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    Apex President

    Alberto El Patron

    Apex Vice President


    Original Apex Roster

    Bray Wyatt
    Dave Bautista
    Diamond Dallas Page
    Doink The Clown
    Elias Samson
    Megumi Kudo
    Molly Holly
    Rene Dupree
    Reverend D-Von Dudley
    Rob Conway
    Rob Van Dam
    Samuel Shaw
    Sasha Banks
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Steve Austin
    Sylvan Grenier
    The Pope
    The Truth

    Signed To An Appearance Contract

    Johnny Gargano
    Mark Henry
    Paige VanZant

    Active Stables (Upon Inception)

    La Resistance (Rene Dupree, Rob Conway, & Sylvan Grenier)

    The East Coast Pulpit (The Pope & The Truth w/Reverend D-Von Dudley)

    The Wyatt Kindred (Bray Wyatt, Matanza, & Samuel Shaw)


    William Regal (Broadcast)

    Titus O'Neil (Broadcast)

    Eden (Ring Announcer)

    Scott Hall (Referee)

    Zack Ryder (Referee)

    Melina (Backstage Interviewer)

    Jinder Mahal (Social Media Analyst)

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    Show Opening - Introduction by President Patron

    • He carried the Apex Championship Title to the ring.
    • He stated with exuberance that his benefactor gave him the funding for a promotion that would focus on the barbarism of professional wrestling, something they both felt was sorely lacking in today's promotions.
    • To satisfy his benefactor and Patron's fiance's bloodlust, tonight's Main Event would debut the dangerous Bear Trap Match.
    • That bout would feature hardcore icon Rob Van Dam and Hollywood break-out star Dave Bautista.
    • Whomever caught President Patron's attention would be presented the title at the end of the night.

    Sasha Banks vs. Molly Holly

    • Interrupted by Megumi Kudo.
    • She attacked both women (Kudo Driver to The Boss) and signaled for a Japanese translator.
    • When one was given, she told him to tell the world that after 20 years of retirement, she had returned.
    • For those who did not know her, she was the definitive Queen of Extreme, featured in many Death Matches with barbed wire for ring ropes, explosives, fire, etc in the early 90s.
    • Openly mocked women's wrestling in the modern era, pointing out they could never do what she had done in Japan, and invited them to try.

    La Resistance vs. The East Coast Pulpit

    • Video package summarized The Resistant's decision to sign with AW.
    • States France is the last voice of reason in a world gone wrong.
    • Contest was Rob Conway & Rene Dupree vs. Reverend D-Von & The Pope.
    • Prior to the match, The East Coast Pulpit were assaulted backstage by The Wyatt Kindred. Bray Wyatt ordered Samuel Shaw to take Reverend D-Von's clerical collar.

    Bear Trap Match Promotional Video

    • There would be bear traps and rope underneath the ring for use.
    • Putting a trap on any opponent's appendage resulted in a victory.
    • The loser will not be expected to fight next week due to certain injury.
    • Quick hype segment for Rob Van Dam's career highlights, including his confrontation with John Cena at One Night Stand '06, scaling the walls of the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series '02, and various ECW pay per views.
    • Quick hype segment for Dave Bautista's career highlights involving his Royal Rumble wins in '05 and in '14, various World title wins, and his acting career, prominently from Guardians of the Galaxy and the sequel.

    Intermission - Matanza vs. Diamond Dallas Page

    • The Monster made quick work of DDP, bloodying him up in the first few minutes.
    • Due to AW fighting rules, Referee Ryder couldn't stop the match because of blood loss.
    • Page fought blindly, putting up a strong defense.
    • Missed with the Diamond Cutter, resulting in Wrath of the Gods from Matanza.
    • Blood coated the mat for the rest of the night.

    Doink The Clown vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    • Nakamura came out from the crowd.
    • As the contest ended, Doink sat alone in the ring, clearly upset.
    • The Drifter appeared and suggested they sing a song together with his guitar. Elias went on to play "I Started A Joke" by The Bee Gees, mocking the clown.
    • Doink shook angrily, but didn't attack Elias Samson. He left the ring quietly.

    Main Event - Dave Bautista vs. Rob Van Dam - Bear Trap Match

    • Show of respect from both men before the bell rang.
    • Clothesline sent Rob Van Dam out of the ring. RVD stared up at Bautista.
    • Slid back in. Dropkick sent Bautista to the outside. Another staredown.
    • Both men grappled and both men tumbled out to a good fan reaction.
    • Rob Van Dam pulled out the first bear trap. Hit Bautista across the face with it.
    • RVD pulled out a table. He set the bear trap on top of it.
    • Bautista speared RVD. Disarmed the bear trap and grabbed another.
    • A strong Spinning Wheel Kick sent Batista through the table. Bear traps flew into the audience, likely hitting somebody.
    • RVD produced another bear trap and set it up in the ring.
    • Bautista got up and grabbed a chunk of the broken table. He slid into the ring.
    • The table goes across Rob's back, breaking off again.
    • Bautista attempted a Batista Bomb on Mr. ECW with the bear trap his landing spot.
    • Van Dam battled out, executing a Discus Leg Lariat. Bautista missed the trap.
    • In a moment of adrenaline, RVD rolled out of the ring and grabbed bear trap after bear trap, throwing them inside the ring. Some hit Bautista.
    • With four bear traps in the ring, RVD rolled back inside. Bautista went for another spear, but Van Dam quickly grabbed a steel trap and held it up to his torso. The Animal collided with the unset trap, injuring his shoulder. Big fan reaction.
    • RVD went to work loading the bear traps near the center of the ring.
    • Bautista left the ring and pulled out yet another trap. Slowly came back in.
    • Van Daminator to The Animal. Bautista's face busted wide open.
    • Rolling Thunder followed by a missed Five Star Frogsplash.
    • Dave Irish Whipped him into a corner. Shoulder Thrusts with the uninjured shoulder.
    • Bautista signaled for the end of the match. Blood stung his eyes, buying RVD time to recover.
    • Bautista tried for another Batista Bomb. Failed. RVD grabbed the unused bear trap and cut Dave's legs out from underneath him. RVD dropped the trap.
    • RVD to the top rope. Split Legged Moonsault but Bautista had just enough awareness to launch himself towards the ring post.
    • RVD crashed into the bear traps. They bit into his legs, one tore his calf muscle badly. Another got his elbow. Referee Scott Hall called for the bell as EMTs emptied out from backstage.
    • The Animal's hand was raised, and the fans showed him their support.
    • Rob was carted away on a stretcher, blood dripping down the ramp.

    Final Minutes - Alberto El Patron's Decision

    • Alberto congratulated Bautista on his hard-fought win.
    • He put a lot of thought into his decision, and he claimed it wasn't easy.
    • President Patron extended the Apex Championship to Dave.
    • He took it back, stating nobody tonight really set the bar for what the show should be, and therefore Alberto El Patron crowned himself as the Inaugural Apex Champion.
    • Show ended as the fans turned completely on Apex Warfare, launching toilet paper into the ring.

    Quick Results

    1. Sasha Banks vs. Molly Holly ended in a No Contest [5:30]
    2. La Resistance def. The East Coast Pulpit after a Bonsoir to D-Von [7:12]
    3. Matanza def. Diamond Dallas Page after Wrath of the Gods [4:01]
    4. Shinsuke Nakamura def. Doink the Clown after Kinshasa [1:15]
    5. Dave Bautista def. Rob Van Dam after RVD fell into a pile of Bear Traps [19:45]
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    Show Opening - President Patron's Office

    • Cold Opening on Alberto El Patron sitting at his desk with the Apex Championship belt spread out for the viewers to see.
    • Alberto was pleased to announce that his benefactor agreed that nobody set the world on fire last week, not even Dave Bautista. Patron would be both Apex Champion and President of Apex Warfare.
    • Patron stopped gloating mid-sentence. Camera rotated to Steve Austin standing in front of him.
    • The Texas Rattlesnake politely asked if he could take a seat. Before Patron replied, Austin sat down and propped his feet on Alberto's desk. His boot pushed the belt onto the floor. El Presidente quickly picked his title off of the ground and brushed it off.
    • Flustered, President Patron asked him what he wanted. Stone Cold demanded the two of them to scrap for the Apex Championship, that it was completely useless while Patron held it. There wasn't any sense in signing Steve Austin to AW if he couldn't fight for the top prize.
    • Patron thought it over and told him he wasn't medically cleared to compete in any capacity. Warfare was for the hardcore enthusiasts, and one good shot to the head could disable Austin for life, or worse.
    • The Bionic Redneck assured him that if he didn't fight, he would make his life a living hell.
    • Alberto folded and told him he'll get a chance if he competed in tonight's Main Event, against Shinsuke Nakamura. He must win, however.

    Molly Holly vs. Megumi Kudo

    • After the match, The Extreme Queen demanded her Japanese translator to come out again.
    • She was displeased that Apex Warfare put her in a standard match after being retired for 20 years. She made her name by walking a path of blood. If AW was about violence, than The War Room needed real Hell on Earth.
    • Megumi singled out Sasha Banks, telling her that if she wanted vengeance, then to meet her next week in a Barbed Wire Ring Match.
    • From the Titantron The Boss appeared. "Shut up, Meg," she answered, and accepted the stipulation.

    La Resistance vs. The Wyatt Kindred

    • Before the fight began, Bray spoke to the audience and told them The Pulpit's way was not the right way, and that they were heretics. All would stand before The Wyatt Kindred, including France.
    • Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway represented The Resistance with Samuel Shaw and Matanza representing Wyatt.
    • Ended in a disqualification when Bray Wyatt handed Shaw his lantern to use as a weapon.
    • La Resistance were viciously assaulted until The East Coast Pulpit ran in.
    • Reverend D-Von took back his clerical collar, but instructed The Truth to steal Wyatt's lantern for penance.

    Backstage Interview Segment - Dave Bautista

    • Melina attempted to get a word from Bautista, but he refused, walking off.
    • He came face to face with Alberto El Patron in a hallway.
    • The President told him that he almost handed the belt to him on the spot, but hesitated. Dave Bautista was somebody he wanted to make happy, but he also wanted to make the rabid fans as well as his benefactor happy, too.
    • Patron gave him an ultimatum: Cost Steve Austin his match with Nakamura. Render The Rattlesnake immobile. Then he would consider Bautista worthy for Apex contendership.
    • Alberto left The Animal to think about it.

    Intermission - Doink The Clown vs. Sheamus

    • A Brogue Kick knocked Doink's wig completely off, causing the fans to roar with laughter.
    • With the clown alone in the ring, The Drifter appeared again, this time playing "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin.
    • Doink started crying. Elias told him there was no crying in Warfare, and pummeled him.

    Grado vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Impromptu Backstage Brawl

    • This started over an argument about the skulls in the AW logo. DDP said they were purple. Grado countered with fuchsia.
    • Grado attempted a Grado Cutta, which in turn insulted DDP.
    • DDP attempted a Diamond Cutter, which in turn insulted Grado.
    • They brought their fight to the catering area. Grado brandished a hot dog.
    • Diamond Dallas Page forced it down his throat.
    • The King of Bada-Bing Jersey Bomb'd Grado through the snack table, but not before The Chubby Wee Chancer struck him with a loaf of stale bread.
    • Both men went down in a heap.

    Main Event - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - If Austin Wins, He Faces Patron

    • Nakamura was accompanied by violinists who played "Deep In The Heart of Texas" before his own theme song.
    • Austin came out swaggering and eyeballing the musicians before turning his attention towards his opponent.
    • Referee Scott Hall signaled for the match to begin.
    • As they circled one another, commentator William Regal reminded viewers of Austin's bad kneck, and how Shinsuke's stiff fighting style makes Austin's return to the ring all the more risky.
    • The King of Strong Style backed the Texan into the ropes, and rested his head on Austin's chest. Stone Cold looked at him and the referee in utter disbelief. Nakamura backed away and grinned. Fans cheered them on.
    • As Nakamura beckoned Austin to take him on, The Rattlesnake aggressively went on the offense, clubbing Shinsuke across the back and into a ring post corner. Austin gave him the bird and backed away. Nakamura stared wide-eyed. The crowd started to chant both men on.
    • Austin grappled and then slammed Nakamura into the mat with a Spinebuster. He made the cover but barely got 2.
    • Crowds turned their attention on Bautista, who stood on the entrance ramp.
    • Still lying on the mat, Nakamura applied a Cross Armbar on Austin.
    • The Animal was conflicted, unsure of himself as he paced the ramp.
    • Austin with the Rope Break. The Rockstar kneed him across the back of the neck.
    • Bautista eyed both men cautiously, and began to walk towards the ring.
    • Nakamura gave Austin a side headlock. Stone Cold pushed him off, both men ran the ropes, and Stone Cold executed a Lou Thesz Press. He punched the Japanese superstar repeatedly.
    • Shinsuke crawled to a nearby ring post. Austin stomped a mudhole in him, and walked it dry.
    • Dave moved slowly to the ring apron and stopped.
    • Austin went for a Stunner, but was pushed away. Nakamura delivered a swift kick to the side of his face and Steve crumbled. Nakamura covered him, and was given a 2.
    • Having made up his mind, Bautista searched underneath the ring. He produced a steel chair.
    • A Lariat sent Austin over the top rope and he spilled out to the outside near The Animal.
    • Bautista readied himself.
    • Nakamura saw the chair and stayed inside.
    • Austin looked up at Bautista, telling him not to do it.
    • Bautista smiled, and propped the chair up. He sat at ringside and cheered Austin on.
    • Crowd became unglued at the sight of Bautista's defiance to Alberto El Patron and his benefactor.
    • Stone Cold slid back into the ring where Nakamura waited for him. Both men exchanged heavy blows, but Austin got the upperhand.
    • A Stunner put Nakamura down. Mark Henry rushed down the runway and clubbed Bautista in the back of the head, making him fall out of his seat.
    • Austin pinned Nakamura...and got the 3!
    • Mark Henry stomped Stone Cold bloody. He scooped him up and delivered The World's Strongest Slam as Nakamura limped out of further harm's way.
    • The Silverback asked for a microphone. He began to speak, but was interrupted by a spear from Dave Bautista.
    • Bautista helped Austin up, who was cradling his head. He donned the Crimson Mask.
    • Alberto El Patron's music hit.

    Final Minutes - Austin/Patron Confrontation

    • The President congratulated Austin on his win in the same tone he did for Bautista last week.
    • He told him that yes, he did say he would give him a chance if he competed and won. But he never told him when he will get the opportunity for the gold. It could be tomorrow, the next day, next month, or even next year. Crowd erupted in "Pendejo" jeers.
    • As for Bautista, that chance will never come as long as he held the Apex title.
    • "Bullshit" chants. Alberto heard them, and grimaced.
    • He reconsidered. Next week they will have a tag team match. Bautista & Austin vs. Patron & his new talent acquisition, who earned a spot on the active roster, Mark Henry. If Austin can get through the night successfully, the title would be on the line the following week.
    • There was one catch, however - Patron put a bounty on Austin's head worth $5,000.
    • Patron also decided to make the tag match No Disqualification, meaning anybody can interfere, put Stone Cold out of his misery, and get the money.
    • Show ended on Bautista looking at Patron in disbelief, and a bloodied Austin muttering obscenities.

    Quick Results

    1. Megumi Kudo def. Molly Holly with a Kudo Driver [2:50]
    2. La Resistance def. The Wyatt Family via Disqualification [7:13]
    3. Sheamus def. Doink The Clown with a Brogue Kick [0:25]
    4. Grado fought Diamond Dallas Paige to a No Contest [10:02]
    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Shinsuke Nakamura [18:59]
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    Show Opening - Apex Warfare Parking Lot

    • President Patron and Security stood quietly outside the parking lot as a purple limousine pulled up.
    • The driver opened the door and respectfully composed himself. Patron offered out a hand, and Vice President Paige took it.
    • He tried making small talk, asking about her flight. The two kissed, but The Anti-Diva pointed out that she was there on very important international business dealing with the matches tonight.
    • She repeated what their benefactor had told her. Due to the complex nature of the women's Barbed Wire Ring Match and how it can effect the company's stock overseas, it was important enough to be slotted as tonight's Main Event.
    • Dismayed, Alberto El Patron insisted that he be given the Main Event. That doing so would not only give bounty hunters ample time to cripple Austin, but also line up perfectly in regards to their desires as well as ratings.
    • The VP urged him to figure out a way for all parties to capitalize tonight, or they may be looking at a short career at AW.
    • Defeated, Alberto El Patron spoke to one of his Security guards. "Better make it $10,000."

    Grado vs. Diamond Dallas Page

    • Commentary reiterated that this feud started with an argument over the color of the skull logo.
    • Grado asked Referee Ryder about the color palette. He only shrugged.
    • A Grado Cutta put Page down, but The Chubby Wee Chancer Fae the Tap End of Stevenson used the opportunity to ask the Commentary Team what the fuck was up with the AW logo. Titus O'Neil answered that it was fuchsia. Regal, being a tosser, replied purple.
    • Ended with DDP rolling Grado up for the pin. He held on to the ropes for leverage.

    The Truth vs. Samuel Shaw

    • In a peculiar twist, The Wyatt Kindred did not accompany Shaw to his match.
    • The East Coast Pulpit was at ringside. Reverend D-Von held Bray's lantern.
    • As Truth went for The Lie Detector, the lights went out.
    • When they came back on, Samuel Shaw had disappeared. The referee started to count him out.
    • The lantern in D-Von's hands flickered. He dropped it and backed away.
    • Truth was awarded the win. The lantern hissed loudly, smoke pouring from it. The East Coast Pulpit decided to leave it where it was.

    Backstage - Assault

    • Stone Cold swaggered down the hallways of AW. He was confronted by La Resistance.
    • They went on the offense, throwing him against a wall. Play By Play Analyst William Regal also joined in, pulling out Brass Knuckles.
    • Dave Bautista came in for the save, Spinebuster to Rob Conway and Regal.
    • Austin Stunned Rene Dupree. Sylvan Grenier cowardly ran away.
    • The Animal and The Rattlesnake shared a nod of respect.

    Intermission - Elias Samson vs. Doink The Clown

    • The Drifter came out strumming "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.
    • Doink The Clown ate an Encore. Samson did it twice for good measure.
    • Still lying at ringside, Bray Wyatt's lantern rolled around and a voice whispered "You, you are the one I want."
    • The Eater of Worlds appeared from behind the Broadcast booth, and picked up his lantern. He stared mesmerized at the two in the ring before walking away silently.

    Backstage - Assault, Pt. 2

    • Several unsigned talent crowded the hallway up to the gorilla position.
    • With Bautista accompanying Austin, the duo walked through the mob.
    • Nobody touched them. Stone Cold came to a halt, looked at his tag team partner, and told him he would be right back.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin & Dave Bautista vs. Alberto El Patron & Mark Henry - No Disqualification

    • Dave Bautista came out first. Apex Champion Alberto El Patron and Henry next.
    • Stone Cold's music hit, and Austin came out in an eighteen wheeler with horn blaring. He parked it in a way that blocked the entrance from anybody coming in, with the trailer preventing entry from the curtains. Steve stepped out with a trucker hat on. Alberto El Patron stood in disbelief as Bautista laughed.
    • Referee Zack Ryder officiated.
    • Mark Henry and Bautista started first. Test of strength left The Animal on the receiving end of a scoop slam.
    • Dave rolled away, but not before Henry grabbed his leg. He dragged him to Patron's side of the ring and made the tag. Together, they stomped a mudhole in Bautista, mocking Austin.
    • Since there was no way to be disqualified, El Presidente and The World's Strongest Man continued to bludgeon Dave until he was covered in blood. This drew out the ire of Austin, who dashed to his partner's aid.
    • He was stopped and dropped by a Rough Ryder from the referee. The live audience booed mercilessly, seeing that the fix was in.
    • Alberto El Patron pinned Steve Austin. Zack Ryder counted quickly, but still only got to 2.
    • Mark Henry went on the outside and pulled out a table.
    • The Animal had enough time to recover. He slid out of the ring and exchanged blows with The Silverback.
    • Patron jerked The Texas Rattlesnake up to his feet. He was met with a Stunner.
    • Ryder attempted a clothesline, Austin ducked, and Austin delivered another Stunner.
    • With Ryder out of commission, Scott Hall came out from the crowd.
    • Seeing Patron unconscious, Henry pulled him to their corner and tagged himself in.
    • From the opposite side of the arena, Shinsuke Nakamura took his time getting to the ring.
    • Distracted, Mark Henry took a spear from inside the ring, dropping the table.
    • Bautista wrapped him up in a Batista Bite on top of the unset table, and Henry submitted.
    • The bell rang as Nakamura finally got to the ring, and together Austin, The Animal, and The Rockstar celebrated.
    • William Regal and Titus O'Neil reminded the viewers at home that next week Alberto El Patron had to defend the Apex Championship against The Toughest Son of a Bitch in The War Room.

    Main Event - Megumi Kudo vs. Sasha Banks - Barbed Wire Ring Match

    • Vice President Paige sat inside a skybox with investors to watch the Main Event.
    • Ring crew unfastened the ropes and went to work replacing it with barbwire.
    • Sasha Banks was introduced as The Barbed Wire Boss.
    • Megumi Kudo came out to her old "One Way Heart" theme.
    • Both women stood in the center of the ring and locked eyes on one another.
    • Extreme Queen gestured at the ring, telling her this was not her world.
    • Banks: "But it will be."
    • They locked up, The Boss shoved Kudo in defiance, but it wasn't close enough to barbwire. Megumi laughed.
    • Another lock up. Kudo pushed Banks into the wire, but Banks stopped herself from touching them, expressing terror.
    • Banks on the vicious assault, striking the veteran over and over again in the back of the neck and pulling her hair.
    • Sasha Banks backed away and delivered a Roundhouse Kick, toppling Kudo.
    • Only good for a 2. Banks looked to end the match early without bloodshed with a Banks Statement, but Megumi slipped through.
    • Quick camera shot of the Vice President talking with her entourage.
    • Sasha Banks with more hair pulling. Kudo kicked her in the stomach and landed a DDT.
    • The Evil Princess applied a Dragon Sleeper. Banks started to fade.
    • Referee Scott Hall checked The Barbed Wire Boss, asking her if she wanted to submit. She replied by battling through, standing up and kneeing Kudo in the ribs.
    • Sasha Irish Whipped Kudo towards the barbed wire. Megumi forced herself to stop.
    • Sasha with a Double Knee Backbreaker. She tried rolling Kudo up into another Banks Statement, but Megumi reversed it into a Rear Naked Choke.
    • The Boss reached the barbed wire for the rope break, forcing to cut her palm open. She gritted her teeth in pain.
    • Megumi Kudo released the hold, applauding Banks for getting her hands bloody.
    • Angered, Banks used herself as a battering ram to force Kudo into the barbed wire from the other side of the ring. Crowd cheered.
    • Kudo was entangled!
    • Banks made a small circle and threw herself into Kudo and the wire.
    • Cuts everywhere, Sasha maddeningly applied a Banks Statement to Kudo while both women were inside the "ropes". Audience became unglued and Paige clapped at the violent display.
    • Referee Hall forced Banks to let go of the hold. EMT's rushed to the arena to remove the girls out of the bramble.
    • Once out of the barbed wire, Megumi and Sasha went at it with fists, Megumi getting the upperhand.
    • Kudo delivered a devastating Ganso Bomb and pinned Sasha. Good for a 2.
    • Kudo picked Banks back up, this time a Thunder Fire Powerbomb! The move was followed by another pinfall attempt. Again, Banks kicked out.
    • The Extreme Queen rolled away, and delivered a Running Elbow Smash. The move missed and The Boss swiftly executed The Bankrupt.
    • She pinned Megumi Kudo for a 2.
    • Kudo was on her feet first. She smeared her own blood into Sasha's face before applying a headlock.
    • She ran Banks's forehead across barbed wire, leaving a large gash.
    • Kudo rolled her up for a fourth pin. Hall counted, but Banks kicked out once again.
    • Exhausted, the two women sat up from opposing sides. Crowd gave them their support.
    • Megumi nodded at Sasha in respect before using the barbwire to pull herself up.
    • The Barbed Wire Boss pushed herself off of the ground. The two stared daggers at each other, both bleeding an unhealthy amount of blood. EMT's were at standby at any signs of fatigue.
    • They lock up for a second time, Megumi kicked Banks's legs out from underneath her, and signals for a Kudo Driver.
    • Banks reversed Megumi's attack into a Crucifix Pin. Hall went for the 3 but Megumi rolled out in the nick of time.
    • Sasha Banks pulled Kudo in for a Monkey Flip. Megumi was dropped into the wire again!
    • Hall orders Banks to back away, not wanting another instance of EMTs getting both girls out of the deadly mess. Megumi, barely recognizable as a human being, pulled herself out of the wreckage.
    • Banks sunk to her knees, saying that this was impossible.
    • Extreme Queen glided towards Banks. Banks threw a barrage of punches and kicks to the international star.
    • With one well-placed kick to the stomach, Megumi set Sasha Banks up for the Kudo Driver.
    • ..and it connected. Kudo hooked the leg and Scott Hall counted to 3.
    • Megumi Kudo didn't want her arm raised. She sat in a bloody mess as medics came in to check her and her opponent.

    Final Minutes - Extreme Announcement

    • From a skybox, Paige gathered everyone's attention.
    • She was happy to announce Megumi Kudo represented what Apex Warfare stood for, and that she has indeed faced every woman in The War Room.
    • Paige would make it her duty to find an opponent that could match the Extreme Queen's bloodlust.
    • Megumi only smiled and pointed at the Anti-Diva. Paige looked down with a questioning glare. Show ended with the Japanese Superstar's blood running over her grin.

    Quick Results

    1. Diamond Dallas Page def. Grado via rollup [4:15]
    2. The Truth def. Samuel Shaw with a Count Out [3:07]
    3. Elias Samson def. Doink the Clown via consecutive Encores [01:59]
    4. Stone Cold & Bautista def. Alberto El Patron & Mark Henry with a Batista Bite [10:36]
    5. Megumi Kudo def. Sasha Banks with a Kudo Driver [22:49]
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    Show Opening - Press Conference

    • President Patron stood at a podium to take questions from reporters.
    • First Question: "Referee Zack Ryder attacked an AW employee, was he following orders and if not, what should we expect from that abuse of power?"
    • Answer: "Ryder was obviously tempted by the bounty I put on Austin's head. Nevertheless, he will be punished for his insubordination. He will have to deal with a monster....Bray Wyatt in his ring debut, tonight 1 on 1."
    • Second Question: "Megumi Kudo gave the audience probably the best match seen in The War Room yet. What should we expect from investors who were interested in her bout, and a follow up - Kudo seems to want to face Paige next. Any thoughts or rumors you would like to lay to bed?"
    • Answer: "My fiance, The Vice President, handles her own business. I can't give away what investors are planning, but I can assure you it will be big and will be great news for my benefactor and I. If you'd like to discuss Megumi Kudo, I would ask the VP."
    • Third Question: "Who IS this benefactor you keep talking about?"
    • Answer: "Wouldn't you like to know." (Gave the reporter a wink) "A final question?"
    • Fourth Question: "Do you or do you not wipe your ass with that scarf?"
    • Steve Austin looked straight at him with pencil and notepad in hand. He threw them to the ground and rushed the podium.
    • Security had to pull The Texan off of The Apex Champion.

    La Resistance vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    • Titus O'Neil believed Nakamura was thrown into a 2 on 1 as punishment for associating with Austin and Bautista. Dave Bautista had the night off.
    • Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier represented La Resistance.
    • In spectacular fashion, The Rockstar stayed on the offense before hitting Conway with the Kinshasa.
    • He celebrated the Handicap Match win with the audience, who chanted "Bomaye".

    Molly Holly vs. Paige VanZant

    • 12 Gauge Paige knocked Holly out in less than a minute.
    • Paige's music hit, and she came out to tell The War Room that she had found Megumi Kudo's next challenger. This was met with a chorus of boos directed at the VP.
    • VanZant wanted a contract with AW. The Anti-Diva told her she'll get it if she defeated Kudo.

    Backstage - Drifter

    • Elias Samson walked down the hallway dressed in black.
    • He strummed "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.
    • Samuel Shaw interrupted his singing and told him he wouldn't be a part of The Wyatt Kindred if he had anything to say about it.
    • Samson grinned at him and told him Bray was beaconing him to greater things, and Shaw would be left forgotten.

    Intermission - The East Coast Pulpit vs. The Color Guard

    • Grado and Diamond Dallas Page set aside their differences to form The Color Guard. They have made it their life mission to find out what the coloration is of the Warfare skull logo.
    • The Pope and The Truth represented The Pulpit.
    • Reverend D-Von was at commentary and stated they weren't done with The Wyatt Kindred by a long shot, no matter how creepy they made things.
    • DDP left the ring for a moment to ask D-Von if he knew what color the skulls were. This costed the team as Pope nailed the DDE on Grado.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder

    • Ryder was still in referee attire.
    • Wyatt came to the ring without Matanza or Samuel Shaw.
    • As the match ended, Bray grabbed a microphone and predicted "You will be with us soon, brother. We have many glories to share with you."
    • Lights went out, and as they came back on an unconscious Zack Ryder was tied up in the middle of the ring with chains. Security had to break them to get him out.

    Main Event - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Alberto El Patron - Apex Championship Match

    • The President walked down the ring with Mark Henry in tow. He told him to stay near the runway and act as Ring Enforcer.
    • Steve Austin drove down the ring in an ATV. He came inches in hitting The Silverback with it.
    • Before Referee Hall could hold the Apex Championship up, or even call for the bell, Alberto jumped Austin, kicking him repeatedly and keeping him down.
    • Patron went to work on his arm with a Double Knee Armbreaker followed by wringing his arm.
    • He attempted to keep him grounded by stomping on the arm. It worked.
    • Patron picked him up and threw him into a ring corner. He backed off, and struck him with a sick Step-up Enzuigiri. Austin fell to the mat.
    • Alberto El Patron slapped him across the back of the head several times, toying with him.
    • Austin dove for The President's leg, tackling him. He mounted him and threw punches until the Five Count.
    • Steve Austin carried Alberto to a far corner and proceeded to beat the shit out of him, stomping a mudhole and then a pointed Elbow Drop.
    • The Texas Rattlesnake pinned Patron, and got a 2.
    • Both men exchanged vicious right hands, going back and forth with the crowd voicing their approval/disapproval.
    • Patron reversed a strike into a Rolling Armbar. Rompe Destinos!
    • Austin reached for the ropes, taking the full blunt of the attack.
    • As the Texan grabbed hold of the bottom rope, Alberto rolled away, and met Austin with a Dropkick.
    • Stone Cold dodged the kick, causing Patron to lunge through the ropes and to the outside, crashing hard.
    • Mark Henry went to help the Apex Champion up. Uncharacteristically, Austin Suicide Dive'd between the ropes and dead into the men.
    • Referee Hall counted to 4 before Patron slid back in. Henry Irish Whipped Austin into the Steel Steps and resumed his post.
    • The count was at 8 before Austin made his way back in, where Patron went on the assault again.
    • Austin battled through and delivered a Spinebuster. Dave Bautista came sprinting down the ramp, and clubbed Henry in the back of the neck, paying him back for The World's Strongest Man's cheapshot two episodes ago.
    • Bautista and Stone Cold smiled at one another. Austin gestured at his waist to Alberto, signaling that this would be all over soon.
    • Patron struggled to get up, his forehead bleeding profusely.
    • He noticed Bautista and stared up at Austin with a horrified expression.
    • The Pride of Mexico low blow'd Stone Cold, disqualifying himself.
    • Since the title cannot change hands due to a DQ, Alberto retained.
    • Dave Bautista slid in and hit Patron with a Batista Bomb!
    • Austin gathered himself up, picked the Apex Champion up, and Stone Cold Stunned him.
    • Steve Austin demanded beer, "and not that piss The President would drink."
    • As Austin and The Animal toasted and chugged, Patron fell from the ring and to the commentary table.

    Final Minutes - The President Declares War

    • Patron had had enough. He snatched the microphone from Eden's hand.
    • He was sick of seeing Bautista, Steve Austin, and even Nakamura causing him problems. Apex Warfare was his, not theirs.
    • For the next episode, AW will have its very first WarGames Match. The 3 will take on Alberto El Patron and Mark Henry.
    • This leaves a slot open for a third man to aid The President. Patron smirked.
    • That Third Man would be his benefactor. At long last, he will reveal himself.
    • Steve Austin nodded in acceptance. Dave Bautista drained his Steveweiser as the show ended.

    Quick Results

    1. Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier with a Kinshasa to Conway [6:50]
    2. Paige VanZant def. Molly Holly via TKO [0:43]
    3. The East Coast Pulpit def. The Color Guard with a DDE [8:01]
    4. Bray Wyatt def. Zack Ryder with a Sister Abigail [2:00]
    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Alberto El Patron via DQ [18:21]
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    Show Opening - A Return

    • RVD's theme song blared as the show opened. Fans rejoiced.
    • He came out in crutches.
    • Told the audience that he had torn his PCL when he fell into the bear traps.
    • He'd still need time to recover, but when he does he will be the Whole Dam Show.
    • Rob left as the crowd kept their fingers crossed for him.

    Johnny Gargano vs. The Pope

    • Gargano was not an active member of the roster, but participated in this match anyways.
    • The Pope came out without The East Coast Pulpit.
    • Surprisingly even match.
    • D'Angelo Dinero reversed Gargano's Baby Ace Crusher into a Rolling German Suplex.
    • Johnny Wrestling countered a DDE attempt with the Crosston Crab, but he couldn't lock it in fully.

    La Resistance vs. The Color Guard

    • Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier fought for The Resistance with Rob Conway joining the broadcast booth.
    • Grado hopped off of the ring apron to inspect La Resistance's flag, determining if it matched the Warfare skulls logo. He reasoned that it did not.
    • This was distraction enough for Diamond Dallas Page to get the drop on Dupree with a Diamond Cutter.
    • Rob Conway lectured Sylvain and Dupree as The Color Guard celebrated their upset victory.

    Video Package - WarGames for Apex Warfare

    • As graphics of the Steel Purple Cage play throughout the arena, William Regal and Titus O'Neil go over what WarGames are for Apex Warfare.
    • Classic WarGames setup- 2 rings shoved together.
    • The match will be 3-on-3 and follow an Elimination format.
    • All four corners of the cage will be rigged with explosives.
    • They are set to go off on impact or proximity.
    • Superstars enter in intervals of 5 minutes or once an opponent is eliminated.
    • Like a deadly game of Chess, Team Captains (Austin & Patron) instruct who on their side should go in.
    • There are biker chains and bats in the cage.

    Intermission Match - Elias Samson vs. Doink The Clown - Street Fight

    • The Drifter went to work early by striking the clown with a Stop sign.
    • Early pinfall, but to everyone's surprise Doink kicked out.
    • Elias searched underneath the ring as the clown crawled back to his feet.
    • He pulled out a sheep's mask, and gazed at it in wonder.
    • Bray Wyatt's theme filled the arena. Wyatt stood at the ramp.
    • "You're the one I want."
    • Grinning, Elias grabbed a steel chair and climbed back in the ring.
    • He struck Doink across the face, and peered back at Bray for permission to end Doink.
    • "No. Not you. Him."
    • Samson faltered. The lights flickered and Doink rose up unnaturally.
    • Doink the Clown snatched the chair out of his hands and struck him repeatedly.
    • With The Drifter bloodied and no longer moving, the clown applied the Stump Puller.
    • Referee Zack Ryder held Samson's hand in the air and let it fall.
    • As Doink picked up the win, he gazed tearfully at The Eater of Worlds. He rolled out of the ring and stood before him.
    • He fell to his knees. Wyatt smiled, and told him to rise as a brother.

    Paige VanZant vs. Sasha Banks

    • Still scarred from the Barb Wire Ring Match, Banks appeared torn up but hypnotically dangerous.
    • VP Paige accompanied the MMA fighter to the ring.
    • The longer the fight drug out, the more obvious it was that The Barbedwire Boss was not 100%.
    • 12 Gauge Paige pulled Sasha into a Rear Naked Choke, and she tapped.
    • Megumi Kudo and her translator appeared from the skybox.
    • The Extreme Queen accepted a fight with VanZant, but if Kudo wins, Paige must fight her in a match of her choosing.
    • Paige looked on in disgusted silence. Fans chanted for another Barb Wire Ring Match.

    Main Event - AW WarGames

    • Patron & Mark Henry came out together and the team of Bautista, Nakamura, & Austin separate.
    • Both referees were involved in the match.
    • Security kept the groups apart.
    • Alberto kindly asked for the lights to dim for his friend and financial partner.
    • A sole spotlight remained on, illuminating the curtains.
    • Of all people, Sheamus came out. Audience muttered in absolute confusion.
    • The President of Apex Warfare demanded the benefactor step into the ring first. Sheamus did.
    • Getting restless, Shinsuke Nakamura insisted he gets in. Austin gave him the go ahead.
    • As the two men squared up, an Apex official closed the cage door. Match was underway.
    • Sheamus on the assault first, beating the Japanese superstar down and lifting him up for a Running Crucifix Powerbomb. Nakamura landed in the ring ropes of both Ring 1 & Ring 2 before bouncing into the mat of Ring 1.
    • The Celtic Warrior took his time lifting Nakamura back up before bringing him back down with a Clothesline.
    • Austin rattled the cage door. William Regal relayed the information that Alberto El Patron had won a coin toss backstage, therefore the next man in was either Mark Henry or himself.
    • 2 minutes passed. Nakamura countered a Clothesline into a Cross Armbar. The President was beside himself seeing The Rockstar use his move.
    • The Benefactor struggled and carried Shinsuke into the air before sending him crashing down. A pinfall was only good for 2.
    • With less than a minute left, The King of Strong Style chopped the Irishman down with a flurry of kicks to the legs.
    • A 10 seconds counter appeared on the Titantron. It counted down as Nakamura attempted to apply a Shining Triangle.
    • Alberto strutted to the ring cage, mouthing off to both Austin and Dave Bautista. He went to go in, stopped, and gestured for Mark Henry to be the next man.
    • Together, Henry and Sheamus double teamed Nakamura, slamming him to the canvas.
    • Sheamus went for another pin, but the superstar was resilient.
    • As The Great White scooped him up for another bodyslam, Shinsuke snatched a baseball bat off of the ground and brought it across Sheamus's back. Sheamus let go.
    • Nakamura waved it at Henry. Henry backed away and climbed into Ring 2 to distance himself. There he picked up chains for defense.
    • Again Shinsuke struck Sheamus across the back, leaving very visible red marks.
    • Minutes passed, and Patron ordered Henry to step closer to the entrance to take out whoever was about to come in.
    • Nakamura rolled Sheamus up. Only good for a 2 count though.
    • Sheamus crawled to a bundle of chains. The Rockstar's bat fell across his back a third time, and Shinsuke took the head and grinded it into his spine.
    • The 10 second counter appeared again. Henry eyed Nakamura, but stayed at the front door waiting on the entrant.
    • It would be Stone Cold Steve Austin! He barreled in quickly, ran the ropes, and Lou Thesz pressed The Silverback. Henry dropped the chains as Austin threw punches.
    • Sheamus countered Nakamura's front headlock into White Noise. Sheamus saw Austin and ran across the ring.
    • He went for a Brogue Kick, but Austin dodged in time. Sheamus had his leg stuck as Austin smacked his face into the steel.
    • As Nakamura was getting up, Henry bumrushed him with a full Body Avalanche. The brunt of the attack sent Shinsuke out of the ring and into a corner.
    • An explosive went off! It left residue and burns across Nakamura's back. He was practically lifeless.
    • Austin took The Benefactor to Ring 2. Delivered a Spinebuster and a Pointed Elbow Drop.
    • The World's Strongest Man picked up chains again and delivered them to the back of Austin's head. For good measure he wrapped them around his crown and bore through Austin's skin.
    • Henry with the pinfall. The Rattlesnake kicked out.
    • The minutes were dwindling and the 10 second counter reared its head again. Alberto El Patron gave Dave Bautista a wink, knowing it was about to be 3 on 1.
    • Sheamus grabbed a bat and limped to a corner of the ring. Henry was on the other, and a weaponless Stone Cold was dead in the center of the ring, blood gushing from his forehead. Like a badass, Austin spat on the mat and told them to come at him.
    • The cage opened and Alberto El Patron entered. He smirked as Sheamus and Henry went to town pummeling Austin and his valiant effort to fight back.
    • All three men hoisted Stone Cold up and brought him down with a Triple Powerbomb. Patron pinned Austin.
    • By a miracle, The Texan raised the shoulder up. Patron stared at him, bewildered.
    • He asked them to repeat the move. As they lifted him, Nakamura regained consciousness and sprinted to Ring 2. Austin fought back, punching Patron over and over again until Alberto fell backwards.
    • Austin Stunned Henry! But he couldn't capitalize as he crumbled into a heap.
    • As the SOB hit his finisher, Nakamura connected with a Kinshasa to Sheamus! Shinsuke fell on top of the Irishman for the pin.
    • Hall counted to 3! Sheamus had been eliminated!
    • Stone Cold crawled over to Henry, but Patron held onto his leg.
    • Nakamura attempted to stand up, but fell back down. He was dead to the world.
    • Stone Cold picked The President up. Patron slapped his hands away and dropkick'd Austin.
    • The Texas Rattlesnake fell into Ring 1. The 10 second counter appeared for a final time, and Dave stared daggers into Patron.
    • Henry gathered himself up and joined Patron for the 2 on 1.
    • The Animal entered the cage!
    • Patron kept Austin grounded, wrenching his arm.
    • Bautista Speared Henry and the crowd went nuts. President Patron watched as The King of the Jungle was lifted into The Batista Bomb.
    • Uncharacteristically, Patron did nothing to prevent Bautista from pinning Henry.
    • Mark Henry was eliminated! Only Patron was left in a clean-sweep.
    • Patron let go of Austin and backed away into Ring 2.
    • Dave Bautista seized him and laughed in his face.
    • Shinsuke Nakamura pulled himself up using the ropes. He saw only Patron remained, and laughed with The Animal.
    • Dave planted The Mexican Aristocrat between his legs firmly and gave The War Room a thumbs down.
    • Shinsuke Nakamura hobbled against the ropes and gave Dave Bautista a Kinshasa!
    • The crowd fell in a hushed silence as Patron rolled The Animal up using his tights.
    • Hall counted. Dave Bautista was eliminated!
    • Patron smiled, and helped Nakamura up. Together they re-entered Ring 1 where Austin was a bloody mess.
    • On his knees, Austin glared up at his treacherous team partner and The President. He gave them both the finger.
    • Patron grabbed one of those hands and wrapped Austin into the Rompe Destinos.
    • Nakamura took Austin's other arm and performed the same move! Hall asked Austin if he gives up.
    • He wouldn't. But the blood and submission holds were making him pass out.
    • The Texas Rattlesnake was unresponsive. Referee Ryder called for the bell.

    Final Minutes - The Benefactor

    • By order of both referees, the WarGames was rendered a No Contest.
    • Nakamura grinned at the crowd's negative reaction. Patron summoned a microphone.
    • He told the fans to stop disrespecting Apex Warfare's benefactor.
    • That's right - Patron gushed on how Nakamura was the man responsible for the financial backing of The War Room, along with The Rockstar's friends from overseas. He went on to laugh about how Sheamus was just playing a role, and would be well compensated for it.
    • Nakamura took the explosive square across the back because "that's how real men fight in Japan".
    • The show ended with the crowd throwing paper cups and other trash at the two men, but they laughed it off as it did nothing but bounce off of the purple cage.

    Quick Results

    1. The Pope def. Johnny Gargano via DDE [4:15]
    2. The Color Guard def. La Resistance with DDP pinning Dupree [2:13]
    3. Doink The Clown def. Elias Samson with a Submission [5:00]
    4. Paige VanZant def. Sasha Banks via Submission [5:04]
    5. Dave Bautista, Shinsuke Nakamura, & Steve Austin vs. Sheamus, Mark Henry, & Alberto El Patron ended in a No Contest [23:19]
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    Show Opening - State of the Union Address

    • From the Titantron, Alberto El Patron addressed The War Room with Shinsuke Nakamura and Vice President Paige on either side of him.
    • Stated that while enjoying his title reign, Apex Warfare was suffering from the lack of real violence, and he was there to remedy that.
    • He will be bringing in 3 hardcore icons of the industry tonight to show the locker room how it is done.
    • He will also give the fans what they wanted. Patron will defend his title against Austin next week in a Mexican Death Match.
    • Alberto was interrupted by a voice from the crowd. Bautista held a microphone.
    • Social media was blowing up about how the Japanese superstar turned on his friends. They dubbed it "The Kick Heard 'Round The World". A determined Animal wanted Shinsuke Nakamura and he wanted him that night.
    • President Patron grinned, and said Nakamura would look forward to the confrontation.

    The Color Guard vs. The Wyatt Kindred

    • Matanza and the newly recruited Doink the Clown represented Wyatt.
    • Doink's facepaint appeared cracked.
    • Grado was left unconscious in the ring with DDP trying to wake him up.

    Backstage - Faction Warfare

    • From different rooms, La Resistance and The East Coast Pulpit watched The Wyatt Kindred tear The Color Guard apart.
    • Reverend D-Von and Rene Dupree came to the same conclusion: They can't let the Kindred run amok. There had to be a way to show that they were the elite team in The War Room.
    • There had to be a title a group can hold in their enemies' faces.

    Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

    • Even though they were on the same side in the WarGames, Sheamus showed The Silverback disrespect backstage, saying how he was the heavy hitter of Patron's Presidency.
    • The Celtic Warrior called him weak. Henry called him a fake.

    Intermission - Paige VanZant w/ VP Paige vs. Megumi Kudo

    • The Paiges entered the ring, and VP Paige told the audience that this match will determine the future of Women's Wrestling in The War Room.
    • Megumi Kudo came out in bandage wrappings to get inside VanZant's head.
    • A Kudo Driver was attempted early, but 12 Gauge Paige had the technical prowess to break free.
    • VanZant applied a Single-Legged Boston Crab, but the Vice President threw a towel into the ring, signifying her client gives up.
    • Dumbfounded, 12 Gauge stepped out of the ring and got into Paige's face. Paige backed away, but a smile crept over her face.
    • From the opposite side of the ring, Megumi Kudo pulled out a 2 x 4. She struck the MMA fighter across the back with it, bringing the young star to her knees.
    • VP Paige called the audience stupid, reminding them that Apex Warfare was financially backed from investors overseas. It was obviously from Japan. Kudo and Paige left together while EMTs checked on VanZant's condition.

    ??? vs. Elias Samson, Johnny Gargano, & Zack Ryder

    • Patron had signed on extreme icons Necro Butcher, 2 Cold Scorpio, & Psichosis to show Apex Warfare the definition of hardcore.
    • Referee Hall threw the match out in less than a minute due to Necro spilling thumbtacks into the ring, Psichosis Head Scissoring Ryder into them, followed by Scorpio executing a 450 Splash to The Long Island Loudmouth.
    • The Necro Butcher lit Samson's guitar on fire and broke it across his own face.
    • Psicosis threw himself into William Regal and Titus O'Neil, snatched Regal's headset, and told viewers at home that they were Old Blood and they were just getting started.

    Main Event - Dave Bautista vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

    • Before the fight properly began, Nakamura pulled salt from his pocket and threw it into Bautista's face.
    • Referee Hall checked the Hollywood star, and was ready to call for the bell seconds in, but Bautista assured him he would be okay.
    • Dave threw punches wildly, and the Japanese rockstar dodged them, making it look easy.
    • Nakamura gave stick kicks to the back of The Animal's legs.
    • With Bautista kneeling, Shinsuke winked at the crowd with a Japanese Buzzsaw Kick.
    • It was only good for a 2. The referee halted Nakamura from doing any more damage so he can check on Bautista's eyes.
    • Seeing that Bautista couldn't defend himself, Scott Hall called for the bell. With it being the second match of the night ending with referee stoppage, and it being an early end for the Main Event, fans threw trash into the ring.
    • Alberto El Patron came out with a microphone.
    • He'd kill two birds with one stone - to keep the fans from rioting, and to make an example out of Bautista, he ordered the match to continue as a Death Match.
    • Still blind, Bautista took several strikes to the face before grabbing Nakamura.
    • He launched him over the ropes. The Rockstar of AW landed in a heap.
    • The Animal took that time to wipe his eyes.
    • Shinsuke Nakamura returned with the 2 x 4 that Megumi Kudo had earlier.
    • Bautista had enough vision to see Shinsuke, and speared him. The 2 x 4 broke in half across his shoulder.
    • Both men lied prone on the mat.
    • The sound of glass shattering made the audience leap from their seats.
    • Steve Austin drove down the runway in an M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System.
    • Nakamura was the first to his feet. He leaned against the ropes and stared at the Texan in disbelief.
    • Stone Cold climbed on top of the MLRS and shouted that this was The War Room, was it not? He brought a war machine.
    • Bautista made it to his feet, nursing his right shoulder. Nakamura grappled with the celebrity, but was overpowered.
    • Austin provided commentary from on top of the mega tank, telling the audience how it was a huge surprise that Nakamura was The Benefactor all along, due to Alberto El Patron being the sleaziest suit he'd ever met. And that included Vince. "At least he never crowned himself champion."
    • Bautista executed a Spinebuster, setting up the inevitable.
    • As Bautista was readying his powerbomb, Shinsuke gave a low blow.
    • Austin: "Cowardly sonovabitch!"
    • The King of Strong Style positioned himself for the Kinshasa.
    • Right as the kick appeared to connect, Bautista grabbed it in place and deadlifted Nakamura into a Bautista Bomb.
    • It connected! Bautista pinned him as the referee counted to three.

    Final Minutes - Deathly Confrontation

    • The Texas Rattlesnake slid down from the MLRS to congratulate The Animal inside the ring.
    • The President responded to Austin and Bautista from the Titantron.
    • In the spirit of fairness, he ruled that next week the Mexican Death Match would have only one rule - nobody is allowed to interfere.
    • Patron went on to predict that this match would be Stone Cold's last in The War Room.
    • Austin audibly shouted bullshit and that the belt was coming home with him at Broken Skull Ranch.
    • As The Benefactor was getting back to his feet, Steve Austin delivered a vicious Stone Cold Stunner - it was powerful enough for Nakamura's mouth guard to fly into the audience!
    • Show ended on Nakamura's twitching body.

    Quick Results

    1. The Wyatt Kindred def. The Color Guard due to Grado not responding to the 10 Count [11:13]
    2. Mark Henry def. Sheamus with a pinfall victory [06:51]
    3. Megumi Kudo def. Paige VanZant via manager stoppage [04:18]
    4. The Old Blood vs. Samson, Gargano, & Ryder ended in referee stoppage [01:07]
    5. Dave Bautista def. Shinsuke Nakamura at the discretion of a Batista Bomb [17:16]
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    [due to a real-life situation involving the top star, investors have pulled funding from Apex Warfare. It has closed its doors for good. But there will be a new promotion in the very near future to replace it - this one with a special interest in mind. Stay tuned.]

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