WZCW Hall of Famers To Open Wrestling Academy

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    Rumors have been circulating since the pre-Kingdom Come festivities, and confirmation finally came just a few hours ago.

    WZCW Hall of Famers Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage, also known as Live Mas, have confirmed in an interview with a Puerto Rican radio station that they have indeed recently purchased a former warehouse and are working day and night with local crews to convert the facility into a proper wrestling academy.

    "It really is just an opportunity to help the next generation. We have accomplished so much, we figure this is just the next step in our careers." Tastic said.

    "Matt and I have been fortunate. We have enjoyed highly successful careers in this business. Our legacy is already solid, but we feel it could be so much more." Stormrage added, making sure to tap his Hall of Fame ring on the mic to show off.

    The two have kept details scarce, not even giving the name of the school. They only confirmed that it will indeed be located in Tastic's native Puerto Rico, and that they held open tryouts just days before the interview to accept their first batch of recruits.

    Tastic stated "We are excited. We have a crop of talent already enrolled that are eager to get to work and Mikey and I are eager to instill our knowledge."

    "Matt and I feel like we each have our unique in ring style. Matt is more flashy and technical. He really gets down to business in the ring. I like to throw my weight around and hit power moves, but I also like to have fun. We each have a lot to offer these guys and gals." Stormrage added.

    The two did promise an all access interview to WZCW cameras once the school is fully up and ready, but did mention that they already have two full size rings and various workout equipment installed.

    "We plan to bring in the best trainers. Not only from the wrestling world, but all sports. We already have a two day class scheduled with the strength and conditioning coaches for the Puerto Rican baseball team. We are in contact with some Indian yoga gurus for a seminar. We plan on getting some trampolines and foam pits to help guys with some flippies. We have two rooms for film study being installed. We have two acting coaches who will be coming in three or four times a week to help the students with their mic work, a very underrated aspect of what we do. We even have a cafeteria with a nutritionist and a head chef who studied under Jose Enrique. We want the students to have the best. We even worked out a deal with a local apartment complex to give the students a place to live at a reduced cost. We want them to be comfortable and be able to access the facility without hassle." Stormrage did refuse to answer if Taco Tuesday would be a thing, but he did smile.

    When asked if the duo would be incorporating some of Grandpa Tastic's unorthodox training methods, Tastic simply laughed and said "There may be a few chickens hanging around the facility."

    The twenty thousand square foot facility reportedly cost the duo in excess of one point two million, but neither commented on the cost, with Tastic saying only "You can't put a price on securing the future of this business."

    While an official class roster will likely never be released, there are conformed reports that the tryouts included students from all walks of life, including former collegiate athletes, martial artists, armed forces members, independent mainstays, and even a few former WZCW employees.

    "Oh yeah, we totally had Derek Jacobs show up. We told him we already filled the janitorial staff." Tastic joked while the DJ confirmed Stormrage was not happy.

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