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    Tonight at Aftershock 15, one superstar will be eliminated from the Mentorship Programme. Will it be The Angel, the holy high-flyer from Mexico who faces the legend that is Titus? Will it be Darren Bull, the mentee of the King for a Day John Constantine who has the biggest ego on Aftershock? Or will Isabel Stone, the beautiful mentee of former World Champion Steven Kurtesy show that she has the bite to match her attitude?

    Tonight we see the mentors take on their mentees. An upset win for the young superstars would guarantee their survival. However, in the event that neither superstar can win, Aftershock GM Chuck Myles will make the call to determine the next elimination in the WZCW Mentorship Programme.

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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is your opening contest of the evening.

    Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California, Dean Miles!

    Miles appears on stage pointing to what seems to be a name tattooed on his chest and then points up into the sky before making his way down to the ring.

    Serra: New blood on Aftershock tonight as new superstar Dean Miles is taking on another newcomer.

    Klamor: Hopefully these new guys are better than our rookies.

    Anderson: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Eastport, Maine, Jimmy Flynn!

    The lights go down before the music starts. Different color lights go in the beat of the bass as the song starts. When the first riff starts, Flynn walks out from the back, a small smile on his face. He kneels on the ramp and points up to the sky. He rises after a few seconds, slapping hands with some fans and climbing the steps to get into the ring. When in the ring, he spins in a circle with his arms out, and points up again as he stares at his opponent.

    Klamor: What is up with these losers pointing up to the sky like they’re best friends with Jesus?

    Serra: Maybe they’re friends with The Angel.

    Klamor: Damn him for starting that lame trend.

    The bell rings as Flynn and Miles lock up, Dean is able to overpower Jimmy and force him into the corner. After a bit of struggling and testing of strength Flynn is able to slip out and put him into a fireman’s carry dumping Dean over the top rope and onto the floor. Instead of following up on his opponent on the outside Flynn allows his opponent the courtesy of entering the ring when he is ready. Miles appreciates it but enters the ring cautiously and looks to lock up again.

    Klamor: What is this? You don’t act nice towards your opponent? What is happening to wrestlers these days?

    Serra: While it may not have been the smartest move it’s obvious both these men are pretty honorable, it’ll be interesting to see how this match turns out.

    Flynn attempts to lock up again but Miles quickly overpowers him and hits a snap scoop slam and goes for the cover 1…2…Flynn kicks out and rolls into the corner looking for a breather. Miles doesn’t look to give one as he charges at Jimmy who reverses it into a belly to back suplex sending Dean flying back first into the turn buckle. Flynn then proceeds to put Dean in an arm bar as the ref asks Miles if he wants to tap out.

    Serra: Flynn looks to have a background in technical wrestling, whether it will pay off or not we will see.

    Dean is eventually able to transition the lock into an arm drag sending Jimmy rolling into the middle of the ring, Dean then connects with a flying elbow taking Flynn to the ground. Jimmy quickly recovers but is met with a knife edge chop and then monkey flip sending Jimmy rolling outside to the floor. Flynn struggles to get up using the apron for leverage but Dean hits a baseball slide right to Flynn’s chest sending him crashing back first into the barricade. Miles rolls under the bottom rope to pick up and Jimmy and goes for an Irish whip but Jimmy reverses it sending Dean arm first into the steel steps with a crashing thud.

    Serra: Tough break for Miles

    Klamor: Maybe if he took the nice guy way and let Flynn back in the ring this wouldn’t have happened
    Flynn picks up Miles who is clutching his arm and throws him back under the ring. He goes for a pin but Miles quickly breaks out still clutching his arm. Jimmy looks to lock up again looking to take Dean down his own way but Miles goes for a wild punch but Flynn blocks it and transitions into a double knee arm breaker that sends Miles floor letting out a shriek of pain. Dean won’t stay down though as he gets to his knees and hits a leg sweep taking Flynn down and then unleashes a flurry of punches with his one good arm. Flynn is able to use his strength and both his arms to transition the ground assault into a wrist lock further damaging the bad arm of Miles.

    Serra: Miles won’t give up but can he keep fighting with one good arm against Flynn’s technical mat skill?

    Miles is soon able to get three vicious looking elbow shots to the face an escapes the wrist lock but the damage has been done. Flynn gets up looking to capitalize on the damage he’s done but he’s met with a standing drop kick by Miles. Jimmy pops right back up and goes for a clothesline but Dean ducks under it and hits a German suplex into a pinning position 1….2….Flynn is just able to kick out and he clutches his head in pain. Miles struggles to get up using one arm and looks disappointed to see he couldn’t put Flynn away. He waits for Jimmy to get up and hits a flying cross body! The crowd is beginning to get behind Dean who seems to have the crowd’s respect after carrying on in this match despite the injured arm. Flynn gets up again looking to get some offense in but Dean hits a one armed bulldog taking down the high school wrestling champ.

    Klamor: That high school wrestling chump is getting beat down by a one armed man!

    Serra: It definitely seems Miles has a strong resolve.

    Flynn is becoming a bit frustrated at the will of his opponent. He rolls under the bottom rope looking for a breather and to regroup but Dean won’t let it happen as he hits another baseball slide sending Jimmy ribs first into the sharp part of the barricade. Jimmy is able to get back up clutching his midsection in pain as Dean Jumps over the ropes and hits a flying cross body on the outside! Miles struggles a bit to get his opponent on the inside of the ring with one arm but is eventually able to chuck Jimmy under the bottom rope and get himself inside as well. Jimmy is still clutching his ribs in pain in the middle of the ring while Dean seems to be contemplating something, he looks to injured arm and then at his tattoo and he suddenly seems more inspired than ever. He picks up Jimmy up into a fireman’s carry looking to hit his finisher but can’t capitalize because of his weak arm. Flynn realizes he’s in danger and begins hammering elbows into the head of Miles. Dean is forced let Flynn down and Jimmy hits a belly to back suplex and transitions that into the Omoplata Submission! Dean squealing in pain looking for a way out but can’t. He begins using his size and strength pulls towards to the closest rope. He’s only an inch away and he is moving a fast as possible. Flynn realizes he’s close and applies even more pressure. Dean is struggling but is almost there! He’s a fingertips length from saving himself, he makes one last stretch, but he’s just not close enough! Dean is forced to tap out!

    Anderson: And here is your winner, by submission, Jimmy Flynn!

    Serra: Great effort by Miles there but Jimmy was just better today. Good showing from these two rookies.

    Klamor: Better than I was expecting but I’m still not impressed. Get some real talent out here.


    While WZCW rushes by backstage at Aftershock, The Angel sits in a darkened corner and finds peace and quiet in prayer until he is interrupted.

    “Angel, have you ever questioned your faith in Titus?”

    The masked man stands and confronts Steamboat Ricky.

    “Ricky, how dare you come near me. I cannot say that it will end well, for you are a evil heathen who converses with the devil and Titus will seek vengeance against you.”

    “Funny you say that. I –“

    Suddenly Angel falls to the floor; Ricky has charged forward and smashed a chair into the chest of the Angel. Ricky smirks and walks away.

    “Man Overboard.”

    The noise brings Angel's state to the attention of backstage personnel who were preoccupied with the in ring action. Chuck Myles comes over and wipes his brow.

    "Someone get Titus"
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The lights go down briefly. When they return Darren Bull is standing at the top of the ramp. He is met with boos as he makes his way to the ring. The boos continue as he takes a seat on the top turnbuckle awaiting his opponent.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 215lbs, Darren Bull!

    Serra:Bull could pick up a career win here tonight. A victory over your mentor and the current King for a Day would do wonders for any career, especially a guy like Bull.

    Klamor: Bull says his motto is "Party hard, wrestle harder." Given his track record here in WZCW his parties probably take place at Chuck E. Cheese.


    Constantine emerges from behind the curtain, King for a Day briefcase in hand. He taps the briefcase and flashes a smile. He acknowledges a few fans with pro Constantine signs before turning his attention to his mentee.

    Anderson: His opponent, from Washinghton, D.C. Weighing in at 265lbs, he is the King for a Day, John Constantine!

    Serra: Constantine seems to be focused tonight, against an opponent who, frankly, could easily be overlooked.

    Klamor: Refresh my memory Becky. Where was Mr. Constantine a politician?

    Serra: He was a former Senatorial nominee from Missouri.

    Klamor:A senator from Missouri, isn't that like the principal of a home school?

    The two men waste little time, locking up in the center of the ring. Constantine uses his size and strength to gain the upper hand with ease and whips Bull into the ropes. Bull springs off the ropes, but Constantine is ready. He steps aside as Bull puts a hand on the mat to steady himself as he lands. Constantine charges, but Bull is able to roll out of the way. He quickly runs up behind Constantine, attempting a roll up, but Constantine has a firm grip on the ropes and Bull just rolls backward. Bull is on his feet in time to cause Constantine to pull up mid charge, and the two are back at a stalemate.

    Serra: Neither man is able to gain the upper hand early.

    Klamor: Even I have to admit the contrast in styles is making for an exciting match early.

    Constantine tries to close the gap, but Bull is content to stay on the outside for now. Each attempt by Constantine to grab hold of Bull is met with frustration, as the smaller quicker Bull is able to elude his grasp. Constantine is eventually able to show off his experience by backing Bull into the corner. He charges in, but Bull is able to duck an attempted clothesline and hit a few stiff kicks to the back of Constantine's legs. Bull stays on the attack as Constantine turns around, connecting with punches to the body. The larger Constantine is able to shrug off most of the blows, but they comes with such speed that he is unable to counter. Finally Bull hits an elbow to the head, staggering Constantine. Bull hits two quick kicks to the legs before he connects with a spinning heel kick, putting Constantine down.

    Serra: Bull has the veteran down! Can he capitalize?

    Bull pulls Constantine off the ropes, but is unable to cover him before he starts to stir. Bull keeps on the offense with more strikes as Constantine stands. He tries to Irish whip Constantine, but he doesn't budge. Bull hits a palm strike to stagger his opponent before he runs and bounces off the ropes. Constantine recovers however and catches Bull in midair. After a quick adjustment he hits a fallaway slam, sending Bull over the top rope and crashing to the outside. He leans on the ropes and takes a moment to catch his breath while the ref begins his ten count.

    Klamor:The power of Constantine on full display there. Launching his opponent over the top rope like a child.

    The ref is at 4 when Constantine steps onto the apron. Bull has crawled over to the steel steps, using them to stand. Constantine hops down to grab Bull, but Bull is able to slam Constantine's head against the steps! He rolls back into the ring, urging the ref to count faster. As Bull and the referee argue Constantine climbs back into the ring. As Bull turns around he is met with an unforgiving clothesline. Constantine starts to stomp on Bull, who crawls to ropes. Constantine lets up as the ref starts the five count. As Bull uses the ropes to stand, Constantine readies himself. He grabs hold of Bull and lifts him in the air, before driving him down with a spine rattling suplex. He goes into the cover, 1...2...and Bull is able to get a shoulder up.

    Serra: Constantine has taken complete control of this match.

    Klamor: I'll give Bull credit, he was able to get an early jump on Constantine, but its only a matter of time now.

    As Bull tries to stand Constantine hits a chop block, taking his leg out from under him. He smiles as he lifts Bull by the hair, ignoring the ref's warning. Constantine takes too much time however, and Bull is able to rake the eyes and pull away. As Constantine is holding his hands to his face, Bull runs forward and hits a swinging neckbreaker. He jumps across the body of Constantine, looking for a quick cover, 1...and Constantine is able to kick out. Bull kicks at Constantine as he tries to stand. Just before he is able to get to his feet, Bull connects with a knee to his mentor's head. As Constantine stands, the ropes aiding him, Bull shakes out the leg Constantine took out earlier. He gets a running start and leaps, twisting in midair to hit an elbow, but Constantine pulls the top rope down, and again Bull crashes hard on the floor. Both men are in pain, Bull holding his back, Constantine his head, as the ref starts his count again. Constantine is seated, shaking his head, as Bull crawls along the floor. The ref is at 5 when Constantine rolls out of the ring and then back in to break the count. As he rolls back out, Bull is still crawling, but appears to be reaching for something. As Constantine approaches, Bull swings the King for a Day briefcase!

    Serra: Bull has Constantine's briefcase! It looks like he has given up on the match, and is content to take some frustration out on his mentor!

    Klamor: What a coward. He knows he can't beat the better man so he resorts to cheating.

    Constantine is able to avoid the case at the last second. Bull's momentum carries him forward, causing him to lose his balance. The two men turn to face each other, and again Bull swings, this time however he is well wide. Constantine takes advantage and hits the Axis of Evil! After the devastating spine buster on the floor, Bull is out. Constantine rolls him back in the ring just before the ref gets to 9. Constantine goes into the pin, 1...2...then he pulls his opponent up! He has his eyes fixated on his briefcase at ringside. He pulls Bull to his feet and hits Collateral Damage! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Constantine!

    Constantine looks down at Bull, who is clearly out. He nudges him with his foot, before stepping over him and rolling out of the ring. He collects his briefcase and raises his arms triumphantly to cheers. As he ascends the ramp he stops at the top, and hoists his briefcase above his head for one more loud pop.

    Serra: What a statement by Constantine. Not only does he win, but he teaches his opponent a lesson.

    Klamor: Bull tired to take the easy way out, and Constantine did not respond in kind. Constantine sent his former pupil a message. It's back to square one for Bull, whenever he recovers that is.

    Serra: I think that message was for more than just Darren Bull. That message was for anyone and everyone who challenges for the World Title, while Constantine holds the briefcase, you aren't safe.


    The scene opens up backstage and we see Krypto with his Bane mask on and jack-o-lantern bucket in his hand. Suddenly, he rips off the Bane mask and chunks his bucket down to the ground. A backstage worker is nearby and approaches Krypto.

    Worker: Are you okay?

    Krypto: No, I am not okay. Thanks for asking Kensworth.

    Worker: Oh, no, no. I am not Leon Kensworth. I am just a backstage worker.

    Krypto: I know that your time is valuable Kensworth, with interviewing top WZCW superstars and what not, but let me borrow your human ear.

    The worker looks confused, but Krypto continues.

    Krypto: All weekend long, I have tried this human activity "Trick or Treating", but I must admit that I find it a waste of time. I only got two paperclips, a piece of string, and a yellow Starburst. A YELLOW Starburst Kensworth.

    Worker: Again, I am not Leon Kensworth. Haven't you met him before?

    Krypto: Anyways, tonight I plan on knocking on the door of human destiny as I main-event the premier WZCW show, Aftershock. In that match I will definitely be presenting him with some tricks....

    Krypto wraps his arm around the backstage worker and then motions at the air above them.

    Krypto: ... but I will be gaining the treat.

    Krypto pats the man on the back and then exits the scene.

    The camera fades black.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall


    Anderson: Introducing first; from Pittsburgh P.A., weighing in at 152 pounds, ISABEL STONE!

    Isabel Stone walks out to mostly boos, glaring at the crowd with her hands on her hips. A small smirk stretches across her face as she begins to walk down the ramp.

    Klamor: I love watching her in the ring.

    Serra: Isabel Stone is indeed a talented wrestler.

    Klamor: Who said anything about her wrestling? I just love watching her!

    Serra: Isabel was unsuccessful at Apocalypse, but she did manage to avoid being pinned and eliminated from the Mentorship Programme.

    Klamor: Yeah, no thanks from her mentor. I can’t wait for her to slap the mask from Kurtesy’s face tonight.

    She slides into the ring and stands by the ropes nearest the ramp, staring intently at the stage awaiting her opponent.


    Anderson: And her opponent; from Sydney Australia, weighing in at 228 pounds, STEVEN KURTESY!

    The lights dim in the arena, as Kurtesy, wearing his mask, emerges to a thunderous ovation. He walks down the ramp, not even glancing at the ring, and climbs the steps. He finally looks up and stares at Isabel, who has now moved to the far corner.

    Klamor: I still don’t get the mask.

    Serra: Kurtesy’s use of the mask helps him channel his aggression inside the ring.

    Klamor: It still looks stupid.

    Serra: Stupid or not, he’s going to need all of that aggression here tonight. Stone looks pumped for this match-up against her mentor.

    Klamor: Of course she is! She wins this, she’s not only pinned her supposed ‘mentor’, but a former world champion as well! This is the biggest match of her career so far.

    He slowly enters the ring, and removes the mask, placing it on the turnbuckle post. He immediately starts pacing in his corner, as they both stare burning holes through each other. The referee does a quick weapons check on both competitors, and signals for the timekeeper to ring the bell.


    They lock up in the middle of the ring, with Kurtesy quickly switching to a headlock. Stone manages to get Kurtesy to the ropes, attempting to whip him across the ring. Kurtesy has other ideas though, and holds on, using the momentum to take Stone to the mat with a headlock takedown. Struggling with the headlock, Stone reaches up with her legs and locks a headscissors onto her mentor, who quickly rolls out. Both are back to their feet and they lock up again, this time with Izzy grabbing a headlock, only for Kurtesy to switch behind her with a hammerlock. Squirming in pain, Stone manages to switch behind to her own hammerlock, before Kurtesty breaks free with another headlock. Izzy drags him back to the ropes, and successfully whips him across the ring. He charges back, only for her to leapfrog, then duck him. She swings an elbow at the rebounding Kurtesy, only for him to duck it. He waits for her to turn around, and tries to grab her head for a quick Prescribed Sedation. She reacts quickly by pushing him away, grabbing an arm to apply the Scream Lock as she does, but Kurtesy snapmares her over in return, and the two regroup opposite sides of the ring, as the fans at ringside applaud the technical display.

    Serra: What an impressive showcase of wrestling ability by these two athletes! Izzy showing just what she’s learnt from her mentor here!

    Klamor: Kurtesy wants this over early; he knows he could be embarrassed by his mentee here tonight!

    The two approach each other, but before Kurtesy can do anything, Izzy catches him with a HUGE Bitch-slap! Slightly stunned, mostly angered, he goes to hit a kesagiri chop, but is caught in the ribs by a headbutt, and another. And a third puts him into the corner. Stone looks out to the crowd and gives them her trademark scowl as she walks to the opposite corner, and turns and runs to hit a crushing spear! Kurtesy staggers out of the corner, clutching his ribs in agony, as Izzy launches herself off the ropes, baseball sliding into his feet, causing Kurtesy to smack into the mat face-first. Izzy quickly rolls him over, but Kurtesy gets his shoulder up as the referee counts one.

    Serra: An impressive start here by Stone! Kurtesy clearly trained this girl well.

    Klamor: She's certainly picked up his relentlessness. as long as she hasn't picked up his washed-up-ness as well...

    Kurtesy is up to his knees, still holding his ribs from the earlier barrage. Stone goes to pick him up, but he quickly locks both of her arms behind her back, and rolls through into the Circle of Life butterfly lock! Stone screams and thrashes away, trying to break the hold. She manages to rock from side-to-side, and rolls Kurtesy over into a pin......1......2...Kurtesy releases his grip and rolls out, but as he gets up he’s met with a swift elbow strike, followed by a kick to the gut. Stone the grabs him around the waist, and manages to lift him off the ground enough to drop him back on his head. Another cover by Stone......1......2......kick-out! Wasting little motion, Stone is back up, and backflips, landing on top of Kurtesy’s ribs, and immediately rolls him onto his stomach. Giving the crowd another scowl, she climbs to the second rope, and comes off with a Kidney Check. Kurtesy is aware of it however, and rolls away, leaving Stone to crash in a heap on the canvas. Still clutching his ribs, Kurtesy awaits Izzy to get up, and hits a Patella Kick, followed by a Yakuza kick, almost knocking Izzy’s head off. Steven grabs a cover......1......2......kick-out by Stone.

    Serra: And Kurtesy’s finally getting going in this match.

    Klamor: Only because she was stupid enough to go and do something stupid.

    Kurtesy gets up, still favouring the mid-section, and waits behind Stone as she gets up. He wraps his arm around her neck for the Hypnosis, but she ducks out, and locks in her own version of Hypnosis on Kurtesy! Kurtesy, clearly caught off guard, flails his arms about, but Stone leaps onto his back, applying more and more pressure as each second passes.

    Klamor: And the student outsmarts the teacher!

    Serra: Stone using her knowledge of Kurtesy’s favoured moves there to her advantage.

    Klamor: Oh come on! Give the girl some more credit! That was sheer brilliance! She wants to beat him, and rub it in, all at the same time! You gotta love that!

    Kurtesy drops to one knee, as Stone wraps her legs around his waist, applying more pressure to the already weakened ribs. Kurtesy is fading, and drops down to the canvas; his arms no longer flailing, or even moving. The referee comes over to check if Kurtesy is still conscious. He raises an arm......and it falls once.

    Klamor: Outsmarted with his own move! Kurtesy’s gonna lose to his own mentee here!

    He raises it again......and it falls for a second time.

    Serra: What a huge upset this would be!

    He raises it for a final time.........and it stays up to an enormous cheer from the audience! Stone's face is one of pure desperation, as Kurtesy begins to rally. Clearly in extreme discomfort, he wills himself to his feet, and staggers backwards, all the way into the corner, slamming Izzy into the turnbuckles. She releases her grip, and as she does Kurtesy hits back with a Savate kick to the chin. Izzy is clearly rocked by the kick, but Kurtesy gives her no time to recover, and pulls her out of the corner and drills her with a hair-pull neckbreaker. He hooks the leg......1......2......Stone gets the shoulder up.

    Serra: These two are simply beating lumps out of each other!

    Klamor: What did you expect them to do? Hug it out?

    Kurtesy drags himself up, and waits as Izzy pulls herself to her feet with the ropes. He goes to whip her across the ring, but on the return journey she slides between his legs, and kicks him in the gut as he turns to complete the Beetle Crawl! He staggers for a moment, before charging high-speed at her, only for Stone to back-drop him over the ropes! Kurtesy holds on though and lands on the apron, but before he can do anything Stone charges at him with another gut-headbutt, which sends him flying into the guardrail on the floor!

    Serra: What a devastating move by Stone!

    Klamor: I take back what I said about her being stupid. She’s got Kurtesy on the ropes here!

    Serra: Kurtesy is in real pain with his ribs here. He might be one big move away from a shocking upset!

    Kurtesy is clutching his ribs in pure anguish, as the referee starts the count. Isabel drops to the mat, and rolls out of the ring. She slowly picks up Kurtesy, and lays him on the apron so his head is sticking out.

    Klamor: What is she doing? Leave him there! A win’s a win!

    Serra: Maybe some of Kurtesy’s fighting spirit has rubbed off on her.

    Klamor: Some of his stupidity more like. LET HIM GET COUNTED OUT, YOU IDIOT!

    Stone takes a few steps back, and cartwheels at Kurtesy’s prone head, punching him as she lands on her feet. The force of the punch rolls Kurtesy onto his back, closer to the corner. Stone jumps up onto the apron, and ascends the turnbuckle. Once up top, she looks out to the crowd, and comes off with a huge Crash Course to the ribs of Kurtesy! She takes a moment to compose herself, and rolls over to a cover.




    The crowd gasp as the referee’s hand hits the mat a third time, but he immediately waves his hands and cancels it out, as Kurtesy has an outstretched leg on the bottom rope!

    Serra: Brilliant ring awareness there by Kurtesy!

    Klamor: I take back taking back calling her stupid.

    Izzy initially has a look of joy on her face, only to realise the referee’s decision. She gets up into the referee’s face. He tells her to calm down, but that only infuriates her more. She pushes him into the corner then turns her attention back to Kurtesy, who has slowly dragged himself to his knees. She gets him to his feet and goes behind him for the Scream Lock. Before she can twist the arm however, he spins around and hits a pair of elbows followed by a spinning reverse elbow; the Relapse! Stone is sent into the ropes, and before she can fall to the mat Kurtesy grabs her in a three-quarter facelock, and drives her down with a devastating Prescribed Sedation! Stone is motionless, as Kurtesy crawls on top for a cover, and hooks her leg away from the ropes.




    The referee calls for the bell, as Kurtesy drops her leg and rolls away to a huge cheer from the crowd in attendance.

    Anderson: Here is your winner......STEVEN KURTESY!!!

    Serra: What a fantastic match we’ve just witnessed! Stone gave it her all, and took Kurtesy all the way, but in the end, the former world champion used his experience to his advantage.

    Klamor: x He was just lucky he was near the ropes. He had his butt handed to him for most of the match, and all it took was a lapse in concentration on the part of Isabel for him to sneak the win.

    Kurtesy pulls himself up in one of the corners, and reaches for his mask, pulling it on. The referee, who was previously checking on Stone, comes over and raises Kurtesy’s hand. After a moment, he pushes the referee to one side, and goes to check on Izzy, who has only just begun to stir. He helps her slowly sit up, and then to her feet as she clutches her head. Still clutching his own ribs, he gives her a look, and raises her hand to a cheer from the crowd at the show of sportsmanship. Stone has only just regained her senses, and snatches her hand away from Steven. She kicks the bottom rope in frustration, and rolls down underneath it, and begins walking back up the ramp.

    Serra: What a show of respect from the former world champion!

    Klamor: Stone doesn’t want his respect. She wanted to beat him. And if she hadn’t been so wasteful here, she would have.

    Stone is backing up the ramp, holding onto her skull while Kurtesy is shown on the tron behind her, holding his arms up in the ring.


    We see Miles and Flynn backstage where they have just finished warming down, out of the showers and dressed in casual clothing, discussing to each other how their match went down tonight. At that moment, Chuck Myles walks into the room.

    Hey guys, great work out there tonight even though Flynn was the victor and you took the loss Miles.

    Miles shrugs as Flynn smiles.

    You guys may not have mentors here but I see potential in the two of you... as long as you don't stuff it up, of course.

    Myles gives a bit of a laugh before walking out of the locker room. Dean looks content with his boss's praise if not the match that came before.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Titus comes out first with a concerned look on his face, as the actions of Steamboat Ricky earlier in the night are still weighing heavily on his mind.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, Titus!

    Serra: Titus seems very concerned here about Angel and that sneak attack by Steamboat Ricky earlier tonight. You would have to think that Titus doesn’t want to even compete under these circumstances, especially with someone that he’s taken under his wing as much as Angel.

    Klamor: Steamboat Ricky was sending a message! He’s sick and tired of people taking his spotlight, and he’s taking all of his frustrations out on Titus! It’s a genius move by Ricky to get inside his head, and his heart. Psychology 101.

    As Angel’s music begins to play Titus can be seen mouthing the words “Please rethink this.” But his mentee is proud and resilient.


    As Angel walks down the ramp, he tries to wave at the fans, but his injuries from earlier prevent him from even raising his arms over his head.

    Anderson: And his opponent, From Mexico City, weighing in at 180 pounds, Angel!

    Klamor: Here comes the kid with more guts than common sense. He was wrecked by Ricky earlier tonight and he still wants to wrestle Titus? What a moron.

    Serra: He’s showing heart. The same amount of heart that has made him one of the more popular rookies here in WZCW. Even injured he wants to come out and give it his all.

    Angel enters the ring and gets right into Titus’ face. Titus asks Angel one more time if he wants to do this, and he nods his head yes. The two competitors shake hands, and the ref calls for the bell. They lock up, and the larger Titus gets the advantage and Irish whip’s Angel into the ropes, and meets him with a shoulder tackle. Angel is slow to get up and can be seen favoring his ribs. Titus bodyslams Angel and reluctantly goes for the cover, hoping that Angel will take the 3 count and live to fight another day.

    …Kick Out!

    Klamor: What a moron! Angel is too stupid to understand that Titus doesn’t want to hurt him. This guy deserved what he got earlier if he’s this stupid!

    Serra: Titus is showing great compassion here, and even you have to admit that. He wanted to win the match, but not at the expense of hurting his rookie that he’s helped for weeks now. You can tell he doesn’t really want to be taking part in this match..

    Titus picks Angel up and goes for a suplex, but Angel falls down and rolls through for a schoolboy

    A kickout!

    Angel goes for a clothesline, but Titus moves, back body dropping Angel over to the outside. The referee stands in front of Titus to prevent him from following Angel out, Titus fights this but the referee pushes him further back. As he does this, from the crowd comes Steamboat Ricky, chair in hand. Angel makes it to his feet then –BAM! Titus or the referee didn’t see what happened! Angel is on the floor, barely moving now and he is getting counted out by the ref. Finally, Titus pushes past the ref and goes to the outside, rolling Angel into the ring to prevent a countout decision. Titus picks him up and hits him with a DDT! Titus goes for the cover.


    Anderson: Your winner by pinfall, Titus!

    Titus’ arm is raised by the referee, and he celebrates solemnly until the replay of Ricky’s interference plays on the big screen. Just as it plays and Titus is checking on Angel, Ricky comes back out on the ramp holding the chair in hand. Titus kicks the bottom rope in absolute frustration.

    Serra: What a travesty here tonight! Not only does Ricky attack Angel before the match, but he comes down here and interferes in the match as well, costing Angel his opportunity to have a fair one on one match with his mentor. What a disgrace Ricky has become!

    Titus goes back to check on Angel but it’s clear he is seething as Ricky taunts him from the top of the ramp.

    Klamor: Disgrace? Disgrace!? Ricky is doing what he should have done the whole time! He’s showing WZCW Why he’s the living legend, why he’s the greatest wrestler to step foot in WZCW. He’s sick of being over looked and he’s taking what’s his.

    An EMT runs down to the ring and does a medical check on Angel who seems to be having some problems getting to his feet. We cut to commercial with the last shot of Titus' face filled with anger.

    We see Ricky walking out of the arena. He wears a cocky smrk.

    Titus.....Titus, you are a pathetic excuse for a hero, we used to stand together but now I dont see anything honourable or honest in you at all. You are supposed to be a hero for those people, for poor Angel, for the kids in the back. I see you and I want to spit in the face of everything you stand for. I sent you a message via your precious Angel and things are going to get much worse before they get any better. Show me some fight and some spirit and maybe I'll let you get into the ring with WZCW's real Legend!
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    We are backstage where Chuck Myles is standing in front of the camera inside his office, ready to make an address.

    Due to the injuries sustained by the Angel and with Steamboat Ricky interfering in his mentor's life, I have no choice but to remove The Angel from the Mentorship Program competition in order to protect Angel from suffering any serious damage. We have sent Angel to the local hospital facility to check on his health to be on the safe side. As for Ricky, WZCW Management cannot make any comment other than we are looking for ways to resolve the situation. Thank you for your time.


    We transition back to the arena where the crowd can still be heard booing.

    Serra: Knowing Titus, he isn't going to like that one bit.

    Klamor: Angel should have stayed in the back!

    Serra: If he didn't compete, he would have been eliminated... not to mention that he would of been attacked again by that maniac Ricky. What is his problem?

    Klamor: A number of things, Becky. However, now is not the time to dwell on this: we've got a main event to call!

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening!

    The crowd lets out a cheer, ready for the last contest of the evening. Then, they are drowned out by the sound of Skrillex:


    Anderson: Introducing first, From Out of This World, weighing 200 pounds, representing Action Saxton & Saboteur ; KRYPTO!

    Popping out of the ground Krypto is surrounded with the bright lights and pyrotechnics of Aftershock. Pumped up and ready for action, the supposed alien sprints to the ring, delighted with the solid crowd response which is favourable towards him.

    Serra: A good response from this crowd for Krypto this evening.

    Klamor: True, but tonight signals Krypto’s toughest battle as while he may not be facing his mentors, he is going to have to take on one very angry, very paranoid James Howard.


    Klamor: Speaking of Howard...

    Anderson: And his opponent this evening, from Leeds, England, weighing 223 pounds; JAMES HOWARD!

    In almost complete contrast, James Howard enters to a mixed reception, his face blank of expression. He walks out, not endearing himself to the fans with high fives, pyrotechnics or anything like that. Instead he is focused on getting into the ring and perhaps sending a message...

    Klamor: Hey Serra, you think Howard’s going to vent some of that built up frustration on Krypto?

    Serra: I don’t know Johnny, but it certainly looks that way at the moment.

    As Howard enters the ring, he wastes no time in going straight for Krypto, proceeding to take his head off with a vicious clothesline! Despite the sudden ferocity of the move, the referee has no issues ringing the bell to start the match both men in the ring. With Krypto’s neck in Howard’s arm, the latter lifts the dub-step fan up and proceeds to drill various knee combinations into his bulbous cranium. He then follows up with a swift snap suplex. We’re not even ten seconds into the match and already Howard has dished out some severe punishment. Howard backs off for a second, contemplating his next move, but it only takes him a second or two to figure it out. He moves in and sets Krypto up on his knees and proceeds to load up a kick. The alien is fairly loopy after such a sudden start though and collapses just as Howard fires up the kick. Howard’s momentum causes him to fall backwards and into the turnbuckle. Krypto pushes himself up from the mat and starts climbing to his feet slowly as the arena bursts into hysterics over Howard’s fall. This though is a really bad thing for “the Brother from Another Planet”. Why? Well because he’s somehow managed to enrage an already violently pissed Howard even more. With ferocity, Howard spins Krypto around, looking to murder him, but what follows takes the intense competitor by surprise as Krypto’s instincts kick in and tell him to kick Howard in the shin, following up with a roll-up! 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Howard bursts out of the pin attempt and moves to another corner to collect himself, realising his rage perhaps left him open to that attempt at a pinfall. He takes some deep breathes, closing his eyes to collect himself. As he’s not looking, he does not see Krypto coming at him until it’s too late. Krypto lunges at Howard, who holds him in position, but the alien warrior foresees this and executes a marvellous monkey flip, sending the heavier Howard flying across the ring. Howard once again scrambles to a corner, again to collect himself. Krypto tries to repeat the performance and further build his momentum, but he tries his luck one too many times and as he lunges, Howard cracks his jaw with a vile elbow shot. Krypto falls backwards somewhat loopy. Howard shakes his head, clearing it and then prepares to resume the beating. He peels Krypto from the mat and loads up a series of flying fists as a flurry of boxing punches comes flying in to connect with the soft, supple body of the bizarre Krypto. These culminate in a powerful body shot which winds Krypto and drop him to his knees. Now at the perfect height for a variety of kicks, Howard once more loads up a kick to the body, and this time it connects with authority. Howard’s intentions are fire off a number of these, but the first knocks Krypto down.

    Klamor: It seems the beating Howard’s dishing out has already taken its toll on Krypto. Maybe the referee will stop the match?

    Serra: I severely doubt that Johnny, Krypto’s a tough competitor, especially being the mentee of our tag champions.

    Klamor: Yes, Saxton & Saboteur true role-models.

    As Klamor’s words drip with pure sarcasm, Howard has again lifted Krypto off of the mat. He unleashes a stunning dropkick to the freaky competitor and sends him flying into a turnbuckle. Howard runs at the alien, seeking to deliver one of his signature combination moves when he goes to raise his knee to jack Krypto’s jaw, but again the mentee drops down out of exhaustion. This sends the unsuspecting Howard flying over the top and to the outside. The crowd collectively “ooohs” as that had to hurt, or at least the immense thud indicated so. It takes Howard a few seconds, but he gets himself together on the outside, checking for any permanent damage, and then he focuses on his prey in the ring once more. Howard is red with utter rage and he slides back into the ring, ready to break the alien superstar in two. But again, the bizarre wrestler surprises Howard, unleashing a Hurricanrana from out of nowhere. This discombobulates Howard, confusing him greatly. It also allows Krypto some time to prep his next move, which involves him spring-boarding off the ropes with a devastating kick. The kick floors Howard to a solid face reaction. Krypto leaps onto a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Using great power Howard throws Krypto off of him. Krypto’s a quick bugger though and a persistent one too and he drops a leg across Howard’s neck, executing a legdrop! He thinks he’s done enough damage and points to the top turnbuckle. He ascends the ropes as anticipation in the arena rises. Perhaps an upset is set to occur?

    Serra: You don’t think he could do it, do you?

    Klamor: No way, Howard’s going to move...I think.

    Loading up his finisher, Flying Saucer, Krypto drops from the top, looking to land the double foot stomp, but the former tag team champion rolls backwards, and out of the way. Changing things up, Howard decides to execute his shining wizard/bulldog combo not from the corner as per usual, but instead unleashes the kick, using his right hand to keep Krypto from following down as he had done previously and delivers the bulldog. Learning from his prior mistakes, Howard realises he needs to end this one right, and sets Krypto up for the TKO, which he executes perfectly. He makes the cover; 1...2...3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner; JAMES HOWARD!

    Klamor: Good grief that was a rollercoaster. That freak nearly got the win!

    Serra: You’re not wrong, that one was fast-paced, hard hitting and a bit of a surprise. And with that, our broadcast of Aftershock is complete. We hope you all enoyed the weeks' show and we hope to see you at the next. This is Rebecca Serra saying thank you and goodnight!

    Howard gets to his feet, allowing the referee to lift his arm up in victory, before snatching it away to a slight negative reaction. Howard doesn’t stick around to celebrate though and instead exits the ring, heading up the ramp at a fast paced, determined to pursue his investigation into who assaulted he and his tagteam partner. We fade to black with the intensity of Howard obvious to all.
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    Who wrote what

    Numbers: Opening, Backstage etc
    Dynamite: Dean Miles vs Jimmy Flynn
    BK201: Kurtesy vs Stone
    Yazloz: Constantine vs Bull
    Meeks: Titus vs Angel
    Funkay: Howard vs Krypto

    Hope you enjoy the shows guys and sorry again for the delays.
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