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    Best Action Film*

    Best Comedy Film*

    Best Horror / Thriller / Slasher Film*

    Best Drama / Romance Film*

    Best Science Fiction Film*

    Best Crime / Mob Film*

    Best Animated / Children's Film*

    *the top 2 vote getters from each category will be entered into a final "Best Film" poll*

    Best Actor

    Best Actress

    Best Director

    Biggest Movie Badass (actor / actress)

    Best Non-Porn Sex Scene

    Best Monologue

    Most Awesome Shit Movie

    Most Gruesome Movie

    Best Performance by a Pro Wrestler in a Movie

    Best Typecasted Actor / Actress

    Best Beating on Film

    Best Performance by an Angry Black Guy

    Most Creative Murder on Film

    Most Unintentionally Funny Non-Comedy Film

    Best Movie Based on a Comic Book

    Best Movie Based on a Video Game

    Best Remake / Reboot

    Best Cult Classic

    Best Twist Ending to a Film

    Worst Role by an Oscar Winning Actor / Actress

    Best Horror Movie Heroine

    Most Quotable Film of All Time

    Best Movie Quote of All Time

    Best Use of Subtitles in a Film

    Most Over Rated Film of All Time

    Most Over Rated Actor / Actress of All Time

    Most Overused Movie Quote of All Time

    Most Memorable Cameo in a Film

    Best Movie Soundtrack

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