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    As Time Passes, Change is Inevitable

    The Kingdom Come main event of Constantine and Titus is shown, with Constantine walking out victorious.

    However, Sometimes, Things Stay The Same

    Clips of Live Mas standing victorious over Xander and Mark Keaton are shown

    Buried Deep In It All

    Callie Clark is shown holding the Elite Title

    There Is The Potential For Change

    Clips of Stetson Hayes, Harald Var Krigare, and Annie Halloway celebrating wins play with the voice over

    A Rumbling Grows Inside

    Shots of Garth Black watching Titus victories flash on screen

    The Chance For An Awakening

    Vega is shown side by side with Flex Mussel, scoring victories

    But Those Who Remain, Will Not Go Quietly

    A shot of Eve Taylor holding her World Title fades into a show of Tyrone Blades standing over a prone Eve with the title

    An impressive Pyro display lights up the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. The fans come alive as the camera pans around the sold out arena. It settles on the announcer's desk, where the familiar faces of Sebastian Copeland, Jack Cohen, and Cat Connor are standing by.

    Copeland: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a rebirth. WZCW R-Awakening! We are live from the sold out Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Jack, Cat, we are in for a night of hard hitting action as the stars of tomorrow try to break through against a class of old guard as tough as they come!

    Cohen: Thanks Seabass. We have a packed card, with the World, Elite, and Mayhem Titles all on the line. We have two Mayhem Rules matches, as well as a cage match, and a triple threat main event that is sure to produce sparks.

    Connor: We also have Becky Serra making an important announcement regarding the future of the EurAsian Championship. To top it all off, we received word earlier in the day, that tonight, Tyrone Blades will step into a WZCW ring for the final time.

    Copeland: So the best to ever lace up the boots will do this dance one last time, as he battles two stiff challenges in Eve Taylor and Flex Mussel.

    Cohen: But lets not keep that somber note. The first match on the card is a real hoss fight. The Nigerian Giant Jabari squares off against the mysterious Grindhouse in a no DQ match. The ring is being reinforced as we speak and I can't wait.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this opening bout is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under mayhem rules! No count outs, no disqualifications, no holds barred.

    The crowd looks on in awe as an absolutely huge man steps out onto the stage. Even though he’s been reduced to novelty status, Jabari is still quite the sight to behold. His wrists and feet are shackled as his handler helps guide him down the ramp. The giant looks slightly more at ease given the warm welcome from the Floridians. Babalawo unshackles him, and orders him into the ring. He steps over the top rope with ease, looking around, taking in the lights, the colors, the sounds, and most importantly the people.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Nigeria, standing 7’3, and weighing 485 pounds, he is “The Nigerian Giant” Jabari Kasim!

    Copeland: Jabari continues to be quite the fan-favorite, despite the recent losing streak.

    Cohen: The guy’s a freak, Seabass. You can’t teach size. I hate to admit it, but every time he walks down that ramp to compete, he’s a threat. Even if your plan is to avoid him, nothing can prepare you for his raw strength. It’s unbelievable.

    Connor: I have to say I agree, Jack. I don’t normally see you so impressed.

    A grainy video feed appears on the monitor, as WZCW legend Ramparte appears on the stage. Standing next to him is a monster. That’s the only word for this inhuman beast of a man. Ramparte escorts his client down the ramp, and instructs him to get into the ring. They ignore the jeers and boos from the fans, as Grindhouse climbs up the steps and enters over the top rope. He hands his brown coat to his mentor, as he eyes his massive opponent across the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from the Starbreak Cinema, standing 7 feet tall, and weighing 428 pounds, this is Grindhouse!

    Copeland: Here’s a man, unlike his opponent, that’s undefeated in WZCW.

    Cohen: While I meant everything I said about Jabari, I think Grindhouse is better. Similar size and power, but with a killer instinct that I just haven’t seen from Jabari recently. Surely Ramparte has some sort of plan ready to lead his man to victory.

    Connor: Factors that won’t normally count against these guys will be important here. Agility, tenacity, toughness, endurance, pretty much everything but raw strength. Both of these men are used to finishing opponents off quickly, and I don’t see that happening here. I think we’ll see things from both men that we’ve never seen before.

    Grindhouse and Jabari get nose to nose with each other, with neither man looking intimidated or impressed with his opponent. The referee looks like a tiny ant in comparison.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Both goliaths slowly circle each other, it’s clear that neither man was used to fighting anyone so close to their size. Jabari’s handler shouts at him. Ramparte pounds the mat, and reminds his client of his previous battles with the African giant. The body language and expressions on both men change, as they suddenly charge forward towards each other with shoulder tackles, but neither one of them budge. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, each man trying to overpower the other. For a couple seconds, it’s a stalemate, until Grindhouse manages to push Jabari back a few feet. They grapple again, and it’s another stalemate, until Jabari steps back. He steps forward and gains some traction, pushing the smaller man across the ring. Grindhouse stumbles backwards, surprised by the giant’s power, but doesn’t fall. Grindhouse then calls for a test of strength, and holds out his arm. Jabari stares at it before engaging the just slightly smaller man in grappling contest. The two behemoths jostle for position, before Grindhouse slowly starts to take control. He twists Jabari’s wrists and tries to drive him to his knees, but the larger man begins to counter. He gains control, and overpowers Grindhouse, twisting his opponent wrists in the process. Jabari grabs Grindhouse by the head and drives him into the top turnbuckle. He chokes the smaller man against the pad, until the ref, who looks like an ant in comparison to the two massive human beings, forces the giant to stop. Jabari hits a throat thrust, before backing up to about the middle of the ring. He charges forward, but Grindhouse moves out of the way. He pushes Jabari back up against the turnbuckle and starts to pepper his massive opponent with punches, striking him in the stomach, ear, and jaw. Grindhouse rears back and hits his massive opponent with a back-elbow strike, following it up with a slap to Jabari’s enormous chest. The giant holds his left pectoral in pain. Grindhouse grabs Jabari’s left arm and drags him out of the corner. He tries to whip him across the ring, but the giant counters and sends the monster sprawling across the ring, his back hitting the adjacent turnbuckle with a loud thud. Jabari charges forward like a locomotive, trying to engulf his opponent with his huge body. Grindhouse moves out of the way, as Jabari slams into the turnbuckle, knocking him woozy. He turns and stumbles towards Grindhouse, who picks him up, and slams him down onto the mat in a huge display of power.

    Copeland: Did you see that? Grindhouse just body slammed Jabari. And he did it with ease. I never seen that happen before.

    Cohen: Grindhouse’s over 400 pounds of muscle himself. I’d expect no less from a freak like him.

    Connor: I overheard Ramparte bragging backstage that Grindhouse can bench press 600 pounds for reps.

    Cohen: No kidding? Jesus Christ.

    Babalawo looks shocked. He’s never seen someone manhandle his villages champion like that. Was Grindhouse even human, or was he truly a monster? Even Jabari looks stunned. He’s fought Grindhouse once before, but wasn’t expecting that kind of explosive power from out of nowhere. He gets to his feet with a scowl on his feet. Grindhouse charges forward, but not to be outdone, the giant scoops him up into his arms! Ramparte looks horrified as Jabari holds the monster up in the air with one arm like sack of potatoes, posing with him, before slamming him down to mat. Message sent. Grindhouse is quick to recover, and gets back to his feet, but Jabari knocks him down with a shoulder charge. The smaller man rolls to his knees, but the larger man kicks him in the ribs. With the monster having rolled into a seated position, Jabari crouches down and squeezes his left trap with both hands, applying a nerve hold. Grindhouse’s entire body tenses up, as he tries to fight off the intense pain. He starts to get to his feet, but the giant keeps the hold applied. With a burst of adrenaline, Grindhouse grabs Jabari around the waist, and lifts him up again and plants him on the canvas with a big back suplex! Grindhouse covers him: 1…2… but Jabari kicks out. Both men are taking a breather, as Ramparte tries to figure out a Plan B. Normally, his client was the biggest and strongest in the match. Having Grindhouse overpower and annihilate his victims was Plan A. That wasn’t working too well against a behemoth like Jabari. Trying to muscle around 500 pounds of fury was taking its toll fast. Even on his massive destroyer. “Choke him! Choke him out!” screams Ramparte as he bashes his hands into the mat. Grindhouse slips behind Jabari and applies a sleeper. The giant begins to struggle as the monster pulls him away from the ropes. He tries to ground the behemoth, but Jabari was proving to be too strong. Grindhouse keeps the pressure on the hold, as Jabari begins to turn purple. His handler on the outside is screaming instructions. Suddenly, showing uncanny agility, Jabari drops to a knee, grabs his opponents head, and manages to flip Grindhouse off of him. The giant lays on the ground to catch his breath, as the monster returns to continue the assault. In desperation, he thrusts his hand out, catching Grindhouse right in the throat! Jabari slowly makes it to his feet, and is standing at the same time as his opponent. The monster stumbles towards him, but a running big boot sends him sprawling backwards. His own momentum carries him over the top rope and onto the floor! Jabari shakes the cobwebs loose and follows his opponent to the floor.

    Copeland: Jabari showing off some technical prowess with that jiujitsu throw. Grindhouse nearly had this match won.

    Connor: That was good strategy by Ramparte, calling for that sleeper. Jabari is the only man on the roster that might be too big and strong for that monster to handle. I can’t understand a word that Jabari’s manager is saying.

    Cohen: None of us can, Cat.

    Copeland: Never mind all that, Jabari just kicked Grindhouse over the top rope!

    Connor: That’s unbelievable!

    Cohen: Jabari’s going after him. This is a mayhem rules match, and we’re about to see King Kong versus Godzilla a year early!

    Jabari clubs Grindhouse in the back with his huge forearm, driving the slightly smaller man back down to his knees. He hoists his monstrous opponent to his feet and drives him back first into the barricade. He swings him around and repeats the maneuver against the ring apron. He grabs Grindhouse by the back of the head, and attempts to swing him into the ring post, but he counters and sends the giant shoulder first into the steel. Grindhouse grabs Jabari and sweeps his left leg out from underneath him, driving him to the concrete covered mat with an STO. Grindhouse roars, as Babalawo scurries away to keep distance from the behemoth. Meanwhile Ramparte has moved around the outside to get closer to the action. He commands his client to throw the giant back into the ring, but Grindhouse ignores him. He grabs Jabari by the throat! He attempts a chokeslam, but the Nigerian colossus blocks it and now it’s Grindhouse being trapped in a goozle. The two behemoths wrestle each other, trying to choke the other one out. Jabari has the leverage advantage, and slowly gets the upper hand. He overpowers Grindhouse, lifts him up, and slams down to the ground with a thunderous chokeslam! His manager runs up behind him, wildly shouting instructions while pointing towards the ring. Jabari lifts Grindhouse to his feet. Ramparte screams at him, trying to get the giants attention. Jabari lifts his head, but quickly ignores the much smaller man. He turns his attention back to his opponent, as Ramparte charges forwards, and cracks the huge man in the head with his cane! Jabari looks unfazed, but completely pissed. He lets go of his monstrous prey and begins to chase the smaller man, as Ramparte scurries away. Jabari eyes the former champion from across the ring, as the former competitor levels his Alice at him, shouting obscenities. Ramparte turns and threatens Babalawo on the other side, getting a reaction from the giant. Jabari takes a step forward, but doesn’t notice Grindhouse barreling towards him from behind. The monster tackles his giant adversary and sends him straight through the barricade! There’s no count outs as both men are down!

    Copeland: Both of these men are just imposing their physical wills on each other. How much more can they either one take?

    Connor: The fans seems to be loving this. Just listen to them. It’s like watching a monster movie.

    Cohen: Yeah, you get you some Ram! Thatta boy. Look at him, former champion, now retired, but still no fear in the heart of that man.

    Copeland: He just hit Jabari with his cane!

    Connor: Grindhouse is back on his feet. Wait a minute…

    Copeland: Oh my god! Grindhouse just tackled Jabari through the barricade! They’re both down. Surprised they didn’t take half the front row with them.

    Cohen: Ram, you glorious evil genius!

    Grindhouse stirs, and gets back to his feet first, as Jabari continues to lay motionless in the debris that once was the section of the barricade. Ramparte slaps Grindhouse on the back, as the massive man lets loose with bellow that reverberates throughout the arena. Babalawo sneaks around the other side of the ring on the outside to check on Jabari. Before the demure Nigerian can do anything, he finds himself being hoisted to his feet, caught in the clutches of the monster. The manager pleads for his life, as Ramparte orders Grindhouse to put the man out of his misery. Grindhouse grabs the man by the throat and lifts him high into the air with one hand. He holds him up, showing incredible strength, as Ramparte demands he drive the handler through a table. The crowd is booing restlessly, when suddenly they stop. The arena is filled with cheers as Jabari comes alive! Ramparte turns, his gaze meeting the giants’, who has a look of primal rage in his eyes. Jabari takes a step forward and flattens Ramparte with the Bumaye Chop! The smaller man crumbles into heap, as Grindhouse notices the commotion, and turns around. He drops Babalawo, who gets away from the monster was quickly as he can, only to be met with a Bumaye chop of his own! Grindhouse falls to the ground, as Jabari sets his sights on Ramparte. He grabs the former champion by the throat with both hands, before lifting him up off the mat like a small child. The giant screams, half carrying half dragging the man over to the table, the crowd cheering him on. Jabari throttles him, quickly choking the life from the WZCW legend, before lifting him up into the air. Ramparte sees his life flash before his eyes as he’s driven down with amazing force, the foreign announce table collapsing under his weight, exploding into a hundred pieces, as he lies in a heap staring up into the lights in a daze.

    Copeland: Oh my god, I think Jabari just killed that man!

    Connor: He deserves it! Those despicable human beings were going to do the same thing to Jabari’s poor handler. And all they managed to do was anger the giant. Smart move.

    Cohen: No! What happened to your genius plan, Ramparte? Grindhouse needs your guidance. Can he even function on his own?

    Jabari turns his attention to Grindhouse, and attempts to throttle him as well, but the horror movie villain come to life has one last card to play, as he sprays red mist into the giants face! Blinded, Jabari stumbles around in panic and in shock. Grindhouse grabs him and rolls him back into the ring. In an extremely unexpected move, Grindhouse starts to climb to the top turnbuckle. Many start to wonder what the hell is going on, as Jabari stands, still trying to wipe away the mist. He stumbles away from the ropes, as Grindhouse leaps from the top. He sends the giant crashing to the mat with the flying double axe handle. The monster raises his arm and signals for the end. He stalks the behemoth, as Jabari gets to his feet. Grindhouse applies a goozle, and lifts the giant up into the air, slamming him down with an unthinkable chokeslam! He falls into the cover: 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall, Grindhouse!

    Copeland: And Grindhouse wins after a huge chokeslam! He got the upper hand after spraying that mist into Jabari’s eyes.

    Connor: I’m surprised Grindhouse actually went to the top turnbuckle on his own. You think Ramparte would have would have told him to do that?

    Cohen: Who knows, Cat. Maybe Grindhouse is smarter than he looks. But there’s no one left. Ramparte can’t move, Jabari’s covered in mist, and his handlers been traumatized. The monster’s the only one left standing.

    Connor: Like a true horror flick?

    Cohen: Better than anything I’ve seen recently.

    Grindhouse celebrates in the ring, as the much shorter referee raises the monsters hand the best he can. Grindhouse looks over to the announce table, and exits the ring, walking over to mentor/manager. He hoists Ramparte to his feet, practically dragging him along like an unruly puppy, as the two celebrate. Ramparte retrieves his cane, as Grindhouse roars at the crowd.
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    Backstage, Stacey Madison is standing with Elite Openweight champion, Callie Clark. Clark is holding her title, but has yet to reveal her gear for the night.

    Madison: Callie, tonight you defend your Elite Openweight Title in what may be the biggest match of your career. A steel cage match against Hall of Famer, Mikey Stormrage. How do you feel?

    Callie looks none to pleased.

    Clark: This is an outrage Stacey. First off, this match is unfair. Mikey Stormrage is what, like five hundred pounds? Secondly, what did he do to earn this? Thirdly, why am I being punished by being put inside a cage with than unclean animal?

    Stacey just sort of nods her head. She knows Callie isn't exactly wrong.

    Clark: Regardless, I have dispatched everyone put in front of me. Lynx was so embarrassed to lose to me he quit. Wren disappeared. Randy Studd can't even make the show. I beat Batti to the point she was ready to retire. I even beat Stormrage's "friend" Matt Tastic. Simply put, I am the most dominant Elite champion in history and I will prove as much tonight when I dispatch Mikey.

    Madison: Any hints on what tonight's cosplay will be?

    Callie laughs.

    Clark: Stacey, let's just say that after I end this child's play that Stormrage lives, I won't be considered such a good guy.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Introducing first from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, Kagura Ohzora!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, and ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, and awaits her opponent.

    Copeland: The former World Champion will be looking to get back to that level with a win over a hot Xander here tonight.

    Connor: Kagura is one of the veteran females on the roster, but she shows no signs of slowing down despite some less than stellar results since winning the World Title following her Queen For A Day cash-in.

    Cohen: Xander will be no slouch. Since reinventing himself, he is as focused as ever on his goal of winning the World Title, a title Kagura only held for one week mind you.

    And his opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 210 pounds, this ……is…… Xander!

    As the drum beat kicks in, Xander slowly walks out onto the stage. All lights are down except one spotlight that follows him down the ramp. He walks down, smiling at the audience who mercilessly boo him. He reaches the foot of the ramp, before raising both hands, giving the audience both middle fingers. He then slides into the ring, mounting the turnbuckle and staring out, smirking and holding his arms up, pointing to the sky.

    Cohen: There is something about a man who the crowd hates, but wants to see more of. Xander is just that.

    Connor: They want to see him get his ass kicked. That isn't the same as wanting to see him due to his ability.

    Copeland: Regardless of the feelings of our great audience, Xander is undefeated his his transformation. Kagura will prove to be another stern test though.

    Referee Keith Morse checks both competitors for foreign objects and then calls for the bell.

    *DING! DING!*

    Xander and Kagura slowly circle around each other as they visually size the other up. Kagura’s demeanor exudes a calm confidence, while Xander tries his best to seem just as calm and confident as his opponent, but it’s evident in his eyes that his mind is much more active than the priestess’. Xander reaches out with his hands, moving his fingers while hesitantly gauging the striking distance between he and his foe. He throws a jab with weak intentions, still studying Kagura’s movements as opposed to truly attacking. Growing tired of his caution, Kagura fires a lightning quick leg kick which stiffly thuds off the side of the Straight Edge Superstar’s thigh. The force is enough to knock him off balance and send him reeling back a few steps. He’s visibly surprised the 145lb woman was able to generate so much power from the kick, and nods his head confidently attempting to hide his astonishment.

    Copeland: It seems Xander has underestimated the strength of Kagura.

    Cohen: Impossible, Seabass! Xander is an excellent estimator.

    Connor: Oh, please.

    Xander puts his arms up, approaching Kagura for a traditional collar and elbow tie up. Kagura obliges and locks up with Xander in the tie up. Xander attempts to simply over power Kagura, but the Priestess lowers her position, leveraging her body to prevent this. A frustrated Xander sneaks a hand full of Kagura’s hair and yanks backward on it, giving him the unfair ability to back her up all the way into the corner. Xander yells directly in Kagura’s face, proud of finally obtaining a dominant position in the early goings of this match. The referee realizes that Xander is pulling on the hair, and administers a count, 1… 2… 4… of course Xander doesn’t let go until moments before the referee counts to 5. He backs up away from the corner with his hands innocently up in the air, acting as if he hasn’t the slightest idea as to what the referee is admonishing him about while smiling. Kagura refuses to get frustrated. Instead, she seems to have expected nothing better.

    Copeland: Kagura doesn’t seem surprised by Xander’s underhanded tactics.

    Cohen: You mean by his ingenious tactics?

    Connor: No, I don’t think that’s what he meant.

    Xander lifts his hand up in the air, challenging Kagura to the classic test of strength.

    Copeland: Oh, come on.

    Cohen: What? It’s an honorable challenge. Let’s see if Kagura is too much of a coward to accept.

    Connor: This is hardly an act of bravery. Xander outweighs Kagura by more than 50 pounds!

    Cohen: Xander the Brave!

    Not one to back down from a challenge, Kagura accepts Xander’s test of strength challenge. She lifts her hand up to his and the two interlock their fingers. Xander then lifts up his other hand as Kagura cautiously mirrors him. Xander does not wait a millisecond a single millisecond after they interlock those fingers to kick Kagura right in the abdomen. The blow allows Xander to gain the immediate advantage in the test of strength as he mercilessly bends her fingers backwards at an unnatural angle. Xander yells down at Kagura as she is forced down to her knees in pain. He directs some of his diatribe towards the crowd who rain boos and jeers down upon him. Kagura fights through the pain by getting up off her knees while turning her body away from Xander while still keeping their fingers interlocked. The angle she turns acts as a perfect base to flip Xander over her and onto the canvas with an improvised judo throw. The Straight Edge Superstar is shocked to suddenly find himself flat on his back. He slaps the mat in frustration before popping right back up onto his feet and rushing towards Kagura. Calmly, the priestess uses Xander’s own momentum against him and sends him flipping over her and tumbling back down to the canvas with another perfectly executed judo throw. Xander bounces off the canvas and ends up on his hands and knees, more hurt than before and exponentially more frustrated. Kagura approaches him as he pounds both of his fists into the mat and gets up once again. Xander takes a wild swing at Kagura, who is able to see the strike from a mile away and dodges it easily. Xander takes swings another haymaker with his other hand which Kagura is able to avoid just as easily with simple head movement. She responds with a quick and calculated palm thrust directly into Xander’s throat. The strike freezes Xander’s wild attacks as he staggers backwards, wide eyed, clutching his throat while falling to a knee.

    Copeland: What a beautiful throat thrust by Kagura.

    Cohen: What a cheater!

    Connor: I beg to differ. A clear example of precision over strength here.

    Xander is on one knee coughing in between his gasps for air. Kagura takes this opportunity to swing her arm down across the back of Xander’s neck, connecting with a stiff chop that sends him fully down onto the canvas. She quickly runs towards the ropes, bounces back before leaping into the air to bring her knee crashing down onto the back of Xander’s head. Xander holds his head as he rolls around in agony, feeling the effects of a perfectly placed running knee drop. He crawls on his hands and knees towards the ropes and grabs onto them as Kagura approaches. Just as Kagura goes to grab Xander, he sticks his upper body out of the ring through the ropes while yelling at the referee for help. The ref enforces the rules and gets between him and Kagura, asking her to back up and let him back in away from the ropes. As Kagura listens to the referee, Xander grabs her by her outfit’s waistline with both hands and yanks her towards him while he drops to the mat. He sends Kagura through the ropes causing her to violently bounce off the apron before crashing down to the floor below.

    Copeland: Another cheap trick by Xander to regain the upper hand.

    Cohen: Xander is truly an artist in that ring, isn’t he guys!? The Artist Formerly Known as Triple X!

    Connor: Artist? Con artist, perhaps.

    Xander looks relieved as he ignores the referees continued admonishments. Instead, he implores the referee to begin counting the priestess out. The begrudgingly realizes there is still a job to do and obliges Xander’s demands.

    1…2…Kagura begins to stir. 3...She places a hand on the apron to help her get to her feet. 4… Xander runs in the opposite direction…5…Kagura grabs the bottom rope with her other hand and begins pulling herself up as Xander bounces off the ropes on the other side…6…Just as Kagura tries to crawl into the ring head first, Xander meets her with a baseball slide. His feet blast Kagura right in the face and sends her shooting right back out of the ring and to the outside. The force of the impact was strong enough to send her back first into the guard wall. Xander gets to his feet and looks down at Kagura. He points down at her and looks out to the crowd, realizing she is in perfect position for something big. He runs off in the opposite direction once again while Kagura scratches her way up the guard wall to get bac onto her feet. The crowd rises to their own feet in anticipation as Xander bounces off the ropes and runs back, but instead of attempting a high-risk dive, he slides underneath the ropes and connects with a disrespectful slap that knocks the daylights out of Kagura. Her spit flies into the crowd as her legs give out and she falls to her knees. The crowd boos the Straight Edge Superstar, but he couldn’t care less. He stands there proud of himself basking in their displeasure.

    Copeland: The crowd thought they were gonna see a flash from Xander’s Triple X past, but it was not to be.

    Cohen: He’s a new man, Seabass! The old Triple X would have killed himself doing some flippity flop over the ropes… but not this man! Not Xander!

    Connor: I must admit, as much as the crowd doesn’t seem too pleased by Xander’s new tactics, it seems to be working for him at the moment.

    Kagura is down, but not out as she uses Xander’s own tights to pull herself back up. Xander allows her, only to plant her square in the jaw with a huge forearm. The big strike sends her head whiplashing backwards as she backs into the guard wall. The referee yells at Xander to get the action back in the ring or he’ll be forced to begin counting both of them out. Xander ignores the referee’s instructions, as he has all match, and grabs Kagura by the hair. He pulls her with him and slams her face first into the apron. She falls to a knee while clutching her face. Xander laughs at her pain as the referee begins to count.

    1…Xander drags Kagura up by the arm, and this time yanks her violently, Irish whipping her directly into the steel steps back and shoulder first. The metallic sound echoes throughout the arena. 2…Kagura sits there motionless, leaned up against the steel steps. Xander smiles sadistically before running towards are and barreling into her with both knees like a cannonball. Her head and back bounce off the steps, sending another sickening sound reverberating throughout the arena. 3…Xander holds his knees in pain, feeling the effects of the move himself as well. 4…He yells towards the referee to stop counting as he rolls around the floor in pain. Of course, the referee doesn’t listen to Xander and continues counting both competitors out. 5…Xander grabs onto the apron and starts pulling himself up. Kagura is keeled over by the steps, motionless. 6…Xander is on his feet and rolls into the ring. He demands that the referee count faster, which only makes the referee count slower by distracting him. The crowd begins coming alive in hopes of seeing this match continue. 7…Xander grows incensed as he sees Kagura begin to move. She uses the steel steps that knocked her out to get back up to her feet as she is fueled by the crowd. Xander goes back to what worked before, and runs in the opposite direction. 8…Kagura approaches the apron and begins sliding in under the bottom rope as Xander bounces off the ropes on the other side. 9…Xander comes in with another baseball slide, but Kagura was ready for it this time, quickly moving back under the ropes while grabbing the sliding Xander and dragging him all the way to the outside with her, breaking the count!

    Copeland: Kagura nearly got counted out, but Xander went back to the well once too often with that baseball slide and the priestess was ready for it this time!

    Cohen: That was 10! The referee should have counted her out!

    Connor: Xander was trying to keep her out, but instead ended up breaking the count instead! What a heads up move by Kagura to make sure he slid all the way out of the ring.

    Xander is on his back as a result of baseball sliding clean out of the ring and is forcefully brought back up to his feet by Kagura, who does it with two fistfuls of hair and zero remorse for doing so. She seems fed up with Xander’s antics and emphatically cinches in a side waist lock. Kagura pops her hips and lifts Xander up into the air and quickly brings him crashing down on top of the steel steps with a Saito suplex!

    Copeland: Saito suplex onto the steel steps! Incredible!

    Cohen: Disqualify her, ref! Come on!

    Connor: Kagura turns things around using the very steel steps that almost brought her demise!

    Xander’s back bounces off the steel steps before he tumbles over the other side back down to the floor. The crowd seemingly winces in unison as the straight edge fighter holds his back in pain. The referee now finds himself admonishing Kagura as he orders her to get back in the ring. She looks over the steps towards, Xander, and refuses to get back in the ring without him. The referee has no choice but begin counting them both out once again.

    1…Kagura walks around the steel steps. Xander sees her and gets to his hands and knees to attempt to crawl away from her. He us up against the front of the announce table and seemingly has no place to go. 2… He looks to the side and frantically crawls to the only space he can find, near the timekeeper’s area. 3… Xander reaches up onto the timekeepers table to grab something, but Kagura hits him from behind with a shuffle side kick. It sends Xander tumbling forward into the timekeeper’s table, knocking it and the timekeeper himself to the ground. 4…The referee tries to gain order between counting from the ring. Kagura grabs Xander by the hair and pulls him up onto his feet. 5… What she doesn’t see is that Xander is holding the ring bell in his arms! Kagura goes to roll Xander back into the ring, but he puts a foot up onto the apron, blocking the attempt. He turns around and lifts the ring bell high into the air!

    Copeland: Xander hits Kagura with the ring bell!

    Cohen: Yes!

    Connor: No! Look!

    The referee grabs a hold of the ring bell over Xander’s head before he can hit the unsuspecting Kagura with it! The ref yanks the ring bell away and admonishes Xander once again. Kagura looks on at the referee, shocked and glad that he stepped in as the ref walks off to the side to get rid of the ring bell. What neither Kagura nor the referee realize is that the ring bell was not the only thing that Xander grabbed from the timekeeper. Xander holds the timekeeper’s bell hammer up in the air with a sadistic smile before quickly realizing this is his opportunity with the referee’s back turned. He holds the hammer’s head with both hands and turns towards Kagura, connecting with the weapon right he jaw.

    Copeland: What the!? What was that!? Did he have the hammer, too!?

    Cohen: I told you! Xander is a genius!

    Connor: I thought he only grabbed the ring bell, but it looks like that cheating bastard Xander had the wherewithal to grab the damn bell hammer as well. The ref saw the ring bell and grabbed it… but not the hammer. Dammit!

    Cohen: Genius!

    Kagura is out before her body even hits the floor. Xander looks at the hammer and laughs maniacally before noticing the referee making his way back. Not wanting to be caught red handed with the weapon, Xander quickly stuffs the hammer into his tights before lifting his empty hands towards the ref. Xander sees the curious look on the referee’s face and holds his fist up with a cocky smile, exalting the power of his punch. Xander grabs Kagura by the hair but struggles to lift her lifeless body up off the ground. He repositions himself in a wider stance and deadlifts Kagura’s body up off the floor and onto the apron before rolling her in.

    Cohen: Xander wants to pin Kagura in the ring. What an honorable man!

    Copeland: Oh please, he just hit her with a damn hammer!

    Connor: This is sickening. Xander’s gonna steal this one.

    Xander chooses to take the steps up instead of simply rolling in, arrogantly taking his time before entering the ring through the ropes. He gets down and proudly places his hands on Kagura’s shoulders for the pin. 1… 2… 3-no! The referee points to Kagura’s foot!

    Copeland: Her foot is on the ropes! Her foot is on the ropes!

    Cohen: Nooo!!

    Connor: At the last possible second, Kagura somehow got her foot on the ropes! This match continues!

    The crowd explodes! Xander can’t believe it. He gets to his feet and grabs the foot that saved Kagura from defeat. He yanks her away from the ropes all the way to the center of the ring. This time, he doesn’t use a nonchalant pin. Instead, Xander emphatically hooks the leg for the pin. 1… 2… Kagura gets a shoulder up! The crowd erupts once again! Xander is pulling his hair in frustration.

    Copeland: Kagura lives!

    Cohen: No! No! No!

    Connor: Kagura is still in this match, and the crowd is loving it!

    Xander suddenly realizes he still has the upper hand and tries to regain his composure. He gets to his knees and grabs Kagura by the hair. By now the referee’s admonishments are just background noise. Xander drags Kagura up to her feet and holds her in position before looking out to the crowd with an angry scowl. Afterthought! Xander plants Kagura with his Swinging STO DDT directly in the center of the ring. Xander hooks the leg emphatically once again… 1… 2… Kagura kicks out right before 3! The crowd comes unglued! Xander gets on his hands and knees and pounds the floor while yelling at Kagura. He grabs her by the hair with one hand and begins landing a flurry of punches with the other before getting to his feet and immediately cinching in a front face lock on Kagura, who is still on her knees. Xander pulls full guard and locks in the Fade Away right in the center of the ring.

    Copeland: Xander has his patented guillotine choke locked in!

    Cohen: It’s only a matter of time now!

    Connor: Kagura’s too far away from the ropes. Such a shame, she fought so valiantly.

    Xander tightens up his hold, yelling at the referee to declare him the winner. Before he does, the referee asks Kagura If she wants to give up. Kagura refuses to tap, however… angering Xander even more. He tightens his legs around Kagura’s body and cinches Fade Away even deeper. He feels Kagura’s body go limp but refuses to let go. The referee lifts Kagura’s arm up into the air once… it falls. Twice… it falls again. A third time… and it falls.

    Cohen: Xander wins! Xander wins!

    But it doesn’t hit the canvas!

    Copeland: Kagura lives! Kagura lives!

    Cohen: WHAT!?

    Connor: I can’t believe it!

    Kagura’s hand refuses to fall for a third time! Instead, she blindly reaches up and feels Xander’s enraged face. She lowers her hand and grips her fingers on a specific part of his neck. The hold produces yells of agony from Xander, as his eyes spell the shock he is feeling. He can’t understand how Kagura is causing him this much pain with just one hand!

    Cohen: She’s using that damn voodoo again!

    Connor: Kyushojitsu!

    Copeland: The art of the pressure point fighting!

    The pressure point hold is almost paralyzing Xander, he has no choice but to let go of the guillotine choke! Kagura lays there, face down on the canvas, motionless as she seemingly used the last bit of energy she had left to escape the Fade Away. Xander lies on the ground holding his neck while writhing in unbelievable pain. Slowly, the once paralyzing pain begins leaving his body. Xander gets to his knees and looks over towards the referee, yelling at him… questioning how the Fade Away didn’t bring the end of this contest. He gets to his feet and into the referee’s face for a moment while still holding his neck. He yells obscenities at the referee and goes as far as spitting in his face before turning his attention back towards Kagura who has made it onto her knees, with her face in her hands. Disgusted, the referee turns to wipe his face. Xander grabs her by the hair and begins dragging her to her feet, but Kagura suddenly lifts her head up on her own and spits red mist into Xander’s face!

    Copeland: Red Mist!

    Cohen: That’s gotta be a DQ!

    Connor: The referee was too busy wiping off some spit on his own face, thanks to Xander!

    Cohen: The evidence is on Xander’s face! Come on!

    Copeland: Ref didn’t see it! Haha!

    Xander barely has time to scream in a anguish before Kagura grabs him and rolls him up while awkwardly twisting him up in a pretzel! Kagura pins him out of nowhere with the Third Dance of Amenouzume no Mikoto victory roll!!! 1!! 2!! 3!-No!!! Xander kicked out! Xander kicked out a fraction of a second before the three count! He frantically gets up onto his feet and blindly staggers around the ring for a bit as Kagura groggily makes it to her feet as well. She is still feeling the effects of the steps, the hammer, and the Fade Away as she struggles to remain upright. She sees Xander has no idea where he is as he turns around right into her… Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami!!! Kagura connects with her two-fisted heart punch! Xander’s lifeless body falls to the canvas face up. Kagura’s body follows not a moment after, falling face down right beside him. Both competitors lay on the canvas motionless as the referee checks on them. Seeing neither of them respond, he begins the count.

    Copeland: Kagura may have used the last bit of energy she had left for the Fifth Dance.

    Cohen: A double knock out? Xander should be declared the winner on points!

    Connor: There are no points in wrestling!

    3..4..Kagura begins to stir. 5…She starts crawling…6…7…She lifts her arm up before collapsing back down to the canvas, barely able to drape it over Xander’s body! The referee counts the pin!! 1!! 2!! Xander gets his shoulder up!!

    Cohen: Xander lives! Xander lives!

    Connor: Incredible!

    Copeland: They both just refuse to lose this match!

    Kagura is too beaten down to be in shock. Instead, she gets to her knees and grabs a hold of Xander’s hair. She lifts Xander up to a seated position, and then somehow makes it up onto her feet. She musters up enough strength to drag Xander up to his own feet by his hair, and waists little time grabbing him by the wrist and wrapping his arm around his body… Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto!!! Kagura nails her wrist clutch exploder suplex! She connects but doesn’t go for the pin. Instead, she lets Xander get to his knees before rushing towards him… First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto!!! Kagura nails the shining wizard!!! 1!!! 2!!! 3!!-No!

    Cohen: He got the shoulder up!

    Copeland: This is unbelievable!

    Kagura is beside herself, even holding her knee from how hard she hit it against Xander’s face. She gets to her feet and looks down at Xander, still not understanding how he kicked out of the First Dance. She grabs him by the hair and goes to drag him up, but Xander shoves her away before collapsing down to the canvas. Kagura approaches him and starts dragging him up once again. Xander shoves her away once again, but this time… X-Rated Superkick out of nowhere!!! Kagura falls flat on her back! Xander falls down on top of her! The referee makes the count! 1!! 2!! Kagura kicks out! The crowd’s roar sends vibrations throughout the entire arena!

    Cohen: How!?

    Connor: What is happening!?

    The crowd has lost it as both competitors lay on the canvas. Xander is the first to move, and once again he can’t believe the referee has yet to declare him the winner. He wipes the remnants of red mist away from his face as he gets to his feet. He staggers his way towards the ref to complain, but before he can plead his case, Kagura jumps on Xander’s back!!! Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami!!!

    Copeland: Fourth Dance!!! Fourth Dance!!!

    Cohen: No!! No!! No!!

    Connor: Kagura’s got the sleeper hold locked in!!!

    Xander continues to stagger forward towards the referee, except now with Kagura on her back. They bump into the ref, who falls through the ropes, onto the apron and down to the outside. Xander see’s the ref fall before Kagura cinches the sleeper hold even tighter, and this time locks in a body scissors as well to complete the hold! Xander staggers backwards towards the center of the ring and falls to the canvas!

    Copeland: She has the Fourth Dance fully locked in!

    Connor: But the referee is down!

    Cohen: Stay down ref! Stay down!

    Xander reaches for the ropes, but they are nowhere near him. Frantically, he reaches over Kagura’s legs and into his own tights. He finds what he’s looking for and pulls out the bell hammer!

    Cohen: Yes!

    Copeland: No!

    Connor: My God…

    Xander holds the hammer head in his hand and starts desperately swinging it behind him, nailing Kagura in the head repeatedly, over and over again until she releases the hold… and even a couple of times after. The referee is only now beginning to move. Xander sees this and can barely react as he struggles to even breath, Kagura’s lifeless legs still wrapped around him as she lay motionless behind him. With what little energy he has left, he tosses the hammer out of the ring before the referee rolls back in. He simply leans backwards, and lays on top of Kagura’s lifeless body as the referee makes a confused count. 1… 2…. 3.

    Copeland: Good Lord, why this way Xander?

    Connor: I feel sick. The referee is calling for the bell, but the time keeper can’t even ring it because Xander used the damn hammer to win this match. If you can even call this a win.

    Cohen: A wins a win… but uh… whoa.

    Harrys: …and the winner of this match, Xander!

    Xander refuses to let the referee raise his hand. Instead he rolls out of the ring and taunts the crowd by raising his arms in victory in the faces of multiple disgruntled fans.
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    WZCW Superstar Vega is backstage getting ready for his match in the locker room. He hears a knock on the door, and in walks Leon Kensworth. He approaches the former champion with a microphone in hand.

    Leon: Vega, there’s been a lot of animosity between you and Matt Tastic since the cycle began. What is your mindset heading into your match tonight?

    The competitor stares down at the microphone, lost in thought. He suddenly perks up and speaks.

    Vega: I don’t know what Tastic’s problem is. The man has serious anger issues, though. This much is true. I don’t know what he has to be pissed off about. He thinks I disrespected him, but he was the one that made this personal when he attacked me during my match with Eve Taylor.

    Leon: What do you think his motive was?

    The former champion shakes his head and shrugs.

    Vega: I don’t know. Matt Tastic has done everything there is to do in this industry. He’s won the Lethal Lottery, he’s been a world champion, and he’s a member of the hall of fame. Maybe he’s afraid of losing his spot, but no one can stay at the top forever. I’m angry that he took an opportunity to pin one of the major world title players away from me, and I just can’t let that slide. But when I see him in that ring, I’m not going to let my anger get the best of me, because I know where that leads. My actions will do the talking instead. If he still has a problem with me after I beat him tonight, then I hope he’s man enough to say to my face and not attack me like a coward.

    Leon: With Gold Rush coming up soon, what are your thoughts on your direction post R-Awakening?

    He nods, already knowing the answer.

    Vega: To be world champion of course. I say that because everyone wants to be the top dog around here. With so much raw talent in the pool, I must aim high if I’m going to compete with these hungry people. My critics have told me not to be so arrogant. They’ve told me to quit being selfish, and not to get angry whenever things don’t go my way. I owe Tyrone Blades a debt, because he’s helped me realize just how foolish I used to be. I told him that I wanted to leave the past behind, and go on to do something better. He said that in order to do that, I had to seize those opportunities myself, and open my own doors without waiting for management to do it for me. For a long time, I didn’t understand what that meant. But I do now. I'm going to open that door to success myself, once I beat Tastic. You wait and see, Leon. I’m only getting started.

    Leon leaves the locker room, as Vega does his final preparations for his match. There is a storm coming in WZCW. He can see it right on the horizon, and he needs to be ready.
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    Harrys: The following match is a Mayhem Match for the Mayhem Championship! Introducing the challenger....

    Harrys: From Easterhoose, Scotland. Weighing 221 pounds... PC Stevie Broon!

    Stevie makes his entrance through the curtain looking absolutely raging with the world as the fans cheer him on. He scans the audience with a paranoid look in his eyes. His enemies could be anywhere at any time and he needs to stay vigilant. He makes his way down the ramp and slaps a few hands of the kids at ringside. He makes his way up the steps and uses his time in the ring to scan the room one more time.

    Harrys: And his opponent, he is the Mayhem Champion......

    Harrys: From Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 303lbs pounds, "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare!

    As Harald's music hits, the gorilla position begins to flash blue and gold, as the screen backdrop displays a lion emerging from flames. Harald, wearing a navy hoodie, with a pair of small Swedish flags attached to the back, emerges, and strolls hastily to the ring with the Mayhem Championship resting on his shoulder, a stern, determined expression on his face. He slides under the bottom rope, and removes his hoodie, throwing it into the crowd. He then roars at the audience, raising both of his arms in the air, his championship belt grasped in one hand, much to their delight.

    Copeland: Here we are folks, the time is now for the Mayhem Championship here at R- Awakening!

    Ya this should be a great match here between HVK vs PC! This one is for all the marbles here and only one man will walk away with that title!

    Connor: This one has all the potential of a violent battle, guys. Mayhem rules, do we really have to explain it, ladies and gentlemen? Chairs are legal, tables, brass knuckles, chains, you name it.

    Copeland: You only have to go back to earlier in the night when two giants clashed in the ring with Grindhouse vs Jabari to know what kind of chaos and destruction a Mayhem match brings to the table. This Mayhem match brings another giant, but this one is the champion of giants, one named Harald Var Krigare. Just look at the man in the ring right now, he’s taking deep breaths and getting mentally prepared to go to war for his title.

    Grigare is mouthing to the ref to stop wasting time and get the match started, referee Morse holds up the Mayhem Championship in the middle of the ring to show the capacity crowds what is on the line for the match. Broon is doing shoulder stretches in the opposite corner.

    Cohen: PC Broon has scratched and clawed his way to the top of the pecking order in the Mayhem division and he has a tall task in the form of the massive HVK! How is going to deal with the size difference?

    PC Stevie Broon walks to the center of the ring, HVK walks up to him with an intense look on his face. Broon holds out his hand for a handshake with a serious expression on his face as well as he looks up at the taller wrestler.

    PC Stevie Broon: See you pal? Ah hope wu tear this bastar hooose doon. Good luck pal!

    Cohen: What was that? Did you guys get subtitles for that? I didn’t understand a word he said there!

    HVK doesn’t accept the handshake, he waits for the bell.....


    The giant champion forces a collar and elbow tie up with Broon, he starts to rag doll him around with pure power, shaking him like a dog shaking a toy. PC tries to break the hold but HVK holds the collar and elbow tie up tight, he leans back and pushes PC across the ring, the Scot lands hard on his back and rolls to the corner. HVK turns and roars at the crowds with his arms raised. The crowds respond with a mild applause. Broon wipes his mouth in thought and nods his head, he stands up and raises his hands, ready to engage the champion again. HVK goes to lock another collar and elbow tie up but Broon quickly falls and tries to trip the big man with a drop toe hold. The champion doesn’t even budge, he looks down at PC unimpressed with the toe hold attempt, he quickly reaches down and grabs Broon by the neck and thigh, he heaves the challenger right off the mat and over his head for a military press! The crowds ohh and aww at the ease of the move, the champion sends PC flying with a throw slam, he bounces and holds his back in pain. Broon tries to catch his breath on the canvas but HVK stands right by his head, he grabs PC’s wrist and hauls him roughly to his feet while swinging a very fast clothesline, dropping Broon to the canvas again, but HVK doesn’t let go of his wrist! He hauls him up again and plows Broon right in the face with a lariat causing the challenger to do a half twist in the air before landing on his stomach. HVK jumps and lands an elbow drop right on Broon’s back, causing the Scot to yell out in pain. He flips PC over for a pin 1......2...... Broon kicks out!

    Copeland: This is all Harald in the opening moments of this match. PC better start mounting some kind of offense or this will be a short contest.

    HVK grabs Broon in a hard headlock on the canvas. Broon rolls him over! 1.....2..... HVK barely kicks out of the surprise pin attempt! He tries to apply another headlock on Broon but the challenger quickly slips out the back, he grabs the champion in a headlock of his own, but his has fists plowing into the top of HVK’s skull! Over and over again PC sends the fists into Harald’s head while holding the headlock! The champion benches Broon off of him, sending PC in the air, causing Morse to duck because he flew so high, PC lands hard on his stomach. HVK jumps to his feet, breathing with intense anger as he watches Broon get to his feet. He launches himself off of the ropes and runs fast at Broon with a clothesline set up, Broon ducks and gives the huge man a back body drop right over the top ropes! Ohhhhhhh !!!!!

    HVK slaps hard on his side to the padded mats on the outside as the fans get to their feet. PC takes a moment to rest before climbing out through the ropes and stands on the apron. He measures a downed champion and jumps in the air, he nails HVK with a knee drop right on his chest! Broon does a quick front roll to his feet. PC walks around the ring, he lifts the material on the canvas to search under the ring for a weapon. He’s taking way too long as HVK gathers himself and gets to his feet. He shakes his head and stalks Stevie. Broon looks disappointed that he can’t find a particular weapon, but it doesn’t matter as he’s freight trained by the giant champion with a running European uppercut that can be heard outside the arena! HVK flares his nostrils as he watches Broon roll away towards the barricade.

    Connor: Watch this replay guys, look at this running European uppercut!
    Cohen: That would be enough force to stop a loaded bus!

    Copeland: Now it looks like the champion has weapons on his mind as he’s searching under the ring.

    Harald hauls out a steel chair from under the ring. He holds it high for the crowds to see before he stalks PC getting to his feet. He swings and cracks Broon right on the skull causing the Scot to immediately fall to the mats like he’s knocked out cold! The Mayhem champion smirks a little and study’s the dent on the steel chair. He raises it again and brings it down hard on PC’s shoulder! He raises it again and whips it right on the smaller man’s rib cage! He throws the dented chair into the crowds! Morse jumps through the ropes and looks at where the chair landed, he yells at HVK to be careful, the giant man ignores him as he grabs PC’s ankle and starts dragging him around the outside of the ring. He lets go and searches under the ring for more weapons, he hauls out a wooden table, he leans it on the barricade in an angle and puts a limp Broon on it. HVK casually walks all the way to the other side of barricade area. He hops on one foot, gives the crowd a look then sprints as fast as he can towards a prone Broon on the table, he jumps with his arms out, Broon rolls off the table to get out of the way! HVK is immediately aware and stops himself, Broon shakes his head, seemingly wondering why he didn’t hear any wood breaking, the Mayhem champion grabs Broon from behind and gives him a high German suplex right through the table! CRACK!

    Copeland: Broon gets NAILED through the table! What a high suplex! My goodness, he is taking a lot of damage right now!

    Cohen: And look at the champion Seabass! He’s taking his time, he’s not rushing it. I believe he’s enjoying this destruction in a deep, sickening way. We could be witnessing the end of PC Stevie Broon here tonight!

    Connor: Well, normally I would agree in these types of matches, it can go too far. But we’ve seen how tough PC can be, I think he can get through this and fight back.

    HVK drags Broon out of the broken wood. He throws him into the steel steps! Broon clangs off of them and rolls to his side, seemingly passed out. Morse is nearby, looking uneasy at the attack. HVK walks to the commentary table, he rips the cord out of the monitor and picks up the heavy cube of metal and glass. Broon crawls up the barricade to his feet but a flying monitor hits him hard on the back and thumps on the mats, Broon falls back and lands awkwardly on the monitor, bruising his side instantly. HVK flips up the material to look for more weapons, he makes a face when he doesn’t see what he wants, he walks around to a different side and flips up the material, meanwhile Broon rolls to his stomach, he does a slow military crawl on his forearms across the mats, he slowly rolls to his back, then rolls under the ring, out of sight. HVK’s eyes light up on the other side when he finds a weapon he’s happy with. He hauls out a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. The fans react as he lifts the bat in the air and roars. He walks swiftly around the ring hoping to see a Broon struggling to make it to his feet but the challenger is nowhere to be seen. HVK has a confused expression as he looks behind the commentary table, he walks around the other side, calling out PC’s name as he searches.

    Cohen: Maybe he’s just had enough! Call the match ref, he’s clearly too afraid to continue!

    Copeland: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Listen to this place erupt!

    PC Broon has emerged from the other side of the ring in full Police Riot Gear, complete with knee pads, heavy elbow and shoulder pads, chest protector and face shield, over the heavy chest protector he’s wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey. Broon shows the crowd his nightstick, he rolls in the ring and points it at a shocked HVK on the outside. The crowds continue to cheer as HVK looks around, then looks at his barbed wire bat, he crawls in the ring. He stands opposite of PC then takes a step towards him with the bat wound up to strike but PC shows off his amazing night stick skills, flipping it around his sides, over his shoulder, around his other side, twirling it like a helicopter blade then stopping it at his forearm with the handle firmly held, he stands in a defensive position. HVK is frozen in a swing stance, not believing the skill in front of him now. The Mayhem champion takes a half swing at Broon but the bat is instantly knocked out of his hands and a blur of black night stick strikes him on the thigh then shoulder blade, dropping the giant to his knees. PC spins around and locks HVK’s arm with his own then uses the handle of the night stick to control HVK’s jaw, he pushes forward and starts yelling in the champions ear that he needs to cease and desist! HVK rears back and squashes Broon, he wrenches the night stick away and tosses it out of the ring, the squash has no effect on PC as he jumps to his feet. HVK punches the face mask that causes PC to bob his head back but that has no effect either, he kicks Harald’s leg then ducks a haymaker, he jumps and nails HVK with a flowing DDT! Broon takes off the face shield and helmet then quickly makes the cover.....1......HVK kicks out but holds PC in a slam position as he casually stands to his feet, cradling the man like a child, showing incredible power. He whips back a fallaway slam but PC adjusts and lands on his feet! He nails HVK with a lariat to the back of the head, he quickly takes out handcuffs and clasps one end on HVK’s wrist, he clasps the other one and now HVK’s arms are handcuffed behind his back! PC Broon hoists up HVK showing his own power and hits his fallaway slam! signature move right on to the big man’s arms! PC hops over and hooks his leg...1......2.......3!! NO HVK kicks out.

    Connor: Oh that was so close guys! I thought that was it! I thought we had a new champion there!

    Cohen: What a smart move by PC Broon! I also thought that was the match Cat! What is the champion going to do now that his hands are handcuffed?! Broon HAS to keep on him here now that Harald has no arms!

    HVK manages to roll right out of the ring. PC follows him, he starts hitting HVK with rights and lefts on the outside, staggering the giant all over the place. Broon finds the night stick by the barricade, he twirls it around a few times then hits HVK in the leg, then arm, back, shoulder then gut, bringing the giant down to the mats to his back. PC throws the night stick then climbs on the apron. He measures HVK on the mats, but thinks it over, he turns and climbs higher to the top turnbuckle. PC taps his knee but doesn’t jump, his mouth is open in shock as he sees the Mayhem Champion somehow make it back to his feet without the help of his arms. The crowds show the champion respect for his heart. PC stops patting his knee, now he pats his forehead. He jumps and NAILS HVK with his signature Glesga Kiss headbutt nearly knocking both men out and sending them both to their backs on the mat. After a long while, PC gets to his side, he then hauls HVK to his feet, he slams the champions face off of the apron then rolls him in the ring. Broon rolls in after him. He measures HVK then hits a sidewalk slam on him, further hurting the handcuffed arms of the champion. PC drops an elbow then stands up, he runs the ropes and drops a knee on Harald’s head. He covers him....1.....2..... HVK barely kicks out. PC looks frustrated, he covers HVK again but this time hooks both legs... 1......2...... HVK kicks out! Broon mounts HVK and starts throwing punch after punch down on the champion with his signature mounted punches! After a dozen lefts and rights, he falls on HVK and hooks the leg....1......2.......HVK powers out again!

    Copeland: Ohhh that was so close to three! I thought that was it!

    PC rolls to his side, breathing heavy, a look of disbelief on his face. The crowds start chanting – GO BROON GO - LET’S GO HAR-RALD- in dueling chants. Broon stands up, but he looks on in even MORE disbelief as HVK has managed to make it to his feet again while handcuffed! The Mayhem Champion roars really loud, then continues to roar as sweat pours off of his face, his features turning beat red, his veins popping in his neck...... CLINK!!!!! HVK breaks the handcuffs and holds his arms in the air! The fans go crazy as PC lunges at him, he bites him, scratches and punches at HVK but the big man is numb now, he crashes Broon with a hard, handcuff assisted haymaker that drops PC to the mat immediately. He urges Broon to his feet after shaking himself out and gets ready to Release the Kraken. Broon stumbles to his feet and turns right into the vicious boot to the face. The champ falls into a cover...One!...Two!....Three!


    Harrys: The winner of this match by pinfall and STILL Mayhem Champion.....Harald Var Krigare!

    The fans stand and applaud the efforts of both men as they lay in the middle of the ring, spent.

    Copeland: What a Mayhem Championship match ladies and gentlemen! We had so much stuff happening here, the European uppercut that could’ve killed an ordinary man, the table, riot gear....

    Cohen: Always a fan of this type of violence and Harald has made it clear he wants to hang onto the title.

    Connor: These matches are so dangerous, we saw a war earlier with Grindhouse and Jabari, and another Mayhem war here with Broon and HVK. Harald beating up normal men just trying to see the health and well being of poor Morse, that was scary.

    Copeland: As we watch HVK celebrate with the Mayhem title, we are going away for a short break, don’t go anywhere as there’s tons more WZCW R-Awakening action coming up next!

    Harald stands on the turnbuckle and roars with his title held high as the camera cuts to the next scene.
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    Leon Kensworth is is standing by as the camera goes backstage.

    Leon: I'm standing outside the locker room of World Champion, Tyrone Blades. Our attempts at an interview thus far have proven unsuccessful. We will continue to......

    Leon is cut off by the sight of Wasabi Toyota waving the FlexAmerican flag. Flex himself soon enters frame.

    Flex: Leon, don't bother with that washed up loser. The real champion is here. Tyrone is fake news. The Commander and Chief, The King, he is here to.....

    Flex is interrupted by Eve Taylor shoving her way past Wasabi.

    Taylor: Rich talk coming from the weak link of Cerberus.

    Wasabi looks annoyed but Flex just laughs.

    Flex: You are just still upset that back in those days, I never let you get on the Flex Mussel Stimulus Package. When you lose tonight, who are you going to run and cry to? You have already burned all your bridges.

    Taylor: Don't worry. I'll be going home with the World Title tonight. When you lose, maybe you can cry into Wasabi's man boobs.

    The hulking Wasabi gets defensive and readies to fight, but Flex holds his arm out to settle him as Eve laughs and walks away.
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    Harrys: This next match is scheduled for a single fall under traditional rules!

    The lights fade into darkness. The soft sounds of "Intro" by The Xx begin to play as smoke slowly begins filling the entrance ramp. The lights flicker on for brief moments as bass drums pound like a beating heart. That is when we can begin to see the shadowy silhouette of Vega playfully moving his body to the music. Just as the drumline kicks in, two spotlights shine down on Vega from opposite sides of the arena. He stands there in the center of a foggy glowing "V" formed by the lights, basking in them, seemingly lost in the moment. Eventually, he slowly saunters his way down the aisle, almost staggering down as he contorts his body in different ways to take in as much of the crowd and moment as possible. Vega walks around the ring and approaches the crowd on the camera side. He gracefully hops onto the guard wall and stands there on top of it near the fans with his arms out wide, soaking in the crowd noise as if he feeds off of it. After a few moments of standing in glory, he hops off the guard wall and walks up the steel steps at the corner of the ring. Vega walks across the apron and spins around so he's facing the crowd again with his arms draped over the top rope behind him. He smiles confidently before lunging back, flipping backwards over the ropes and into the ring. Once inside, he stands in the center he holds out his hand in the shape of a gun and takes aim.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from New York City, weighing 175 pounds, he is Vega!

    Copeland: Here’s a young man who has the entire world as his oyster. Tyrone Blades sure did light a fire under Vega these past few months.

    Connor: If he wins here tonight, then surely that’ll put him ahead of the competition at Gold Rush.

    Cohen: He’s whined forever about wanting to break away from the Mayhem division. Well, this is his shot. You want to move up the ladder, you gotta beat the guys on the rung above you.

    Matt walks onto the stage looking more focused than usual. The crowd gives him a good ovation, but one not nearly as good as his opponent. He seems a little peeved by this. He walks down the ramp and stops by the ring apron, gazing around the arena. He’s not too far from home, here. He slides into the ring and climbs to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and sits on it. He takes his mask off, and glares across the ring at his opponent.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weight 235 pounds, Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: Anyone know what’s been eating Matt Tastic lately? You’d think he’d be in better spirits with the success of his school.

    Cohen: Vega rubbed him the wrong, of course. For him, this is a grudge match to right wrongs. He felt disrespected. He’s a goddamn Hall of Famer, and he should be shown some respect around here.

    Connor: Matt cost Vega a match against Eve Taylor, Jack. He has just as much to be angry about.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two wrestlers circle each other, trying to read each other’s first move, when suddenly Vega shoots forward and tries to land a double leg takedown, but Tastic forces him to the mat. He floats over, and applies a front facelock on the smaller man. Vega tries to pry his opponents hands off, as he starts to regain his vertical base. The former Mayhem champion grabs Tastic’s wrist and twists it. He applies a wristlock, as the Hall of Famer grimaces in pain. Matt rolls forward, counters, and twists Vega’s wrist instead. He bends the smaller man’s wrist back at an odd angle, controlling Vega’s movements. The smaller man rolls forward, freeing himself, and kicks the larger man off of him. He charges forward, but Tastic takes him to the mat with an arm drag. Vega rolls over and attempts to get to his feet, but Tastic still has control of his arm. He wrenches the smaller man’s arm behind his back and applies a hammerlock. Vega counters and traps the larger man in a headlock. Tastic immediately picks the smaller man up and drives him into the mat with a back suplex.

    Copeland: Looks like Matt got the better of the Vega on that exchange. Not sure if it’s wise for him to try and out-grapple the Hall of Famer, but Vega did say he wasn’t afraid of leaving his comfort zone.

    Cohen: If Vega would stop practicing all those damn kicks and brush up on his wrestling, he probably wouldn’t be in situations like these.

    Connor: Looks like he was straight overpowered to me, Jack.

    Vega appears to be dazed as he holds the back of his head. Matt grabs him and lifts the former champion to his feet as he applies a front facelock. He lifts Vega up, and tries to take him over, but the smaller man counters in mid air and lands behind the former world champion. He unloads on Tastic with leg kicks, finishing the flurry with a kick to the gut. Matt feels the wind being driven from his lungs, but he blocks out the pain, and goes right back on the attack. Vega grabs him by the head and delivers a stiff looking knee strike that appears to catch the Hall of Famer right on the bridge of the nose. Tastic grabs his face, and backs away as if he’s been burned. Vega spins and connects with a back elbow that stuns his opponent long enough for him to sprint over to the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope and knocks Matt off his feet with a flying forearm. Vega looks fired up! Matt gets to his feet, as the smaller man charges forward, blasting him with forearm shots. Tastic cuts him off with a knee to the gut, and clubs him in the back with a forearm shot of his own. The former world champion looks to be pissed, as blood pours from his nose.

    Copeland: Matt’s nose might be broken.

    Connor: Well, at least now he has a valid reason to lose his temper.

    Cohen: Vega complains about Tastic being the hothead, but then turns around and breaks the guys nose. What a hypocrite.

    Connor: It could have been an accident, Jack.

    The referee checks on Tastic and determines that his nose is not broken, and that the match will continue. Matt feels the blood beginning to solidify, and breathes a sigh of relief. He turns towards Vega and tells him to bring it, which the smaller man reciprocates with a dangerous looking smile. The two men charge each other, and begin wailing and pounding on each other in the middle of the ring. Matt throws a forearm, and Vega retaliates with one of his own. Vega ducks under Tastic’s next strike and kicks him in the leg. He kicks him again, and tries to finish the flurry with a kick to the gut, but Matt sees through it, and catches his foot. He drops Vega with a lariat. He quickly hoists him to his feet and applies a front facelock. He lifts the smaller man up and holds him above his head. The crowd watches in slow motion as he drives Vega into the mat back first with a delayed vertical suplex. Matt walks over and grabs the smaller man by the hair, and pulls him up. “Is that all you got Vega? Come on!” His opponent comes alive, rocking Tastic with a forearm shot. He tries to whip the larger man into the ropes, but Matt reverses and sends Vega rocketing forward. Vega bounces off the ropes, charges forward, ducks under Matts spinning heel kick, springboards himself off the middle rope and sends Tastic to the mat with a flying hurricanrana! He sprints over to the adjacent side, and springboards himself off the middle rope there, but Tastic reads it and falls to the mat. Vega misses, and rolls away.

    Copeland: Vega’s went to the well once too many times with those springboards. Tastic has them scouted.

    Connor: I’m impressed with how well Vega’s been able to push Matt in this match.

    Cohen: I’m surprised Tastic hasn’t gotten himself disqualified already.

    The action restarts, and Matt cracks Vega in the head with a standing enzuigiri, sending him crashing to the mat. He pulls the smaller man to his feet, grabs him by the left arm, and whips him into the ropes. Vega bounces off and heads straight for Tastic’s waiting arms. The larger man lifts him, and throws him into the air, looking to hit one of his signature maneuvers. But Vega has it scouted and catches him by surprise with a superman punch! Tastic looks to be stunned, as the smaller man lands on his feet. Vega runs, bounces off the ropes and charges forward. Sensing his opportunity, he steps up and extends his knee, blasting the Hall of Famer with his devasting Kill Shot! The step-up knee strike stuns everyone in the arena. The crowd can’t believe it. The announcers can’t believe it. Matt Tastic can’t believe it, even as he’s laying on the mat. He reaches up and checks his nose to find that it’s bleeding again. He pounds the canvas with his fist, as his eyes go red. He’s blinded by fury! He quickly begins to stand. Vega sees him, so he runs and springboards off the opposite ropes. He flies through the air, and nails his unsuspecting opponent with a flying Kill Shot! The former world champion has no time to dodge, as his body crumbles to mat in heap as Vega pins him: 1…2…3!

    Harrys: The winner of this bout, by way of pin fall, is Vega!

    Copeland: What the hell just happened? Vega hit the Kill Shot out of nowhere! Tastic had no time to react to the second one.

    Connor: Just like that, the match is over in the blink of an eye!

    Cohen: Tastic you fool; you let your guard down. Wow.

    Vega screams in victory, as the referee raises his hand. He celebrates by climbing the turnbuckle and posing to the crowd. They give him a massive ovation. Meanwhile, Matt is still trying to make sense of everything. All he can do is gaze down in disbelief at the dried blood on his hand.
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    Mikey Stormrage is at the catering area, stuffing his face with hotdogs.

    Stormrage: So yeah, a hotdog is totally a sandwich.

    Bob: A sandwich needs two pieces of bread.

    Mikey simply takes the bun and splits it in half.

    Stormrage: There you go. Two pieces.

    Matt Tastic walks up, looking dejected after his loss.

    Stormrage: Hey, Matt, settle a debate Bob and I are having. Are hotdogs sandwiches?

    Matt just looks at him and slaps the hotdog (which is totally a sandwich) from Mikey's hand and walks off.

    Stormrage: But why are you mad?
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    Harrys: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Palm Springs, CA weighing in at 175 lbs, Alice 'Babydoll' Adams!

    As the music starts Alice slowly and seductively walks onto the stage, wearing a gaudy all black swarvoski crystal covered fifties style burlesque robe with bubblegum pink feather trim as she makes an innocent face at the audience, she stops at the beginning of the runway to the ring, thirty seconds into the song she slowly rotates her hips, teasing the audience treating the match as one of her many burlesque performances; slowly unties the front of her robe and lets it freaks off of her shoulders, as soon as it hits the floor her whole innocent demeanor changes from innocent to seductive arrogance, she walks towards the ring with a look of determination and flawlessly slides into the ring. Once inside she flaunts towards the middle of the ring, throws her hands straight up into the air and slowly brings them down forward, caressing her front hips, legs and finally bending forward til she reaches her neat leather boot. She rises up, running her hands over the back of her legs, thighs and butt, after that she winks and blows a kiss to the audience.

    Cohen: Can she do that? I thought we were rated PG.

    Connor: I don't think she cares Jack and judging by the sound neither do the men in the audience.

    Copeland: She's not just getting in the head the audience, you know her opponenet Keith Kole was watching that.

    Harrys: and her opponents, introducing second from Manchester, England weighing in at 127 lbs, Annie Halloway!

    Before the theme music can play, the lights go pitch black. For a few seconds, nothing occurs. Then the music begins and static can be shown from the titantron. When a voice declares that things have fallen apart, the lights come back on and Annie can be shown from the ramp, arms extended and facing the titantron. She lowers her arms and turns around slowly, walking the ramp and exchanging slight glances with some of the members of the audience. Halfway down the ramp she stops and focuses solely on the ring. With a cold glare in her eyes she rushes down the rest of the ramp and slides in the ring, once getting up she looks at her surroundings and gives a few sadistic looking smirks before heading towards one of the top turnbuckles and raising her left arm and fist high up in the air for the world to see as she looks back at Adams with disdain in her eyes.

    Copeland: No love lost between these two women that's for sure.

    Cohen: They both debuted around the same time and have been trying to show each other who's better ever since.

    Connor: If you went by the record books Annie would have the distinct advantage but the crowd is mixed anyway.

    Harrys: And Introducing third from San Diego, CA weighing in at 230 lbs Keith Kole!

    The lights dim as the music plays. At about the 15 second mark Keith comes out in a flashy robe and arrogantly walks out onto the ramp. His manager Kassandra follows behind, partially embarrassed at Keith's confidence. Keith essentially struts to the ring, singing along at times as he slowly walks up the steps, stepping into the ring and standing in the middle of the ring arms outstretched head up in arrogance before smirking at his two opponents and winking at both of his opponents as they completely ignore him.

    Kole trying to play his own mind games but it doesn't look like its working.

    Halloway and Adams aren't having anything to do with Kole and whatever it is he's saying to them.

    If he's not careful he's going to find himself in a bad way when this match starts.

    The ref back the three combatants away from each other before anything can escalate, after telling them what he expects he calls for the bell.

    Ding, Ding, Ding!

    Kole continues to look at both women suggestively until finally they both have enough of Kole and punch him in the mouth, sending him reeling into the corner. They follow him and Annie hits a running knee but as Adams tries to follow it up with a move of her own she gets hit with a stiff missile dropkick that from Annie that sends her crashing to the mat and rolling to the apron.

    Annie using her brains to lure Adams in there and it looks like she going to follow it up with something else.

    That's sound strategy on her part. If she's able to take the others off their feet for long enough she will be able to concentrate on just a single opponent.

    Annie bounces off the ring ropes and hits Adams with a vicious European Uppercut that sends her crashing into the barricade behind her. Annie follows her out to the floor and picks her up just to slam her spine first back into the apron. As Adams is grasping her back in pain Kole gets to his feet in the corner and is able to grab her by the hair and with one hand pull her back onto the apron where he brings her back into the ring with a hard vertical suplex before going for the pin. 1... Quick kick out by Adams!

    Kole showing some life after being taken out early.

    Annie needs to get back in the ring quick before Keith takes over any more than he already has.

    It looks like Annie has some other plans before she gets back in the ring guys, look.

    Annie looks at the two people in the ring and quickly looks under the ring, stopping when she finds what she's looking for and pulls out a kendo stick. She sees Kole still talking trash to Adams while Kassandra is telling him to pay attention to Annie which he ignores. Seeing that he's not paying attention Annie slides into the ring behind him and nailing him in the back with the kendo stick she brought in with her.

    Halloway doing the smart thing and taking advantage of the fact that triple threat matches are no DQ and bringing in a weapon to take down the bigger and stronger Kole.

    She may not have broken any rules but the fans still aren't happy with what she chose to do.

    Annie ignores the boos from the audience as she looks down at Kole clutching his back and instead of hitting him again she tosses the kendo stick aside and hits Kole with a sitout jawbreaker and seeing him doubled over she grabs him by the hair and slams him face first into the mat before going for a quick pinfall of her own. 1…2.. Alice comes crashing down onto Annie breaking the pinfall.

    If not for Alice right there you have to think that this match would be over right there.

    I don't know Cat I think it will take more than that to keep him down. It was just one shot from a small woman.

    I don't know Jack, both of us have seen some things in WZCW that we never thought would happen.

    Adams pulls Annie up by her hair and slaps her in the face a few times before lifting her up and hitting her with a vertical suplex of her own. She lifts her up for a second one but doubles over when Kole hits her in the stomach with the discarded kendo stick. Looking down and laughing at the people at his feet he picks Alice up by her hair but when he goes to Irish whip her into the corner she is able to reverse it, sending him hard into the corner. She follows it up with a quick dropkick that sends Kole falling to the mat so she quickly fall into a cover. 1…2. Annie comes flying over and knocks her off of Kole and breaking up the pin.

    Annie breaking up a close two and Kole doesn't seem to be to happy about it.

    He needs to be careful how much attention he gives the ref because both his opponents are getting to their feet.

    As Kole continues to argue with the ref both Annie and Alice slowly get to their feet with Alice reaching Kole first and hitting him with a low dropkick right between his shoulder blades. Before she can follow up Annie is right there and grabs her by the hair and after returning the slaps from earlier hits her with a spinning heel kick that sends her crashing back down.

    Annie once again showing why she just may be the most promising rookie out of the three.

    I wouldn't say that quite yet Cat. It still looks like it could be anyone's ball game.

    As the announcers talk Kole gets to his feet and grabs Annie puts her in a full nelson before slamming her down hard into the mat. He goes to lift her up but gets caught in a small package, 1…2. Kickout! Kole quickly untangles himself from Annie and scrambles back until he hits the corner.

    This match was just a fraction of an inch away from being over.

    Kole will be alright Seabass. Judging by the look on his face he won't make that mistake again.

    Annie slowly gets to her feet and when she sees Kole in the corner she grabs A stumbling Alice and throws her into the corner with Kole. She quickly follows up with a high dropkick that knocks both people out of the corner and across the middle rope. Looking at her opponents and realizing she may not get another chances, she quickly runs across the ring and after bouncing off the ropes behind the she hits both of the with her Calculation (619) finishing move that sends both flying into the center of the ring. She ignores Alice and falls on top Kole as the referee falls down and counts the pinfall. 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Your winner of the match by pinfall, Annie Halloway!

    Annie knew she had to take out both of her opponents so she pulled out the only move in her arsenal that would guarantee that both stay down long enough for her to get the pinfall.

    I said it from the beginning Annie was my pick to win the entire time.

    Inside the ring Annie snatches her arm out of the refs hand and rolls under the ropes and down to the floor smirking at the bodies inside the ring as the she backs up the ramp.
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    Copeland: We have some footage of Titus and Garth Black arriving earlier today. Their differences in attitude are night and day.

    Cohen: Oh just because Titus has started to revert back to his old self doesn't give you the right to hound Black for not kissing the ass of these cretins who pack the arena.

    A side by shot of Titus and Garth Black arriving to the arena is shown. You can tell by the amount of light in each shot that Titus arrived much earlier in the day and posed for pictures with fans. When Black arrived, it was already dusk outside and he shoved cameras out of the way.

    Copeland: At least Titus is professional and shows up on time. He even posed with that mullet guy no one else would go near.

    Connor: Am I the only one weirded out that it is almost twenty nineteen and that man is still wearing a mullet?

    Cohen: Nothing about Florida surprises me Cat.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Little Italy, weighing in tonight at 275 pounds, he is “The Don” Tony Mancini!!!

    Tony smirks at the fans as he walks to the ring by himself. Once in the ring the ref checks Tony for weapons.

    Harrys: And his opponent, accom-

    Mark Keaton waved off his lackey Big Bad Roadie, telling him that he can handle this on his own. Roadie nods and walks back to the gorilla position.

    Harrys: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton!!!

    Mark bangs his head while he heads to the ring. He slides inside and plays air guitar for the crowd. He then takes off his leather jacket and hands it over to ringside personnel. Noticing Tony on the opposing end, he instinctively charges him and throws hands before the bell rings.

    Tony shoves Mark off and gives him a stiff clothesline. Keaton crumples to the mat in a blinding daze. Mancini remains relentless - climbing on top of him and throwing lefts and rights. The Remarkable One rolls off and gets Tony on the ground; elbows to the face. Referee Katie Shepard barks at the rocker to get off of him, and he does, but not before kicking him in the ribs. Mark runs the ropes as Tony gets back to his feet...Tony with a big Back Body Drop. Keaton favors his shoulder blades but continues to rush Tony, landing a boxer's uppercut. The mafia don staggers into the ropes. Keaton hammers him down and manages to get the top rope around Tony's neck. He proceeds to strangle him. The crowd cheers.

    Copeland: Fans here are absolutely savage. This is uncalled for.

    Cohen: Oh lighten up. It's not like Tony doesn't know his way around a garrote.

    After a Five Count, Keaton releases his grip. Tony sways forward, and Keaton grabs his neck from behind. Bulldog puts his opponent down as Keaton makes a big deal pinning him. It's good for a two with the kickout. Remarkable Mark lifts him back up but Tony stomps on Mark's foot. Keaton howls in pain, and tugs at the referee's shirt. Katie insists not to be touched while Mark makes his case. Tony rolls Keaton up for a one...two...and a kickout by the rock star.

    Tony lunges for Keaton and gives him a Bulldog of his own. It's sloppy and gets a chorus of boos. Tony tells the audience to shut up. A little girl in the front row audibly asks why he isn't in jail. Keaton crawls to the bottom rope and replies it's because of prison overcrowd in the United States, and it's a real problem. She answers back what can she do as a citizen to solve such a serious issue. Keaton tells her to call her state representative for more information just as he gets back to his feet and delivers a Standing Dropkick. It catches the mafioso near the neck and Tony is gasping for air.

    Connor: It appears both men are trying to get this match done with as soon as possible, as if whoever can keep the other down longest is the winner.

    Cohen: That's sort of how these things tend to go...

    Copeland: She has a point here though. This is a very smashmouth style they're going for. A breakneck assault really.

    Tony wraps his arms around Keaton and executes a Belly-to-Belly. Then he sounds off with a Guillotine Leg Drop. Another pin attempt, another shoulder goes up. Keaton rolls across the ring. Mancini sprints towards him with a forearm, but Keaton slips out of the way and folds his arms around Tony's head. He wrenches wildly as Tony flails.

    Katie asks Tony if he wants to quit. He shakes his head and searches for a rope break. Keaton kicks the mob boss's leg out from under him, sending him to one knee. Tony struggles, and reaches for Mark's head. Keaton moves around, avoiding his grasp. With no other choice, Mancini slaps Keaton's arm with his hand repeatedly. Katie Shepard calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner as a result of a submission...Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Copeland: I...don't remember the last time I've seen someone tap out to a Sleeper Hold. This is different.

    Cohen: Keaton worked on that neck a bit, practically took it off with the ropes. Tony was just out-mafia'd tonight.

    Connor: What is he doing?

    Mancini clutches his throat and rolls out of the ring. Keaton watches on in confusion. Tony waves off the cameras and kicks the banister blocking the superstars from the audience. He looks at the Florida crowd, and bitterly takes his gloves off. Tony tosses them down and storms out of the arena.

    Cameras catch up to him backstage. He doesn't pay them any mind - just walks down corridor after corridor until he reaches an exit. He kicks open the door and doesn't look back as the show goes to a break.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of Meltdown!

    Becky Serra is standing by inside the ring with something covered on a table. She smiles knowingly, and the audience erupts in cheers as they begin to realize what's going on. The GM watches on with a grand sense of purpose.

    Becky: Gold Rush season is upon us, and we here at WZCW wanted to shake things up a bit. Everybody knows about the GR Tournament that crowns our annual winner, and how they will go on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. But that won't be the only tourney leading up to Gold Rush...

    She pauses, letting the fans wonder what she means by that. Serra tugs teasingly at what is underneath the velvet sheet. The fans grow restless.

    Becky: That's right! Gold Rush will not only host a contender for the biggest prize in the business, but also a new champion.

    She can't contain her excitement, and reveals the coveted gold Constantine vacated months ago.

    Becky: I am proud to announce the reactivation of the Eurasian Championship!

    Rebecca removes the sheet. The centerpiece glistens as she gestures proudly at the gold. She stands still while the front row takes pictures of her and the title. She poses around the table confidently.

    Becky: Four prospects will vie for history and it will begin next week. Thank you all for being a part of this moment. We look forward to seeing you in Madison Square Garden...

    Stetson Hayes makes his entrance on horseback. He trots the Palomino slowly down the ramp - Stetson holding the reigns in one hand and a mic in the other. An American flag hung around his neck like a scarf. The praise for management dies at the sight of the cowboy. He raises the microphone to his face.

    Stetson: Look here...

    The Florida crowd turns hostile the moment he speaks. Stetson grimaces at the Amalie Arena. He unsaddles from his horse, and becomes surrounded by a ripple of jeers. He ignores them for a moment to pat the animal's neck, but then spooks her when speaking into the microphone.

    Stetson: Listen to me goddammit! I'm out here for one thing and one thing only, and as God as my witness I'm gettin' it!

    Hayes gives the reigns to personnel before stepping into the ring. He eyes the championship with awe.

    Stetson: Ever since I stepped into WZCW , I've made every man and woman I met tap out to my Texas Cloverleaf. I've got a popular program on yer network that's bringing in the big money for you and them others runnin' this place. I'm doing more than any average man could handle. So I gotta ask, with everything I've done in the short time I've done it, why am I not in this here tournament?

    Becky: Well that's a good question, Hayes. We could-

    Stetson: Tell me, Miss Becky, am I not qualified? Do my credentials not speak fer themselves?

    Becky: Yes, but let me make this offic-

    Stetson: Hell, way I see it this title deserves me, and it deserves a better damn name than Eurasian. That strap was made right here in America, so you best believe when I win your Gold Rush tournament, I'm taking that name and I'm gonna break it just like I'm breaking the legs of every sorry sumbitch that has the misfortune of gettin' pitted 'gainst me!

    Becky: Okay, you've made your point. Now if you could kindly-

    Stetson: Stop cutting me off, woman! You stand there and you pay attention to what I gotta say. That belt belongs 'round the waist of a rassler... a 'Merican rassler. I've sat around too long waitin' fer opportunities to come my way, but no more. Screw it. I came here to work. Your tournament needs a man like me. I don't need yer fucking permission, Rebecca. You can't afford not to slot me in! You can't afford to leave Stetson Hayes out of the history books! I am your next Eurasian Champion, and through me The South shall rise again!

    He places a hand over the prestigious belt, completely captivated by the golden shine. The cowboy turned to Becky Serra. He raised the microphone close to his lips while still touching the title. He spoke quietly to the General Manager.

    Stetson: Tell the others to stand aside while they can still stand.

    He tips his hat to her and drops his microphone. Stetson removes the flag from around his neck and circles around the title. He unfurls Old Glory and, in one fell swoop, covers the Eurasian Championship with it. The arena lose their minds at the show of jingoism. Stetson steps away from the scene with a grin across his face. He leaves a silent Becky Serra with The Stars and Stripes draped over the reactivated gold as R-Awakening goes to commercial break.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

    Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighting at 225 lbs, Titus Avison!!

    Titus Avison makes his way out, standing proudly on the entrance way as he looks towards the fans cheering him on. He takes it all in before making the walk down the aisle and posing in the corner.

    Connor: To think. Titus was once such an upstanding wrestler. He caved in to pressure and decided to use underhanded tactics. It paid off immensely but little by little, the old Titus seems to have come back thanks to working with Constantine.

    Cohen: So now that he's nice you like him? Garth Black is not a sellout. He knows what he wants and he will take it by any means.

    His opponent, from the Last Chance Saloon, weighing at 15 Stone, he is Garth Black!!

    Garth Black emerges on stage and the crowd has no love for him. Garth just responds with sneering and brushes it off before walking down the aisle.

    Copeland: The former World Champion made his return at Kingdom Come. He seems to be looking for a comeback but has been somewhat distracted by personal issues with Titus.

    Cohen: Say it like it is. Garth knows Titus is favored. He's the golden boy. After all these years, Titus receives no punishment for any action he takes but Garth is constantly looked down upon.

    Connor: What is Garth doing?

    As Titus turns to hand away his shirt, Garth takes the split second he see's. He dashes across the ring swiftly. Almost desperately and slides right under the former Eurasian Champion and hits him right between the legs with his arm for a very blatant low blow. Referee Keith Morse admonishes Garth for his actions. But sure of himself, Garth argues back. No bell has been rung yet so he cannot be disqualified as Titus clutches himself, on his knees in agony.

    Connor: I can't believe Garth Black. What a despicable move!

    Cohen: But a perfectly legal one. The match has not started.

    Copeland: Legal or not, its up to Titus to accept the match after said action.

    Just like Copeland says, the referee Keith Morse tries to verify Titus' condition and tries to get him to stand down. But of course, Titus refuses any help or to give up the match. He urges that he's fine even though clearly that is not the case. Basically held up by his knees as he tries to rally himself back into a vertical base. Garth can't help but mock his fallen adversary. Goading him into making a mistake. Instead, Titus responds with a hand sign. Telling Garth to “Just Bring It”. As such, Keith Morse has the bell ring.

    *Ding Ding Ding*
    Garth charges, letting his hatred for Titus boil over. He charges across the ring again, trying to take a wild swing at his adversary but Titus see's it coming. He's goaded Garth into making the mistake. Titus dodges the would-be Clothesline, slipping behind Garth and stops. Garth does so too and turns around. Running into an unexpected slap across the face from the British-born Hall Of Famer. Garth drops and is held up by the ring ropes, clutching his cheek in shock from the blow. He expected equal anger from Titus. Instead he got an indignant blemish to the face. Rather than jumping in again in frustration, Garth instead takes Titus down with a Headlock, holding him down against the canvas but Titus doesn't stay down for long. Titus uses his legs and scissors them around Garth's head and uses them to pull himself out of the hold. Garth's head is stuck and held between Titus' legs in a rather odd position, but not for long as Garth pulls himself out of the hold. He tries another Clothesline but yet again, Titus ducks out of the way. Garth bounces against the ropes and Titus looks to vary his offense a bit. He tries a Swinging Neckbreaker but Garth pushes him away. Now it's Titus who finds himself bouncing off the ropes and as soon as he does, Garth decks him across the neck with a Clothesline. Titus couldn't even see it coming as he flies over the top rope and on to ringside.

    Copeland: Garth tried to goad Titus. It didn't work but he did succeed hitting Titus from behind.

    Connor: Going with what usually works I suppose. I guess that makes sense. Even if it's underhanded tactics.

    Cohen: Really? Wasn't Titus the guy who hit about 10 low blows in a single Lethal Lottery a couple of years ago? Now you paint him as being all noble?

    Titus crumples on to the ringside floor face down. Garth goes after him outside and tosses Titus hard against the ringside barricade, bouncing him off hard with Titus leaving him feet and almost flying over into the crowd. Garth starts to argue with said crowd as they try to give him a hard time. He taunts them while pointing to Titus mockingly. Titus tries to fight back but takes a right hook to the cheek. A receipt for the slap earlier that sends Titus staggering around the ringside area. He stumbles over the ringside steps as Garth pursues him. Seeing a small opportunity, the vulnerable Titus kicks the same steps he tripped over against Garth, surprising him and knocking him over them. Titus chops Garth repeatedly, managing to fend him off. He hits a big European Uppercut before sending Garth back into the ring and Titus himself returning. Before Garth can realize what's going on, Titus sends him into the corner and hits him with a Kesagiri Chop. Similar to before, Garth almost flips over the turnbuckle, just barely avoiding a nasty fall. He does improvise however and backflips onto the ring apron. Titus seems a bit surprised by that odd display of athleticism. Titus goes for a Spinning Heel Kick but Garth ducks it. Titus uses the ropes to avoid taking a nasty fall, holding onto them but as he manages to land on his feet, Garth grabs him and snaps his neck on the ropes. Titus whiplashes off the ropes. Garth doesn't waste any time and gets back into the ring and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker to Titus, adding more damage to the neck right after it was whipped off the ropes. Garth doesn't waste any time. After Titus' head gets slammed against the canvas, Garth goes right for the cover, hooking the leg as Keith Morse drops to count it. 1… 2……. 3-But Titus kicks out almost instinctual as his eyes seemed closed as the cover was made.

    Connor: Titus barely hanging on there after that Neckbreaker and getting his neck snapped off the ropes. He's gonna have to watch out for a possible concussion and it might just stop him cold in this match.

    Copeland: Titus is a battle-hardened veteran and he's been known to use the same kind of tactics Garth is implementing right now. He knows what he's in for.

    Right, now you admit Titus used to cheat.

    Titus rolls over to his stomach. Trying to get his bearings about whats going on but Garth is not letting up. He see's Titus is hurt and begins to stomp on him repeatedly. Arms, legs, knees, but most of all, the neck. Garth seems to stop just to deliberately stomp on the neck. Titus tries his best to cover up and avoid punishment but it's not much cover to use your hands. He doesn't stop trying to get back to his feet though, doing his best despite the stomps. Titus catches one of Garth's plain black boots and pushes him away. Taking advantage of the small window of opportunity, Titus gets back to his feet. Garth tries an Enzuigiri but Titus once again relies on the good ol' duck to avoid it, leaving the former World Champion falling flat on his face against the ring canvas. Garth does his best to keep his wits about him and tries to get back up fast. Sadly for him Titus is prepared and catches him with a Sleeper Hold, looking to stop Garth cold. Titus cranks on the hold and puts his body weight on Garth Black's back, looking to do anything he can to slow down his rival but Black is still fresh. He tries to go for the ropes but the weight of carrying a Hollywood movie star proves to be too much and Garth is unable to reach them. Rather than acting rashly and wasting oxygen, Garth calms himself down and finds the opening to get out of the hold. He sidesteps and drives Titus down with a Russian Legsweep. Once again, Garth Black hits Titus Avison's neck and its clear the damage is starting to weigh as Titus cradles and holds said back neck while laying on the canvas. Garth is more steady in his attack now. Instead of stomps, he places his foot on Titus' back. He then uses both his hands to pull on the creator of the Titus Mile Zone's head, bending said neck in an awkward position. Referee Keith Morse makes sure to check there is no eye gouging, hair pulling or choking involved with the hold. Eventually, Garth releases and Titus' head sprints forward and bounces off the mat violently. Garth goes for the cover. 1………. 2……..….3- But Titus kicks out. Garth didn't even bother hooking the leg this time.

    Cohen: Garth seems to have a solid plan going for that neck. Not gonna claim that's cheating too, right?

    Copeland: Well, it's not cheating. I am noticing that Garth is getting a bit careless as he's got the advantage.

    Cohen: How can he be careless if he's in control?

    Connor: Titus will have to figure that part out.

    Garth continues to work on the neck with various holds. Titus tries to fight back and manages to toss Garth over with an Armdrag. He follows it up with a kick right to the cheek. The same one that got slapped earlier and it's almost like Garth can feel an extra sting by remembering that. Titus still doesn't stop though and leaps upward with his legs stretched out and tosses Garth over with a Huracanrana. Not wasting time, Titus goes to the apron. He clutches his neck as he grabs the turnbuckle and begins to climb it slowly. Garth is left dizzy after the Huracanrana but still tries to catch his bearings. Too late though as Titus is on the top of the ropes and leaps off, taking aim and hitting a Flying Clothesline, surprising Garth. Right away, Titus attempts the Tit Drop but Garth sees it coming and avoids it. Not skipping a beat, Garth places Titus on his shoulders, looking for his own finishing move the Black Out but Titus gets out of it. He grabs Garth's ankle and pulls on it to knock him down. Titus attempts to crank the Ankle Lock but right away Black rolls forward to get out of the hold. He then whips Titus across the ring and on to a corner. Garth charges in for Getting Of The Wagon but Titus leaps over the ropes and to the apron. As he does so he stops to grab his pained neck. Not to wait, Garth knocks Titus off the apron and leads to Titus hitting the barricade, adding more damage to the neck. Garth quickly goes after him and tosses him back into the ring. Garth tries to go for the same Swinging Neckbreaker that worked earlier but Titus see's it coming. He counters it and attempts a Northern Lights Suplex but Garth puts on the breaks. He hits Titus in the back and follows it up with an STO.

    Copeland: It seems things are more even now as the action goes back and forth. However Titus' neck is still under pressure.

    Cohen: You guys just focus on Titus' neck. But what about Garth?

    Connor: He did have the advantage. But he got careless.

    Not letting up, Garth goes for the cover. This time, he makes sure to hook the leg and also presses the shoulders. 1…….. 2………… 3-But once again Titus kicks out as Garth argues with referee Keith Morse, grabbing him by the collar, but ultimately giving up the argument to avoid a Disqualification. Instead he sends Titus to the corner and forces him up, placing his legs on the outside as Garth climbs after his would-be prey. He measures, placing Titus' arm over him for a Superplex but before Garth can follow through, Titus fights back with a series of body blows. Blowing the air right out of Garth's lungs, he has no choice but to stop to alleviate the pain. But doing so give Titus an opening. He grabs Garth and off the top rope, he grabs both sides of Garth's bald head and proceeds to leap, hitting a massive Swinging Neckbreaker of his own as both bodies slam down back first across the canvas. The impact so big both men bounce several times off the wooden battlefield. The crowd is amazed by the seemingly out of nowhere maneuver and cheer on with a chant that best describes what just happened.

    *Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!*
    As both men seem to be down and out, it takes a while before either one can follow up after the devastating blow. Using every ounce of their willpower to pull themselves back up which they both manage to do at once. They may be up, but they stand on spaghetti legs. Titus takes a wild swing. “Yay!!” the crowd cheers. Then Garth responds with a swing of his own. “Boo!” the fans boo. Titus retaliates. Then Garth. Back and forth they go as each blow seems to do more to wake them up rather than slow them down. The intensity of each blow increases. The ferocity in their eyes grows. But suddenly Garth changes up. He sticks his hand out and grabs Titus' face and proceeds to rake his eyes. Referee Keith Morse scolds Garth for his illegal tactics as the former World Champion feigns an apology. He headlocks Titus, pulling him to just the perfect angle. A leg goes in between Titus' own legs, hitting him between them and below the belt. All done from the perfect point of view that doesn't let Keith Morse see what just happened. Titus collapses. Once again with pain in the crotch.

    Connor: Are you kidding me?! Justify that, Cohen!

    Cohen: Hahaha. Brilliant. He managed to hide it from the ref.

    Copeland: Garth Black just stops Titus dead in his tracks with the lowest of tactics.

    Garth catches his breath for a bit, knowing Titus is gonna have a harder time doing the same. He yells at him and mocks him. His anger once again boiling over. Referee Keith Morse is none the wiser about what happened. Not really asking himself why Titus fell down grabbing his crotch. He sees too many weird things as it is. Garth sends Titus into the corner where he beings his 12 Step Programme. Ten mounted punches followed by a kick and a Monkey Flip as the pained Titus flies overhead and falls back first on the ring canvas. Pain to the back. Pain on his neck. And pain down under. The match is taking a great toll on the Hall Of Famer as Garth pursues. He pulls him to his feet and Titus manages to kick him in the gut, stopping him for a second, giving Titus just enough time to once again try the Tit Drop but to no avail. Garth once again sends him to the corner. His main moves tending to favor that part of the ring. Garth measures Titus there and gathers speed by dashing across the ring for Getting Of The Wagon but just seconds before impact, Titus falls down and Garth crashes and burns. His sternum hitting the top turnbuckle, Garth drops to one knee and sees Titus on the floor. It seems all the punishment has led to Titus simply collapsing so Garth decides to try again. He places Titus on the corner. This time he wraps the arms around the ropes to secure him. Garth now grabs his chest in pain as he makes the rather slow walk across the ring. Once again he measures and runs across but this time Titus stops feigning. As he did earlier, he leaps for a Huracanrana. This time using the ropes to aid him and uses the move to launch Garth face first against the corner. Both men stagger in pain and end up bumping into each other. Just like earlier, they exchange blows. The crowd cheers for Titus while they boo Garth. Unlike before, they do not become more motivated with each blow. They stay the same pace. As if each hit is their last and they will fall but they just barely manage to hold on. Garth musters a small burst of energy and hoists Titus onto his shoulders for the Black Out. But yet again, Titus gets out of it, slipping behind him. As soon as he does, Garth sees the perfect chance. Once again he extends the leg. He goes for yet another low blow. But this time…… Titus sees it coming!!

    Copeland: No more says Titus!! Garth Black has gone to the well too many times and Titus has caught on.

    Cohen: If Titus had a brain he would've let Garth hit him and taken the low blow.

    Connor: That's not the Titus we are seeing here tonight. We're seeing a fighter here and he does not want to use underhanded tactics like Garth Black does.

    Titus hits a series of chops. He hits a pair of Kesagiri Chop and a Spinning Wheel Kick as Garth is reeling. But he doesn't let up. He manages to surprise Titus with an Enzuigiri. Right on the bad neck of Titus who falls to one knee. Garth freezes. Questioning if it actually worked for some reason. Turns out his suspicion was right as Titus manages to shrug it off. All Titus does is hold his neck as he gets back up perfectly steady. As well as angry. Garth almost seems in shock, incapable of moving. But then suddenly, Titus once again drops to one knee. The tough guy facade cracks and Garth laughs. So he decides to go for another Enzuigiri. But yet again, he misses. He can't believe it. He faceplants against the canvas again and just like that, Titus surprises him with The Tit Drop!! Titus wastes no time making the cover. 1………… 2…………. 3-But in the very last possible second, Garth Black kicks out. Both men are exhausted. They lay on the canvas. Titus seems to be out of ideas. But he brushes it off. He stands right back up and hits a second Tit Drop!! But this time, no cover. Instead, Titus drags himself to the corner. He climbs it and measures it. He waves one final goodbye. The Red Comet Flies!! Titus leaps with his aerial finishing maneuver that connects perfectly. Titus ignores all pain until he lands. Then he lets gravity be and simply falls on Garth Black. 1……….. 2…………. 3!!!

    Here is your winner, Titus Avison!!

    Titus gets up and immediately drops to his knees again exhausted, catching his breath. Referee Keith Morse raises his arm in victory as ringside assistant begin to tend to the downed Garth Black who is too out of it to argue with them.

    Copeland: What a battle we have just witnessed. Everything Titus had to overcome to win here tonight and Garth Black digging as deep as he can.

    Cohen: Yeah, sure. Praise Titus. Garth Black proved he is one of the best here tonight and Titus just got lucky in the end. Garth is willing to go to any length to win and I personally applaud that level of commitment.

    Connor: Of course you do. I don't deny that Garth Black is an incredible athlete. But as Titus just proved, cheaters never prosper.
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    Narrator: Eleven years ago, WZCW unveiled a new title. It was placed up for grabs at Civil Revolution 2007 in a match in Las Vegas, not far from company headquarters. It became a core piece of WZCW history, shaping and defining the careers of many who have held it.


    Narrator: WZCW Hall of Famer, “The One” Big Will was the first Elite X champion…

    "The One” Big Will celebrates, holding the title above his head after defeating Gus, El Guerrero, and Mohammad Hasheem in a Fatal Four Ladder match.

    Narrator: After that, eight other future world champions would earn this title, and each of them held it with pride. There’s a certain kind of allure being able to call yourself an elite. The elite. It’s a moniker that past champions have worked hard to bestow upon the belt.

    There are scenes of Titus battling Vengeance at Civil Revolution 2009, Austin Reynolds fighting Chris Beckford at Unscripted 2010, and Showtime pummeling Baez on Ascension 25.

    Narrator: Steven Holmes was a firm believer in the mantra “the title doesn’t make the man.” He renamed the belt after himself, and the Elite championship became an extension of his own body. Future rival Triple X felt the same way. He fought to restore the “X” in the title, not because it was the belts original name, but because he felt it represented him as an individual. The Elite X title wasn’t named for any part of the world, nor was it defined by any match type. The title became shaped by the unique images of those that held it, until the belt became a reflection of the champions themselves.

    Shots of Steven Holmes and Triple X fighting it out on Ascension 45, with additional scenes of Triple X taking on Johnny Scumm at Kingdom Come IV.

    Narrator: Big Will, Gus, Sam Smith, John Constantine, Austin Reynolds, and Matt Tastic have all won this title twice. The current and reigning Elite Openweight champion, Callie Clark, has won it on three separate occasions.

    Scenes of Callie Clark defeating Batti at Gold Rush 2017 flash onto the screen, followed by another of her upsetting WZCW Hall of Famer Matt Tastic in his home country on Meltdown Madness 146, and finally one of her beating Lynx on Meltdown 150.

    Narrator: There’s an argument that can be made that Callie Clark is the greatest Elite Openweight champion of all time. Her creativity, her uniqueness, and her passion can all be reflected by the glistening gold on the belt's face plate, and the brilliance in the rubies and diamonds. The title shines, because its owner shines. The belt is not prestigious because of what it represents, but rather who it represents.

    A recap of the feud between Callie Clark and Mikey Stormrage. From the announcement on WZCW.com, with scenes of Mikey blowing up Callie’s private bathroom, to Chuck Myles announcing the steel cage match on Ascension 130, ending with Callie besting both Titus Avison and Mikey in a match later on that same show. The next scene slows at it shows Callie and Mikey teaming together on Ascension 131. The larger man tries to make peace in a comical fashion, only to be punched below the belt by the champion, who stomps away in a huff.

    Narrator: This is the latest saga in the history of the Elite Openweight title. Callie Clark and Mikey Stormrage fight for the same reason as those that came before them did. To represent themselves as something greater than ordinary. Callie has built an empire on her character alone. At R-Awakening, in a steel cage match, these two opposing personalities will collide. Can Mikey topple that empire, and start his own by injecting his identity into the belt, or will the championship continue to shine only for the woman that has held it more times than anyone else? Find out next!

    There’s a long scene featuring photos of every Elite Openweight champion flowing down a line in quick succession until it ends with Callie Clark next to a question mark. The scene disappears, being replaced by one with she and Mikey standing side by side. The jolly giant has his arms folded, with a smile on his face, while Callie holds the title belt on her shoulder, with a look of disgust on hers.
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    Harrys: The following is a cage match, and it is for the Elite Openweight Championship.

    Cohen: Openweight? Is it not the Elite X?

    Connor: No.

    Copeland: It's been Openweight for 3 years now

    Cohen: You're such a Killjoy.

    Harrys: Introducing first from South West Puerto Rico, at a weight of a 361 pounds. He is the Hall of Famer...Mike Stormrage

    Mikey runs out full of energy. By run I mean he slowly toddles down the ramp cos he's fat. He gives some fans hi 5's and gets in the ring. By fans I mean people at ringside, he went to the optometrist yesterday and can't see properly yet. He sits down and takes a rest because he's tired himself out already.

    Copeland: Quite an ovation for Mikey there. Don't forget he only needs to win the Elite Openweight title to win the grandslam.

    Cohen: Firstly he needs to win the Mayhem belt. Second of all it should be Elite X.

    Connor: Who decided the Mayhem was part of the Grand slam? It's WHC, Elite Openweight, EurAsian and Tag OR Mayhem.

    Cohen: Justin Cooper.

    Copeland: Eugh. Really?

    Harrys: And his opponent from New York, New York weighing in at 100 pounds. She is the current reigning Elite Openweight champion. Callie Clark.

    Clark heads out to a reign of boo's to the crowd. Her cosplay of choice is Chucky. She struts down holding the belt high and proud. She is confident and alone.

    Connor: OH Callie Clark, showing the women how to do it.

    Cohen: Fun fact the Elite championship weighs in at 16lbs. That's 16% of Callie's weight. If this was Mikey how much would the belt weigh at 16%?

    Copeland: 57.76lbs? At a guess?

    Cohen: Dammit Seabass!

    Both competitors enter the ring and Callie gives her belt to Katie Shepard.

    Harrys: The following is a cage match and there are four ways to win. Pinfall. Submission. Go through the door and climb over the top.

    Connor: If Callie's going to win she's over the top.

    Cohen: Mikey will have to win by pinfall. He can't climb the cage or fit out of the cage door.

    Copeland: Usually I'd say it depends who wants it more but I think both do. This is immense.

    Katie Shepard looks up as does Mikey and Callie as the crowd begin a slow clap. The cage slowly lowers and once it is in place the crowd lose their shit. The bell is called.

    Callie and Mikey look at each other. As the bell is called Callie turns her back immediately and begins to climb. Like a rocket she clambers up the cage. The crowd, Shepard and Stormrage are shocked as they don't know what's doing. Suddenly Callie is near the top. Mikey looks to decide what to do. Rather than going for the door he slams himself into the cage.

    The Elite champion falls from the cage to a crash. The 15 foot tall makes Callie Clark hit the mat. Mikey looks around as to what to do. He heads for the door and has second thoughts. Keith Morse, the outside referee, opens the door but Stormrage changes his mind. He goes for the cover. 1..2..KICK OUT!

    Connor: The resolve of Clark to kick out there!

    Cohen: Mikey with a silly move there.

    : Correct Jack, if he went for the exit he could be the Elite Openweight Champion now.

    The crowd boo as somehow Callie kicks out. Stormrage picks her up and bounces her into the ropes (and the cage) she bounces back. Mikey, however, hits a side-walk slam as the champion hits the mat. Mikey picks her up again he goes for the rope bounce. Another slam this time the Fallaway slam.

    Callie crashes again as Stormrage picks her up for the third time. The champion has already been through a lot and he looks to the cheering crowd. Mikey picks up Callie again and heads to the turnbuckle. He climbs up to the third rope and BAM he hits the Seated Senton. He covers 1...Kickout.

    Connor: How did?

    Cohen: Did that really happen?

    Copeland: That's right, somehow after the beating she's had already Callie Clark has kicked out after 1! I guess you could say she's making it look like...

    Cohen: Child’s Play 3: Look Who’s Stalking?

    Connor: I think Child’s Play would suffice.

    Mikey Stormrage turns and punches the cage, it rattles but Callie has now stood up. Her smile seems worse due to her Chucky Costume. A lone voice from the crowd shouts “Marry me Callie” her face turns to disgust. She turns to Mikey. She kicks him in the back of one knee. He winces. She kicks the second. He crashes onto both knees. Callie then hits the Pele kick. Mikey hits the mat.

    Callie turns him onto his back. She climbs the ropes onto the top rope and signals for the CalliASSault. She jumps and the best moonsault ever connects with Stormrage. The crowd boo as she smiles and covers the Hall of Famer. 1...2...kick out! Very close by Stormrage there.

    Copeland: Wow! Kickout by Stormrage that CallieASSault was amazing though.

    Cohen: She does have quite the ASSault though.

    Connor: It's like a cannon.

    Callie picks up Stormrage as both competitors begin trading punches and slaps. The crowd do their usual yaaa, boo but I'm not writing it in big bold there's no need. The crowd are really behind the Hall of Famer. Callie bounces back on the rope and does a leaping jump to hit a dive. Mikey avoids it as Callie clashes into the cage.

    She bounces back as the crowd cheer the almost rag doll look of Chucky. Mikey grabs her and throws her into the other side of the cage. Another crash. Stormrage decides to go for a third. Clark, however, Jumps up and bounces on the second rope. She decides to start Climbing. Stormrage decides to join in and starts climbing himself.

    Copeland: Some smart thinking by Callie there but Mikey has a point to prove that he can do this too.

    Cohen: He's coming out of his cage, and he's doing just fine.

    Connor: Both looking weary already as they go for the ascent.

    Cohen: The Callie ASScent.

    Both competitors make their way up the 15 foot cage. 5 foot is easily cleared but their weary bodies climb further. Six foot the crowd chant. Mikey. Mikey. Seven Foot they cheer further. Mikey Mikey. Eight foot they get louder. Nine foot the crowd is almost electric.

    At the other side Callie is about the same. She loses her grip and the crowd shout to Stormrage so he knows that she's lost her footing. Rather than continuing his slow ascent he speeds up. Ten. Eleven. He slips. Both hands slip. He falls and hits the mat. The crash of the 350+lb behemoth causes Clark to lose her footing too as she falls to the mat too.

    Copeland: OH MY GOODNESS!

    Cohen: Whoa Seabass getting emotional.

    Connor: They both just fell over ten foot.

    Cohen: I suppose so.

    Katie Shepard doesn't know what to do as she decides to get the door to the cage open and Keith Morse rushes in too. Shepard checks Stormrage as Morse checks Callie. The crowd are in stunner silence. Then there's a small rumble. Let's go Mikey. A smaller chant. Callie Clark! Let's go Mikey. Callie Clark. The chant gets louder as both competitors begin to move.

    Morse leaves the cage and the door is shut once again. The crowd is almost at deafening level with it and Callie Clark is the first to her feet. Mikey makes his way up to his feet but before he can another Pele kick knocks him back down. Callie decides to go for the CallieASSault once again. She connects. 1...2...Kick out!

    Connor: Oh I thought my girl had it there.

    Cohen: Mikey is playing it resilient here.

    Callie decides to climb the ropes again and hits her third CalliASSault but instead of going for the pin she decides to climb the cage again. Still recovering from her ten foot tall her climb is slow but it matters not at Stormrage hasn't even stirred.

    Callie makes it to the top of the cage a slow climb for sure. She looks down at Mikey as the crowd chant for a CallieASSault but she decides to pose to a chorus of boo's. That's the worst call she's made all night as out possum Stormrage crashes into the cage again. Callie falls but Mikey catches her straight into the Game Over. The worlds strongest slam hits the champion to the mat.

    Copeland: In all my years in WZCW I Haven't seen anything like that.

    Cohen: What must be going through Callie's mind?

    Connor: What must be going through Mikey's mind?

    Copeland: I believe the hall of famer smells victory.

    Mikey looks shocked that he managed to pull it off. He points to Callie and signals for the R.A.M but the crowd boo they don't want to see the coquina clutch. Mikey strokes his beard then points indicating a pin. They boo louder. He walks to the door of the cage, smiling and the crowd boo louder.

    Mikey looks up at the cage and down at Clark. He poses like he's holding the Elite belt like Callie does (you know the behind the head one? What sort of grown man would do that?) and the crowd go crazy. He starts his climb. He climbs on the right side of the ring with Callie wiped out.

    His climb is quick, even by Mikey standards, and the crowd is electric. He makes it to the top and sits to take a breather. He stands up as Callie has made her way to her feet. She shouts for Morse to open the door. He does. Mikey looks around and signals for the...CallieASSault! The door is open as Mikey points to her. Callie rushes to the door as Mikey Stormrage leaps from the top of the cage delivering a CallieASSault!

    There's no reaction from our Spanish announcers, however, as Mikey didn't do the CalliASSault in the ring but out of it. He cushions his fall on the Spanish announcer table and hits the mat. Callie jumps out the cage as well but is all in vain?

    Copeland: Which one were you watching? What happened there?

    Cohen: Mikey's lost his mind.

    Connor: She made it out the cage though.

    Copeland: Mikey hit the ground first.

    Connor: Callie did!

    The crowd have no idea how to react. Mikey Stormrage and his 361lbs are crashed out. Callie is standing shouting at Keith Morse for her belt. He shakes his head no!

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match and NEW Elite Openweight champion...Mikey Stormrage.

    Connor: I'll say this to Callie, she's done me proud.

    Copeland: Mikey Storage has done it. Not that he knows yet!

    Cohen: Seriously what was he thinking? Was he drunk to think up half the things he did?

    Katie Shepard places the belt around Mikey Stormrage's waist. He's still unconscious as EMT's rush to see him. The crowd are loving it as his music can be heard around the arena.
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    A final split screen shot of Eve, Flex, and Tyrone walking out of their locker rooms is seen.

    Copeland: Three of the best our business has to offer. One making this march for the final time. Only one will leave Florida as World Heavyweight Champion.

    Connor: The look of determination is evident on each of their faces. This match will alter the career of whoever walks out with their hand raised. Can Eve become the first female to win two World Titles? Can Flex capture his first? Will Tyrone retire as champion?

    Cohen: Our main event, is next!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening and is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    The crowd roars as they know that after a long night of hard hitting action, they get one more bout for the biggest prize in the game.

    Copeland: Truly a talent filled main event.

    Cohen: We are in for a real treat. Few World Title matches have been this wide open in the past.

    Connor: A Hall of Famer, a potential future Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest tag team specialists of all time on one of the hottest streaks in recent memory. This should be good guys.

    Making her way down the runway: standing in three inch stilettos and weighing 145 pounds... "The Alternative" Eve Taylor!

    Boos reign down as the lights go down. A spotlight comes on Eve as the former World Champion makes her way into the spotlight. She holds her head down, before she lifts it slowly. She has her eyes focused on the ring, ignoring the crowd as she struts with purpose to the ring. She then sprints up the steps and into the ring where the lights go off. The lights come back on and Eve is on the second rope, her arms raised. She looks ready to regain her lost title.

    Connor: I don't know about you two, but Eve looks ready tonight. I think she has the fire inside, after being overlooked these past few weeks, to prove the world wrong.

    Cohen: She doesn't stand a chance. She is taking on a true patriot and revolutionary in Flex Mussel. Her time in the sun has passed.

    Copeland: Eve has her share of quality wins, including notable Elite and EurAsian Title reigns, but it will be a tough test tonight to regain the title she lost at Kingdom Come.

    Making his way to the ring, "King" Flex Mussel!
    The King makes his way onto the stage waving the FlexAmerican flag. He has the FlexAmerican title around his waist. The fans boo him as he marches to the ring. He waves the flag around before planting it and getting into the ring. "FU-SA!" The fans chant at him.

    Cohen: Here is the next champ right here. Raw power and cunning. No one can stop Flex!

    Copeland: Flex, the only one in the match who isn't a former World Champion, but he has had arguably the hottest streak the past few weeks. Just an absolute tear since he retired Batti at Kingdom Come.

    Connor: Am I the only one who wonder how he has managed to pass all of the company mandated drug tests? I also wonder if given the recent news, if either Flex or Eve will be able to muster the heart required for this one.

    And making his way through the arena, Tyrone Blades!
    The camera pans around the arena, trying to find where Tyrone will enter from. It settles on the announcer's desk, where Tyrone hops the barricade and jumps on the table, which had to be rebuilt after earlier. He holds the title high as the fans cheer. He lets out a yell before he slings the title over his shoulder and gets into the ring.

    Copeland: Despite the odds being against him, you still have to bet on Tyrone. He is, put simply, the greatest to ever step foot inside a WZCW ring.

    Connor: The two things Tyrone will have going for him tonight. One, the accolades, they speak for themselves. Hall of Famer. Only multiple time Lethal Lottery winner. The longest World Title reign of all time. Tied for the most World Title reigns. Winner of every title WZCW has to offer. The second, the recent news that tonight, win or lose, this will be the last match of Tyrone Blades' illustrious career.

    Cohen: What more is there to say? The challenge will be stern, but if anyone can do it, its Tyrone This is a man who was a general manager while an active superstar. He has brought chaos to WZCW in multiple ways. He has fought for the common man, and for his own, at times, selfish interests. My prediction aside, win or lose, no one has or ever will again do it like Tyrone.

    All the superstars take a respective corner and wait for the customary World Title introductions.

    Harrys: In the corner to my left, now residing in Berlin, Germany, "The Alternative" Eve Taylor!

    The crowd boos heavily as Eve has her head down as she bounces from side to side.

    And in the corner to my right, he is the Commander and Chief, "The King" Flex Mussel!

    The crowd keeps booing as Flex lives up to his names and shows off his impressive physique.

    And in the corner across the ring from me, he is a WZCW Hall of Famer and the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Tyrone Blades!

    Tyrone holds the title above his head to thunderous applause.

    Copeland: Triple threat rules, so no DQ here.

    Connor: This could get messy.

    Cohen: It's gonna be great.

    Referee Jun Akiyama takes the title and holds it high before he hands it off to Truman Harrys, who takes it to the timekeeper's area. The bell rings.

    *DING! DING!*
    Immediately Eve bails to the floor to allow Tyrone and Flex to work out their issues, but the pair nod at each other and slide out opposite sides of the ring to corner Eve. She fights back, trying some right hands at Tyrone, but Flex clubs her across the back and causes her to stumble. Tyrone then kicks her in the midsection and then the two of them throw her into the ring post. Tyrone then barks at the announcers to move from their desk. He then tosses the hood away and clears the table.

    Cohen: Oh come on, not again!

    Ty softens Eve up with some stiff shots before he throws her to Flex. Flex readies her and connects with a Mussel Bomb through the announce table!

    Copeland: Eve Taylor was just taken out of the match before it eve had a chance to get going!

    Connor: Guess we are gonna be standing for this one.

    While Flex is busy celebrating his destruction, Tyrone grabs the table hood and smacks Flex across the back with it. He doesn't go down, but it does allow him time to connect with a leaping knee to the back that sends Flex tumbling over the barricade. Tyrone leaps onto the barricade and prepares to leap onto Flex with another knee, but Flex catches him and simply launches him back to the ringside area. The crowd ahhhs at the display of power. Flex makes sure to flex one more time before he climbs back over and rolls Tyrone inside the ring and makes a quick cover...One!...But Tyrone kicks out with no issue. Flex is quick to grab the long hair of Tyrone and drag him to his feet and fling him into the corner. He begins to hammer away with shoulder thrusts into the midsection. The referee steps closer, but knows there are no rope breaks in this match so he has no need to start a five count. The blows come quick and hard. but Flex decides he has done enough and grabs Tyrone and tosses him out of the corner and to the center of the ring. He then stomps away at the leg of Tyrone as he tries to crawl away. Flex grabs him by the hair again and tosses him back into the corner where he hits a running splash. He takes a couple of steps back and allows Tyrone to tumble out of the corner, and then hits a belly to belly suplex. He makes a second cover...One!...Tw-No, again Tyrone kicks out before two. Flex slaps on a chinlock while he debates his next move. He hammers an elbow into the side of Tyrone's head before lifting him and connecting with a German suplex. He then motions he is going to for the Spin and Win, the big swing that won him the number one contendership. He grabs one leg, but Tyrone kicks at him with the other. Flex is unable to grab hold so he tries to get in close, but Tyrone connects with an upkick that staggers Flex. Tyrone tries to get to his feet but Flex is upon him again. Tyrone throws punches to the midsection from his knees and backs Flex up further. Tyrone then gets to his feet and hits a superkick, CLICK! He shakes out his leg and readies for the the running knee, CLACK! Flex goes down, but Tyrone is forced to grab his leg, the vicious stomps from a few moments ago already taking effect. He slaps at his leg before he falls into a cover...One!...Two!...Kick out from Flex at two, and the crowd seems a bit stunned.


    Copeland: Those few seconds it took Tyrone to regain feeling in his leg were all it took for Flex to regain his wits and kick out.

    Tyrone drags himself to the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet. He continues to slap at his leg and stretching it out and it seems he is regaining some feeling. Flex is back to his feet and Tyrone advances upon him. They trade a few right hands, but Flex kicks at the leg of Tyrone and staggers him. He Irish whips Tyrone across the ring, but off the rebound he ducks a clothesline attempt and grabs the top rope to stop his momentum. Flex charges at him but Tyrone ducks and drops Flex over the top rope and to the floor below. Tyrone then launches himself over the top rope and onto Flex with a plancha. He shakes out his leg again, having landed a little awkwardly on it. He looks over and sees Eve is stirring. He goes over and rolls her into the ring. She is able to play opossum though and grab a small package...One!...Two!...But Tyrone is able to break it and kick out. Eve isn't as quick to her feet as she would like, still feeling the impact of the earlier Mussel Bomb, but she is on Tyrone and secures a side headlock. She wrenches and then works to get behind Tyrone. He is able to fight to the ropes and grab hold to them to make sure Eve can't maneuver. She responds by raking his back. He lets out a small yell, while Eve connects with a dropkick that causes Tyrone to rebound off the ropes. She uses this to get him in a school boy...One!...Two...But Tyrone kicks out again. Eve slaps her hand on the mat and gets to her feet and turns right into a hard shoulder block my Flex. He drags her to her feet and tosses her into the corner. He then grabs Tyrone and throws him into the same corner. He then runs and splashes the two of them. He then Irish whips Tyrone across the ring to the corner. He then shoves Eve back and connects with a couple of European uppercuts. Then then runs across the ring and hits a running European uppercut to Tyrone. He then run back and connects with one on Eve. Then then runs back across the ring and hits a running forearm smash to Tyrone. He repeats this with Eve. He then runs and hits a shotgun dropkick to Tyrone. The crowd is booing heavily as Flex runs and hits the same to Eve on the opposite side. He goes to cover Eve...One!....Two!...Kick out by Eve! Flex jumps into a cover on Tyrone...One!...Two!...Kick out and Flex slams a fist into the mat.

    Connor: Flex is all business here tonight. A double Body Breaking Diet.

    Cohen: What did I say? How many times do I need to say it? WZCW will be the newest territory of FlexAmerica.

    Copeland: Impartial as always Jack, but Flex has been on fire thus far.

    Flex grabs Eve and gets her on his feet. He then gets Tyrone on his feet and readies for a double suplex.

    Connor: There is no way.

    Copeland: This would be almost four hundred pounds in total.

    Flex connects with the suplex, putting both Eve and Tyrone down. He isn't done though as he gets Tyrone back on his feet. He positions him in an electric chair position, before he drops Tyrone on top of Eve. He covers Eve...One!...Two!...but Eve kicks out. Flex is quick to move and covers the champ...One!...Two!...Kick out by the champ. Flex slaps his hands on the mat and glares at Mr. Akiyama. Flex drags Tyrone away from the ropes toward the center of the ring and then gets Eve and readies her. He lifts her, looking to Mussel Bomb her onto Tyrone, but Eve begins to throw punches to the head of Flex. He is unable to steady himself as Eve fires away with right hands. Tyrone kicks at the knee of Flex, causing him to let Eve slip out. Tyrone then gets to his feet and connects with a hook kick to the head of Flex, he spins around from the impact, right into the Fashion Statement! The inverted stomp facebreaker connects clean, but Flex rolls out of the ring despite Tyrone trying to dive and keep him inside. Tyrone looks a bit dejected, but that doesn't stop Eve, who keeps her head in the match. She gets to her feet and grabs the leg of Tyrone and slams it into the mat. She then grabs a leg lock and falls back, trying to damage the leg of Tyrone even further. The champ struggles and grabs his head in pain. He reaches to try to grab Eve, but her long limbs give her enough space to just elude his grasp. He reaches back and grabs the bottom rope, and the referee is quick to inform him there are no rope breaks. Tyrone, well aware of the rules, says something foul to the ref before he starts to drag himself under the bottom rope. This is enough to cause Eve to break the hold. Tyrone is doing all he can to get feeling and blood flowing back in his leg again, but Eve is quickly outside the ring. She sees Flex is stirring and goes to grab a chair.

    Cohen: What is she doing? Why does she have a chair?

    Connor: It is no disqualification, she is free to use what she wants.

    Eve takes the chair and rams it into the midsection of Flex. She then slams it across his back when he doubles over. Flex doesn't go down, but Eve drops the chair and grabs Flex's head. She then connects with a vicious headbutt, the Eight By Ten! The force staggers Eve, who takes a few seconds to collect herself. Tyrone has used the barricade to get himself to his feet. He looks at Eve, and then down at Flex. He points to Flex and then says something to Eve, who nods at him. She rams Flex into the ring apron and then climbs onto the apron and then up the turnbuckle where she perches and waits. Tyrone takes the chair and places it on the ground before position Flex and connecting with Mo Murda, the facebreaker DDT right onto the chair. Tyrone then takes the chair and places it over the body of Flex and holds him in place. Eve leaps and connects with a double foot stomp, the Stiletto Stomp! Eve falls to her hands and knees, and Tyrone jumps at the opportunity and hits a soccer kick to the midsection. He then throws her shoulder first into the barricade. He follows up by throwing her into the ring. He pauses to make sure that Flex is out while he shakes out his bad leg once more.

    Copeland: No alliance is permanent here tonight. As we have seen, these three will turn on each other as soon as it suits them.

    Connor: You almost have to. There is no bigger prize than this. A win here tonight proves, that even if just for one night, you are the best WZCW has to offer.

    Cohen: I bet you will be signing a different tune if Eve loses.

    Connor: Rich talk with Flex down and out on the outside of the ring.

    Copeland: Impartiality children.

    You can hear Jack and Cat scoff at Seabass as Tyrone pulls Eve to her feet and begins to hit some chops to the chest to soften her up and back her into a corner. He then perches Eve on the top rope and looks behind him and readies for a superplex. Eve is able to block, despite the best efforts of the champ, and eventually shoves him to the floor. His knee buckles a little, but he is able to catch himself before major damage is done. Eve hits a leaping clothesline from the second rope and knocks the Hall of Famer down. She rolls through and hits the ropes and connects with a leaping elbow drop. She hooks a leg...One!...Two!...Tyrone kicks out. Eve tries to lock in a chinlock, but Tyrone blocks and kicks her away and gets to his feet. The two tie up, with Tyrone getting the upperhand. He works to a modified muay thai hold and connects with some elbows to the head. One connects flush and temporarily causes Eve's legs to weaken, but it works to her advantage, as Tyrone was ready to throw a big strike and he whiffed. Eve gets behind and grabs a sleeper hold. Tyrone fights to the ropes, but Eve keeps the hold in. The ropes are all that are keeping Tyrone upright as he gets to the corner and falls back, breaking the hold. Tyrone throws a couple of back elbows that stagger Eve even further, before he runs to the far end of the ring. He then runs to attack Eve, but she slips out of the corner. The Hall of Famer is ready though and springboards looking for a quick kick. Eve ducks and the champ lands on his hands and knees. A mule kick however catches Eve in the jaw and knocks her through the ropes. She manages to hang on to the ropes but Tyrone is quick on the attack and kicks the back of her knee out. He pulls her through the ropes and drapes her there. He grabs a reverse DDT hold and connects with Desolate Roads! He hooks a leg...One!...Two!...but Eve kicks out. Tyrone smacks his hands together but sets Eve up and calls for the finish. He waits for Eve to stand and goes for the superkick, but Eve avoids it and tries to lock in her Alternative Solution crossface finish but Tyrone fights it off. The two separate and stare daggers at each other. The crowd is at a fever pitch.

    Copeland: The crowd can sense, something big is about to go down. These two high caliber athletes have gone toe to toe and only one will stand tall at the end.

    Cohen: You have to wonder what they have left? Eve was put through a table early. Tyrone has dealt with leg issues the entire way.

    Connor: They know what's at stake here. Neither will give up without a fight.

    The two tie up and after a brief struggle they separate. They tie up again, with Tyrone working to take Eve's back, but Eve drops down and tries a modified kneebar. The champ is able to escape though and they are back on their feet as the crowd is applauding the display. They tie up again and Eve shifts her weight to drop down and grab the legs out from under Tyrone and end up in his guard. Both of the two have used submissions in the past so neither wants to set themselves up for failure. Tyrone though is able to keep Eve in his guard, where she can only throw a few weak punches and elbows. He grabs the rope and creates enough space to throw another upkick, but it was just a ploy to wrap Eve in a triangle choke, The Harbringer's Omen! We have not seen this move from Tyrone since he went by Ty Burna! He has a decent lock on the hold, but Eve is able grab the ropes with her feet and adjust and force Tyrone back into a pin...One!...Two!...and Tyrone is forced to release the hold and kick out. They both get back to their feet and the crowd is applauding. Tyrone smiles and taunts Eve, who falls for the trick and charges in. She just avoids the super kick again and grabs Tyrone in a wrist lock and spins him for the Fashion Statement, but Tyrone blocks. With Eve on her back, the champ tries to stomp on the head of the former champ, but she rolls away. Tyrone tries to grab her, but she rolls through that and gets Tyrone and tries to Irish whip him, but he reverses an sends Eve into the ropes. She springboards though looking for a knee, but Tyrone ducks. Eve again rolls through and leaps to the ropes for another springboard, and leaps right into the superkick! CLICK! The crowd is chanting for Tyrone as he reading for the running knee, Clack! He charges and gets his head nearly taken clean off his body with the Flexicution! The discuss clothesline from Flex, who had charged into the ring, causes the champ to flip through the air. Flex falls into a cover...One!...Two!...Thr-Eve breaks up the pin attempt! She still hasn't fully recovered from the super kick from the champ and Flex hits the Flexicution on her and then tosses her from the ring. He then picks Tyrone up measures him for a second Flexicution! Tyrone crumbles to the canvas and Flex hooks the leg...One!...Two!...Three! NO! The referee informs Flex that Tyrone just barely got a shoulder up before the count of three. Flex is livid and grabs the ref by the collar and yells "THREE!" at him before tossing him aside. Flex turns back and sees Tyrone still on the ground and rolls out of the ring to grab a chair. He throws it into the ring before grabbing a second. He gets Eve to her knees and then swings the second chair at her and puts her back on the floor. He then climbs back into the ring and positions the chairs in a seated position. He calls for the Mussel Bomb as the crowd boos. He turns to Tyrone, who is back on his feet and fires off the Click Clack superkick and catches Flex, dropping him to a knee. He falls back into the corner, exhausted. He points at Flex.

    Tyrone: With love.

    Copeland: Tyrone has sealed it. He is going to go out as WZCW Champion.

    He runs for the knee but Flex explodes to his feet and grabs Tyrone and lifts him in the air and hits the Mussel Bomb through the chairs! He falls into a cover in the wreckage and the referee falls to make the count.......One!........Two!..........Three! The King now has gold to wear.

    Cohen: I TOLD YOU!

    Connor: Look at the twisted wreckage inside the ring. Those chairs, Tyrone, possibly even the referee, all twisted and mangled.

    Copeland: So the King has done it. Flex Mussel is champion. What does this mean for WZCW? What does it mean for Tyrone Blades?

    Cohen: It means we have a leader we can be proud of Seabass!

    "The King" is now "The Champ" as referee Jun Akiyama calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner NEEEEEEEEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, "King" Flex Mussel!

    "FU-SA! FU-SA! FU-SA!"
    The boos reign down upon Flex as Wasabi Toyota heads to ringside and grabs the FlexAmerican flag before he shoves the referee out of the way. He hands Flex both the World Heavyweight and FlexAmerican Titles. The final shot of the night as the copyright information flashes on screen, with a prone Tyrone Blades laid out, is Toyota waving the flag wildly as Flex holds both titles high.
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    KJ: Titus vs Black
    Lee: Callie vs. Mikey
    Milenko: Annie vs Kole vs Adams
    Jeff: Mayhem Title
    Ech: Tastic vs Vega, Grindhouse vs Jabari, segments
    Spidey: Keaton vs Mancini, segments
    Yaz: Tyrone vs Flex vs Eve, segments
    Infinity: Xander vs Kagura

    Special shout to Infinity for the guest write. Much appreciated as always.

    Give thanks to the team for their work. We don't have rep anymore, but just a quick line about your favorite bit here or Discord would be great. As always feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

    We want to thank Milenko for the work he has given to the fed. This was his final PPV on creative, so thank him for his work.

    We also want to give a special thank you to Ty. We all joke and have fun with each other, but when we say you are the best, we mean it. No one brought it week in and week out like you did. I could make an entire list of the people who you helped along the way, just know we all appreciate it and this place wouldn't be as great as it is without your influence over the years. Was always a pleasure homie! The entire team thanks you.
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