After Pin Selling (Or lack thereof) ... is it a problem?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Radical, Jul 5, 2016.

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    I've been noticing this for a while ...

    It is something that I feel is a simple thing but makes big difference in the overall presentation of the shwow of pro wrestling and it comes down to:

    After the Pin Selling ... or lack thereof!

    Just watch last Monday Night Raw USA vs International match and you'll clearly see what issue I'm talking about. And it isn't just in multi-man elimination matches it is even in singles matches after a pin fall.

    Here's what often happens: Opponent get hit by what they want us fans to believe is a knock-out finishing move like a Brogue Kick or a Chokeslam and it puts them out for a 3-count ... but A SECOND LATER this same person who was "knocked out" is quickly able to roll out of the ring.

    To me this is a error in selling and error that hurts the already very low suspension of disbelief we are supposed to have of wrestling.

    I'm not blaming anyone particularly because virtually EVERY wrestler in WWE does this to varying degrees. Obviously it is someone in the back who doesn't care about this issue and thinks it is fine.

    But as a person watching, if I see someone hit with, for example and Brogue Kick, which is supposed to be a hard kick to the head and then they are down for a 3-count but ONE SECOND later they can roll out ... I think "Well, how is that a finishing move if the person can just roll one second later?"

    And look, I AM NOT ASKING FOR MUCH. ALL I would ask for is that after a big impact Finishing Move that the opponent spends FIVE SECONDS selling hurt/dazed in the place they got pinned and then slowly roll out. That's all I'm asking. Those FIVE seconds of selling, I think, would do wonders for helping legitimize the impact of a Finishing Move.

    What do you think?

    Selling after a Pin is okay? Good? Or should be improved?

    By the way, I say this is an issue I'd like to see improved but I have absolutely no confidence that it will be addressed any time soon.
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    I don't see it as a really big deal, but it depends on the situation.

    If a face, say Cena since it's been happening to him lately, is getting beat down severely, whether it's in a match or not, and he takes the pin, he should lay there beat up as it adds to the story.

    But generally when faces win you'll notice the heel rolls out quickly as it puts the spotlight squarely on the face who should be getting cheered at that moment. It's not all the time. But it feels like more often than not it's the case.

    I can see your argument, I just don't think it's a big deal at all. You're not necessarily wrong though that 5 seconds isn't a lot to ask.

    There are a lot bigger issues with lack of selling out there though.
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    I think the issue you're talking about was only really glaring in last nights sixteen man elimination match. Generally speaking, I've never seen wrestlers no-selling pins as an issue. I only ever questioned a pinfall no-sell once, when RVD & Kane def. The Road Warriors in 02(?). Hawk springs up from the mat the second the ref counts 3, and just kinda shrugs it off and leaves.

    Other than that one time, I've never noticed a wrestler 'acting fine' the second they were pinned/submitted. (edit, Unless it was an out of nowhere victory.)

    You've got to remember that in a multi-man elimination match, the guy that's been pinned needs to get out of the way of the on-going action. Especially with something as rushed as a 15 minute match with (max) 15 eliminations, there isn't a lot of time for guys no longer involved in the action.
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    Ultimately, a pinfall is 3 seconds - 5 if you count the time to hit the mat and the ref to get down and count. So it's safe to assume that a modern finisher is designed to stun for 5 seconds rather than take someone out... that also feeds into the don't try this at home stuff... if people are doing moves that really screw people up after the bell then they're the moves that will be copied, and not just by kids... It's why they took the punt kick and Curb Stomp away...
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    I don't like Sami Zayn, but he did a good job selling the arm injury at battleground (after botching that move off the ropes).

    But let's not kid ourselves here. Hogan and warrior never sold properly. superkick should be an instant knockout, suspend your disbelief mofo this is pro wrestling!! ;-) x

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