kia Stevens was the premier female wrestler of the last 15 years. Her early run in TNA and work in Japan is some of the best work done by a pro wrestler never mind a woman. She will be missed and I am sad to see her go. Thank you for the work.
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    Such a sin, she was a great wrestler. I remember her matches in SHIMMER and TNA. I always thought it was so awesome seeing a woman using the power style she did.
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    Spot on.

    She was awesome, and it's a shame her WWE run ended so shortly, when she would more than likely have been booked to dominate the Women's Division for a long time. She was an excellent performer and it's disappointing to see she's calling it a day, especially if she's being forced into it for medical reasons. That's never good to see.
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    Awesome Kong was just what her name said about her...
    She is truely a wrestling legend contributing a lot to women wrestling.... Her feuds with Gail Kim were awesome and made women division entertaining and watchable..... She was incredible.... All fans will truely miss her....
    Thanks for your awesome contribution....

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