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    WZCW Roster & Handlers

    11 Faces / 12 Heels


    The Beard [Theo]
    Beard City, USA
    • Flying Beard (Diving Headbutt)
    • Poetic Justice (Cross Rhodes)

    Gimmick: A former WZCW veteran getting one last shot at the big time as his road to redemption begins.
    Entrance Music: I'm In the mood...for beards by The Beards

    Blazing Tiger [Remix]
    The Ashen Jungle
    • Still No Finisher

    Gimmick: He's a guy that dresses up, and fights like a shonen anime character.
    Entrance music: Crimson Heat Tigers

    Harald Var Krigare [Fallout]
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    • The Kraken (Brogue Kick)
    • Reverse Polarity (Overhead belly to belly suplex)

    Gimmick: A Swedish national, determined to give his country greater representation in mainstream culture.
    Entrance Music: Theme of Arthur from MvC 3

    Kagura [Echelon]
    Ise, Mie, Japan
    • Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami (Sleeperhold With Body Scissors)
    • Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami (Two Fisted Heart Punch)

    Gimmick: Shinto shrine maiden and priestess.
    Entrance music: Trance - Shinto by Envy

    Lynx [Dagger]
    Times Unknown
    • Dimensional Vortex (Stone Cold Stunner)
    • A Lynx To The Past (Disarm-Her)

    Gimmick: Time traveler from the future
    Entrance music: Final Countdown by Europe

    Matt Tastic [Killjoy]
    Southwestern, Puerto Rico
    • Headache Driver (Emerald Flowsion [used rarely])
    • Seismic Toss (Pumphandle Cutter)
    • Frog Splash

    Gimmick: Angry Veteran
    Entrance music: Together As One by Rockman Holic

    Mikey Stormrage [Yaz]
    Randers, Denmark
    • Game Over (The World's Strongest Slam)
    • Random Access Mutilation (R.A.M.) (Coquina Clutch)

    Gimmick: On the surface, Mikey is a run of the mill man child nerd. Cut through the layers (of fat) and you find a man who is deeply depressed and fills his life with many vices including sex and alcohol.
    Entrance music:
    Mikey Stormrage Theme

    PC Stevie Broon [Dave]
    Easterhoose, Scotland
    • The Check Oot (Twisting Spinebuster)
    • Clean Up In Aisle 9 (Angle Slam)

    Gimmick: Ex Scottish Police officer turned supermarket security
    Entrance Music: Sound of da Police by KRS-One

    Stetson Hayes [Spidey]
    Fort Worth, TX
    • Texas Cloverleaf

    Gimmick: Cowboy
    Entrance music: All you Zombies by The Hooters

    Tyrone Blades [Ty Burna]
    Cleveland, Ohio
    • Click Clack (Superkick followed by the Kinshasa)
    • Street Dreams (Muta Lock with Dragon Sleeper)

    Gimmick: Street Thug/Gang leader
    Entrance music: Eastside Moonwalker by Freddie Gibbs

    Vega [Infinity]
    New York City
    • The Kill Shot (V-Trigger)
    • Flying Kill Shot (Springboard V-Trigger)

    Gimmick: Former thief & assassin struggling to live a reformed life.
    Entrance music: Intro by The Xx


    Anthony Mancini [Milenko]
    Little Italy, NYC
    • Riposa in Pace (Sitout Spinebuster)
    • Il Siluro Italiano (The Gore)

    Gimmick: Mob Boss
    Entrance music: Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3

    Callie Clark [Phenominal Matrix]
    New York, New York
    • Lights Out (Small Package Driver)
    • Calliesault (Best Moonsault Ever)

    Gimmick: Rich Cosplayer
    Entrance music: Make A Move[/b] by Icon for Hire

    Eve Taylor [FalKon]
    Milan, Italy
    • Alternative Solution (Straight-Jacket Crossface)
    • Fashion Statement (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker)

    Gimmick: Altetnative Fashion Model
    Entrance music: GRRRLS by AViVA

    Garth Black [Tastycles]
    Rhyl, Wales
    • Black Out (Go 2 Sleep)
    • The Come Down (Leap of Faith)

    Gimmick: Bitter wrestler who has seen many inferior to him elevated to superior status.
    Entrance music: Hate To Say I Told You So by The Hives

    Grindhouse [Spidey]
    The Starbreak Cinema
    • Stalling Chokeslam

    Gimmick: Exploitation Film Fanatic
    Entrance music: Acid Rain by Lorn

    Jabari Kasim [Yaz]
    Daura, Nigeria
    • Bumaye (Kesagiri Chop)
    • Hausa Headbutt (Pop Up Headbutt)

    Gimmick: An African wild man giant.
    Entrance music: Mean Demeanor by Run The Jewels

    King Mussél [Dynamite]
    Paris, France
    • Mussél Bomb (Powerbomb dead-lift into Last Ride)
    • Flexicution (Discus Clothesline)

    Gimmick: Fitness Trainer obsessed with helping others obtain the healthiest body and lifestyle they can despite having a secret addiction to junk food.
    Entrance music: Heat by BROCKHAMPTON

    Milenko [Milenko]
    The Dark Carnival
    • Hell's Pit (Buzzsaw Kick)
    • The Tempest (Pepsi Plunge)

    Gimmick: Former Mayhem Champion coming back to WZCW looking to cause as much mayhem & terror as humanly possible on behalf of someone (or something) called The Wraith.
    Entrance music: The Great Milenko by ICP

    Randy Studd [Tastycles]
    Venice, Italy
    • Hey Ladies (Rude Awakening)
    • Studd Muffler (Stretch muffler)

    Gimmick: Lothario who isn't very succesful
    Entrance music: Theme from S'express by S'express

    Remarkable Mark Keaton [Jeff Deliverer Of Mail]
    Toronto, Canada
    • The Voltron Suplex! (Jackhammer Suplex)

    Gimmick: 80s Rocker
    Entrance music: Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

    Titus Avison [Lee]
    Keystone City, KS
    • The Red Comet (Shooting Star Corkscrew Elbow Drop)
    • The Tit Drop (Fame Asser)

    Gimmick: Oscar Winning Actor
    Entrance music: Smash Bros Brawl: Final destination

    Triple X [BK]
    Hell's Kitchen, New York
    • Project X (Claymore Kick)
    • Singularity (Springboard 450 Splash)

    Gimmick: Straight-Edge, former fan favorite who hates the fans for driving him to injuring his body for their pleasure.
    Entrance music: I Hope You Suffer by AFI

    Image Reps:
    Anthony Mancini - Johnny Stamboli
    The Beard - Mike Knox
    Blazing Tiger - Animated Tiger Mask (Maybe?)
    Callie Clark - Alexa Bliss
    Eve Taylor - Maria Brink
    Garth Black - Steve Austin
    Grindhouse - Bane (TDKR)
    Harald Var Krigare - Braun Strowman
    Jabari Kasim - Kongo Kong
    Kagura - Momiji from DOA and Ninja Gaiden
    King Mussél - Scott Steiner
    Lynx - Seth Rollins
    Matt Tastic - Mr 450
    Mikey Stormrage - Bray Wyatt/Husky Harris
    Milenko - Vampiro
    PC Stevie Broon - Tomasso Ciampa
    Randy Studd - Victor Manuel Resendiz Ruiz
    Remarkable Mark Keaton - Chris Jericho
    Titus Avison - Stevie Richards
    Triple X - Jimmy Havoc
    Tyrone Blades - Jason Momoa
    Vega - Johnny Depp
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    Jabari and King Mussels finishers are swapped.
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    That's what I get for copy/pasting one as a template
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