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Discussion in 'Trash' started by pachargers, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. pachargers

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    Aug 4, 2010
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    First of all I did not see any forums on this but if there is moderators can merge this into it.

    Anyways yesterday on Smackdown Zack Ryder got put by Triple H himself Teddy Long's assistant. I for one am a huge Zack Ryder mark as you can see by the avatar, and signature, and I think this may lead him to a push into the mid-card eventually, or they are trying to test a reaction for him first before they do anything major with him.
    So what I want to know from everyone is where they think this will end up for Zack Ryder, and what you think the WWE is doing with him. Also no unrealistic posting please, and Stay On Topic Please

    Let the posting begin :)
  2. The Death Rattle

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    Aug 7, 2009
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    I think you are on the right track suggesting that the WWE is giving Ryder a chance, some exposure on television. The vocal minority of Ryder fans have been begging for him to get his chance, which it seems is being considered.

    That being said, let's look at how he was presented. Ryder shows up backstage to engage Triple H in conversation, with the implication being that he has been hounding him since Monday night. Triple H, annoyed at hearing from him yet again, passes him off on Teddy Long to rid himself of Ryder for the evening. Admittedly, Ryder got a good reaction during this first appearance on the show. The crowd even played along with his catchphrase, finishing the "you know it" part.

    Sadly for Ryder, the limitations of his character were shown with the continued usage of him for the rest of the night. He was portrayed as a doofus, making terrible management decisions and bothering Teddy Long. He finds an opponent for Mark Henry, only to have it be some whimpering no-name who needs encouragement to even get in the ring. Ryder provided that encouragement, garnering no reaction when he stepped out onto the stage.

    Next, he books the Intercontinetal Champion in a handicap match against Rhodes and Dibiase. There was really no good reason for this, just something he did for unknown reasons. The predictable result was Big Zeke losing to the former Legacy members. Another segment showed Ryder and Teddy Long talking backstage, with Long clearly annoyed to be saddled with his "assistant".

    So what we had was a supposed face booking matches in a heelish manner, being shown to be incompetent and over his head with his authority, and made to look foolish in basically every way. There isn't anywhere left to go with this storyline, and it's only one week old. What is the point of having Teddy Long putting up with some guy who says "bro" every third word? Teddy Long has been firm and critical against Christian for months now. There is no logical reason he would tolerate another week of Ryder's nonsense.

    WWE has been catering to a lot of the IWC's demands/requests lately. I feel this is just another case of that, giving Ryder fans a chance to watch him on television. Sadly for those fans, in doing so it shows just how miscast he is in any role other then an opening match comedy act. His persona isn't funny, isn't believable, isn't relatable, and isn't relevant. It's nothing more then a bad impersonation of someone from Jersey Shore.

    The fact is that there isn't any upward mobility for this character. Notice his match on Raw was against an announcer, not a wrestler. Fans of Ryder may enjoy him being on television, but don't delude yourselves into thinking he is going to receive a push on any kind. WWE is not going to waste the time and effort to push a cartoon character when there are countless other characters/wrestlers far more deserving and believable.
  3. Mighty NorCal

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    You didnt see this in any forums? Did you, uh, try looking three fucking got-DAMN threads below this?

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