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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, damas y caballeros, please now stand for the national anthems of both the United States of America and Spain!



    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to The Camp Nou in beautiful Barcelona, Spain and home of Kingdom Come IX! We have a packed show from top to bottom. I am Sebastian Copeland, the voice of WZCW. Tonight, in stunning Spain, WZCW endeavours to bring you some of the biggest and best wrestling action in the world. Tonight is Kingdom Come 9 and, Jack, the lights are on bright!

    Cohen: Absolutely, Seabass! This event marks the ninth time that you and I have sat by this desk and welcome folks to the biggest show of the year. What a tremendous card we have for you all here tonight. So many big matches with so much on the line. Mark my words people, this is a night you will long remember.

    As the commentators welcome us, a magical and spectacular scene greets us. The camera pans around the huge stadium and then settles on the ring. There, a few beautiful and exotic women dance in traditional dresses. Every now and again, they waltz between three men with bullfighting costumes on – red capes in hand – showing the tradition and beauty of Spanish dance. Upon the stage, red and yellow fireworks shoot off into the sky, lighting up the Spanish skyline and bringing massive cheers from the already excited assembled fans. The fireworks continue to shoot off as, on the stage, similarly coloured pyro lines the superb stage set. Suddenly, it seems to pick a little as more and more fireworks shoot off until a sudden and beautiful crescendo builds. The dancers come to a halt and get a massive cheer from the fans.

    Connor: Wow! An incredible movement from these dancers to get the night underway, Jack. I must admit, Kingdom Come fever has hit me all at once. As I sit here tonight, I think about all of the epic matches that we have to offer these fans tonight.

    Cohen: So true, Cat. Like I said, I have sat at this table for 8 Kingdom Come events before and I can honestly say that the stakes could not be any higher here tonight.

    Copeland: Well put, Jack. We have 7 matches for you tonight, all of which will bring there own brand of personality, brutality and history to what promises to be an excellent night. The stars are out in Barcelona tonight as Kingdom Come fever reaches a fever pitch.

    The camera pulls away from the announcers on to the front row where we see Antonio Banderas, Clara Alonso & Fernando Alonso sitting in the V.I.P. section with all of them cheering right along with the rest of the fans.

    Copeland: The beautiful country of Spain is ready. These fans in the Camp Nou are ready, ladies and gentlemen. We are ready! The only question left to answer is are you ready?

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    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, do we have a rare treat for you. As the crew finish setting up something spectacular on stage, we are being told that Mark Keaton and Triple X have devised something very memorable for us...

    The lights go out in the arena as I Hope You Suffer begins with the quiet, uncomfortable opening. As the song kicks into gear with guitar and drums, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He walks down the ramp with purpose, he stops and starts yelling at a nearby fan with a Live Mas sign. He turns to continue his entrance when his music suddenly stops, he has a really annoyed look on his face as he slowly turns around......


    An over heavy metal version of The Imperial March thrums in the background as smoke rolls out on the stage completely covering it. A red figure with a helmet slowly walks through the smoke, still heavily covered in fog as to make him out is impossible. The Imperial March slowly fades away and the darkness just shows the fog now, no tron or lights of any kind.... a red lightsaber beam activates in the fog, then is folded and turns into a red electric guitar.....

    All corners of the stage explode in white pyro and flames as the fog gets sucked away off stage, Remarkable Mark Keaton is playing his LED laced electric guitar in a red Darth Vader costume on, complete with huge spiked shoulders and LED lightning all over the red cape. Every strum of his guitar sends out a fireball to the sky. Big Bad Roady follows RMK down the ramp in a heavy biker jacket. A huge rain of sparks falls in the background. RMK walks next to Triple X wildly playing the guitar, Triple X takes the prop guitar out of Mark's hands and throws it back towards the stage. He yells at him and points to the ring. RMK rips off his red helmet and gets in Triple X's face, Big Bad Roady gets in between both men and guides them closer to the ring. Both men eventually slide in the ring and start warming up for the match.

    Wow, that really was something special!

    Cohen: Well of course it was, Seabass. Did you really think that someone like Mark Keaton would have an entrance to Kingdom Come that was anything less that, well... Remarkable!?

    Harrys: Introducing first, the team of Remarkable Mark Keaton and Triple X!

    After the noise and effects from Keaton and X's entrance, the crowd starts to die down a little, though that doesn't stop the two from trying to continue to rile up the crowd.

    Cohen: This is why I like these two. They don't put on some song and dance routine to try make people like them. They just go out and tell it like it is.

    Connor: The roof is about to come off of this place though Jack, when Ma.....

    Cohen: We are in an outdoor stadium, there is no roof Cat.

    Connor: Figure of speech Jack. When Matt and Mikey, the first team of Hall of Famers to teams up at Kingdom Come, walk through that curtain, the crowd is going to explode.

    Copeland: It will be a historical moment indeed. Matt Tastic a Grand Slam champion, multi time World Champ. Record setting Mayhem champ. Mikey Stormrage, Triple Crown winner. Multi time World Champ as well. Record setting tag champion. Both Hall of Famers. Both have headlined Kingdom Come in the past. The anticipation is growing.

    A few more moments pass, Keaton and Triple X start to look impatient.

    Cohen: It looks like the cowards aren't going to show. Maybe fat ass got stuck in a doorway or they got held up at customs for smuggling fire sauce.

    Suddenly the lights go down, only the glow of the tron visible.


    On the screen we see the speech lead singer Chester Bennington gave during the live performance. As he speaks of musicians, images of not just that, but also wrestlers, sports athletes and artists flash through the screen. As the music picks up, smoke fills the stage. People surround it. Hooded and wearing white, expressionless masks. They grab their heads. Seeming to be in pain. But who can tell with no expression? As the guitar riff picks up we see two different people. They emerge on stage. Armed. Covered in gear. Also masked. But there's something to those masks. Color. Lots of it. Live Mas appears.


    Holding riot shields and batons, the duo stands ready to take on anything. The batons spark at the tips and they lift them up. The hooded figures, seeing the illumination from the entrance, turn to it and remove their hoods and take off their masks. Men & women of different ethnicities and orientations can be seen. They stand firm, watching as Live Mas makes their way down the aisle. The two slowly walk down the aisle as on the screen images of many flash. People who have died by some mental condition. Some by suicide. Along those we also see celebrities like Chester himself, Avicii, Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell and others. As Live Mas slowly make their way into the ring, they take their off masks and flack jackets. They turn to the titantron and kneel in silence and respect. The fans go from cheering to respectful silence. The screen fades and the two stand proudly. The fans go back to cheering.

    Connor: Live Mas, sporting riot gear and rainbow masks, in a message of inclusion and hope, as this crowd is on fire.

    Cohen: Leave it to these guys to include rainbows, further confusing us all. I have to say though, a touching moment as they knelt in silence to honor those who have fallen.

    Copeland: You heard the moving speech that Mikey gave at last night's Hall Of Fame. These two have always been public about their struggle, and tonight, they wear it as a badge of honor into battle as they encourage the entire world to just live more.

    Finally, all four men are in the ring and the first match of Kingdom Come IX can get underway. The referee makes his final checks and calls for the opening bell of the event.

    Copeland: It seems a long time ago that this match build started. But, truthfully, there are very few matches tonight that have gotten as personal as this one. Triple X and Keaton havr proved to be more than a match for a long-established team. They hate Live Mas down to the core and tonight is their chance to prove, without a doubt, that they are better than the 'outdated' duo.

    Connor: There has been so much talk before this match but all the talking stops now, folks. This match is going to heat up in a hurry, that much I can personally promise you. This is a match that any team can win but neither can afford to lose.

    DING! DING!​

    Mikey and Matt go into the corner of the ring to discuss who is going to start the match but, almost immediately, Keaton and Triple X are on them – rushing from across the ring and attacking them mercilessly. Keaton runs straight into Stormrage, thrusting him shoulder first into the turn-buckles. X smashes Tastic with a flying forearm that sends the Hall of Fame superstar through the ropes and crashing to the floor below. Without hesitation, Keaton and X begin laying into Stormrage in the corner of the ring. The referee tries his best to get them to separate and go to their own corner to start the match but the thoughts of Keaton and X are clearly not on fighting a fair match from the start. Stormrage relents and falls into the corner of the ring on his portly ass. Keaton and X begin stomping the new Hall of Fame superstar as the crowd get on them early in the match. After a good thirty seconds of pure punishment, Tastic begins to re-emerge on the apron of the ring. X sees him coming to help and quickly douses that fire with water as he bounces off of the far ropes and then lands a stunning running drop-kick that sends Tastic flying off of the apron again and crashing into the security barrier. The crowd are on their feet and booing loudly as, for the first time tonight, their blood begins to boil at what is unfolding in the ring. The two allies go into the centre of the ring and hold their hands high in the air, celebrating their early efficiency in this match. The crowd don't take too kindly to what they are seeing but it matters very little to the dominant faction right now.

    Copeland: What a dastardly start from Keaton and Triple X, Jack! Have you every seen a start of a match like this at any Kingdom Come so far?

    Cohen: Not that I can remember, Seabass. But the fact of the matter is that Keaton and Triple X are, once again, showing that they have the chops to hang with a former tag team championship pairing. No one was expecting that sort of start to the match but who is paying for it now and who is reaping the rewards of it? Seems pretty sound in my book.

    Connor: Sound, yes. Respectable? Definitely not! It's disgusting!

    Finally, the ring is home to just two wrestlers as X steps out onto the apron and takes his place on the outside of the ring. The damage seems to be already done to Mikey Stormrage, however, and Mark Keaton knows it. There is a massive smile on his face as he begins making his way across the ring towards the fallen Live Mas superstar. Keaton give Big Roady a nod and the enforcer in his corner begins to make a distraction on the outside of the ring, climbing up onto the apron and getting the ref's attention straight away. The referee hurries over to Roady as Keaton makes sure the coast is clear for more punishment to be doled out. As the referee argues with Roady on the other side of the ring, Keaton takes his boot and drives it into the throat of Mikey as Tastic pleads with the referee to turn around and see what is going on. After a few seconds of sheer pain and squirming from Stormrage, Roady finally drops down from the canvas and the referee turns back around – just as Keaton takes his boot off of the throat of his opponent. The crowd are incensed by what has happened so far but it shows no signs of letting up just yet. Tastic still hasn't recovered from his two terrible landings earlier in the contest, so Stormrage seems to be at the mercy of his opponents. Eventually, Keaton pulls Mikey to his weary feet and whips him across the ring. With no question or hesitation, X smashes Stormrage with a stunning right hand that sends him back to the canvas. A few stomps later from Keaton and the first legal tag of the match is made to bring X into the match. The crowd are still booing but it isn't doing Mikey any favours.

    Cohen: I really wish these fans would shut the Hell up in here, I can barely even hear myself think. Can they not see that Mark Keaton are doing the work of those who should have done it sooner – taking Mikey and Matt behind the woodshed and putting them out of their damned misery.

    Copeland: I feel as though we have said this so many times before but you would be a fool to write off Mikey and Matt right now, Jack. The heart that they have is like nothing I have ever witnessed in a WZCW ring.

    Cohen: Great load of good that heart is doing them right now, Seabass! Ha!

    X immediately picks up where Keaton left off, nailing Mikey with a few stomps as Mikey struggles to get into the match. X smiles widely as he grabs Mikey by the hair and begins pulling him back to a vertical base. The crowd finally get a reprieve as Mikey lands a stiff punch to the gut of X on the way up. Another one follows very soon after as Mikey begins laying into his opponent and trying to turn the tide. Mikey finally stands straight up for the first time in the match and goes to nail X with a stiff right to the face. X is ready for it though and ducks under the flailing arm of his opponent. As Mikey spins around X nails him instantly with a beautiful drop kick that sends him flying across the ring again and into the same corner as before. X kips up and gives the fans something else to 'cheer' about as he raises both of his hands quickly to get himself hyped up. Keaton gives Roady the signal again to cause a distraction and the enforcer does his duty once more. He hops up on the canvas once more as the referee rushes over to him once again. X smiles as he moves towards Mikey and pulls him to his feet. He goes to raise his boot to the throat of his opponent but is quickly met with a stunning right hand that sends him to the canvas and seems to knock him unconscious. The referee is still tied up with Road on the other side of the ring as Keaton rushes into the ring to take on Mikey and maintain the momentum. Suddenly, however, Matt goes under the bottom ropes and heads off Keaton – giving him the same treatment as X just got – knocking him on his ass and busting him up in the process. Matt stands over Keaton as Mikey hobbles towards him. The two of them face each other, slowly pull their Hall of Fame rings from their fingers and stash them in their tights. The crowd are on their feet and rapturous as the tide finally turns in favour of the good guys.

    Connor: What just happened?! One punch couldn't have did that surely?

    Copeland: Let's have a closer look at that, ladies and gentlemen...

    Cohen: CHEATERS! Disqualify those cheaters right now, ref! Where is your outrage now, Cat? You seen it as clear as day, they are using weapons to win this match!

    Connor: Yeah, Triple X and Keaton aren't bending the rules are they, Jack? They got what was coming to them and this match is finally on a level playing field.

    The referee finally gets Roady down from the apron and witnesses the destruction that has taken place whilst he was distracted. No sign of the weapons used against X or Keaton, so the match continues. Tastic slowly rolls Keaton out of the ring as Mikey goes for the pin fall. He hooks the leg of X as the referee gets in position. It seems like an endless amount of time as the referee begins the count. 1... 2... Kick out from X in the nick of time! Mikey sits up after the near fall and runs his hands through his hair in frustration. He doesn't seem to be totally recovered from the early attack on him but at least he is able to pull himself to his feet. He waits in the corner for Tastic to come back and eventually tags in his tag team partner. The crowd go wild as the grand slam champion makes his way into the match for the first time. Tastic seems very energetic as he hops over the top rope and grabs X by the hair and pulls him to his feet. He backs X up into the corner and begins chopping his chest with devastating accuracy and power. The crowd cannot contain themselves as Live Mas show their fighting spirit again to climb back into this match and show X and Keaton a little of the treatment they undoubtedly deserve. Tastic whips X across the ring into the far corner and then follows him across the ring, nailing him with a beautiful running clothesline that sends X out of the corner. Tastic follows up with spinning wheel kick to the back oh his opponent's head. X hits the canvas quickly as Tastic tries to roll him over. Tastic goes for the cover but can only get a count of 1 before Keaton gets into the ring and nails him with a stiff stomp to break up the count.

    Copeland: So close, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, had it not been for the awareness of Mark Keaton there, this match might have been in the history books.

    Cohen: What a great tag team Triple X and Mark Keaton make, Seabass. Don't forget that they are in the ring with two highly decorated superstars that have been a team for years. They are battling against the odds and a blatantly biased referee and still hanging on in there.

    Connor: Give it a break, Jack, it's going to be a long night...

    The referee pounces back to his feet and tells Keaton to get out of the ring but Keaton is making as much of it as he can – an effort to give X a moment to catch his breath. Tastic walks towards Keaton – an action enough to hurry the Remarkable superstar along. As Tastic goes back towards X, the straight edge superstars grabs his tights and rolls him up for a quick pin-fall. The referee shoots to the canvas as the crowd takes a sharp intake of breath. X holds the tights for extra leverage. 1... 2... Kick out at the last possible moment! Both men get to their feet quickly and begin leathering each other with stiff right hands – almost reminiscent of a hockey fight. For what seems like minutes, both men continually throw punches at each other until, finally, Tastic gets the better of the exchange with a knee to the gut of his opponent. The crowd cheers as if Live Mas won the match in that exchange. But their cheering is put on hold as X reverses the Irish whip of Matt and sends Tastic across the ring instead. Tastic ducks under the arm of X on the way back – hitting the ropes once more. But for all of the agility and ring-sense of the Live Mas superstar, he cannot avoid the cross-body that meets him as he returns once more. Both men are lying on the canvas and it is anyone's game as to who takes control of the match from now on. Both superstars have taken a fair amount of punishment now and it could go either way.

    Connor: A pivotal moment in this match, ladies and gentlemen! Who can take control of this match so late on? You'd have to think that whoever does will be in an excellent position to put the result to bed and win what would be a stunning victory.

    Cohen: Come on X, get there!

    Both men begin crawling across the ring in an attempt to make it to their partners as the crowd begin groaning with tension – it is truly palpable. X is the quicker of the two and gets the tag to Keaton but Matt still has a bit to go. Just as Matt is about to make it to Mikey, Roady jumps up on the apron to call the ref's attention to something. The crowd boo as the referee, for the third time, rushes towards Roady and completely misses the tag between the Live Mas superstars! By the time, Roady gets down from the apron, Keaton is upon Tastic and is laying into him like the he did to Stormrage in the opening moments. Mikey tries to get into the ring after his tag but the referee stops him as he didn't see the tag. The crowd continue to get frustrated as Keaton grabs Matt by the hair and pulls him mercilessly towards the middle of the ring and away from his salvation of a tag. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing but Keaton and X are doing an amazing job of covering their tracks and there is nothing the fans can do about it. Keaton continues to punish Tastic by dropping an elbow to his gut that sends Tastic's body into a state of shock. Keaton gets back to his feet an then drops a leg over the chest of Tastic – following up with a cover of his own but only manages a count of 2 before Tastic rolls the shoulder.

    Cohen: SO CLOSE, DAMN IT!

    Copeland: I have to give credit where it is due tonight, Jack. Just when you think that X and Keaton are out of this match and Tastic and Stormrage are regaining control, they rise to the challenge. They haven't been the most fair of opponents but I am certainly sure that they have claimed the respect and attention of Live Mas now. Keaton and X are for real.

    Connor: I don't like it but they are acting like a formidable team at the moment. Their timing is like nothing I have ever seen. They are bending the rules but they are making it work and making light work of their opponents.

    Keaton looks raging that he couldn't get the job done in that exchange but knows that he needs to continue what he is doing or all the momentum will be lost. Keaton pulls Matt to his feet and whips him off of the ropes. Somehow, Tastic slides through the legs of his opponent on the way back, finds his feet for a second and launches himself towards Mikey's outstrecthed hand. The tag is made and the crowd burst back into life. Keatona adopts a look of sheer confusion and anger as Mikey comes through the ropes and immediately nails him with a stunning clothesline that takes him down. X gets into the ring but is met with the same fate. Keaton gets back to his feet but is quickly met with a beautiful back body drop that sends him crashing to the canvas. X gets back to his feet but is punished for it with another back body drop. With both men lying next to each other on the canvas, Mikey hits the ropes and then launches himself through the air – connecting with both men in a cannon ball like fashion – all of his weight crashing down on the chests of his two opponents.

    Copeland: Stunning stuff from Mikey! This is a promising time for Live Mas! Can they finally claim the momentum in this match and, more importantly, hold onto it for more than a few minutes?

    Connor: You are right, Seabass, this is stunning stuff from Mikey. Summoning all of that heart and putting it to good use against his opponents. That's why he's in the Hall of Fame!

    Cohen: Give me a break you two...

    Mikey gets back to his feet and yells out to the crowd as a look of intensity crosses his features. He signals to the audience that this match is going to end very soon and the crowd go wild once more. Mikey looks so pissed off and intense that it doesn't take a lot to believe him. Mikey hoists Keaton back to his feet as X rolls towards the edge of the ring. It looks as though Mikey is going to land the GAME OVER to end this match but, once again, Roady jumps onto the apron. Mikey has no choice but to drop Roady's boss in fear of being under attack once again. The referee has lost it with Roady now and to the sheer jubilation of the assembled masses, orders Roady up the ramp and out of the match. Mikey's eyes light up as Roady argues with the referee but begins making his way up the ramp and towards the back. Mikey goes back to Keaton, attempting to hoist him back to his feet. But that is cut short as X comes from behind him and goes to nail him with a double-axe handle to the back of Mikey's head. Suddenly, however, Matt rushes across the ring and throws himself at X – causing both of them to shoot through the ropes and crash to the unprotected floor below. Both men crash ominously but there is more happening in the meantime. The distraction from Roady and X seems to have worked as Keaton grabs the trousers of Mikey and rolls him up into a small package! The crowd cannot believe it as the referee begins to count! 1... 2... KICK OUT!

    Cohen: Come on, Ref! Count the damn fall! Are you kidding me?

    Copeland: So close but in better news for Matt and Mikey, Big Bad Roady has now been summoned out of here for the duration of the match. This match is finally on a level playing field.

    Both men struggle to their feet after the attempted pin fall. Keaton goes for a lariat but Mikey, somehow, manages to duck under the arm of his opponent. Mikey grabs Keaton and plants him with a spinning Samoan Drop that almost breaks the ring. Mikey feels the moment in his bones and begins pulling himself up to a vertical base. He looks down at Keaton breathlessly and tells the crowd that this match is over. But instead of pulling Keaton to his feet and nailing him with the GAME OVER, Mikey begins going up to the top rope. The fans cannot believe what they are seeing as the heavyweight makes his way to the top rope and then turns around to face them. There is a tension in the air as Mikey towers over his opponent facing the other way. Suddenly, like a blue whale making itself known above the crest of a wave, Mikey launches himself off of the top and lands the most majestic and stunning moonsault that you have ever seen. The ring shakes with the impact of the move. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... 3! It's all over! Live Mas have done it!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, the team of Matt Tastic is Mikey Stormrage... LIVE MAS!!

    Copeland: I don't believe it but I knew that they could do it! What a fantastic match to open up Kingdom Come in Barcelona tonight.

    Connor: Absolutely, Seabass. I don't like the way they went about it but Mark Keaton and Triple X pushed Live Mas all the way tonight. Live Mas have teamed for years and could have went down swinging against a young and hungry team. However, at the end of the day, Live Mas showed their resilience and heart in the most special way. For those who have questioned whether Live Mas should still be competing at the highest level, there is your answer. Stunning stuff.

    Cohen: Meh! Their day will come, Cat. You mark my words.

    Matt climbs back into the ring and hugs Mikey in the middle of the ring. The crowd go wild as they hold each other's arm up in celebration. Both men have wide smiles on their face as the screen fades – their celebrations casting a lasting impression on the screen.
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    We cut to a shot of the three WZCW commentators as Jack Cohen shakes his head in denial of what he has just witnessed. All three are dressed in smart outfits to mark the biggest event of the WZCW calendar.

    Copeland: Well, the first match is in the books here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Live Mas came into this match as favourites I would say. To the delight of the thousands in here tonight, they have beaten their opponents and got the first win of the evening. Incredible match.

    Cohen: Yeah, if you say so, Seabass...

    Connor: I agree with you, Jack, a good first match to get us up and running. Now though, it is time to find out who will be leaving Barcelona as the Elite Openweight Champion. For weeks, folks, WZCW has seen the completion of it's first ever Elite Openweight Leagues. Each grouping was made up of multiple opponents, who each wrestled each other once. The winner of the match gained three points and the winners of each group headed towards the Elite Openweight Championship match.

    Cohen: Yeah, with the exception of Lynx you mean. Another travesty, if you ask me.

    Copeland: Would you please lighten up, Jack?

    Cat gives a slight laugh to herself as Jack shakes his head and slams his hands down on the desk in frustration.

    Copeland: So that makes a fatal-4-way match, ladies and gentlemen. Callie Clark defends her beloved Championship against Lynx, Randy Studd and Wren. The winner of the match will have earned their Championship and will leave her with the first piece of WZCW gold on offer.

    Connor: That match, folks, is up next!
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    Backstage, a door swings open to reveal the man who will challenge Titus Avison for the EurAsian Championship later on tonight – John Constantine. Constantine, unusually, is not dressed in his ring gear but is, instead, dressed head to toe in a wonderful black satin suit. Constantine walks inside the room as someone else walks into shot from the other side – The Elite Steven Holmes. Constantine smiles widely as he extends a hand to Holmes. Holmes knocks his hand out of the way and instead embraces Constantine like an old friend.

    Constantine: It's great to see you, Steven. Congratulations on your achievement last night.

    Holmes: And to you, John. I did think it was very funny that, after all we had been through, that we both went into the Hall of Fame on the same night. It seems that, no matter how far we go or how much we do, our careers will always be intertwined.

    Constantine and Holmes share a laugh as Constantine pats Holmes on the shoulder of his own magnificent suit. From out of shot, an uneven and curious voice breaks up the reunion of the old friends.

    Stormrage: Uh, guys... How do these trousers go on? Can someone get in here and give me a hand?

    Constantine and Holmes look at each with a look or horror on their faces – the thought of Mikey's sweaty posterior frightening them thoroughly.

    Holmes: I've worked with Abel Hunnicut but that is still the most frightening thing I can think of in WZCW...

    With that, Holmes and Constantine share a coy laugh and head out of the room.

    Stormrage: Seriously, guys, I'm in real trouble here!
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    Copeland: Well the Elite League has come to an end and the winners have their chance to take on the hot potato duo of Lynx and Callie Clark.

    Connor: It's been an exciting league, Wren has had a complete resurgence and she's a brand new woman.

    Cohen: I also don't think you can discount Randy Studd. He continues to grow and being a former Mayhem champion adds a bit of chaos into the mix.

    Copeland: Then there's the man who fancies himself the hero of WZCW who is being mentored by another who fancied himself the hero of WZCW. The former champion Lynx cannot be discounted.

    Connor: It does make me wonder what happened to Tiffany Wyatt?

    Cohen/Copeland: Shut up. I don't think we can talk about her!

    Connor: Understood.



    Harrys: The following contest is a Four Way match and it is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship! Introducing first from Parts Unknown, she is Wren!!

    The arena is in complete darkness as Wren's music plays. The stage is filled with smoke and bit by bit, lights illuminate and circle the arena, looking for Wren. One finally spots her, already on the turnbuckle in the ring.

    One of the winners of the Elite League that ran throughout the last two months. Wren has been one who has had big moments but never been able to fully capitalize.

    Connor: This could be her night. In this type of match where you can surprise someone to win, she appears in the ring out of darkness.


    A countdown appears on stage as the music plays. It reaches zero as the song hits the "Final Countdown" chorus. Off of a cloud of smoke, Lynx appears on one knee, his fists holding his frame off the sides. He slowly gets up before marching to the ring.

    From Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

    Connor: Since the Roulette Rounds Lynx has been facing Callie Clark multiple times over the Elite title. In that exchange, Clark was able to become the first ever three time Elite Champion in company history. Lynx tonight has a chance to be #2 in that list.

    Cohen: We'll see but Lynx being mentored by Theron has no seemed to do him any favors.

    Copeland: We'll see about that. Who knows with four people in this match.


    Randy Studd appears on stage with a towel wrapped around his waist as women in masquerade masks surround him and throw sheets pulled off a clipboard as if they were petals. Studd takes the towel off and places it over his shoulder as he walks down the aisle and into the ring.

    Cohen: Look at this man. The other winner of the Elite League. A former two time Mayhem Champion and now going for the Elite title after dominating the League.

    Connor: Not gonna lie. No one expected him to win it. But here he is.

    Copeland: .....our cue is coming up....


    Gabi Clark appears on stage, dressed as Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy. She has her hands together and looks around.

    Copeland: Where's Gamora?

    Connor: I’ll do you even better: who is Gamora?

    Cohen: I’ll do you one better: Why is Gamora?

    With that, Callie Clark appears on stage. Painted green with a sword on her shoulder and the Elite Openweight title on her waist. Gabi points her to the ring and tries to put her hand on her sister but is stopped with a finger wagging[/P]

    Their opponent, from Titan by way of Zen-Whoben, she is the Baddest Woman In The Galaxy, the only three time and current, defending WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark~!!

    Referee Katie Shepard lifts the title up in the air to showcase that it is on the line and with everything set, the bell rings.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Right away, Callie bails to the floor and both Wren and Lynx kick Studd as he falls out of the ring. Wren and Lynx go at it exchanging blows back and forth. Wren ducks a Clothesline and hits a Dropkick to Lynx who bounces off the ropes but Callie is there and snaps his neck off them. She leaps into the ring with a Tornado DDT to him and tries a quick cover but Wren kicks her in the ribs. Wren grabs Callie and tosses her out of the ring but Studd is back in the ring. And starts to flirt with Wren who goes from focused to completely stunned.

    Connor: And he's off. It's a major title in the biggest show in the year and he gets off track.

    Copeland: Old habits die hard, I guess.

    Studd surprises her though by hitting her with a Spinebuster. We cut to the commentators who are just stunned.

    Cohen: ............ It's a trap!

    Studd goes for the cover quickly, not even bothering with the leg. 1......- But there's Callie breaking it up by jumping on him with an axe handle. Studd gets up and all for contestants are there. Wren also gets up, clutching her neck and we get a big staredown between the four. They have a massive brawl with fists and feet going in every direction. Studd tries to throw Callie out of the ring but she bends to one knee and uses the change in leverage to toss him out instead but as she turns around Lynx rams Wren into her and the two women fall outside. Gabi Clark stands in front of the pile trying to root Callie on. The three get up as Lynx motivates himself. He dashes across the ropes and leaps into the ring apron. Off it, he springboards off the ropes and turns in mid air into a Phoenix Splash on top of the four outside.

    Copeland: Beautiful display of athleticism by Lynx looking to become Champion here tonight.

    Cohen: What did Gabi do to deserve being hurt?

    Connor: Stand in the middle of the way. No one put her there.

    The first into the ring happens to be Wren. She sees her own opportunity and decides to go for it. She dashes across the ring herself but as she turns Randy Studd has returned to the ring and catapults her over the ropes, sending her flying over and on to Lynx, Callie and Gabi on the ringside area who catch her and fall. Studd begins to hop in place, as if he's motivating himself. He runs off the ropes, he seems ready......... and stops to get on the ring apron. Then drops from it with a Double Sledge onto....... No one, Callie kicks him mid-air in the ribs. She drags herself into the ring and crawls across it after the carnage that just ensued. She sits by the corner and begs the referee to start counting. Something that obviously doesn't work. Lynx gets into the ring and that just frustrated Callie even more.

    Connor: She's dressed like Gamora but I gotta imagine she feels more like The Hulk right now. It's Lynx standing across from her once again.

    Cohen: He's been an utter thorn in her side. He just won't stop.

    Connor: Him? Callie doesn't stop either.

    Callie confronts her rival and the two face off. She mouths off at him but Lynx stares at her fiercely. She kicks him in the shin but he retaliates with a chop to her upper chest. They continue the exchange over and over as Wren and Studd return to the ring. Lynx and Callie then turn back to back with each other. Lynx gives Studd the chops and Callie kicks Wren as the two rivals almost seem to be working together but swings with a Reverse Roundhouse Kick. Callie ducks it and the kick catches Lynx in the back of the head. Callie tosses Wren against Studd who catches her and seems to hug her accidentally. The two stare at each other awkwardly but as we focus on that, Callie appears on screen with a Missile Dropkick to both of them. Studd falls out of the ring and Callie grabs Wren. Callie tries Lights Out but Wren gets out of it and hits an Enzuigiri. Callie staggers and follows it up with a Michinoku Driver, hooking one of Callie's legs. 1....... 2........ but Lynx re-enters the fray and saves the match. Studd is right behind him and hits him with a Dropkick. He then follows it up with a DDT to Callie. He makes his way to the ropes and climbs them. He leaps with a Money Shot but is intercepted with a Springboard Stunner to him in mid-air.

    Connor: Oh my God! She caught him in the air like that! She may have just broken his jaw!

    Copeland: They are going so fast. I am stunned at how they are able to keep going at such a break neck pace.

    Cohen: It's the will to win. They'll do what they have to.

    Wren rolls Studd over to make a cover but as soon as she lays over him Lynx returns to get her off. She fights back but Lynx levels her with a Kick To The Future. Studd is staggering and Lynx decides to hit him with a Kick To The Future too. After doing that, Gabi is standing on the ring apron. Lynx also hits her with a Kick To The Future but it just grazes her enough that she drops off the ring apron. Lynx turns back to Wren and grabs her. He hits the Dimensional Vortex but as soon as it connects, Callie Clark appears in the ring and hits Lynx with the Elite title right in the face, bouncing him off the canvas. She goes to the ring apron but before she can climb it, Randy is there. He grabs the title and the two start to tussle for it but Gabi grabs Studd by his feet. That allows Callie to pull the title away and she hits Studd with it, knocking him off the apron. Callie quickly climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Calliesault and makes the cover. 1...... 2....... 3~!!

    Here is your winner and STILL the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark~!!

    Callie goes back to grabbing her title as the referee raises her arm in victory. Gabi gets into the ring and hugs her sister as Lynx, Wren and Studd are being attended to.

    Copeland: What a battle. They just went non-stop here tonight for the Elite title. But in the end it was Callie exploiting the rules of the match that got her the win.

    Cohen: You make it sound like it was a bad thing what she did. It was all totally legal.

    Connor: I don't like it but again, it was completely legal what she did.

    The Clark sisters make their way up the aisle as Callie holds up both the title and her sword in victory.
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    We cut backstage to a shot of a closed door. The words “General Managers” are written on a steel sign that is bolted onto the wooden door. From inside, the voice of a clearly irate woman can be heard above anything else. The noise seems to go on for a good few minutes before the door swings open and reveals the WZCW Heavyweight Champion with a stern look on her face. The Championship hangs over her shoulder as she shakes her head and then spots something that catches her eye. She marches up the corridor and comes face to face with Tyrone Blades – a smile adorning the face of the Hollow One.

    Taylor: You had something to do with this, didn't you?

    Blades smiles coyly but stays quiet.

    Taylor: I know it was you, Blades. You'll pay for this. Trust me...

    With that, the Heavyweight Champion storms off, leaving Blades in her wake.
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    The War Neither Knew Started Years Before

    Gave Rise To The Fever of Kings

    Which Led To Brother Killing Brother

    But The Unlikely Phoenix Rose From His Ashes

    As The King Removed His Jester's Mask

    The King Threw The Mask Down To The Commoners

    She Was More Than Willing To Pick It Back Up.

    The Monarch Made Of Ice.

    The Bird Born Of Fire.

    A Legacy Will End.

    The Conclusion Begins Now.
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    Harrys: The following contest is the I QUIT match! Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, King Mussél!

    Instead of seeing the Frenchman pompously walk onto the stage the audience hears a narrators voice hit the PA system before a video is played.

    PSA voice:The following is a Public Service Announcement: For all the misinformed Batti's of the world.


    Connor: What the helll did I just listen to? I thought all that sexist crap got taken care of a long time ago.

    Cohen: Oh come on Cat it's the biggest event of the year. All he's doing is having a bit of fun.

    As soon as the video ends a thunderous roar of boos and jeers overtake the arena but are soon drowned out by the sound of King Mussel's theme music.


    King Mussel drives onstage with a massive ice cream truck aptly named The Mussel Mobile. Children in the crowd become conflicted as their despised villain is seemingly offering sweets. But as he drives down the ramp, The King begins laughing maniacally as Flex Fitness employees spray Protein shakes and vegan food items into the crowd.

    Copeland: That is disgusting. All those fans are going to have to sit the rest of the night with that all over them.

    Cohen: Can someone please bring me a towel so I can get this stuff off me?

    As a ringside attendant hands him a towel to get protein shake off of him Flex gets into the ring and stretches his muscles as he hears Batti's music hit the PA system.

    Harrys: And his opponent from Neo Japa weiging in at 115LBS, Batti!


    As it starts Batti comes out dressed like a Spanish Conquistador and carrying a torch. On each side of the ramp is a cannon which Batti lights with the torch in her hand. After a few seconds they both explode and shower the first few rows with rainbow colored confetti.

    Cohen: That's going to take forever to clean.

    Connor: As opposed to sticky protein shake and stepped on vegan food items Jack?

    As the announcers argue, Batti hands off the torch and walks down the ramp. She high-fives a few fans on the way but she doesn't take her eyes off the man in the ring. She stands at ringside to pysch herself up for a bit before sliding into the ring and taking Flex out at the knees so she can rain down lefts and rightsto his head and chest as she screams at him while the time keeper quickly rings the bell to oficially start the match.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Connor: Batti doing the smart thing and taking down the bigger man before he can use his size against her.

    Copeland: And taking out months of frustration out on the man that put Ramparte into early retirement. If that didn't happen I seriously doubt Batti would have decided to become a wrestler.

    Cohen: All she did was ensure thay she meets the same fate as her ex-boyfriend. If you think Flex will let her walk away from this then you're in for a big surprise tonight.

    Flex uses his strength and pushes Batti off quickly gets to his feet. He grabs Batti by her hair and pulls her in close before throwing her over his head in a vicious belly to belly suplex that sends the smaller woman half way across the ring. He slowly walks over to her and sneers as he drops down and grabs Batti by the throat and starts doing pushups. As her face slowly turns red to ref quickly gets down with a microphone in her hand.

    Prince: Batti do you want to quit?

    Unable to answer the only thing Batti can do is shake her head no as Flex does a few more pushups before he stands up with the same sneer on his face. As Batti coughs and stuggles to get her breath, Flex jumps out of the ring and searches for something specific. After a few minutes he comes out with a bag in his hand and slides back into the ring as Batti gets to her feet. As she turns around Flex takes a crown of broccoli out of the bag and shoves it right into her mouth and as far down her throat as he can. As Batti falls back down to the mat clutching her throat she coughs up pieces of roughage as the ref shoves the mic back in her face asking if she wants to quit.

    Batti: NO!

    Using the energy she has left, she pushes the mic out of her face and uses the ropes to get back to her feet.

    Cohen: Flex has been on top in this match up since the opening bell and if he keeps up this pace I don't see that changing anytime soon.

    Connor: Don't count Batti out yet Jack. Her entire career she's been beating opponents bigger than her.

    Cohen: That's because she's only four feet tall.

    As Batti expels the last of the broccoli out of her esophagus, Flex grabs her by the hair and tosses her out of the ring and partially up the ramp. He climbs out of the ring and follows her as she crawls backwards up the ramp. Once he catches up to her he grabs her by arm whips her into the railing. He measures her up and runs at her, looking to drive her right through the barrier but at the last second she falls flat as Flex crashes through into the first row. Batti gets up and climbs over the wreckage to get to the man who has made her life miserable. As she looks around she notices a man with a candy bar and asks if she can have it. He quickly hands it to her so she can turn around as Flex slowly gets to his knees. Batti opens the chocolate and after a small bite of her own she shoves the rest of it down the fitness guru's throat. As Flex coughs up pieces of chocolate the ref shoves a mic in his face

    Prince: Flex do you want to quit?


    Flex shoves the mic out of his face as he wipes his mouth clean of the last bit of chocolate before he stands up. He goes turns to Batti but before he can do anything she hits him in the stomach with a chair. With him doubled over she takes the chair and brings it down as hard as she can smiling as Flex screams in pain. Batti grabs him by the hair with one hand and pulls him back onto the ramp, she throws him up on the stage where she tosses the chair down and lands a huge wind-up punch quickly followed a dabbing elbow drop. She picks the chair back up and gives him a vicious blow to the spine before jogging backstage to look for something.

    Connor: Tonight Batti is showing a side of herself that she doesn't normally let people see.

    Cohen: I blame Tyrone Blades. Eve Taylor is right about him you know. The man destroys everything he touches.

    Batti returns from backstage with a kendo stick in one hand while pushing a wheelchair. She goes right up to Flex and nails him with the kendo stick as he gets up. Once he gets to his feet she takes the wheelchair and slams it into the back of his knees causing him to fall back into the chair. Before he can get back up Batti takes the kendo stick and nails Flex repeatedly in the chest & head. When she's done she tosses the kendo stick off the stage and grabs the wheelchair by the handles. After taking a few deep breaths she takes the wheelchair and backs it up about 10 feet before getting a running start and throwing the wheelchair off the stage with Flex still sitting in it.


    Copeland: Oh my God! Someone needs to go check on Flex and make sure he's still alive!

    Cohen: Prince needs to stop this match. Batti has clearly gone insane and wants to do permanent damage to Flex Mussél.

    The ref jumps down after Flex and once she gives him a quick once over to check for serious injuries she asks him if he wants to quit.


    Flex weakly pushes the ref away from him as he tries to fend off Batti who is able to dodge his blows and tie a couple of twenty pound dumbbells to each of his legs before pulling him to his feet. Once he's steady she grabs the kendo stick and starts hitting him once again as he jogs with forty pounds on each leg in order to get away from her. After they get to ringside Flex falls to his knees and as Batti goes to nail him in the back of the head the ref snatches the kendo stick out of her hand causing Batti to quickly turn around and demand to know what she's doing with the ref's answer.

    Prince: It doesn't matter how much hate him Batti you know we can't risk concussions.

    While Batti and the ref continue to argue Flex takes the weights off his legs and regains some of his strength. He notices the kendo stick and picks it up before slowly coming up behind Batti and nailing her in the back of the head hard enough to fall to the ground in a heap. Flex tosses the kendo stick down and motions to someone wearing a Flex Fitness employee shirt to follow him as he tosses Batti back in the ring. He easily deadlifts Batti and hits a devastating Mussél Bomb (Powerbomb dead-lift into Last Ride) and immediatly puts her in a torture rack as he orders the employee to start whipping her with his Flex Fitness weight lifting belt.

    Connor: This is completely unfair Flex isn't even giving Prince a chance to ask Batti if she wants to quit.

    Cohen: Can you blame him after Batti did the same thing while she was beating him like an animal with weights tied to his leg?

    After another few minutes Flex drops Batti to the mat and finally lets Prince get near Batti with a microphone and ask her if she wants to quit.

    Batti: Y…Yes. I…Quit.

    As soon as the words leave Batti's mouth her head slumps back down to the mat and the ref calls for the bell.

    Harrys: The winner of the match via forfeit, Flex Mussel!

    Connor: Thank God this match is over. I don't know how much more Batti could have taken.

    Copeland: Not too much more Cat. I think Batti is unconscious.

    The EMTs and paramedics come rushing to the ring the camera fades to black.
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    Backstage Leon Kensworth is standing with a microphone in hand ready for an interview.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen I am standing here with Garth Black who is just moments away from going one on one with the former World Champion, the first female World Champion in WZCW history, Kagura. Garth, this is your first match back in a long while. How did you prepare for this major match?

    Garth Black appears on screen very focused and determined and gives Kensworth a stern look.

    Black: You asked me how I prepared for this match. But to be honest just the mere fact that I prepared at all should be answer enough. I have been gone for months. For a long time after I won the World title. Since before I even did that, Kagura was busy trying as best as she could to win that World title. Time and time again trying. Then one day she stumbled onto a briefcase. When she finally got the title, she lost it right away. And they say I'm the one who falls off the wagon. She seems to fall off it any time she even sniffs success.
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    After the chaos we have witnessed a video plays. It is Rosie, the assistant of EurAsian champion Titus Avison, looking at the camera.

    Rosie: It was the 24th November 2015. Kingdom Come VII. We hadn't seen The Force Awakens in the cinema yet. Tony Manicni had yet to make his debut. Donald Trump was a year away from being elected. Titus Avison stepped into the ring.

    Rosie: Thus the EurAvison era began. For Nine Hundred and Fifty One days he has been YOUR EurAsian champion. And you have loved it!

    Rosie: Fourteen different people have stepped up to attempt to end the reign. There has been only one victor though.

    Rosie: He's Forty Nine days away from the reign that lasts at least 1,000 days! Tonight he faces John Constantine. Only one thing is promised.

    Titus steps into the frame with his EurAsian belt over his shoulder.

    Titus: I win.

    Rosie: You've heard legends of this man. They will always continue.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.........


    Harrys: from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, Kagura!

    Fans stand and cheer as her music plays. Pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, she seems completely relaxed and eager to rumble. She ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, and awaits her opponent.

    Connor: Here is the former WZCW Heavyweight Champion at Kingdom Come to try and climb back to the championship conversation.

    Copeland: But the skilled judo practitioner has a tough task Cat, she has to go through another former World Champion in the form of Garth Black, he also looks to get back on the championship saddle and has Kagura standing in his way!

    Cohen: I have no doubt that this contest will be a good one! We’re talkin about the first ever Queen for a Day, then the first ever female Heavyweight Champion. No matter what happens to her for the rest of her career, Kagura can always point to these two career defining accolades and say that she can’t be denied!

    Harrys: Introducing her opponent.....

    Harrys: From the Last Chance Saloon in Rhyl Wales weighing in at 210 pounds.....Garth Black!

    A chorus of boo’s starts as Garth Black slowly walks out to the stage, he stops for a moment and stares at Kagura in the ring, he starts walking with purpose down the ramp, not taking his eyes off of her. He stops before the steel steps, still staring at Kagura with an icy gaze. He slowly climbs the stairs then steps through the ropes. He starts mouthing off at her and pacing around the ring.

    Connor: Garth Black is all business here at Kingdom Come, look at the look on his face guys. He is ready to fight Kagura here.

    Copeland: It started back at Ascension 126, Garth Black stood in the ring and demanded that he get his title shot that he felt he deserved. Myles provided Black with a Kingdom Come challenge instead, Kagura being that challenge. Then on Meltdown 150, Kagura defeated the number one contender Tyrone Blades only to get a visit from Garth Black with a steel chair shot. Then he would grab a mic and tell the world what he really thought of Kagura. Three words resonated with the Shrine Maiden – Kagura is weak- Then on Meltdown 150, after her loss with Callie to Keaton and Triple X, Garth Black appeared again, this time with a simple gesture of turning his back on her in disrespect. The two former World Champions are looking to prove a point at Kingdom Come tonight.

    Cohen: You know Garth Black has no respect for his opponent tonight, I had the opportunity to talk with Black earlier on and he says this is going to be a squash match on the grandest stage on earth!

    Connor: That's crazy Jack, but the time for talking is over, referee Akiyama is getting this one started!

    Referee Akiyama checks both wrestlers for illegal objects, he is pleased with the results and motions to the timekeeper....


    Garth Black and Kagura step to the center of the ring. Garth is doing all the talking, barking at her face and threatening to put her out of commission forever. Kagura quickly spins around while grabbing Garth’s arm and in the same movement drops to her knee to add leverage in a blindingly fast Seoiotoshi Judo throw! Garth slams on to his back and stays there, his wind completely knocked out of his lungs. He stares up at Kagura in disbelief. The fans react as Kagura lightly bounces on her toes, her demeaner suddenly deadly, a look of devilish intentions in her eyes. Garth rolls and gets to his feet. He nods as he approaches Kagura with his fists raised this time. Kagura slaps both of his hands away and palm strikes his stomach then face, she lightly bounces back then motions with her hand to approach her again. Garth wipes his mouth and curses. He looks at referee Akiyama and complains in a pulling hair motion, Akiyama rolls his eyes at the bald man. Garth takes a swing at Kagura that she dodges easily, he swings again with the same result, then again and again the Shrine Maiden quickly dodges up, down and right, she replies with a kick to his leg, stomach then face in rapid succession then spinning around for a foot sweep! Garth falls face first into the ropes catching his neck on the second rope before rolling out of the ring to catch his breath. The fans let out a respectful clap at Kagura’s opening defensive moves.

    Copeland: It looks like Kagura is using her massive speed advantage early on in this contest, she has to keep this pace going as it looks like Garth Black can’t even get out of the gates here to start this match!

    Garth rolls back in the ring and slaps the canvas. Black rushes her and they quickly lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, Black shoves Kagura off of the ropes then jumps with a hurricarana but she hand over hands it and lands on her feet! Garth is surprised at her counter and runs at her, but he catches a forearm shot to the face, then two palm thrusts to the chest followed by a flying knee strike that catches Garth in the jaw! He stumbles back and tumbles backwards over the top ropes to the outside of the ring. Kagura drops down and rolls out of the ring to persue him. She grabs him by the head and slams it off of the canvas, dropping Garth back down to the padded mats. Akiyama starts his count in the ring, telling her to bring the action back inside. Kagura ignores the ref and drops a knee on Garth’s chest. She picks him up and gives him an irish whip into the barricade, Garth slams his back hard and hooks his arms around the top.


    Kagura rolls in the ring, then back out to restart the count. She slaps her knee then runs fast at Garth towards the barricade! Black ducks and gives Kagura a back body drop right over the barricade into the crowds!


    Connor: Oh my goodness! Did you see the height she got there!? She landed so awkwardly into that pile of people! I hope she’s alright!

    Cohen: I heard the smashing of metal in there so it sounded like she hit some chairs on her way to the floor in that mass of humanity! Oh look at Akiyama, jumping out there to see if she’s alright, give me a break! I bet if that happened to Garth Black he wouldn’t bat an eye!

    Copeland: Look out! Garth Black just pushed him out of the way, he’s hunting for Kagura in that crowd. Security is there trying to move people back.

    Garth Black finds her under some chairs and spilled drinks, he grabs her by the hair and walks her through the line of crowds security have cleared to the barricade, he launches her back over the barricade to the padded mats. She’s rolling around now, seemingly back to a conscience state but her eyes are wide, she clutches her right shoulder, pain is evident in her eyes. Black notices this as he drops over the barricade next to her. Akiyama is back next to her, asking her about her injury and if she can continue....

    Black: I’ll decide when she’s done!

    Black stomps her right on the injured arm causing her to scream out in pain. He hauls her to her feet but then leans back to put all his weight into an irish whip....TINK! Kagura bounces shoulder first right off of the steel ring post! She spins around the other side and falls again, grabbing her arm and kicking her feet in pain. Garth runs and drops an elbow on her. He then picks her up and rolls her in the ring.

    Copeland: That injury looks bad folks, can Kagura fight through this kind of pain? Her shoulder could very well be separated here!

    Cohen: Listen Seabass! She CAN’T! I’ll tell you why, you can’t prepare for being backdropped into a crowd of seated fans and steel chairs.

    Conner: If anyone can do it, Kagura can! Come on girl!

    Black steps on Kagura’s hand, he stretches out her bad arm then drops a knee right on her shoulder. He keeps his knee there then leans over and presses his forearm right on the bridge of her nose. Akiyama dives down for a cover..1....2.... Garth Black rolls off of her with a sadistic smile on his face. He sits by the turnbuckle and wags his finger at the ref. Not yet, he mouths. Kagura manages to make it to her knees, Black measures her then runs and punts her stomach, causing her to flip to her side and wheeze. He raises his fists to a major chorus of boo’s from the capacity crowd. He stomps her bad shoulder then grabs her hair, he hauls Kagura to her feet then quickly grabs her bad arm, he spins and drops to a knee while throwing her with a fast Seoiotoshi Judo throw! Black follows that up with a body splash then hooks her leg...1....2.... Kagura kicks out! She kips up to her feet! Kagura swings at Garth with her good arm but he grabs her and drops her to the canvas with a reverse STO, he rolls over her back and locks her bad arm under his armpit and presses his knee into her spine. She lets out a scream at the simple submission hold applied to her. Garth screams at her to tap as the ref is close by, seeing if she will give it up.

    Copeland: This is crazy, can you imagine if Garth Black manages to make Kagura submit here! That would be a major blow to her seeing as that’s one of her specialties folks!

    Cohen: She looks ready to quit right now!

    Kagura claws her way to the bottom ropes and grabs it. Garth holds on a little longer, he lets go of her bad arm and she grabs the bottom rope with both hands now, he grabs her legs and lifts them up to the air, she spins around in mid air and kicks him in the face! Black falls to his back, Kagura slowly crawls over and covers him....1.... Garth kicks out. Kagura picks up Garth and hits him with a Saito suplex, but the move hurts her as well as she stays on the canvas next to Black, holding her arm and opening and closing her hand, trying to get feeling back. Garth slowly makes it to his feet first, Kagura tries to attack with a palm strike but it’s so weak that Garth shrugs it off and grabs her in a bearhug, he launches her across the ring with a throwing belly to belly suplex! Garth stalks her as she slowly recovers and makes it to her feet, favoring her arm during her climb, he grabs her from behind and launches her back to the other direction with a throwing german suplex! Kagura lands hard and rolls to the edge of the apron. Garth stands up, he raises both fists again, taunting the crowds to respond with loud booing. He leans on the ropes and starts jawing at fans in the front row.

    Connor: Kagura is in big trouble right now, the longer this match goes, the weaker that arm is becoming, you saw that palm strike that was so effective earlier, it had no effect at all now. This is where she’ll have to rely on her huge heart guys.

    Kagura pulls herself up the ropes with her good arm, she staggers towards the center of the ring, Garth grabs her bad arm and runs, he jumps over the top ropes and pulls down hard, launching Kagura in the air with the whiplash of her arm on the ropes, she falls to the mat, clutching her arm again, Black slides in the ring and drops an elbow right on her arm. He grabs her arm and hooks it under his arm again while pressing his knee into her spine. He starts yelling and telling the camera that she’s going to quit as it zooms in on his enraged face. Akiyama is on his stomach, he’s right in Kagura’s sweaty face, asking her if she’s ready to give up. She shakes her head no but her eyes are telling a different story, she’s in extreme pain and it’s becoming too much. She lifts her good arm, her hand flat, it’s shaking and ready to tap the canvas....Garth is screaming for her to do it, screaming to tap out to him. The fans are wild now....


    She raises her hand a little higher, but she grabs her own hair, hooks her elbow in and rolls forward, flipping Garth over her and in the same motion she desperately grabs his arm for a quick Kimura arm lock behind his back! Garth’s eyes are wide with pain and surprise! The crowds roar approval as now Garth has his hand in the air, shaking and ready to tap the mat....

    TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP!​

    Garth rakes Kagura’s eyes to break the hold, he rolls over to the corner and holds his arm. Trying to shake off the pain. Kagura makes it to her feet, but Garth runs and plows her over with a very hard clothesline. He walks over and rests again in the corner. Rubbing his elbow and bicep. Garth walks over, he leans down to pick up Kagura but she flips him over in a small package pin...1....2....Garth barely kicks out! But she holds the small package as he rolls back to his feet, he stands up but she still has her good arm wrenched around his neck as he picks her up off of her feet, she leans back, wraps her legs around him and yells as she suddenly has Garth trapped!

    Copeland: Guillotine choke hold! Kagura has Garth in the middle of the ring with that choke!

    Cohen: I can’t believe it! She’s digging in deep and using her bad arm to hook her forearm to add leverage to that hold! Garth is staggering around! He could pass out any moment!

    TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP!​

    Kagura nods her head with the fans as sweat drips off of her face, she’s turning red and so is Garth as he drops to a knee, then slowly falls down on top of her...Akiyama starts counting! 1....2.... Kagura releases the hold and holds her bad shoulder up to break the pin! Garth rolls to his back, still really woozy. Kagura grabs his wrist but he pulls it away from her and grabs the bottom ropes. She comes close to try and grapple again but he fires off a hard back elbow, catching her in the face and dropping her to the canvas. He takes this time to recover. Kagura is having a harder time recovering, he stands by her, an evil look on his face, he hooks both of her legs and leans way back in a double clutch submission, contorting Kagura’s body way back in Black Death! (Haas of pain) Kagura screams again, trying hard to claw her way out of the submission hold, but her efforts are getting slower and slower. She stops moving! Referee Akiyama grabs her hand, he lifts it, it falls limp to the canvas ...


    He signals one to everyone, he grabs her hand and lifts it again, it falls to the canvas limp....


    He grabs her hand and lifts it a final time, he lets go and it half falls but stops...the fans pop as she grabs her own knee and pulls down hard to create momentum the opposite direction, Garth can’t hold her anymore and she falls over, but she quickly twists sideways and grabs his arm in an armbar submission hold! Garth thrashes and kicks, he spins and arches his back, he rolls her up and covers her....1...2....Kagura releases the hold to kick out, she kips up to her feet, Garth swings a clothesline but she ducks, Black bounces off the ropes, Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami !!! The two fisted heart punch catches Garth but he stumbles back and falls through the middle ropes! Kaguras falls to her back, her arm in excruciating pain.

    Copeland: AHH! Can you believe that?! Fifth Dance out of nowhere but Black was too close to the ropes! These fans are going crazy!

    Connor: Black was so preoccupied in getting her to tap out that it nearly costed him the match, it’s really foolish to think you can play the submission game with a master submission specialist!

    Cohen: Get out Cat! Garth was really close to making her quit! He’s not done yet either! He has that arm destroyed and I think we’re going to see Kagura quit right here at Kingdom Come!

    Akiyama is on 8 but Garth slowly rolls back in the ring. Kagura is still on her back, breathing heavy and holding her arm. Black crawls over and grabs her bad arm, she tries to fight him off but he punches her in the face, then hits her again and again. He spins her on to her stomach and hooks her bad arm over his head and gives her a crossface submission lock in the middle of the ring! He’s screaming now for her to tap as he leans back as far as he can, her eyes are slowly closing. Akiyama is close by, ready to stop the match. Suddenly Kagura screams really loud and her eyes open freakishly wide, the fans react as she starts shaking wildly, she pushes down with her good arm, and flips both of them over, Akiyama counts her pin...1..... Garth breaks the hold, he stands up, but Kagura jumps up and clutches his head, she spins around him in a sleeper hold....she attempts Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami but Garth is too strong, he runs and grabs the ropes, he reaches back and grabs her hair, he walks to the center of the ring, he pulls her over his shoulders, he lifts her torso with a shoulder and catches her with a hard knee to the face! Black Out! Kagura lands hard, Black falls to his side exhausted. He rolls over and hooks her leg and leans way back.....1......2........!!!!!!

    Kagura kicks out!

    CHEEEER !!! ​

    Connor: Oh my god! What heart! She kicked out guys! Kagura is still alive!

    Copeland: That....is.... bravery!

    Cohen: So much for that submission plan!

    Garth is laying sideways, the fans are still cheering loudly. The Kagura chant starts again, everyone is standing and trying to will her on. Black can’t believe what he’s seeing. He slowly rolls to his knees, then uses the ropes to stand up. He leans on the turnbuckles and stares at Kagura, she’s still on her back, breathing heavy, pain evident on her face. He strolls over, he leans down to pick her up but she rolls him into a small package! 1......2.......3!!

    NO! Garth Black kicks out at the last second!

    Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! ​

    Connor: Oh my god that was so close! Was that three?! That looked like three!

    Copeland: That was as close you can get to three but it wasn’t three Cat! This match is still going!

    Garth rolls to his knees, trying to stand up, Kagura rolls to her side, she crawls with one arm to the ropes, she attempts to climb the ropes with one arm but Black runs in and knees her in the back, dropping her down again. He takes a breath. He grabs Kagura’s bad wrist, he runs and jumps over the top ropes but Kagura pulls back! Garth jerks and spins back, he catches the top ropes as she jumps and wraps her legs around his head, she leans back in the ring, Garth’s head caught in the ropes and her legs with a temple crush triangle applied. Akiyama warns her to release the hold, she hangs on for 4 then falls to the mat, Black falls to the outside.

    Akiyama starts his count.


    Black still doesn’t move.


    Black rolls towards the commentary table. He claws at the side and gets to his knees, he’s drenched in sweat and breathing heavy. Kagura is still on her back in the middle of the ring.


    Black uses the table to make it to his feet, he stetches his neck, he’s breathing heavy.

    Copeland: Black better start making his way to that ring! He doesn’t want to take a count out loss here at Kingdom Come!


    Garth staggers and falls, but he clutches the ring apron material and climbs to his feet. He reaches and hauls on the bottom rope.


    Garth barely slides in the ring on time. He climbs to his feet, Kagura is standing, wary and wobbly in the middle of the ring, she gives a challenging look, the fans are cheering again as the two start trading punches, Kagura gets a slight advantage with palm strikes, left, right, chest, left, right, Black blocks and starts throwing lefts and rights of his own, chest chop, elbow strikes, Kagura ducks and chops back, chest strike, left palm strike, Black throws an unblocked right hand....both wrestlers are leaning on each other now to keep from falling down. Kagura throws a weak forearm strike, Black staggers back off of the ropes, Kagura grabs Black in a wrist clutch exploder suplex, Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto but she lets out a scream as she doesn’t have the strength to lift him with her injured arm, Black takes immediate advantage, he picks her up on his shoulders, he lifts her torso with his shoulder and strikes her in the head with a knee, Black Out! But he quickly ducks under her again before she falls and scoops her up on his shoulders again! He lifts her torso again with his shoulder and strikes her again with a knee strike, Black Out! She falls limp to the canvas. Black falls to his side. He rolls to his back and breaths heavy. Kagura is motionless laying next to him, he does a slow sit up and drapes his arm over her....



    Harrys: The winner of this match....Garth Black!

    Connor: Huge win for Garth Black here tonight! But you can’t discount the heart shown by the former Queen for a Day, Kagura. These fans are standing and applauding these two.

    Copeland: She fought through that injury all match and in the end, it cost her the contest as she failed to execute the Second Dance because of it, causing Black to hit Black Out twice in a row for the victory.

    Cohen: Garth showed that even though Kagura is a submission master and striking Queen, that he can hang with anyone in WZCW, he’s a master of all styles! What can happen next here tonight?! I’m loving this!

    Garth slowly pulls himself up on the ropes. Kagura is still out in the middle of the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises his fists, sweat teaming off of him after a brutal match. He stands there for awhile, the fans still clapping and happy they witnessed the match, many applauding the efforts of both competitors.

    After awhile, Kagura makes it to her feet, visibly dejected. She holds her injured arm and walks over to Black, she lets go her arm and offers a handshake with her good arm. Garth looks at her handshake offering, he looks at the crowd with a serious expression on his face. The fans are cheering for him to shake her hand. Garth turns to her again, he lifts his hand and makes on like he’s going to shake her hand, but spits in her face instead! The fans boo really loud. Garth turns and gives the livid fans a big shit eating grin. He’s laughing now, yelling out how weak she is and how strong he is. He turns back to Kagura and gets Red Mist sprayed right in his face! The fans cheer as Black falls to his back and rolls out of the ring, wiping and digging at his eyes. Kagura leans on the ropes, red dripping from her mouth. Black continues to wipe at his eyes as he staggers his way up the ramp to the back. Kagura painfully climbs the turnbuckle, she poses for her fans as they let her know how much they love her.
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    Backstage we see Harald Var Krigare as he gets ready for the Mayhem title match. He pulls out a sledgehammer and shows it to the camera.

    Harald: This is the tool of men. And with each swing, I grow in strength. I will stand tall as Mayhem Champion.


    We cut to another locker room. In it, Vega sits and polishes a golden crown and measures it. He gets up ready for the match.


    We cut to yet another locker room. Anthony Mancini sits with Gino Rizzoli who speaks on a cellphone. His words can't be heard. But when he finishes his call, he tells something to Anthony and the two get up. Anthony puts on his Mayhem Championship, sunglasses and a fedora before grabbing a long chain and the two walk off.


    Blazing Tiger is walking down the aisle and puts his hoodie on.


    Ace Stevens gets out of a bathroom, slamming the stall open.

    Ace: Man, I can't believe I gotta fight in this Un-American speaking country. I asked where the bathroom and..... D-ah! I was right! It's the girls bathroom. And not a single babe in there either. I shouldn't even be here.


    Copeland: Coming up next ladies and gentlemen. It's the "Bring Your Own Weapons" Mayhem Championship match. All five competitors are ready. Though they don't all seem to be armed. Chaos is about to brew.
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    Anderson: The following is "Bring Your Own Weapons"! And it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!

    Introducing first, with his Crown as selected weapon, from New York City, he is Vega!!

    Vega slowly walks down the aisle. The crown selected as his weapon is placed on top of his head as he wears it. A deadset stare sets his eyes on the ring and he reaches it.

    Copeland: He was the longest reigning Mayhem Champion and the final one before it's deactivation. The title was reactivated last year after this event. This is Vega's opportunity to regain it.

    Connor: You see him wearing that crown, almost as if he's saying he is the king of this division. Tonight he may just go back on his throne.


    The stage is filled with smoke and a large body emerges from it. Harald stands in a suit of armor on the stage as the music plays and fades.


    Harald raises his sledgehammer above and lightning strikes it and he makes his way down the aisle.

    From Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 303lbs pounds, he has selected a Sledgehammer, "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare!

    Copeland: This imposing figure right here is my pick to win the match. Suit of armor, a massive hammer, walking through lightning.

    Connor: I can't say I blame you. He is intimidating.

    Krigare takes off his armor.....

    As the music plays, cars appear on stage. Men in fancy suits and sunglasses emerge wielding Tommy Guns. They surround the stage and stand guard. The sounds of slow footsteps can be heard. As well as the sounds of chains. The Champion Anthony Mancini appears on the stage. Also in a suit and sunglasses. Mayhem Championship belt around his waist and shaded by his suit. Also wearing a fedora. He removes it and gives it to Gino Rizzoli. He tugs on the chain and we see attached to it Blazing Tiger and Ace Stevens. Bruised and battered. With rubber toys taped to their hands. He releases them and takes his chain to the ring.

    Connor: We've seen how the Champion has been targeting potential challengers and looking to get rid of them. And here we have the latest example.

    Copeland: A vulgar display of power by our Mayhem Champion as he drags two of his opponents after a premeditated attack.

    From Little Italy, NYC, weighing 275 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, wielding a 10 foot long steel chain, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, 'The Don' Tony Mancini!

    Tony enters the ring and removes his suit and title. Referee Keith Morse seems ready to start things off but Ace and Tiger are still on the ground. But opts to start anyway.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    All three men stand wielding their weapons. Mancini whips his large chain across the ring. Enveloping the ring but Harald manages to duck while Vega maneuvers and jumps over it. Mancini doesn't look too happy. But before he can do anything, Vega throws his crown, hitting Mancini in the face. It bounces off and Vega catches it off the ricochet. Mancini tumbles out of the ring leaving Vega with Krigare. The two face each other, but before Vega can take another swing, Krigare is already making his with the sledgehammer. Vega is able to dodge it and avoid major disaster. Vega swoops in and starts kicking Krigare's legs over and over, trying weaken him. Krigare tries to hit a knee lift which Vega also dodges by backstepping. But that gives Krigare more space and he takes another swing with his sledgehammer. He hits Vega with the handle to the chest and pushes Vega away with the impact. Vega bounces off the ropes with a hard whiplash and is met with a Lariat, knocking him down hard on the back of his neck. Vega falls out of the ring as Mancini tries to slither from behind Krigare. He creeps up behind while having some of the chain wrapped up to his fist, however as quiet as he tries to be, you can still hear it and Krigare uses his handle, and thrusts backward with it. Hitting Mancini right in the gut. As he does that, Vega can be seen grabbing several tables from under the ring and tossing them around ringside.

    Cohen: I thought you could only use the weapons you brought to the match.

    Copeland: It's still a Mayhem rules match. It's all legal. bringing the weapons to start was meant to give each competitor a specific advantage.

    Connor: You saw Vega using his crown as if it was Captain America's shield.

    As Mancini clutches his gut in pain, Krigare turns around to grab him by the throat and lifts him off the ground. But that gives Mancini the chance he needs and he hits Harald in the face with the chain still wrapped around his fist. Krigare staggers from the blow and Mancini rushes him. Both men go over the top rope and to the floor, tumbling down. Vega appears with a steel chair in hand and he hits both men in the back several times furiously. Vega tosses the chair and goes back to the tables. He starts arming them but as he does, Blazing Tiger and Ace Stevens have gotten back up. The both attack Vega, still having those absurd toys tied to them. They hit him but he grabs Tiger and bounces his head off the ringpost. He then throws his crown, hitting Stevens in the face but when he turns around, Krigare hits him in the face with the sledgehammer, sending him over the barricade and into the crowd. Krigare sees Stevens and Tiger who in turn look at each other. They opt to attack him together. They even try hitting him with the toys, to obvious lack of effect.

    What are they doing? Those things aren't going to do anything.

    Copeland: They're kind of tied to their hands. I don't think there's much to do.

    Mancini is on the other side of the ring, arming the tables pulled out earlier. He starts dousing them with lighter fluid while Gino pulls out a bag of thumbtacks and pours them over the tables. Three of them are lit on fire as the crowd wows at the sight. That catches Krigare's attention who turns to see what Mancini has concocted. Mancini waves at Tiger and Ace to attack Krigare and lure him. The two look at each other again and decide to listen.

    Connor: You cannot be serious. He attacked them and dragged them out here in chains. Now they're helping him?

    Cohen: This is a battle of survival and Krigare is someone they need to get rid of to survive.

    Copeland: He's not wrong.

    They push him with whatever hit the can muster, but Krigare doesn't allow himself to go near the tables. They try and try and seem to get close to one of the lit tables. But then Krigare hoists his sledgehammer over him and slams it across the table. The impact smashes it in half and the fire goes out. Ace and Tiger look stumped. There goes the point of their attack. Vega appears from the barricade and wraps his arms with his crown in hand around Krigare's neck and drags him over the barricade. As that happens, Mancini berates Tiger and Ace for failing with the tables. The two look at each other yet again and decide to attack Mancini.

    Copeland: It seems the two finally caught on.

    Cohen: Took them long enough.

    As Tiger and Ace attack Mancini we cut back to Vega brawling with Krigare through the crowd. Both men still have their weapons but they are too close to one another to properly use them. Vega throws a couple of open chairs but Krigare just swats them out of the air with his free hand. With enough space between them, Vega throws his crown at Krigare which hits him in the chest. Stunned, Vega charges and hits a Superman Punch, knocking Krigare from the row to a lower one in the stadium. Krigare tumbles down, trying not to suffer too big of a fall. Vega stands right on the edge and waits for Krigare to come about and leaps onto him. But Krigare sees it coming and catches the former Champion. Holding him, Krigare tosses Vega against the barricade, breaking it down with the force. Vega’s body falls limp across the floor and Krigare steps over him back to ringside. As Mancini tries to fight off Ace and Tiger, he asks them to stop and points to Krigare again. The two look at him, standing behind them. They then look at each other and whip Mancini against Krigare. Mancini bounces and falls as Krigare just shrugs it off and looks at the two standing in front of him.

    Connor: Ace and Tiger just seem like they cannot catch a break.

    Cohen: Paying the consequences of their actions I suppose.

    They both attack Krigare, doing whatever they can to hurt him but to no avail. From behind though, Gino grabs Krigare’s sledgehammer and swings wildly. Totally missing, the sledgehammer hits and breaks one of the tables, being caught in the flame. Krigare goes after Gino who runs away, leaping through the barricade and into the crowd. Krigare turns back to Ace and Tiger but Vega is back up and starts attacking Krigare with a steel pipe he seems to have found. He hits the big man several with the object. Krigare writhes in pain with each blow leaving it’s mark and eventually he falls.

    Connor: In all this chaos he have yet to see a single pinfall in this match.

    Copeland: How’s that even gonna be possible in this wild brawl? No one has stopped yet to even try it.

    Before Vega can follow up, Tony Mancini returns and wraps his steel chain around Vega’s neck. He tries to drag him to the ring but Vega does fight back. He uses his crown to try and hit Mancini but it has little effect. Mancini drags him into the ring by the neck and tries to strangle Vega, pressing down on him on the canvas. Vega does the best he can and referee Keith Morse is right there to make sure if Vega passes out. He checks the hand and it seems to go limp. But before it can, Ace and Tiger jump Mancini, saving the match. They clubber the Champion, getting him to release his grip over Vega who winces in pain as he tries to get air back into his lungs. Tiger and Ace take Mancini's chain and stretch it out but before they can use it, Krigare stands on the ring apron and grabs it. They turn around and try to attack. Krigare catches a kick from Tiger and swings him away. He grabs Ace by the throat and hits a Chokeslam. Tiger comes back in, leaping off the top rope but gets caught. Krigare hoists him high above the air and carries him, standing right over the remaining flaming table. He waits as the crowd catches on and roars in a mix of fear and excitement. And just like that, Krigare drops Blazing Tiger from the ring and on to a flaming table with thumbtacks.


    Connor: Oh my lord!! That was brutal!!

    Cohen: Blazing Tiger has just been set ablaze! Literally!!

    As men with fire extinguishers appear to turn off the flames and assist Tiger, Vega has recomposed himself and leaps off the ropes and throws his crown, hitting Krigare who falls out of the ring, still in mid air he hits his Flying Kill Shot, hitting Mancini with it. Mancini stumbles on to the ropes and Vega dashes from the opposite end. He hits a big Kill Shot. He seems ready to make the cover but he stops, feeling something big behidn him. He turns around to meet it. It's Harald Var Krigare. Armed with his sledgehammer. He hits Vega by grabbing the hilt and hitting him on the side of the head. Mancini gets up and meets what's happening. Harald see's him and hits him the same way, knocking him down. Krigare tosses the sledgehammer aside and makes the cover. 1................ 2.................... 3~!!

    Here is your winner and the NEW WZCW Mayhem Champion, Harald Var Krigare!!

    Copeland: After utter chaos went about through this match, with not even a single pinfall being attempted, Harald was able to best everyone and be the last man standing.

    Connor: Men were dragged with chains, choked, thrown through flaming, thumbtack filled tables all in the name of the Mayhem Championship. What a frightening affair we just had here.

    Cohen: I hope he's happy. I hope he can sleep calmly knowing the carnage he caused to win that title. Harald showed himself to be a total crook here tonight.

    Harald Var Krigare is on the stage and raises his newly won title as we see the four men he's left behind battered in the ring.
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    As we return from a commercial, we see Leon Kensworth standing behind a podium on the left hand side of the stage. He is dressed in a nice suit and looks pleased to be there.

    Kensworth: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for everything you have given to us tonight. This has already proved to be a historic night in the history of WZCW. But I want to take you back to last night in Madrid. Three more fantastic superstars made their way into the record books of WZCW – entering the Hall of Fame and cementing their places in history.

    Leon smiles as some cheesy music begins playing.

    Kensworth: Please join me in welcoming, one last time, the WZCW Hall of Fame class of 2018...

    First, Mikey Stormrage makes his way through the curtain to a massive cheer from the assembled Spaniards et al. Mikey fixes his pants but continues to smile as he begins waving to the fans. The fans give Mikey everything they have, a thank you for his career and the match he gave them earlier. He takes his place on on of three stars.

    Kensworth: First, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Second, Steven Holmes makes his way through the curtain and gets a more modest cheer from the fans, For a man who made his name as one of the biggest villains of WZCW's history, Holmes seems pleased with his reception. He lifts his cane and holds it up to the crowd as a mark of respect. Holmes takes his place on his own star as the music continues.

    Kensworth: Second, The Elite, Steven Holmes!!

    Finally, John Constantine makes his way through the curtain and out on the stage, Constantine seems blown away by the reception he is getting as he holds both hands up to the assembled fans. A tear is beginning to form in the corner of The Power's Trip's eyes as he walks onto a WZCW stage for one of the final times in the match. He takes his place on his star in the middle and salutes the fans.

    Kensworth: And finally, The Power Trip, John Constantine!!

    The fans go wild as all three men hold their hands up and wave to the crowd.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up – one final time – for the WZCW Hall of Fame class of 2018!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Seveteen-time Latin Grammy and Three-time English Grammy winning recording artist, Spain's own Alejandro Sanz~!!

    The legendary Spanish musician makes his way down the aisle, waving to the crowd. Locals being very pleased to see the Latin legend in person. He enters the ring and begins to speak in English.

    Alejandro: Thank you for having me here tonight for this very special evening. I am here tonight to announce just how many of us are here for this very special night. So without further delay, I am proud to announce a record attendance of 121,069 fans in attendance tonight~!! Thank you very much~!!


    ???: WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?!?

    A very loud shrill is heard over the PA as the pyrotechnics finish going off. We cut backstage and see Eve Taylor. She's in the GM office and we see Becky Serra and Chuck Myles also angry.

    Taylor: How can you refuse this? I should be the main event!

    Myles: We have reached a decision and after talking with various people, we have decided to name Titus vs Constantine the main event of Kingdom Come 9. That decision is final. Now I suggest you prepare. Your match is earlier than expected of course.

    Taylor storms off in a huff.

    Copeland: What a bombshell!! Titus vs Constantine for the Eurasian Championship is the headline of tonight

    Cohen: Eve Taylor has just been screwed by management from her first Kingdom Come main event!! What a travesty!
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    Narrator: It’s one of the greatest reigns in WZCW history. For an entire year, one man ran roughshod over the WZCW roster. Veterans. Legends. Hall of Famers. All fell to the wrath of the Master of Chaos.

    The video shows footage of Ty Burna’s legendary reign as WZCW world champion. There were scenes of him standing tall over multiple different opponents.

    Narrator: It started with Vengeance at Unscripted 2010. Gordito was his first victim. The mighty Everest was next. The madman Barbosa felt his onslaught after that. “Showtime” David Cougar came up short against him twice. Not even Austin Reynolds could stop him. Then it all ended abruptly, at the very same PPV the next year. On the anniversary of his reign, he was bested by Big Dave…

    The scene changes and shows Big Dave’s world championship victory at Unscripted.

    Narrator: But all was not lost. Not yet…

    The scene switches to show Ty Burna winning the 4th Lethal Lottery, after last eliminating Big Dave with the Consecrated Banishment.

    Narrator: Only one man stood in his way….

    New scenes show Steven Kurtesy, who himself had been world champion since before Lethal Lottery.

    Narrator: The build-up between these two men had become so thick and intense, that you could cut the tension with a knife. Amidst his goals to own all of WZCW, and bring Chuck Miles to his knees, the Lord of Disorder vowed to win the world title back at Kingdom Come. But it was not to be. Even though his Apostles had been victorious earlier on that evening, ensuring that half of his ambitions would come to pass, the Professor did the unthinkable. He turned back the insurmountable challenge placed in front of him.

    The footage depicts Ty Burna passing out to Solitary Confinement, locked inside the powerful grip of his powerful adversary.

    Narrator: The journey for him was over…

    …For now.

    Scenes from a new video began to play, this time showing two men standing over what looked like a large target symbol. The man on the right held a baseball bat in his hand. A bandana covered his face. He lowered it to reveal a familiar face. He had cut his hair, and grown out his beard. He was no longer a demon, but a man. The shadow that had bathed the WZCW locker room in darkness for so long, now threatened to swallow up the oppression heaped onto the company by corrupt officials and a new world champion with a god complex. He extended his arm, morphed his hand into a gun, and pulled the trigger.

    Narrator: A changed man, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Ask three women, and you might receive three different answers. Changed man. Wolf in plain sight. He’s both. For the first time in seven years, Tyrone Blades would receive another shot at the top of the mountain.

    Another scene shows Tyrone Blades winning the 9th Lethal Lottery, after eliminating Titus with a running knee.

    Narrator: This time, his ambitions had changed. He wasn’t trying to take, because he could. He was trying to earn, because he must. To prove to himself that he still had the guts and skills to reach the top again. And to finally rid himself of the shadow formally known as Ty Burna.


    Narrator: Choke artist. Loser. Failure. Up until a few months ago these were all adjectives used to describe Eve Taylor. Prior to Apocalypse 2017, she had been one of the top wrestlers in the company. The longest reigning Elite Openweight champion in history. One of the favorites to win the 8th Lethal Lottery. And became the greatest women’s wrestler in history after besting Celeste Crimson at Kingdom Come 8. And then she hit a slump.

    Video footage shows Eve coming up short in a match against Flex Mussel for the #1 contenders position at Apocalypse. Her losing the finals of the Gold Rush tournament to Constantine. She lost to Batti in a triple threat on the 10th Anniversary Show, and didn’t even get to compete in the KFAD match.

    Narrator: She went from being a major competitor at the top of the card, to being downgraded to the preliminaries come Unscripted. But then things suddenly changed.

    Scenes of Eve’s duel with Batti flash onto the screen. It ended in a draw. Both women were heading to the main event at Lethal Lottery.

    Narrator: At the 9th Lethal Lottery, Eve finally achieved her goal and became the world champion. In her world all was right…

    …Until Tyrone Blades won the Lethal Lottery.

    The video feed changes showing Eve’s reaction when Blades received a bigger ovation in her own home town than she did. She was convinced that he was nothing more than a monster in human skin.

    Narrator: And so began her quest to take Blades down a peg. She tried to turn Batti and Blades against each other using video evidence that she had obtained earlier.

    The scene changes showing Batti slapping Blades in the face, as he desperately tries to plead his innocence. He looks completely gutted as Eve gloats on the stage.

    Narrator: But the tape was a lie. Fabricated by Eve to destroy Tyrone’s reputation. The stunt cost the champion her friends, her fans, and her advantage over Blades. She was pissed. Really pissed. She seethed in anger, and slowly became consumed by her own hatred and obsession. The only thing that she came to value was the world championship that she held so dear.

    The footage changes showing Eve now alone, bathed in darkness. She lifts her head and stares forward, seeing Tyrone Blades standing in front of her, twirling a bat in his hand. Bandana covering his face. He gazes at her with pity in his eyes. He turns his back to her and begins to walk away, disappearing from view. Eve hears the sound of heavy footsteps behind her. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder. It was icy and cold. She turns around slowly, only to see the ghost of Ty Burna behind her. She stares in disbelief, looking at the demon she had chased for so long, when he disappears from view too.

    Narrator: At Kingdom Come 9, one man will seek redemption. He seeks to forge a new legacy as a soldier of justice. While one woman seeks to crush him completely. She seeks to spread the chaos that he abandoned. And in the middle lies the greatest prize of them all. The WZCW world title.

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    Harrys: This next match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the world championship!

    The lights dim down throughout the arena as the crowd begins buzzing for the main event to begin. Suddenly numerous crosshairs begin illuminating throughout the crowd, circling back and forth before they begin enclosing on the main stage. Just then a spotlight shines down on Tyrone Blades as the crowd roars as almost in unison the crosshairs converge on him and a loud boom can be hard. Tyrone suddenly collapses as the arena goes dark.


    The lights suddenly come up as a very large group of people come walking out in hoodies pulled up and bandannas around their faces. Tyrone lies on the ground, a chalk line traced around him as Jones walks out behind everyone else carrying a flag with crosshairs on it. Members of the crew reach down and pull Tyrone up to a standing position, his arms outstretched as they remove his normal black hoodie and bandanna from him. Two more bring a black leather jacket out and slide it over his arms and shoulders while another ties a gold bandanna around his face. Tyrone's head slightly jolts down, his eyes opening wide as he stares out at the crowd. Jones hands him the flag and soon the whole gang starts marching to the ring. The ringside fills up with all the members facing outward from the ring as Tyrone and Jones climb in. Tyrone takes a few steps forward and drops to one knee as he slams the flag pole down onto the mat as pyro and fireworks begin exploding all around the arena.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger. From Cleveland Ohio, weighing 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

    Copeland: What an incredible display! Tyrone Blades is fired up here tonight. I don’t think there’s any doubt from anyone, that after all that he’s been through in the last few months to get here, the only thing he’s focused on is becoming the next world champion here tonight.

    Cohen:Remember what happened last time he fought for the world title? He choked. Big time. And that was after he took the entire federation hostage. I’ve never trusted him since then. Eve’s right. This guy’s a snake.

    Connor: I disagree, Jack. I think Tyrone’s really changed since ditching that old persona of his. He fought for WZCW against the corruption Vis Imperium wrought not too long ago.


    As the pre-entrance music begins, the entire arena is covered in complete darkness as the lights are shut off and everything is pitch black.

    A single spotlight slowly illuminates on the stage. Eve Taylor is sitting seiza-style and her head looking down on the entrance ramp. The World Heavyweight championship laid down in front of her and one solitary mirror blocking her path. Eve is dressed as Senua from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice with her hair in dreadlocks, complete with a headband and her wrestling gear is of viking fashion. The left arm - from fingertip to shoulder - is blackened with a small trail of black leading up to her head.

    Eve examines herself in the mirror, using her blackened hand to touch the trail that leads up to her forehead. She slowly caresses her hand down her face before looking down to see the World Heavyweight championship. She grabs the title and holds it carefully in both hands. She stares at the title to see her reflection through the gold. Voices, sounding similar to Eve, are heard through the speaker whispering such lines as "you sacrificed everything", "you are alone" and "was it worth it?" in different pitches and volume, with some laughs and breathing scattered throughout the voices. She lifts her head once more, looks into the mirror and gives a sinister smile to herself.


    Eve Taylor gets up and knocks over the mirror, shattering it along the ramp. She takes a moment to look at the damage as she fits the championship across her waist. Instead of Eve's usual model strut, she takes her time making her way down the ramp, purposely stepping all over the broken shards of glass and crushing them further through her heels. As Eve does this, she gives a thousand yard stare into the audience and looking around the arena with her lips ajar.

    When she gets to ringside, she looks at the canvas of the ring and runs her finger across the apron until she reaches the steps. She ascends the stairs with her finger running up the corner post before ascending the turnbuckles Rocky-style. She closes her eyes and looks to the heavens. Eve undoes her title belt and raises both arms into the air, holding the title high in one hand. As she holds the pose, the lights in the arena come back on. Eve remains in this position before opening up her eyes and lowering her head, looking directly at Tyrone Blades. She descends the turnbuckles, continuing to maintain eye contact on her challenger.

    Harrys: Introducing next, from Milan, Italy. Weighing 156 pounds. She is the reigning, defending, undisputed champion of the world! Eve Taylor!

    Connor: Is it just me, or does Eve look unusually focused here tonight? Like she almost looks like a woman obsessed.

    Cohen: A woman obsessed with keeping that belt, you mean. Sometimes being champion changes people. Sometimes for the better, but often times for the worst. However; it’s the latter half of those people that keep their spots at the top of the mountain the longest. Eve has developed something that she didn’t have before, and that’s killer instinct.

    Copeland: Regardless, she has a hell of a challenge waiting for her. She’s poked Blades so many times, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to rip her hand off from the start.

    The two competitors meet in the center of the ring. Referee Jun Akiyama presiding. He checks them both for illegal weapons, and gives the okay. He holds the belt above his head, before motioning towards both wrestlers. He then signals for the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*​

    The two wrestlers circle each other. Eve does her best to look intense and serious, while Tyrone looks surprisingly calm and collected. The two grapplers lock up in the center of the ring. Eve gets behind him and applies a waist lock. Blades starts to pry her hands free. He breaks lose, and gets behind her. He applies a full nelson, as Taylor struggles to find a counter. She thrusts her hips backwards into his abdomen, momentarily knocking the air from his lungs. It’s enough for her to free herself from his grip. She reaches up and locks him in a headlock. She wrenches back and applies force, but Blades propels her forward. Eve bounces off the ropes and he meets her with a shoulder thrust, knocking her to the mat. She looks stunned as she gets back to her feet. The two met back in the middle of the ring. They lock up again, but he grabs her left arm, drops to a knee, and takes her down to the mat. He maintains control of her arm, and gets behind her. He wrenches her arm behind her back, causing her to scream in pain. She gets to her feet, grabs him in another headlock, and flips him onto the mat with a takedown. Tyrone struggles against her grip. He turns his body, and slowly begins to maneuver himself to a keeling position. He grabs ahold of her waist and leg, and lifts her up into the air, before dropping her down back first across his knee. She grabs her back and rolls away. He steps towards her, but she puts her hands up and tells him to stop. The referee pulls Blades back, as the crowd begins to boo. They’ve been solidly behind Tyrone the whole time, and Eve has found that to be appalling.

    Connor: Seems like this has been all Blades from the start. He’s beaten Eve to the punch a couple of times now, and she’s unnerved.

    Cohen: Nah, she’s just playing this smart. Blades is going to force her to waste her energy struggling against all these holds. That’s a man that I can’t deny came to fight tonight.

    Copeland: Regardless, Eve needs to find a strategy and stick with it if she plans on retaining.

    Eve gets back to her feet, as the ref restarts the match. She charges forward, but feigns at the last second and backs away. She adjusts her top like it’s come loose, as Tyrone taps his wrist. Signaling that her time is running out. She shouts at him that she’s not ready yet. She gets into a fighting stance, and puts her hands up. Blades does the same, as they circle each other. He steps in, looking for the first shot, but Eve swerves around him and sinks her knee into his gut. She starts to pound him with elbow smashes to the face, as he tries to defend by putting his hands up. She spins and goes for a discus elbow, but he blocks it with his forearms and pushes her back. He cracks her in the jaw with a closed fist, staggering her. Eve drops to one knee. She’s stunned. She looks at Blades with wide eyes, as the ref warns him, “no closed fists Blades! We keep this match clean.” Eve stands, as Blades motions at her to bring it.

    Copeland: Is this a battle of mind games that we’re seeing here?

    Connor: If it is, then Eve’s looking pretty flustered. If only her plan to bring Blades to his knees before Kingdom Come hadn’t of backfired on her.

    Cohen: You two just gonna ignore the fact that Blades just cheated? Sucker punching her like that. Eve’s in there trying to put up a fair fight, and Tyrone wants to cheat? There’s nothing honorable about that.

    The two competitors charge each other one more, and Eve gets the upper hand again. She grabs his left arm and twists it, applying a wristlock. Tyrone rolls through and reverses the hold. Eve grimaces in pain, as he forces her to the mat back first. She suddenly kips up and reverses the hold, twisting his wrist in return. She has a big smirk on her face, as she wrenches in the hold. He reaches behind him, and grabs her by her long blond hair, before delivering a snapmare. Taking her down to the mat. He grabs her arms and starts strangling her with them. He lays her on the mat stomach first before stomping her head into the mat. He runs across the ring and bounces off the ropes. He charges forward and jumps, delivering a leg drop to the back of her head. He turns her over and mounts her. Eve is still dazed from the leg drop, and can’t shake his full weight off of her. Tyrone lifts his arm up, as the crowd cheers. He starts to hammer her with elbow smashes as the crowd chants along. He delivers seven of them, the last three in quick succession, and Eve looks to be out of it. He gets to his feet and measures her. He wraps his arms around her waits and crosses her arms. In a raw display of power, Tyrone lifts her to her feet. He then lifts her off the mat and takes her over with the straightjacket suplex complete with a bridge. The referee counts: 1…2… but Eve gets the shoulder up.

    Copeland: And the straightjacket suplex only gets two. Blades normally does that move off the top rope. Perhaps he’s saving that one for later.

    Cohen: This is disgusting. Tyrone Blades is out there having his way with our world champion, and these people are cheering him! What has this world come to?

    Connor: It’s strange. Blades hasn’t shown an ounce of savagery towards Eve this whole match. I thought he’d be out for blood after all she’s done to him since the Lottery, but he’s been more composed than she has been.

    Tyrone lifts her to her feet, but Eve suddenly comes alive and hits him square between the eyes with the Eight by Ten headbutt! She unloads with a flurry of elbow strikes, and this time connects with the discus elbow that drops him to the mat. Eve looks enraged waiting for Blades to get back to his feet. She grabs him around the waist and swiftly delivers a Saito suplex. His body bounces off the canvas. She smiles and dusts off her hands as if she had just taken out a big bag of smelly trash. He stands, only to be met with a swift kick to the body. Eve kicks him in the leg. Then again in the shoulder. Tyrone turns, but he’s met with a shot to the kidney for his troubles. He drops to one knee. Eve measures him and kicks him in the head. That one drops him completely. Eve looks over at the turnbuckle and then back at Blades. He’s in position. She quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle like a cat and stares down at her fallen opponent. She leaps from the top, showing great nimbleness, as she soars through the air. She lands feet first, driving her full weight into his chest with the Stiletto Double Foot Stomp! She covers him for a pin: 1…2… but it’s not enough.

    Copeland: Eve taking control off that Saito suplex, but Tyrone kicks out after the double stomp!

    Connor: Both competitors are showing their resilience this far. Taking each other shots and escaping pins. It’s going to take an effort for either one of these two to beat the other.

    Cohen: Right now my money’s on Eve. Tyrone as already proven himself to be a cheater, and I don’t root for cheaters.

    Eve lifts Blades to his feet. She grabs him by the arm and whips him into the rear left turnbuckle. He hits the pad hard with a thud. Eve charges forward, but he steps forward and catches her with an elbow. She stumbles back, as he steps up to the middle turnbuckle. He jumps off and hits her with a high knee strike that drops her to the mat. He lifts her to her feet, and drives her face first into the turnbuckle pad. His eyes widen. They’re filled with venom. He’s not kidding around anymore. In a display of brutality, he holds her head against the turnbuckle and starts pummeling her kidney’s with his knees and fists. Eve’s body buckles with each strike, his fists leaving bruise marks on the creamy white skin on her back. He finishes the cruel barrage with a forearm shot to the back of her head. With spaghetti legs, Eve turns and collapses onto the mat. She stares up at him with a blank expression on her face. Tyrone returns the glare with a look of contempt, as he runs to the opposite end of the ring, bounces off the ropes, and charges forward. He kicks Eve in the side of the head with his boot, and the world champion looks to be knocked out. Tyrone raises his hands as the crowd cheers. Despite his intensity just a moment ago, he now looks completely calm. He walks forward and examines his opponent. Her eyes looks distant, but there’s fight left in her still. Without warning she hocks a loogie straight into his face! Blades looks bewildered as he wipes the mucus from his face, and flicks it to the side. He grabs her by the hair and drags her out of the corner. He hooks both of her arms and lifts her up into the air. He suplexs her across his knee, but instead of trying to pin her, he begins to stretch her. Eve screams in pain as her abdomen is stretched, and her lower back is compressed. Tyrone presses down on her chin, forcing her neck to bend backwards. It looks like he’s trying to fold her in half. Eve sits up and flexes her strong stomach muscles in an attempt to stop him from bending her. She tries to pry his hands away from her face. With eyes wide with fury, she brings her right knee up and strikes him in the side of the head. She repeats this process until he takes his hand off her face. She sits up and cracks him square in the jaw with a right cross. He releases her, and she rolls free. She spins her body and kicks him as hard as she can in the chest with both feet. Tyrone rolls to the side as Eve rolls onto her stomach, clutching her lower back in pain.

    Connor: Eve has taken a pounding from Blades, and she just keeps going. Seems like Blades has finally shifted things into another gear. It’s almost as if we’re starting to see shades from the old Ty Burna with the way he’s started to fight.

    Cohen: Eve is the heroine of this story! Of course she’s not going to lose. If Blades has to revert himself back into the demon he used to be to fight evenly with her, then so be it. It just means that she was right about him all along.

    Copeland: That’s baloney! Eve has pushed Blades to this point. By all rights he should have been furious coming into this match. But even now he appears to be calm, composed, and focus.

    Tyrone grins at Eve and stands. The world champion glares daggers at her foe and slams her fist into the mat in frustration and screams at him in defiance. “You can’t beat me Blades! This is my destiny. Not yours!” She gets back to her feet, and takes a deep breath. The ref gives her a warning against using her fists. No punching in the face. Got it. The two warriors lock up again, but Blades once again beats her to the punch. He grabs her left arm and forces her to canvas. He applies a crossface! The hold is locked in tight. Eve starts to struggle, but with Blades weight on top of her, and her arm being controlled, she can barely move. “Who’s your daddy, Eve? Tell me your daddy is!” He bellows before wrenching back on the hold. His insults light a fire under her. Eve pushes up with her right hand, and manages to pull herself to a kneeling position. She begins to stand, grabbing at his hands. Blades releases her arm and pushes her forward towards the ropes. Eve rebounds off them and delivers the Designer Clothesline! Blades is knocked loopy. Eve is down as well, taking a breather. She clutches her back and starts to climbs the top turnbuckle. Tyrone is right behind her though. Perched on the top, Eve looks behind her and tries to elbow him off the turnbuckle, but he grabs her waist from behind. He crosses her arms and falls back, taking her with him. Eve flips over him, and gets driven into the mat hard with a release straightjacket suplex from the top turnbuckle! Both competitors are down. Blades sits up and glances towards the world champion. Eve appears to be dead now. He stumbles over and covers her: 1…2…3! No! Eve kicks out at the last second! Right as the ref’s hand was coming down. Blades can’t believe it.

    Copeland: What a maneuver! I can’t believe that Eve kicked out of that. Unbelievable.

    Cohen: Blades can’t beat her! I’ve been telling you all from the start.

    Connor: I don’t know about you two, but I think Eve needs to relax a bit. Blades has beaten her the punch on every occasion thus far.

    Back in the ring, Tyrone lifts Eve to her feet. He starts to drag her over to the ropes. He lifts her up and positions her body outside the ring. He’s attempting to set her up for the Desolate Roads. He tries to turn her body, but it suddenly locks in place. Eve won’t budge! Tyrone tries to drag her forward to attempt a variation on his signature maneuver, but she grabs the ropes with her legs. He begins to apply pressure with the front facelock, but they’re at a deadlock. The referee forces Blades to release the hold, as Taylor slides down to the outside. Blades turns around, but Eve is back on the apron! She grabs him and stuns him on the top rope. He’s knocked loopy as she slides back into the ring. On instinct, she immediately targets his knee. She hits a chop block which sends him spiraling down to the canvas. Her eyes widen. She looks like a shark that just smelt blood in the water. She kicks him in the back of the knee as soon as he’s back on his feet. Blades starts to reel a little bit, so she keeps up the assault. She grabs his leg and hits a dragon screw takedown. Then she drives her body weight into his knee, before wrenching back on it, applying a knee bar. He tries to fight out of it, but a stiff looking elbow shot to the face keeps her in control. She drags him over to the ropes, and places his leg on the bottom rope and drives her full weight onto it again. He screams in pain as his knee buckles from the force. The referee forces her free him, but she’s right back on the attack. She drags him over to the turnbuckle and slams his knee across it. She grabs it, and wraps it around the post. Blades screams as his knee is nearly wrenched from its socket. The referee forces her to release the hold before the count of five. Tyrone holds his knee in agony as Eve begins to howl with laughter on the outside.

    Copeland: I think Eve has snapped!

    Cohen: She’s just giving Blades a taste of his own medicine. Remember he cheated first!

    Connor: The world title is on the line. And I never expected either one of these two to fight fair.

    Eve slides back into the ring as Tyrone struggles to make it to his feet. Reduced to using the ropes as leverage to help him. He hobbles forward to face her as Eve starts to gloat. “Look how cute you are limping about on one leg! You can’t beat me like that.” Her back was still killing her, but she figured it had to be feeling better than his knee. Then he does the unthinkable. He smiles at her, and taps his wrist again. Taunting her. Eve growls and slaps him across the face! Blades raises his hand in retaliation, but she grabs him and drives him into the canvas face first with a reverse STO! From there, she immediately transitions into The Fashion Statement. Her submission hold is locked in, and Tyrone has nowhere to go! He tries to release himself from the hold, but it’s locked in deep. He tries to flip his body over to use his momentum to pin her shoulders to the canvas. It fails the first time, but the second time he’s successful. The referee counts: 1…2… but Eve gets her shoulder up. She flips herself over. She still has the hold locked in! Blades rights himself, and starts to crawl towards the ropes. Eve watches on in disbelief as he inches his way towards the ropes. She squeezes for all she’s worth. But Blades won’t tap! He won’t pass out! The crowd is firmly behind him. Begging. Pleading for him not to give up! Finally, he reaches the bottom ropes. The referee demands that Eve break the hold. She does so at the very last second. For a moment that felt like an eternity, both of them laid there. Tyrone’s knee is killing him. Eve’s managed to reinjure her back in the process. The referee begins to count. He reaches the count of six, before both wrestlers start to stir.

    Copeland: Unbelievable; even after all of that and Blades was still able to get to the ropes.

    Cohen: I can’t believe it either. I though for sure Eve had this match won.

    Connor: The fans are going crazy here. Now both of them are down. I think Eve has hurt herself contorting herself like that.

    The two wrestlers begin to trade forearm blows and elbow strikes while on their knees. Eve has a look of pure rage on her face while Tyrone… was still smiling?! What was wrong with this guy? She was starting to think that he was the one possessed. Not her. They get to their feet, as he starts to push her back. The brawler has come alive! Eve cuts him off with a knee to the midsection. She attempts her discus elbow one last time, but Tyrone ducks underneath it. While a primal war cry, she charges forward and tries to boot him in the face, but he side steps her and she clocks the referee instead! Stunned, Akiyama hits the mat and rolls out of the ring. Leaving Eve and Blades in the ring by themselves. Tyrone tries to hook both of her arms, but she drops to her knees and hits him with a blatant low blow! He grimaces a little bit but doesn’t fall. Eve looks absolutely flabbergasted. Why didn’t he go down? She looks up to see her nemesis grinning at her. A wild, feral grin that sent chills down her spine. “You think I’d fall for the same trick of yours twice? Nah, bitch.” And then it dawns on her. He had been wearing a cup the whole match! A horrified look appears on her face. Suddenly, he lifts her up and hooks her arms, before driving her straight onto his knee with the Mo Murda DDT! She falls to her stomach on the canvas. Tyrone crosses her legs and bends them at the knees. Then he then arcs his body and applies a dragon sleeper. The Street Dreams is locked in! Eve tries to break free. She tries to crawl forward. But she can’t move her legs, and she can’t break his grip. She’s trapped with nowhere to go. Chants of “Tap! Tap! Tap!” fill the arena as Eve struggles in vain with what little strength she has left as Blades wrenches in the hold. Akiyama has recovered. He’s back in the ring. Eve tries to break her challengers hold but there’s nothing she can do. She’s beginning to pass out. The referee raises her arm and lets it fall. It hits the mat once. Then twice. The official raises her hand one last time. Tyrone turned his head just slightly so that she can hear him, and whispers something in her ear. “I told you, didn’t I? That the last thing you’d hear would be that Click… Clack…” Eve’s eyes roll back into her sockets as darkness takes her. Her arm falls to the mat. The referee calls for the bell. It’s over. The champ’s out cold!

    Harrys: Here is your winner by technical knockout and the new WZCW world champion, Tyrone Blades!

    Copeland: What a phenomenal finish! Tyrone was wearing a cup the entire time. Eve tried to low blow him again. This time blatantly. What a miscalculation on her part.

    Cohen: If this means another year with that man as our champion, then I quit.

    Connor: It came down to a submission battle in the end. Eve tried her best, but there’s no shame in the way she lost. She ought to be proud.

    The referee hands the title to Tyrone. He stares at it and smiles. Seven years to get back to this point. He was so overwhelmed that he didn’t know which emotions to feel first. He hoists the belt above his head as the crowd explodes. He climbs the top turnbuckle and poses with it. He climbs down and walks to the adjacent end. There were officials in the ring checking on Eve now. They were in the process of helping her from the ring. He slings the title over his shoulder and extends his arm towards her. He morphs his hand into the shape of a gun. He cocks it back; crosshairs firmly on his target. And fires. BANG!
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    Earlier this afternoon.

    Backstage we have Vega, The Beard, Backstage Bob and Leon Kensworth talking to each other. There's a lot of other superstars milling in the background eating food.

    Bob: At least we're back in time for Independence Day.

    Beard: You can't beat the fourth of July. It has my favourite thing.

    Vega: Loud explosions?

    Bob: Chuck and Becky should have thrown a party here too.

    Leon: Then everyone would want a party. We didn't do anything for the 24th February and we're a multicultural company.

    Bob: USA! USA! USA!

    The rest join in and then suddenly Jabari Kasim appears out of nowhere. All stop chanting apart from Backstage Bob who appears to be unaware. Once he notices the Nigerian Giant he stops. There's silence then suddenly you hear someone shout “OH CANADA!”

    Mark Keaton comes rushing in, with Roadie, dressed head to toe in Canada flags. Roadie has his face painted with the Maple Leaf.

    Leon: Canada day was yesterday buddy.

    Keaton turns and walks straight back out, Roadie is forced to join.

    Keaton: At least today can't get any worse.
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    Before the final match of the evening, the camera focuses to the commentary team at ringside. Copeland turns to Cohen, who is taking in some deep breaths, and then turns to Connor, who smiles back at him.

    Copeland: Are the two of you ready to call the last match for Kingdom Come?

    Cohen: It is not just the last match for Kingdom Come, Seabass, but the last match in the career of John Constantine. This will be the final time we get to see him compete inside a WZCW ring and the stage couldn't be better.

    Connor: It is ridiculous when you sit here and ponder it. Constantine is in the main event of Kingdom Come. That in of itself is an honour, but it doesn't stop there. Only days ago did Constantine get inducted into the WZCW Hall of Fame, so gets to say he wrestles his final match as a legend. He gets to compete against Titus Avison, a fellow Hall of Famer and one of the greatest stars in WZCW. And to top it all off, this match is for the Eurasian championship. Not only has Titus held this championship for longer than any other champion in history, and that includes every single title in WZCW, but this is the championship that has alluded Constantine his entire career. Constantine has won every title in WZCW except the Eurasian championship. Could you imagine if in his final match as a legend he dethrones the epic reign of Titus Avison, capture the final title he has yet to win and leave WZCW as champion?

    Cohen: Constantine is not in the Hall of Fame for no reason. He is one of the best... but this is such a monumental task. Titus has held the championship for two straight WZCW calendar years. He, too, is a Hall of Famer, and he is one of the originals. Titus has fought in the main event of Kingdom Come in a Pure Rules match for a championship against an absolute legend in Everest. Constantine will be wrestling his final match ever whilst Titus has hit a second stride in his career, something very few wrestlers can say they've ever done. I mean, Titus was here over 10 years ago... and 10 years later he is longest reigning champion of all time?! That is insane. I just don't know how Constantine leaves with the championship. I cannot see how he could do it.

    Copeland: I'm glad the two of you could provide us with some insight because I have no clue who is going to win this contest. Titus has every advantage but the story of Constantine leaving with the championship would be a feel good story. One is the reality and the other is the fantasy. I know what my heart feels could happen but my brain says otherwise. I simply have no idea who is going to take this match tonight...

    Copeland looks back at the camera.

    Copeland: ... but that is simply the magic of WZCW, folks. And tonight, in our main event for the Eurasian championship, there is one thing that I can guarantee that will happen after this match is all said and done: this match will go down as one for the ages and you will see something special. Whether Titus enters his THIRD WZCW calendar year as Eurasian champion or Constantine retires as a champion, the ending will be amazing. I wish all the luck to both competitors.

    Cohen: Enough with the lovey dovey commentary! Let's get this match started.

    Connor: Yeah, Seabass. The fans are waiting!

    Cohen: What she said. Well said, CC.

    Copeland: Well, you heard 'em. Let's take it to Truman Harrys with the introductions!

    The camera switches to Truman Harrys who is flanked by senior official Jun Akiyama with his legendary refereeing attire.

    Harrys: The following contest is The Main Event of the evening and it is a Pure Rules match for the WZCW Eurasian Championship!


    He holds for the applause as the crowd stands and cheers.

    Harrys: The stipulations of the Pure Rules match are as follows: Firstly, each wrestler are given three rope breaks. Should a competitor use the ropes to break a pinfall or submission attempt, that competitor loses a rope break. Once a wrestler exhausts their three rope breaks, a submission or pin can occur even when that wrestler attempts to break it with the ropes. Secondly, closed fists to the head are illegal. The first time a wrestler is caught using a closed fist to the head will be given a warning. Further punches will cause the wrestler to lose a rope break. And finally, both wrestlers are subject to a twenty second count out instead of the standard ten count.


    The lights go dark and the crowd buzzes. A spotlight hits the stage and John Constantine is standing there with his head lowered, his chin tucked tight into his chest. He let's out a primal roar that's magnified with special sound effects throughout the arena as he leans back and throws his arms back like he's breaking invisible chains.

    Big cheers from the capacity crowds as fireworks explode all around the titantron then across the stage and down the ramp in an impressive display of pyro. Constantine breathes in the smoke as he walks with a purpose down the ramp, he let's out a double flare of nostril smoke out as he climbs in the ring. He stands at the ropes and stares out to the cheering crowd as his music continues to play.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, It's hard for me to not get emotional here, I've called Constantine matches throughout his entire career, I've watched this man bleed, get hit with chairs, fight through injuries, raise championships, draw the ire and adoration from WZCW staff and fans alike. There will never be another wrestler in the history of this company quite like The Power Trip!

    Cohen: He looks in great shape, Seabass. I was having my doubts considering Constantine's career ending is nigh but he has pulled out all the stops to get in peak physical condition. If he has worked this hard to be in such shape for his last match, then Constantine will definitely be the biggest threat to Titus' championship reign.

    The music fades down to nothing as the crowd waits. Constantine is in the ring, preparing for his final match. He takes a deep breath before doing some exercises using the ropes. His hand lingers on the ropes, knowing he will have little use of them when the match begins.


    Suddenly, darkness fills the arena.


    The spotlights show the TMZ staff roll out a huge red carpet all the way to the ring. The carpet is illuminated but the rest of the crowd is darkened.

    Titus Avison walks out to the stage under a huge spotlight. He stops at the top of the ramp, he opens his sparkling blue robe that shimmers off the spotlight to show everyone the Eurasian Championship around his waist. A row of 25 TMZ staff make a long line behind him and start clapping, then they form a row of two lines so Titus can walk to the ring and not be pestered by the fans, some TMZ staff are overdoing it, throwing out drinks, ordering signs to be ripped up. However, the fans are cheering anyway as Titus takes his time walking down the ramp, excited for the prospect of the huge match.

    He takes two steps on the steel stairs then stops, he looks over his shoulder disappointed, TMZ staff apologise and lift the stairs with him still on it. They group up and manage to carry it over the top ropes without making Titus lose his balance. They gently lay it in the ring and Titus continues to the top. He stands on the stairs and raises his title high over his head. He looks down at Constantine who is all smiles and clapping at Titus's entrance.

    Connor: You can't help but smile at that. What an entrance from a fantastic champion!

    Cohen: We've seen fireworks, explosions, vegan food, guitar playing, but Titus just went with straight up legendary! I love it! These maniacs in the crowd haven't shut up since these guys came out!

    Copeland: Titus Avison spared no expense in his entrance. He wanted to make a point to the entire world with that entrance. Now he needs to add the exclamation by being the final point in Constantine's career.

    The lights go back to normal for a moment as Harrys and Akiyama stand in-between the two competitors. The sound of a bell ringing is heard and the lights go into a blue effect across the arena. Only Constantine and Titus are highlighted.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger: hailing from St.Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 265 pounds, he is the latest inductee into the WZCW Hall of Fame Class of 2018 and wrestling his final match in WZCW... he is JOOOOOOOHHHHNN CONSTANTINE!

    The crowd cheers heavily as Constantine raises an arm but still heavily focused on keeping himself of sound mind for this match.

    Harrys: And his opponent: he is the reigning, defending and undisputed champion who has amassed a history making run of 951 days! He is from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing in tonight at 225 pound and is the WZCW Eurasian Champion... THIS... IS... TIIIIIIIIIITUS AAAAAAVISIOOOOOON!

    There are cheers from the crowd, and they are loud, but there are still some heavy boos. Despite the big fight feel, there are fans that remember the dickish ways of Titus Avison.

    Referee Akiyama holds the belt in front of Constantine, then holds it high for the fans to see. Titus hands off his robe to a staff member, both wrestlers stretch and warm up as Akiyama hands off the belt to a staff member and calls for the bell.

    *** DING! DING! DING! ***

    The crowds are still cheering as Titus Avison and John Constantine walk to the centre of the ring. They look at each other intensely and keeping eye contact on one another until the crowd's duelling chants for both men grow louder and louder. Each man looks to his left out into the crowd, staring out to everyone cheering. Each man looks to his right and does the same. Their eyes meet once more in the middle where senior official Jun Akiyama is standing between, telling each man to shake hangs to begin the proceedings, as is customary with the Pure Rules match. Titus and Constantine exchange a few words between each other, inaudible from the volume of the crowd. However, whatever they said did not deter either man from offering their hand and shaking hands with one another. A few more words are exchanged as the two men shake hands. The crowd cheers loudly and applauds the sign of respect. The two men break off with Constantine wiping his hands on his thighs and Titus runs his hands through his hair.

    Copeland: What an excellent start to this match. A gentlemen's handshake. I just hope we do not get bamboozled any time throughout this match and everything that happens from bell to bell remains as gentlemanly as this beginning.

    Both men circle the ring for a bit before they engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Both men push and twist but neither budge, forcing them to break it off. They take a moment to stretch out their arms and slap their shoulders before circling again. Constantine nods and they go to tie up for a second time but Titus swats his arms away, smacking Constantine with a big European uppercut. Constantine snaps his head back and holds his chin. He makes a punching motion at the referee and points to Titus, Akiyama disagrees and says it wasn't a head punch. Akiyama informs Constantine that is has to be a closed fist strike.

    Copeland: Titus is well within his limits to deliver a European uppercut to Constantine there. Smart strategy to employ in lieu of that closed fist restriction.

    Constantine checks his chin once more before both men engage in the centre of the ring for the third time. This time, Constantine quickly grabs a headlock, wrenching it. He follows up by tripping Titus' feet while driving his hip into him for a headlock takedown. Constantine keeps the pressure applied on the canvas. The champion looks for a way to escape the hold but Constantine has the grip on tight. As Titus wiggles around for advantage, he grabs the trunks of Constantine and rolls him over for a pin attempt...

    ...1. Constantine reaches out for the ropes...
    ...2. Instead of grabbing the ropes, he kicks out of the pinfall attempt.

    Titus rolls to the middle of the ring with a smirk on his face, holding up his two fingers at Constantine to say that he was this close at tricking him into a rope break. Constantine, on one knee, shakes his head and slaps himself in the face. The two men get up and look to square up once more.

    Cohen: That was almost an early rope break use by Constantine but he caught himself at the last second, opting to kick-out instead.

    Connor: He better be careful, he can't be too preoccupied with that rope break because that could have cost him the match later down the line! You need to preserve those rope breaks for emergencies.

    As Constantine approaches, Titus grabs him in a headlock and takes him down to the canvas in a similar fashion. Constantine, remembering what just transpired, does the same thing to Titus, forcing him into a difficult pin near the ropes...

    ... 1. Titus goes to reach out but pulls back quickly.
    ... 2. Titus struggles...
    ... but manages to kick out in time.

    Constantine rolls back to the middle with a smile on his face and does the same gesture. However, Titus does not take this lightly. He marches over to Constantine and slaps him right in the face as hard as he can. The crowd reacts with an "oooohh" as Constantine has his face slanted away from Titus, checking it to see if Titus drew blood. Titus says a few words to Constantine as he turns back to him, slapping him once more. Titus and Constantine go head-to-head, exchanging words once more to each other. Titus pushes him back and slaps him for a third time. This slap is heard echoing throughout the arena. In a fit of rage from the disrespect shown from Titus, Constantine responds by PUNCHING Titus right in the FACE! Titus is knocked down to the canvas with a thunderous punch. Senior official Akiyama sees this and immediately checks on Titus. Constantine looks at his hand and realises what he has done, frustrated he broke the rules so early. Akiyama gets in Constantine's face and reprimands him for the damage.

    Akiyama: That was a blatant closed fist strike to the face and it was delivered with malice. I am foregoing the warning and penalising you by removing one rope break from you.

    The crowd begins to boo as Constantine attempts to plea with the referee but he is having none of it, sticking with his ruling. Titus is getting up to his feet slowly, feeling his face for any damages.

    Harrys: Constantine has two rope breaks left.

    Copeland: The hopes of having this match be a gentlemanly encounter are gone. Titus has thrown that option out the penthouse window.

    Cohen: What are you on about? That was an ingenious move by Titus! He played by the rules, got Constantine frustrated and because of the referee's ruling, Constantine is down one rope break. Titus was merely going for a warning! That was all Akiyama's doing to reprimand Constantine that harshly.

    Not getting his thoughts heard, Constantine drops the argument and pushes the referee out of the way to press on Titus. He delivers a nasty headbutt that sends Titus reeling into the corner. Constantine corners Titus and hits a couple more headbutts until Titus slumps in the corner. Constantine puts the boots to Titus and begins stomping on him in the corner until the count of 4 from Akiyama. The senior official warns him but the challenger ignores his rulings as he goes for more stomps to the downed champion, once more to a count of 4. Constantine walks away, attempting to get control of his frustrations as Akiyama warns him of losing via disqualification if he fails to comply.

    Constantine takes a deep breath and goes over to Titus, looking to pull him out of the corner. Titus has other plans, however, and delivers another European uppercut. Constantine stumbles back, holding his chin. Titus gets stable on his feet and goes after Constantine, delivering another European uppercut until Constantine is on the ropes. Titus whips Constantine across the ring, looking for a back body drop. Constantine stops, kicks Titus in the chest and runs the ropes again, looking for a lariat. Titus ducks and Constantine rebounds, looking for another but Titus catches the attempt, dragging Constantine down to the ground in a fujiwara arm bar. Knowing very well how damaging this submission can be, Constantine quickly makes his way to the ropes and gets his foot on the bottom. Titus immediately releases the submission hold and retreats back. Constantine looks relieved for a moment before realising that he just used his second rope break!

    Harrys: Constantine has one rope break left!

    Constantine slams the canvas and exits the ring, looking to gather his thoughts. Akiyama instructs Titus to remain in the ring and goes over to count out Constantine. Titus complies and raises his arms in the air. There are cheers and boos for the legend.

    Connor: Titus is on point with his mental game. He is doing everything in his power to remove the rope breaks from Constantine and deliver the ever-amounting pressure being placed on the Power Trip.

    Cohen: Indeed. If Constantine wants to have any chance in this match, he'd be shape up and be a man about it. He cannot afford another rope break or he'll be on the ropes and the referee won't do a damned thing about it!

    Akiyama has counted at a slightly faster pace than normal and has reached a count of 10, but the competitors have until 20 to enter the ring. Constantine has enough of an understanding to comprehend this ruling and takes a few more seconds before entering the ring. Titus collapses on Constantine quickly, hitting him with a couple of kesagiri chops before he can get to his feet. Titus takes a step back and hits a spinning heel kick on Constantine. He follows up with a knee drop before attempting a pinfall...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by the challenger.

    Titus transitions into the arm bar once again, keeping Constantine pinned to the ground. Constantine looks out to the ropes close to him but refuses to use them. Instead, he fights through the submission, positions himself and rolls out of it. However, Titus grabs the head of Constantine, drags him back down to the ground and slaps on a sleeper hold submission on Constantine. Titus positions Constantine to see the ropes only a toes tip away from breaking the hold. Constantine thinks about it but shakes his head. In a very rare moment, Constantine, the man trapped in a submission, pushes away from the ropes and back to the middle the ring. He shakes his head and uses his strength, as well as the cheers and chants from the crowd, to get to a standing position and deliver some elbows to the stomach of Titus. The champ refuses to let go so Constantine picks up Titus and slams him to the ground with a sidewalk slam. Titus sits up and arches his back, feeling the effects of the slam. As he does this, Constantine takes the opportunity to wrench in his own sleeper hold on Titus! Flailing about desperately, Titus reaches out for the ropes. Constantine almost allows Titus to reach out and quickly grab hold of the ropes, which forces the break.

    Harrys: Titus Avison has two rope breaks left.

    Titus does not seem to be as frustrated as Constantine. Rather, he seems glad to be out of the sleeper hold and takes a moment to recover on the apron.

    Copeland: And like that, Constantine has brought Titus' rope break count down to begin mounting pressure on the champion.

    Connor: It doesn't look like Titus minds. He has two more left whereas Constantine only has one... and he only used one rope break to escape a submission. Titus is winning by a country mile on that front.

    As Titus recovers on the apron, Constantine presses forward and grabs Titus by the head, picking him up. He delivers a headbutt to Titus, followed by a kick to the mid-section. Ignoring the referee's count, Constantine grabs Titus and lifts him into a vertical suplex, over the top rope and back into the ring. He takes a couple of steps back with Titus in the air and drops him to the ground. He covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Titus.

    Constantine goes into a mounted position and curls up his fists, looking to punch Titus with Recompense... but he stops, remembers the rules and instead, picks up the head of Titus and headbutts it. As Titus lays on the canvas, Constantine gets up, runs the ropes and hits a knee drop on Titus onto the head. He covers again...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Titus.

    Titus holds his head as he tries recover. Keeping up the pressure, Constantine grabs Titus by the head, lifts him to his feet and locks him in under his arm. He looks for a DDT attempt and raises his arm in the sky with confidence. As he goes to deliver, Titus rolls-up Constantine. He does not go for the pinfall, however, as Titus transitions into his signature Ankle Lock! Constantine, surprised, flails about looking for an escape. He tries using his leg to kick away Titus but he holds on! Constantine desperately rolls on his back and push Titus back, but again he keeps it locked in. Titus screams for Constantine to tap but he refuses. Constantine does his best to get footing to escape the hold but Titus pivots quickly, stopping Constantine from doing so. He increases the pressure on the ankle as Constantine's attempts to escape are fruitless. The only options for Constantine are to tap or to grab the ropes. Constantine thinks about an escape but he cannot think of another way. Using his power, Constantine drags himself and Titus to the ropes, grabbing hold of them and forcing the submission break.

    Harrys: Constantine has used his final rope break! He has no more rope breaks left!

    Cohen: That's it! Constantine is in the danger zone! Any time he is caught in a submission, he has to escape or fight out because grabbing the ropes won't stop it! And if he is close to the ropes, the referee must continue counting!

    Copeland: Titus has really played smart for this match thus far, only giving up one rope break for the contest thus far. His experience in Pure Rules match has surely come in handy for this one.

    Connor: And now Constantine has to fight with a damaged ankle for being in that hold for so long. You can easily see Titus painting a bulls eye on that injured leg as we speak.

    Constantine rolls out the ring to recover the injured ankle but Titus doesn't let up, keeping up the pressure. Titus grabs Constantine and hits a European uppercut. Constantine hobbles back to the other side of the ringside area with Titus pursuing with European uppercuts on the way. Akiyama gets to a count of 12 before Titus manages to toss Constantine back in the ring. As Constantine struggles to get into the ring, Titus hops up onto the apron and looks out to the crowd, signalling for a hi-flying manoeuvre. As Constantine gets to his feet, Titus springboards up and hits a bulldog from the top rope. Constantine goes crashing in the ground and Titus covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Constantine.

    Titus gets up and attempts to rally the fans before pointing at Constantine, lining him up. As Constantine gets up, Titus runs at him and hits a hurricanrana, forcing Constantine across the ring. Titus is up before Constantine, who is sent loopy by the hurricanrana, and is caught with a Northern lights release suplex for his troubles. Constantine, in a desperate attempt, groggily gets up and swings wildly with a lariat haymaker. Titus ducks, grabs the arm of Constantine and hits a Reverse DDT on Constantine. He pins the challenger...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... Constantine barely gets the shoulder up.

    Titus sits on his knees and looks at the referee, asking for a three count. Akiyama informs him it is only two. Titus looks down to the ground before looking out to the audience, pondering what to do. In his vision, he sees the turnbuckles in front of him and a spark goes off in his head. Titus points to the corner and the crowd begins to cheer. Seeing that Constantine is still down, Titus goes over to the corner and begins climbing, looking to set up for the Red Comet. However, before Titus can get in position, Constantine quickly gets up and runs into the ropes, causing Titus to lose balance and crotch himself on the top rope.

    Constantine leans on the ropes, looking for a breather and checking on his ankle. He hobbles over to Titus on the ropes, hits a headbutt and slowly climbs up the turnbuckles, looking for something big. However, his ankle is bothering him and this gives Titus enough time to hit a couple of kesagiri chops to Constantine, pushing him off to the canvas. As Constantine gets to his feet, Titus re-positions himself and goes for his signature flying clothesline! As Titus connects, Constantine grabs Titus and rolls through, bringing Titus along for the ride. Constantine manages to roll through the flying clothesline and lock in a sleeper hold onto the champion! Constantine does not take any chances and wraps the legs around the body of Titus. The champion has nowhere to go as the submission is locked in tight. Titus looks around for an escape plan but all he can see is the ropes close by! Not wanting to burn another rope break, Titus attempts fighting out but Constantine has a dead's man grip on this submission. Titus holds out for a little bit longer before being forced to grab the ropes. Constantine is forced to break the hold and Akiyama records another rope break used by Titus.

    Harrys: Titus Avison has one rope break left!

    Titus is grasping for air as he looks to use this time wisely to collect himself. Constantine backs away from Titus and tries getting some blood flow back in his ankle.

    Copeland: What an amazing counter to the flying clothesline by Constantine. He knew that if Titus hit another move from the top rope, his chances of being champion were over.

    Connor: And now Constantine has gotten Titus down to his final rope break. He needs to keep up the pressure and force the final break if he is to remain competitive with Titus.

    Constantine is up and tries pulling Titus away from the ropes, but the champion holds on. He tries again but Titus won't let go. Constantine complains to Akiyama that this counts as a rope break but Akiyama says no. In response, Constantine begins hitting stomps on the face of Titus until the count of 4. Some members of the crowd do not like this display and boo. Constantine ignores them as he finally manages to drag Titus away from the ropes, pick him up, headbutt him and finish it up with a lariat clothesline. Titus is knocked groggily, rebounds off the ropes and straight into the arms of Constantine. He picks Titus up and hits his signature fallaway slam... the Isolation! Titus is flown across the ring. Constantine gets up and signals for the end. He grabs Titus and looks to go for the Axis... but as Constantine lifts up Titus, the champion lands on his feet and manages to reverse the attempt into a DDT! Both men are on the canvas and take a moment to recover.

    As the crowd cheers and applauds for both men to get to their feet, Akiyama gives them the count. However, both men are up at the same time. Constantine goes for a headbutt but Titus blocks, smacking him with a kesagiri chop. Titus hits a couple of kesagiri chops before landing another European uppercut. He builds some momentum and manages to nail a swinging neckbreaker on Constantine, causing him to crash into the canvas. Titus pops up, holding his head and signals for the end of the match. He awaits for Constantine to get in position and he goes for the Tit drop... but as Titus launches himself in the air, Constantine grabs Titus and slams him down with a backbreaker reversal! Titus is grimacing in pain as he lays across the unforgiving knee of the challenger... but Constantine is not down yet. Constantine picks him up and delivers another backbreaker, and another! Constantine picks up Titus for a fourth time and delivers swinging backbreaker as the final move.

    Titus is writhing on the ground in pain as Constantine looks on with a determined look in his eyes. He does not go for the pin but instead awaits for Titus to get into position. Constantine is focused and ready for the kill. As Titus gets up and spins groggily into Constantine's position, the challenger lifts up the champion and nails Titus with Collateral Damage! Constantine has hit his finishing twisting spinebuster on Titus, crushing him into the canvas near the ropes. The crowd watches on ready to see if this is the end of the legendary reign as Constantine goes for the pinfall attempt...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... 3...

    Connor: Constantine won!

    Cohen: No! Wait! Titus' foot!

    As Akiyama slams the canvas to count the three, he sees that Titus' foot is on the bottom rope! He immediately retracts the three count and instead informs the timekeeper and announcer that Titus made the count, using his final rope break! Constantine goes to celebrate the victory but Akiyama stops him, letting him know of what has transpired. Constantine does not understand at first and gets up, looking to get his hand raised but Akiyama says no. It takes a moment for Akiyama to explain to Constantine what has happened and slowly, Constantine's excitement turns to frustration that he did not get the job done.

    Harrys: Titus Avison has used his final rope break! He has no rope breaks left!

    Cohen: Excellent catch by the referee! Titus had his foot on the rope to break the pin. What a clutch play by the champion to reserve his final break for when he needed it! If he made a mistake like Constantine early on in the match, it could've cost him the match!

    Copeland: And now both men have no rope breaks left. The ropes will save neither man for the remainder of this match!

    Connor: I thought Constantine won for a moment! Wow! What a rush! What a match!

    Constantine is sitting on the ring canvas not believing the result of Titus' foot on the ropes whilst the champion is slowly recovering, but is hardly moving after the series of moves by the challenger. Constantine shakes the cobwebs from his ankle and looks to get up to standing position. He does not know what to do as he paces the ring, seemingly frustrated. Constantine notices the pain in his ankle and stops. He looks down at his ankle and smiles, realising what he can do. He goes over to Titus, grabs his leg and locks in Titus' signature Ankle Lock! Titus is in pain from the punishment of the match and immediately crawls to the bottom rope... but Titus has used all his rope breaks!

    Copeland: The referee cannot do anything! Titus has to fight out!

    Titus still holds onto the ropes but this time, he uses them to bring himself to a standing position. He climbs up the ropes like turnbuckles with his hands, stands on one leg and hits a desperate enzuigiri kick on Constantine, knocking him senseless. Quickly, Titus drop toe holds Constantine to the canvas and locks in the signature Ankle Lock once more on Constantine; on the injured ankle of Constantine! The challenger screams out in pain and tries fighting out but Titus remains steadfast. Constantine crawls to the ropes... but again, to no avail. Akiyama tells Constantine no as Titus is allowed to continue the submission. Constantine thinks about tapping, seeing as he has no other options... but he bites his own hand to stop him from tapping.

    Connor: Constantine has nowhere else to go!

    Cohen: Titus will snap the ankle if he doesn't tap!

    As Constantine thinks about tapping, his eyes grow wide. He uses his other hand to grab the ropes. Although Akiyama says no rope break, Constantine uses his strength to pull himself to the outside. The crowd cheers at the ingenuity of Constantine as it forces Titus to be pressed against the ropes. As this causes some discomfort for Titus with Constantine crawling outside, Titus keeps the lock held on but also manages to exit the ring as well! Constantine and Titus are now on the outside at ringside! The submission hold is still locked in but because it is on the outside, the submission cannot be counted! Akiyama tells Titus this but the champion keeps it held. Titus keeps it held on for a few seconds longer before collapsing on the apron, slowly rolling into the ring. This allows him to catch his breath as Constantine is in pain on the outside.

    Copeland: Excellent ring awareness by Constantine. Even though the rope breaks no longer stop a submission hold, going to the outside means Titus cannot win even if Constantine taps. Submissions and pinfalls must take place inside the ring for them to count. What a great play by the challenger.

    Connor: Constantine would rather take a chance at having his ankle snap than tap out. He is doing is absolute best to win in his final match.

    Cohen: If Constantine gets his ankle snapped, what does he have to lose? He won't be showing up tomorrow for another match. This is the last match of his entire career. He doesn't need to keep healthy to fight for another day because there is no more other days. This is it. Constantine is going to fight with everything he has to win.

    Akiyama is getting to a count of 10 and Constantine is still on the ground, clutching his ankle in pain. Titus is slow going to his feet, still feeling the damage taking its toll throughout the match. The count gets to 14 and Constantine is having trouble getting to his feet. 17 and Constantine falls back down to the ground. The crowd is growing nervous. 19 and Constantine is pulling himself up. As Akiyama goes for the 20 count, Constantine rolls in and the match continues. The crowd is applauding this performance by both men as Titus cannot believe it. He cannot believe Constantine is still fighting. Both men take a moment for a breather as the crowd shows their appreciation.

    Titus is up and goes over to Constantine, attempting to pick him up. He stands up Constantine, backs away and goes for the Tit Drop but Constantine drops to the ground, holding his ankle. Titus sighs and goes for it again, looking to hit it a little earlier, but Constantine crumples once more. Akiyama tells Titus to back away as he goes to check on Constantine to see if he will continue. Titus tries going after Constantine but Akiyama prevents this from happening. The two begin arguing about what to do, with Titus brushing past the referee to continue. Akiyama grabs the arm of Titus but the champion flings it back, accidentally smacking Akiyama hard in the temple. The senior official drops to the canvas. Titus turns around to see this and is regretful of this. He checks on the referee and attempts to revive him, but his attempts do little to help the situation.

    Connor: Did he do that on purpose?

    Cohen: It was clearly an accident. These things happen in a match.

    However, it finally dawns on Titus that the referee is down and an idea goes off in his head. Titus slides underneath the bottom rope and goes to the timekeeper's area, grabbing the Eurasian championship. The crowd begins to boo as he slides into the ring with the title, awaiting Constantine to recover and deliver the final blow.

    Connor: I knew it was on purpose! He couldn't get Constantine to tap so he is looking for a cheap way out.

    Cohen: It was an accident, CC. He tried his best to revive the referee but alas, he is out. So, in trying times like this, when your 951 day reign as Eurasian champion is under threat by a man leaving this company for good, you have to take every opportunity you can to retain your championship.

    Copeland: But after everything that has happened in this match? After this entire performance? Do you think it is right for Titus to throw away this title match in the main event of Kingdom Come to protect his reign for another day? Where is the honour and valour in fighting?

    Cohen: Honour and valour don't win matches, Seabass. Being opportunistic and seizing every moment in your favour will.

    As Titus lines up the final blow, he looks around the arena. He sees the masses of fans begging for him to not use the championship as a weapon. He sees the massive amount of supporters in the crowd pleading with the champion to continue wrestling this match they were witnessing without cheating. He sees many of them in Titus merchandise and gear, still seeing that many of the fans still believes in him. He looks to the front row to see a pair of young children, both of whom who appear to be super fans of Titus look at their idol with watery eyes and seeing him about to commit the ultimate sin.
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    Young Fan 1: Don't do it, Titus!

    Young Fan 2: We know you can win, Titus. We believe in you.

    Hearing the plights, Titus shakes his head and lowers his head. His stance and his arms go limp. He looks down at his championship. He is reminded of the long reign and not wanting this to be a stain on his record. So, in response, Titus looks up at his fans with a determined look and nods. He looks over to the children and smiles. He mouths to the crowd that he will not use the title as a weapon and they give him a thunderous roar!

    Cohen: What the hell is he doing?! He has Constantine dead to rights and he has turned his back on him!? Why? Just hit him and then revive referee for the easy win!

    Connor: There is good that remains inside the heart of the Hall of Famer. Could this be the return of the Titus we all knew and grew up with? Is this the return of the legends of a man we've all heard?

    Just as Titus looks to drop the championship and refuse to use it, a sudden burst of pain shoots through his body. He looks down and sees that a recovered Constantine has delivered a massive low blow to the champion. Titus goes white faced, lets go of the championship and drops to his knees. The crowd is in total shock as Titus looks at Constantine. He is, at first, just as shocked as the crowd, but he remembers all the times that he did something similar with all the dick punching and kicking. Titus looks into the eyes of Constantine and the challenger can see that Titus has accepted his fate and karma coming full circle.

    Copeland: Titus getting a piece of own medicine that he has administered to many people over the years.

    Cohen: And he deserved it for stalling so much. The referee is down and Constantine took advantage, unlike Titus.

    Connor: And just when Titus looked to be turning a new leaf, he gets punished.

    Constantine, doing his best to get to his feet, limping on one foot, looks down at Titus and tells him "you know I had to do it to you". Titus nods in acceptance as Constantine picks up Titus and delivers The Axis successfully on Titus. Constantine goes for a pinfall cover but the referee is still down. Constantine goes over to the referee, pulls him over to Titus and tries waking up Akiyama. When the referee begins moving, Constantine goes to cover... but instead, for good measure, he locks in his own submission move... the STF... on Titus.

    Constantine wrenches back on Titus, using the last bit of his energy on this submission. Titus knows he cannot fight out of the hold and begins crawling towards the ropes. Inch by inch, Titus crawls to the rope area. A very groggy Akiyama tries to remind Titus that the rope breaks no longer counts... but as Titus gets to the ropes, he goes not reach out for the ropes. He reaches out for the Eurasian championship. Somehow, whilst being stretched in the STF, Titus grabs the championship and clutches it close to his body. After a couple of more seconds holding the championship, Titus Avison has no choice but to give up.

    Titus Avison submits to John Constantine.

    Akiyama groggily calls for the bell as Constantine makes Titus submit. The crowd is completely stunned at the events that has taken place but stand up to applaud the performance of both men in this match. Constantine rolls to the middle of the ring and cannot believe he has won. He is on his hands and knees with his face buried in the canvas. Akiyama slowly recover, going over to Constantine and raising his hand in the air.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... and NEW WZCW Eurasian Championship... JOHN CONSTANTINE!

    Copeland: John Constantine has done it! John Constantine has done it! He has won his final match in WZCW at the main event of Kingdom Come! He has won the final championship that has alluded him for so long, dethroning Titus and ending his 951 day reign as Eurasian champion, and gets to leave the company as a champion! The fantasy story for Constantine came true!

    Connor: What an amazing battle between two legendary warriors. Constantine came into this match with absolutely nothing left to lose and he threw everything he had at Titus. The champion played a very smart game and got into the head of Constantine but the challenger managed to overcome it all! He ignored the head games. He ignored the tactics. And when the opportunity arose, he seized it and gave the champion a dose of his own medicine to take the match.

    Cohen: And it could've been a very different result if Titus just decided to take the shot... but his respect for this business, the fans and his opponent was too much for him to abandon. Maybe this could be a dawning of a new day for Titus and a return to his old self but it cost him his Eurasian championship. I hope for his sake that he made the right decision.

    Constantine is standing in the middle of the ring with his hand raised by Akiyama. The fans are applauding the performance as Constantine celebrates in the middle of the ring. Akiyama lets go of Constantine's hand, searching for the Eurasian championship. He spots it in the hands of Titus who is trying to get to his feet. Akiyama looks to present it to Constantine but Titus refuses to give it to him. Titus backs away with the title still clutched in his hands, looking down at it. Constantine looks at him, curious of what to make of the situation. Titus takes a little longer to hold the title before presenting it to Constantine. The crowd applauds this sportsmanship as Titus hands off the title to Constantine. Titus then gives Constantine a hug and the two of them share a moment in the ring, exchanging words.

    Copeland: What a great moment to end Kingdom Come. Two legends coming together after a hard fought battle to congratulate each other. Great respect shown by Titus for Constantine.

    Titus holds up Constantine's arm in the middle of ring for the fans, who give them a big cheer. Titus then leaves Constantine by himself and exits the ring, leaving it for him. Constantine thanks him and takes this time to celebrate in the ring for one final time. He holds up the championship high with tears running down his face, still not believing that he won his final match and is the new champion.

    Connor: Classy move by Titus, allowing Constantine one final time to celebrate and spend it with the fans. He has earned it. He has had a stellar career and what a way to end it as Eurasian champion.

    Cohen: The question is: with Constantine retiring from in-ring competition tonight, yet he is the current Eurasian champion... what happens to the Eurasian championship?

    Copeland: Tonight is not the time to answer that question. Tonight is to celebrate Constantine's victory and an amazing Kingdom Come we have just witnessed. So, to everyone who joined us here tonight and watching all over the world, we thank you for taking the journey with us. It has been an amazing road to get to this point in WZCW's life and we thank everyone who has supported us. Without you, moments like this would not happen. As John Constantine celebrates his title win, we are signing off. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen... and thank you!

    The image ends with Constantine holding the championship high in the sky in the middle of the ring.
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