WZCW Roster [Alignment, Gimmick, Rep, Entrance music and Handler listed]

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    WZCW Roster & Handlers

    11 Faces / 14 Heels


    The Beard [Theo]
    Beard City, USA
    • Flying Beard (Diving Headbutt)
    • Poetic Justice (Cross Rhodes)

    Gimmick: A former WZCW veteran getting one last shot at the big time as his road to redemption begins.
    Entrance Music: I'm In the mood...for beards by The Beards

    Blazing Tiger [Remix]
    The Ashen Jungle
    • Still No Finisher

    Gimmick: He's a guy that dresses up, and fights like a shonen anime character.
    Entrance music: Crimson Heat Tigers

    Harald Var Krigare [Fallout]
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    • The Kraken (Brogue Kick)
    • Reverse Polarity (Overhead belly to belly suplex)

    Gimmick: A Swedish national, determined to give his country greater representation in mainstream culture.
    Entrance Music: Theme of Arthur from MvC 3

    Kagura [Echelon]
    Ise, Mie, Japan
    • Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami (Sleeperhold With Body Scissors)
    • Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami (Two Fisted Heart Punch)

    Gimmick: Shinto shrine maiden and priestess.
    Entrance music: Trance - Shinto by Envy

    Lynx [Dagger]
    Times Unknown
    • Dimensional Vortex (Stone Cold Stunner)
    • A Lynx To The Past (Disarm-Her)

    Gimmick: Time traveler from the future
    Entrance music: Final Countdown by Europe

    Matt Tastic [Killjoy]
    Southwestern, Puerto Rico
    • Headache Driver (Emerald Flowsion [used rarely])
    • Seismic Toss (Pumphandle Cutter)
    • Frog Splash

    Gimmick: Angry Veteran
    Entrance music: Together As One by Rockman Holic

    Mikey Stormrage [Yaz]
    Southwestern, Puerto Rico
    • Game Over (The World's Strongest Slam)
    • Random Access Mutilation (R.A.M.) (Coquina Clutch)

    Gimmick: On the surface, Mikey is a run of the mill man child nerd. Cut through the layers (of fat) and you find a man who is deeply depressed and fills his life with many vices including sex and alcohol.
    Entrance music: [/i]Mikey Stormrage Theme

    PC Stevie Broon [Dave]
    Easterhoose, Scotland
    • The Check Oot (Twisting Spinebuster)
    • Clean Up In Aisle 9 (Angle Slam)

    Gimmick: Ex Scottish Police officer turned supermarket security
    Entrance Music: Sound of da Police by KRS-One

    Stetson Hayes [Spidey]
    Fort Worth, TX
    • Texas Cloverleaf

    Gimmick: Cowboy
    Entrance music: All you Zombies by The Hooters

    Tyrone Blades [Ty Burna]
    Cleveland, Ohio
    • Click Clack (Superkick followed by the Kinshasa)
    • Street Dreams (Muta Lock with Dragon Sleeper)

    Gimmick: Street Thug/Gang leader
    Entrance music: Eastside Moonwalker by Freddie Gibbs

    Vega [Infinity]
    New York City
    • The Kill Shot (V-Trigger)
    • Flying Kill Shot (Springboard V-Trigger)

    Gimmick: Former thief & assassin struggling to live a reformed life.
    Entrance music: Intro by The Xx


    Annie Halloway [Wildcst66]
    Manchester, England
    • Hallowed Road (Cattle Mutilation)
    • Calculation (619)

    Gimmick: Hacker
    Entrance Music: Falling Apart by Zebrahead

    Anthony Mancini [Milenko]
    Little Italy, NYC
    • Riposa in Pace (Sitout Spinebuster)
    • Il Siluro Italiano (The Gore)

    Gimmick: Mob Boss
    Entrance music: Short Change Hero by The Heavy

    Callie Clark [Phenominal Matrix]
    New York, New York
    • Lights Out (Small Package Driver)
    • Calliesault (Best Moonsault Ever)

    Gimmick: Rich Cosplayer
    Entrance music: Make A Move by Icon for Hire

    Eve Taylor [FalKon]
    Milan, Italy
    • Alternative Solution (Straight-Jacket Crossface)
    • Fashion Statement (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker)

    Gimmick: Altetnative Fashion Model
    Entrance music: GRRRLS by AViVA

    Garth Black [Tastycles]
    Rhyl, Wales
    • Black Out (Go 2 Sleep)
    • The Come Down (Leap of Faith)

    Gimmick: Bitter wrestler who has seen many inferior to him elevated to superior status.
    Entrance music: Hate To Say I Told You So by The Hives

    Grindhouse [Spidey]
    The Starbreak Cinema
    • Stalling Chokeslam

    Gimmick: Exploitation Film Fanatic
    Entrance music: Acid Rain by Lorn

    Jabari Kasim [Yaz]
    Daura, Nigeria
    • Bumaye (Kesagiri Chop)
    • Hausa Headbutt (Pop Up Headbutt)

    Gimmick: An African wild man giant.
    Entrance music: Mean Demeanor by Run The Jewels

    Keith Kole [K Web V3]
    San Diego, Califronia
    • Told You! (Cradle DDT)
    • Customer Service (Hell's Gate)

    Gimmick: Lifelong fan tired of working in fast food restaurants.
    Entrance Music: Win by Jay Rock

    King Mussél [Dynamite]
    Paris, France
    • Mussél Bomb (Powerbomb dead-lift into Last Ride)
    • Flexicution (Discus Clothesline)

    Gimmick: Fitness Trainer obsessed with helping others obtain the healthiest body and lifestyle they can despite having a secret addiction to junk food.
    Entrance music: Heat by BROCKHAMPTON

    Milenko [Milenko]
    The Dark Carnival
    • Hell's Pit (Buzzsaw Kick)
    • The Tempest (Pepsi Plunge)

    Gimmick: Former Mayhem Champion coming back to WZCW looking to cause as much mayhem & terror as humanly possible on behalf of someone (or something) called The Wraith.
    Entrance music: The Great Milenko by ICP

    Randy Studd [Tastycles]
    Venice, Italy
    • Hey Ladies (Rude Awakening)
    • Studd Muffler (Stretch muffler)

    Gimmick: Lothario who isn't very succesful
    Entrance music: Theme from S'express by S'express

    Remarkable Mark Keaton [Jeff Deliverer Of Mail]
    Toronto, Canada
    • The Voltron Suplex! (Jackhammer Suplex)

    Gimmick: 80s Rocker
    Entrance music: Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

    Titus Avison [Lee]
    Keystone City, KS
    • The Red Comet (Shooting Star Corkscrew Elbow Drop)
    • The Tit Drop (Fame Asser)

    Gimmick: Oscar Winning Actor
    Entrance music: Smash Bros Brawl: Final destination

    Triple X [BK]
    Hell's Kitchen, New York
    • Project X (Claymore Kick)
    • Singularity (Springboard 450 Splash)

    Gimmick: Straight-Edge, former fan favorite who hates the fans for driving him to injuring his body for their pleasure.
    Entrance music: I Hope You Suffer by AFI

    Image Reps:
    Annie Halloway - Paige
    Anthony Mancini - Johnny Stamboli
    The Beard - Mike Knox
    Blazing Tiger - Animated Tiger Mask (Maybe?)
    Callie Clark - Alexa Bliss
    Eve Taylor - Maria Brink
    Garth Black - Steve Austin
    Grindhouse - Bane (TDKR)
    Harald Var Krigare - Braun Strowman
    Jabari Kasim - Kongo Kong
    Kagura - Momiji from DOA and Ninja Gaiden
    Keith Kole - Bobby Roode
    King Mussél - Scott Steiner
    Lynx - Seth Rollins
    Matt Tastic - Mr 450
    Mikey Stormrage - Bray Wyatt/Husky Harris
    Milenko - Vampiro
    PC Stevie Broon - Tomasso Ciampa
    Randy Studd - Victor Manuel Resendiz Ruiz
    Remarkable Mark Keaton - Chris Jericho
    Stetson Hayes - Undertaker
    Titus Avison - Stevie Richards
    Triple X - Jimmy Havoc
    Tyrone Blades - Jason Momoa
    Vega - Johnny Depp

    Updated and changed to add gimmicks and entrance music so everything is easy to find for people that may want to join. I'll be keeping an eye on the Character Changes thread so this stay updated. If you notice someyhing I miss feel free to let me know.
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