AS 115 - Justin Cooper versus Vee A.D.Z (Non-Title)

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    RP deadline is Monday the 13th of March at 23:59 EST!

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    Nigel is sitting in his office discussing the future of his company. He forgets that WZCW is on and quickly stops the meeting. He turns on the television as Justin Cooper is making his way to the ring.


    The World Champion is beloved by millions. His opponent is rather forgettable.


    The arena is sold out and the fans go wild.


    Justin Cooper emerges as the winner.
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    The darkness was very deliberately creeping over the bright orange sky. It was only minutes left for it to consume the great wide sky over, to bring the very dark night. Vee was standing by the window, but was he enjoying embellishment of the bright orange sky disappearing under the night? No, he was facing the beautiful view though, but his eyes were fastened to his phone. His fingers were slowly dancing over the screen and his mind was screaming in a very loud stern voice, “CALL HER”. She was in a reachable distance; she would fly to him like a sea gull if he asks her to. But was it the right moment to call her, he thought. Sara had given him some private time to contemplate over whether she should accompany him through his journey in WZCW or not. The time, which is very essential, but was running out.

    Does he dare to see her in the eyes after such an embarrassing loss, owing to his lack of attention, against Kagura Joheki? Despite that, another thought was slowly wreathing with his mind, grazing all the nerves as it runs through. Doesn’t he need her to be with him in his biggest challenge against Justin Cooper. Vee was definitely smart, he decided to call her, though after giving it a long thought.

    TAK – TAK – TAK

    Before his thumb could feather touch the green button on the smart phone screen, the door was knocked from the outside. Vee sighed petulantly and turned around to the door.

    ???: Your dinner, sir. Since you’re our special guest, we’re serving you with a surprise meal!

    Vee chuckled. He stood there for a brief moment; starring at his phone. He resentfully put in back in his pocket and wallowed towards the door. Brain normally consumes more energy than body, no wonder Vee has such a high metabolism. He opened the door and his eyes noticed the cloche over a big plate. It was a luxury dinner, he thought.

    He was a little late to notice the butler. But when he looked at the hands that carried that plate, he started to wonder which sort of Hotel will have a trench coat as butler’s uniform. It was a very long trench coat and a bit muddy at the bottom as well.

    His head swirled a little before he could comprehend that it was his doppelganger Vlad who was standing in front of him carrying that plate. Vlad’s bright teeth shined in the polished cloche. He wantonly entered the room, pushing Vee aside.

    Vlad: Surprise Surprise!

    He placed the plate slowly over the dining table and removed his trench coat and hung it up the hanger. Vee was left speechless for a while. He futilely glared at Vlad before closing the door, latching it and approached his doppelganger.

    Vee: Stay out of my way, mate!

    He said with a very stern voice, but Vlad was impudent, a bit oppressive. He beamed at Vee.

    Vlad: Awe come one, boy. We are just the same. Why can’t you just let me help you?

    Vlad was a little obscure in nature to be understood. Though he came directly to the point, unerringly.

    Vee: Does helping define stalking and following me wherever I go?

    Vlad had this incredible laugh that could blow anyone away. It echoed the room.

    Vlad: Oh, I just wanted to make my presence feel.

    Vee: You have to stay away from my family. You’ve to stay away from Sara. I can’t afford to let anyone see you.

    Vlad: Consider it done.

    Vee was a little incredulous about Vlad. After all, how can he trust a man who had been consistently stalking him over the past few weeks. But deep in this thoughts, he believed quite firmly that Vlad had crossed the timelines only to help him. He doesn’t completely despise him though; Vee turned his head to the side and had a slight disgust on his face. He was utterly confused by Vlad.

    Vee: What is up now?

    Vlad: Like I said before, I have a special treat for you. Enjoy my little surprise.

    Again, Vlad was mysterious in nature. But he amiably gestured his hands towards the dining table. His face was adorned with a beam. Vee reluctantly walked towards the dining table and opened that cloche, after all he was hungry. But much to his surprise, there wasn’t any food in that plate. It wasn’t empty either, though. There was a flier placed under the fork and knife in that plate.


    Vee was baffled when he saw that flier. He was much confused to see that match has been promoted as his very last match in his home country, England. He shrunk his eyes and skimmed the flier completely. He grabbed that paper in his hand and turned to Vlad.

    Vee: Why WZCW management didn’t inform me about this match? And how the fuck could they decide that I won’t wrestle in England any longer?

    Vlad: Oh they couldn’t decide that. But I could… could I not?

    Vee was infuriated hearing that. He marched like an enraged animal, at Vlad. But Vlad was very calm as he used to; with a smirk across his lips. Vee lunged forward and grabbed Vlad by his shirt.

    Vee: Who the fuck are you to decide that?

    Vlad: Calm down, my boy. Listen to me.

    Vlad shoved Vee’s hands off his shirt, rather in a very composed manner, he went on further to talk.

    Vlad: You’ve to trust me on this one.

    Vee was fuming in anger. He was awfully close to Vlad and glared a hole through him.

    Vlad: Are you going to kiss me or what?

    Vee: You don’t decide what I do and what I don’t. England is the place where I learned everything. And I’d even wrestle in those streets for a dime.

    Vlad: Then you’ll end up in the streets with nothing left and you won’t even get that dime. You really need to look up your financial issues.

    Vee: I’m well settled financially.

    Vlad: For now…

    Vee: The thing I need to worry about is the match you booked for me. NO way I’m going to fight this match. Do you even have any idea who you’ve booked me against? El Saito had been the roadblock in my career from day 1!

    Vlad lets out a silent laughter, sort of giggled and put his hands on Vee’s shoulders.

    Vlad: Sweet! You still remember him, do you not? But you’ve to trust me. This doesn’t need to be your last match in England but you’ve to fight this match. Have you not seen wrestlers fight their one last match sixteen times… for each promotion.

    Vee: I’m having much better things to focus on. Justin Cooper challenged me to a bout. He’s the WZCW Heavyweight Champion! I can’t just travel between England and here, fighting my toughest opponents within a week time! I can’t prepare both physically and mentally for either of this contest.

    Vlad: What’s the biggest preparation than fighting against your old enemy. You can just put an end to that and move on, can’t you?

    Vee sat on his armchair with his hands clutched to his forehead. He contemplated what he really should decide now. He was reluctant to do what Vlad had proposed. His mind was like a kite in the wind. He wanted to cut loose and decide. Somehow, he was persuaded to consider the proposition put forth by Vlad. He raised his head up, with a sulky face. Not surprisingly, the room was empty; only Vlad’s trench coat was hanging up in the hanger; it’s mud was wetting down the clean floor.

    Vee grabbed his phone from the pocket and dialed Sara. It took only a couple of rings before he could hear the sweetest voice from the other end of the phone.

    Vee: (through phone) I’m going to England tomorrow, to have one last match for Surrey Championship Wrestling against El Saito………………. Yeah, El Saito..... Yes, that El Saito............... I want you to come with me………………. No, I’m not going to leave you there………… We, as in You and Me together, will come back to WZCW.


    March 12, 2017… Surrey, England…

    Commentator 1: This is the Main Event of the evening ladies and gentlemen. This will be the last time you’ll see Vee A.D.Z. formerly wrestled under his original name Vimal Adzenhan, in the United Kingdom.

    Commentaror 2: Surprising that, he’s one 23 years old. Although, he’s wrestling for WZCW right now, he can’t disregard what this place has given him. Anyhow, let’s welcome him, one last time, for his match against El Saito.

    Vee marched down the ramp, and looked around the crowd of 3000 odd people. Only a very few remembered him that cheered. He smiled to himself thinking about how things have changed in just one and a half years. Vee slide inside the ring and bowed to the fans before raising his both arms up in the air. He turned around to the other side of the ring but before he could complete one full rotation, El Saito lunged from behind with a vicious forearm. A loud chorus of Boos was heard from the crowd. Vee asked the referee to ring the bell and the match is underway.

    Ding – Ding – Ding

    The match went back and forth for nearly 20 odd minutes. Both men had used all the tricks in their books but were evenly matched opponents who had fought an enumerous time. They both raised the bars and gave an enormous energy for the crowd. Loud Cheers of Vee echoed across the hall in unison.

    Vee irish-whipped Saito across the ring and on the rebound tried to catch him with a kitchen sink. He lifted his knee to the gut of his opponent, but the luchador metamorphosed that by jumping over his knee, rolling Vee over into a Jack Knife cover. One… Two… Vee kicked out. As soon as Vee got to his knees, he twirled his body and nailed El Saito down with a 540 kick and returned to his feet with a kip-up.

    The crowd applauded Vee’s athletic prowess with a loud round of clap. He climbed to the first turnbuckle and tried to hit a double jump moonsault, but Saito raised his knees and Vee’s abdomen crashed hard over the hard knee of Saito. Vee rolled to the other corner of the ring and tried to get back on his feet with rope as the leverage. Saito grabbed him by hair and pulled to his feet only to meet with a stiff Roundhouse Kick!


    Commentator 2: The kick that had knocked out WZCW Heavyweight Champion Justin Cooper. The kick that had knocked out the likes of Drake Callahan, Matt Tastic and much more opponents! But wait… what Vee is doing? Is he going for another high risk manuever? That won’t be a smart decision.

    Vee was moving towards the turnbuckle. He looked back at his floored opponent, he was already down and out. But Vee was relentless; he didn’t want to take any risk further. He wobbled towards Saito and pulled him up by his head. As a last hope of desperation El Saito swung his hands at Vee but Vee methodically ducked underneath it, spun around and nailed him with a Urisho Geri, a back kick to the midsection. Saito goes on his knees.

    Vee hits the ropes and nailed him down with a vicious leaping knee strike. The sound of his knee crashing across the masked skull of El Saito echoed across the arena and silenced the crowd. Vee just laid over his opponent for the cover… One… Two… Three!

    Commentator 1: It’s over! It’s an incredible end to an incredible match.

    Commentator 2: IT was a brilliant performance by both these naturally gifted athletes. I just hope to see more of Vee in England. It was very unfortunate, though I wonder why took up this decision. Looks like we might know why! Vee’s asking for a mic…

    Vee grabbed a mic from the ring side and walked to the center of the ring. The fans continuously cheered for him.

    Vee: I don’t want this to be my final match in the United Kingdom.

    He paused for a while. He took his time to take his breath. He wiped off the sweat with the back of his hand; lets out a loud gasp and continued.

    Vee: And I sure think you don’t want this to be my final match in the United Kingdom, do you Ladies and Gentlemen?

    The three thousand people who’ve filled the arena responded to him with cheers.

    Vee: El Saito is one of the best I have ever faced. Not to say the least, tonight, he was incredible. Every time when he hit me with his powerful punches and strikes, every time he threw me around with his technical prowess and every time when he locked me in one of his submission holds, there was one thing I kept hearing. Don’t mistake me ladies and gentlemen, indeed your cheers motivated me but it wasn’t that what I heard. I heard this voice from the inside kept telling me, “This probably might be your final match at your home, so don’t give up yet!”. I heard this voice telling me Not to Give up! My body was withering in pain and this voice was screaming through my head not to give up. I needed that motivation from within to do what I have done. Saito hasn’t moved yet, has he?

    A small smile creeped across the corner of his lips as he looked at the direction of the motionless luchador. A few laughter can be heard from the spectators on the front row.

    Vee: Now that made me wonder, why I don’t hear the same scream Not to give up when I wrestle in WZCW in front of a crowd 10 to 20 times bigger than you? Truth to be told gents, I don't hear that when I'm in the ring in WZCW
    It creates this alacrity in my mind, why!.

    Vee walked towards the rope; he rested both his forearms to the top rope and looked around at the crowd. He wasn’t flippant, rather took his time to address the crowd.

    Vee: I have this very small thought, deep inside my mind that if I ever can’t continue in WZCW, if I can’t go any further with the international stars, I could always come back here and wrestle in the United Kingdom! I always had this option. In my entire life, I always had options. Plenty of options!

    He shifts the mic to the other hand and took another brief moment to look around the crowd.

    Vee: Let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen. Life is not about options; it’s about the destiny. Make no mistake, Surrey Championship Wrestling is a great place to be, but it shouldn’t be the benchmark for my skills and passion. I don’t want any second options in my future. I want a destiny and that is to be the BEST. It’s a clich√© but the truth is, to be the best, I have to beat the best. Matt Tastic is the best! Constantine is the best! Titus Avison is the best! Eve Taylor is the best! Kagura Joheki is the best! You know who’s the best of all?

    A small part of the crowd started chanting, “Cooper! Cooper! Cooper!”

    Vee: That’s right! Justin Cooper is the best. In fact, everyone in WZCW is the best. There are some wrestlers who have devoted their entire life and career for WZCW. And I always had options. I don’t want those options to be a hurdle in my path. England had always treated me well and I always am obliged to keep the nation proud. But I can’t do that with this thought of having options in my mind. So I declare…

    He paused and took one long look at the crowd. He turned his head to see El Saito sitting in the corner of the ring; looking at him.

    Vee: …this is the last time I wrestle not only in the United Kingdom but also in the whole of Europe. If I ever going to step inside this squared circle in the Kingdom, it will be under WZCW banner. Thank you.

    Vee was greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd. The crowd clapped continuously in a monotonous way and it almost bring tear to Vee’s eye. He never wanted this to be his final match at the United Kingdom; he despised the idea put forth my Vlad but now he knew why. It wasn’t a decision that he took under haste circumstances. It might’ve been Vlad’s idea but it was his decision to move on further. Now he is WZCW’s resident, entirely. He’ll stay there till he’s Phenomenal.

    He walked down the ramp with a beam that adorned his face. Before he could walk through the curtain, he turned around and looked at the crowd for one last time. He took the mic to his lips again.

    Vee: One last thing! This is Ashes all over again, isn’t this? Don’t you worry chaps; England Lion will humble the Mighty Kangaroo!

    The crowd erupted with a huge roar. Soaked in that, Vee walked through the curtain to the backstage…

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