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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by The Fabulous Rougeau's, Apr 3, 2017.

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    I have these for the last 2 years and posted a bunch on the old school thread for previous years. Like with all the other ones the time frame for this award is Mania to Mania so for 16-17 it begins with the day after Mania 32 and concluded last night at Mania 33. Use this post to state your MVP and make their case.

    For me, the MVP for 16-17 is AJ Styles. He had great matches throughout the year and really carried Smackdown post brand split. While he was bumped down the card slightly after dropping the title at the Rumble, I feel he was part of the match of the night at Mania 33.
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    Here are my top 5 for MVP:
    5. Braun Stroman - Don't know why he isn't champ yet.. He should beat Lesner and be champ til Summer Slam. HE had the biggest jump from backseat to driver's seat this year.

    4. Charlotte - love her or hate her, she kept the Woman's division legit for the entire year.

    3.Owens/Jericho - The only real entertaining part of Raw for the past year. Their friendship/feud was a must watch on Raw each week.

    2. The Miz - His Mike work alone was top notch. Unfortunately, he got Cena'd.

    1. AJ Styles - No doubt he's #1. NO explanation needed.
  3. George Steele's Barber

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    It was easily AJ for me. He made me care about PPV matches. I finally ordered the WWE Network and it was because I didn't want to wait until it got thrown on YouTube to see what he and Shane would do. His previous matches with Cena were terrific. Only he and Rollins have made me enjoy Ambrose's singles work. He did good stuff with Jericho and Reigns.

    His mic work was above average as well.

    Charlotte's work with Sasha may have made this competitive but her follow up work with Bayley has been bland. She was by faaaaaar the most entertaining worker of all the women last night. I think I'm ready for her to feud with Becky again. Or even Sasha again. Bayley just isn't for me.

    Miz did some good stuff. Cena was very good. Jericho the character was great but he's still the guy you know was there to make others look good. Sami Zayn was very good in his role. Alexa Bliss was a nice surprise. Hopefully we get better from Lesnar this year. Enzo catches my attention.

    I'm done being so positive. There is no place for it on the internet. But yeah, AJ easily. Hopefully WWE puts him in a better spot on next year's Mania card.
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    Since their a brand split this year, i will name the MVP for Raw and smackdown instead of the entire company.

    First for Raw, i really have to go for Roman Reigns this year. Here'S a guy that was given horrible booking for the last 2 years because vince thought that somehow that crappy booking would work for him and suddenly after he came back from his suspension, just came out and had great matches with pretty much everybody he was in the ring with. Plus the guy was able to slowly get some of the fans back on his side which i never thought would happen so that my MVP for Raw

    I would give an honorable mention to braun strowman, kevin owens and jericho who all did awesome work this year and even through he wasn'T on raw that much, goldberg as been a highlight near the end of the year on raw.

    For Smackdown, i really have to go with Aj Styles. The guy pretty much carried thebrand on his back for most of the year, had great matches with everybody he was in the ring with and pretty much shown that he also had personality which really didn't show to much for the first few months.

    Honorable mentions for smackdwon has to go to The miz and maryse, alexa bliss and daniel bryan who really step up the the plate this year and made the show more entertaining. Alexa became a really nice surprise on smackdown mostly because she wasn'T under the shadow of charlotte,sasha and bayley and could find a spot easier then on NXT and she made the smackdown women'S division more enjoyable then raw because of it.
  5. The Samoan Heritage

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    ^ This, pretty much. ^ hard to even argue with the order.

    AJ has shown to be head and shoulders above the rest of the roster, and he hasn't needed to be pushed as such. (meaning not on posters, doing commercials, interviews, etc) He just goes out to the ring and shows the world just how "phenomenal" he is.
    *One thing I would change is #3. Jericho carried Raw! Each week Jericho was the one getting massive reactions from the crowd with the list, scarf, etc. He did more work to build Owen's Universal title feuds/matches than Owen's did.
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    It's easily Jericho. He carried Raw for almost the entire year. Very good in the ring, and easily the best mic work and character work in the company.

    #2 - Charlotte. Phenomenal mic work for much of the year and a great in ring performer.

    # 3 - AJ Styles

    # 4 - The Miz
  7. Glacier

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    It was Owens for a while, then out of the blue Jericho upstaged his
    partner and stole the show.
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    AJ Styles.

    He has had the best matches of all people on the roster. Matches against Jericho, Reigns, Cena, Ambrose and even Ziggler and Corbin.

    Someone said that Roman Reigns had great matches after coming back from suspension. Just one or two matches can't compensate multiple matches of Styles.

    The Miz, Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman and Goldberg are honorable mentions.

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