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    WZCW & WrestleZone Forums proudly present:



    A person that faces adversity using ingenuity & bravery, guided by a selfless code of conduct and driven by a goal to aid others around them.



    A person that uses manipulation & abuse, guided by selfish reasoning to take what they desire and find methods to justify their means regardless of casualties.

    Championship Gold.


    The validation of success in pro wrestling. To hold a Championship is to show you are of most importance in the world of pro wrestling and hold favor above others to use as desired.



    Tonight, those that do not hold gold, have the opportunity to prove themselves worthy to fight for it. And so, they will put everything they have on the line for victory. Gold does not just represente great riches. But it also represents the victory after a struggle. It drives these men and women to push themselves beyond human capability.

    Tonight, we feel their Gold Rush.


    Copeland: Live in front of 19,548 strong in a sold out Capitol One Arena from our nations Capitol this is our first Pay-Per-View event of 2019! This is GOLD RUSH!!! Hi everybody I'm Sebastian Copeland here alongside my coalleges to call the action, Jack Cohen and Cat Connor!!

    Connor: Hype as always, Seabass! And it is a big night! The finals of the annual Gold Rush tournament as Kagura faces Xander plus the World Heavyweight title is decided as Titus Avison goes after his third World title, challenging the "King Of FlexAmerica", Flex Mussel.

    Cohen: That's not all as we find out who will be the next Eurasian Champion with Stetson Hayes and Garth Black plus it's a good old grudge match as Matt Tastic challenges former hetero, question mark, life-mate Mikey Stormrage for the Mayhem title. But Mikey has to pull double duty. And of course, Callie Clark vs Eve Taylor. But first........ What is this?

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    The ring is covered with dark pink bear skins, pink rugs and flower petals all over the place. In the middle of the ring, sitting comfortably inside a huge pink bean bag, is Randy Studd with a pink mic with red hearts on it. He’s dressed in a silk robe with red hearts on it and has a devilish grin on his face. The crowds are already booing.

    Studd: Welcome to a very special Gold Rush edition of Studd’s Palace, starring yours truly...Randy Studd!

    More loud booing.

    Studd: Thank you. Tonight, for the first time EVER on my show, I’m holding an OPEN guest challenge! That’s right, you heard correctly. Any of you unattractive humanoids can come in my ring tonight and get your fifteen minutes of fame! Especially her! Oh please say you’ll be my guest.

    The camera cuts to an attractive brunette in the crowd, she gives the thumbs down and pinches her nose.

    Studd: I was only given so much time here. Anyone of you will be fine. People in the back, come on out. Let’s go.

    Nobody replies. A quick camera shot out back shows Annie and Baby Doll shaking their heads no. Another quick cut to Zhanshi, he shakes his head and a sub title shows up – NO! - The crowds laugh.

    Studd: I get it, I get it now. I’m way too attractive, that’s what it is. Well, maybe if I looked more like Garth Black, people would be more comfortable coming to the ring.

    More booing, some Garth Black chants start. Randy Studd smiles, he stands up now.

    Studd: Or what about Vega? That guy is so ugly when his mom dropped him off at school, she got a fine for littering!

    Copeland: Well look at this Jack, looks like somebody was eager to get an interview tonight! Dirk Buchanan!

    Cohen: What a ham! The new guy just wants his T.V time. These people shouldn’t be cheering such egotistical behaviour!

    Connor: Give me a break Jack!

    Dirk enters the ring, he looks at all the decorations with mild disgust. Randy Studd steps in front of him with the mic, but Dirk doesn’t waste time, he grabs Studd and picks him up for a thrusting spine buster right on the bean bag, exploding the bag sending millions of tiny styrofoam balls all over the ring! The crowds explode for the move. Dirk grabs Studd and throws him right over the top rope! He starts tearing up the pink decorations and kicking rugs out of the ring. He holds up his hands and the fans applaud him. But as he does that........

    Mikey Stormrage appears on stage holding both his Championships. He raises his Elite Openweight Championship as referee Elizabeth Prince jogs past him to the ring.

    Connor: It seems we have ourselves the Open Challenge match right now.

    Copeland: Mikey, I guess, gauged the fan response and decided Dirk Buchanan would be his most suitable opponent.

    Cohen: Either that or he just wants to get through with this to focus on his match later tonight. I don't know. I see this as a very hard task for him.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! And it is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!! Introducing first, already in the ring, this is Dirk Buchanan!! And his opponent, he is also the current WZCW Mayhem Champion, this is Mikey Stormrage!!

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two stand still, measuring each other. They wait for a few seconds, seeing who would react first, but it happens at once. Both lock up in the center of the ring. The larger Stormrage seems to have control of the tussle while the smaller Buchanan tries to use leverage to stay in. Stormrage however manages to push Buchanan to the corner of the ring, pressing him against the turnbuckle leading to referee Elizabeth Prince to request a rope break. Stormrage obliges slowly as Buchanan keeps his arms up defensively. Nothing happens from the break and both give each other a respectful glance. Dirk stretches out his arm for a handshake but exactly as he starts doing that, Mikey is already turning away, not noticing it.

    Connor: I fear Mikey may not be all in on this match. He may be thinking about later.

    Cohen: He better not. I feel losing to the rookie may be far more problematic than losing to the Hall of Famer.

    Copeland: You know very well why Mikey is acting absent-minded, Jack.

    Mikey leans on the direct opposite corner, slouching over it and waiting for Dirk who seems perplexed. Referee Elizabeth Prince asks the two to follow up and they oblige, meeting again in the center of the ring. They lock up again and once again, Mikey pushes Dirk. However this time, Dirk lets go and catches Mikey with a Headlock Takedown. He tries to hold Mikey down but the big man manages to use one of his legs to reach and pull on Dirks chin to release himself. Dirk stands up while Mikey sits leading to a big kick right to the chest of Stormrage and bouncing his head off the canvas. Mikey has his head clutched in pain as he sits back up. Dirk doesn’t let up and goes behind Mikey and follows it up with a kick to his back. Mikey cringes in pain and drops to his side on the canvas. Dirk places his back flat on the canvas and goes for a cover ….1…...2-But Mikey just throws him right off and gets back up, holding his back. Dirk seems to panic and freezes while Mikey doesn’t seem all that pleased. Buchanan charges in with a Clothesline but it has zero effect and Mikey just grabs Dirk and grants him a thunderous headbutt, knocking him down instantly.

    Connor: Oh! That’s some very unexpected offense from the Champion there!

    Copeland: You gotta imagine that knowing his match with Matt Tastic is coming must be aggravating him mentally.

    Cohen: I like it! He needs this if he wants to win here and later tonight.

    With Dirk clutching his face off the impact of the headbutt, Mikey drops to his knees and hooks the leg. 1……….. 2……..-But Buchanan kicks out. So Mikey hooks again. 1………..2…..-Again Buchanan kicks out. Again Mikey pins. 1………-But Buchanan kicks out again as Mikey shows clear frustration. He grabs Dirk in a chinlock, but Dirk gets back to his feet and maneuvers his way out of it and hits a Spinning Back Fist. Mikey drops to his knees, grabbing his cheek that just got hit. Just there, Buchanan dashes across the ropes and hits a big Lariat on Mikey. The loud thud captivates the fans in attendance and the echo blasts through the arena as Mikey goes back on his back. Dirk doesn’t let up as he grabs both of Mikey’s wrists and repeatedly starts stomping on the Double Champion who has no protection. Referee Elizabeth Prince has to intervene and Dirk releases peacefully. Once the break is acknowledged, he goes back to Mikey. He tries another Spinning Back Fist but Mikey dodges it by ducking. Before he can react though Buchanan, surprises him by raising him straight up and drops forward with a Spinebuster. He falls on top of Mikey for a pinfall attempt. 1…….. 2…...But Mikey manages to react by 2. He pushes forward and sits up. Buchanan sees him coming and dashes across for another Clothesline but this time, Mikey thrusts his arm forward to avoid it. He gets back up and catches Dirk, hitting him with a big Uranage with extra umph on the impact. Mikey grabs Dirk by the back of the neck and picks him up. Before slamming him down again with another Uranage.

    Copeland: Mikey is showing quite the mean streak here!

    Cohen: Cover him! Don’t let up!

    Connor: I can’t believe you’re supporting Stormrage, Jack.

    Mikey does indeed cover, pressing and hooking the leg. 1……. 2…….- But Buchanan kicks out. Mikey is frustrated and starts slamming Buchanan’s head onto the canvas. He repeats it over and over with Buchanan’s head bouncing off it like a basketball. Mikey’s eyes emit pure rage at Buchanan still kicking out. Mikey whips him across the ropes but Buchanan holds on to the ropes, leaving Mikey waiting and staring. The Champion charges in but Buchanan pulls down the ropes and Mikey falls outside. He slams his hand on the floor frustrated as Dirk measures his opponent outside, He dashes across the ropes but just as his head peaks through the ropes, Mikey blasts him with a forearm to the face, stopping him cold on the ropes. Mikey grabs the Transcendentalist by his rather impressive moustache and pulls him down to ringside. He tosses Buchanan against the barricade and shoulder thrusts him against it as referee Elizabeth Prince isn’t counting. Instead, she’s trying to intervene.

    Connor: I get why Elizabeth Prince is being lenient. It’s a Pay-Per-View title match but for one, Mikey has another match coming and all but she has to think about the health of both men. Not even just physically. I think the longer this match goes, the more frustrated Mikey Stormrage gets.

    Cohen: He needs to vent out his frustrations now if he wants to have a clear mind facing Matt Tastic.

    Copeland: You say that and you’re not wrong but at the same time, what’s gonna be left in the tank here?

    Elizabeth Prince gets between the two outside as the barricade holds Buchanan up. Mikey argues with the referee but before much of anything can happen, Buchanan catches his breath and shoots a forearm right over the referee’s head and hits Mikey in the forehead. He hits several chops to push Mikey away and then starts hitting European Uppercuts. The two keep going up the ramp when Mikey suddenly whips Buchanan towards the ring skirt but he manages to put the brakes just before impact. Mikey then grabs him and tosses him overhead with a German Suplex with Buchanan’s head bouncing off the steel entrance ramp with a loud thud echoing through the arena. Elizabeth is back on the ring and counting. Mikey sees that and grabs a totally limp Buchanan and drags him to the ring. He rolls him in but as he goes in, Buchanan suddenly surprises him with a Small Package!! 1……… 2……………….3-No!!! Mikey just barely able to escape it and is absolutely shocked by it. He turns to Buchanan who is completely out of energy on the canvas. Mikey breathes heavy and pulls on his hair in shock before turning to Elizabeth Prince, questioning the count even though he did kick out of it. Mikey gets up and stands over Buchanan who is dragging himself up, pulling on Mikey’s pants while the Champion just can’t believe it. He pats Buchanan on the shoulder in respect and starts winding up for the Headshot! But Buchanan breaks away from it and manages to hoist Mikey on his shouders, then hitting an Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker. He quickly tries getting on Mikey for the Emerald Choke but Mikey powers his way out of it, tosses Buchanan into the air and then slams him down with the Game Over and makes the emphatic cover. 1…….. 2…….. 3!!!

    Here is your winner and STILL WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Copeland: A wild brawl between these two with the relative rookie not wanting to let this opportunity pass him by. At the same time, the frustrated Champion has too much on his mind and his frustration seemed to be both his best weapon and his biggest obstacle.

    Cohen: That was part one. Now he has to get ready for a test that is both physical and mental.

    Connor: You have to imagine he was watching this one closely.
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    A limo arrives in the parking lot. The driver exits and opens as Titus Avison steps out, he has a determined look on his face. He’s taking deliberately slow steps down the hall towards the locker room, he looks directly at the camera as Rosie can be seen just over his shoulder behind him.

    Titus: Here I march towards Flexamerica, Gold Rush 2019, this will be the redemption for every wrestling fan on the planet, it will be the liberation of a super power that has clenched it’s teeth over this company for too long. Well, not nearly as long as my EurAsian Championship run, but I digress. I shall open my attack on his country with unrelenting salvos of fists and bodyslams. I will fight Flexamerica, but don’t think I’m alone Flex, not for a second. I have millions of fans at my back, thousands of them are here tonight, in this very arena!

    He watches his step, and warns Rosie to watch the stairs that lead up to the darkness of the gorilla position, just behind the curtain. He leans back as she walks up, and winks at the camera...

    Titus: Don’t blink Flex, this will be over soon...


    In a dark corner, we see the figure of Matt Tastic, sitting on top of a crate. He can barely be made out from the darkness but the bad, long hair and snarling are unmistakable.

    Tastic: Mikey Stormrage admitted that he loved me. I won't lie. His confession moved me. An awkward young man finally able to cope with his feelings. As an equally socially inept man myself, I can't help but smile at that truimph. But the problem is love is fleeting. For a guy who says he loves me, I find it funny that on this show last year I was fighting to avenge him while he was just off on vacation. I lost that night and little by little since that day I realized the cold hard truth of this business. You can't love people here, Mikey. Eventually, I reconnected with my ex. It's not a he or a she. Who's here to judge over sexual orientations. Unlike you, I've always known how I feel. And I did in fact love you. I cared for you. If you're mad that I betrayed you now imagine how I felt when you left me last year. When I was fighting in vain to avenge you. Then later I found out you didn't care. Heartbreaking. Love is a funny thing, Mikey. We both struggle with it because of our upbringings. We grew up different to the rest of society so we had a very hard time making those connections that let us experience love. But I made that connection. Then I abandoned it. For you. But now, I see I made a mistake. My first love never left me. I left her. My love is a concept, Mikey. It's Victory. And tonight, I please her.
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    Harrys: This contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

    Callie walks out onto the stage and strikes her signature pose. A camera sweeps around her, capturing the faintest line of a smirk playing on her lips. She is dressed exactly as Eve Taylor used to, complete with a short skirt, laced gloves, etc. She struts just like the model does towards the ring, climbs up the steps, and then enters through the middle rope and does the same pose again in the middle of the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

    Copeland: One of the brightest stars in WZCW. No fear in the eyes of Callie Clark as she mimics her competition.

    Cohen: That's putting it mildly. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but Eve is one of a kind. She's about to take this Trick or Treater to the woodshed.

    Connor: Regardless how everyone feels, both women have a lot to prove in this contest. Big fight atmosphere clings to the air here in Washington, D.C.!

    Harrys: And her opponent...

    The arena goes dim.

    A single spotlight shines atop the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor glides toward it, her head cast down. She somberly looks up, and methodically observes the entire arena. She turns her focus towards the ring. Eve struts towards forward as she does as a model.

    Harrys: Making her way down the runway: now residing in Berlin, Germany, standing in three inch stilettos and weighing 145 pounds... "The Alternative" Eve Taylor!

    As she lingers to the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron and heads over to the adjacent turnbuckle. She ascends, and once again the arena goes dim, with that same bright light cascading over Eve Taylor.

    Copeland: This isn't for gold, this is for glory. It's no secret Eve Taylor is leaving after tonight. But can she go out by removing the one thorn from her side that's plagued her for ages? It's practically poetic that the self-centered Callie Clark stands as opposition. Past meets future. Young lioness against the matron.

    Eve stands on the turnbuckles with her eyes closed. She takes a deep breath.

    Cohen: What're you droning on about? Matron? Eve Taylor is about to maul this identity thieving disgrace.

    Connor: Last Meltdown you were calling her a clever girl...

    Cohen: That was then and this is now!

    She opens her eyes before climbing down from the turnbuckle. She takes off her entrance attire and leans back against the ropes.

    Callie Clark and Eve Taylor lock eyes, and Taylor's disposition changes as she sees what her opponent is wearing. Katie Shepard rings the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding!!!*

    The two women shuffle their feet, rotating in a semi-circle. Eve Taylor shakily extends one hand out and asks for a test of strength. Callie slaps her hand away. Taylor does it again. Callie shakes her head, batting Eve’s hand from her face. The model lunges forward, Callie grabs her by the wrist, and throws her weight backwards, sending the two down to the canvas. Callie doesn’t release her hold on Eve’s arm and climbs atop her back. She grabs her other arm and wraps them over Eve’s face. The audience get to their feet in astonishment.

    Connor: Alternative Solution! Callie applies The Alternative Solution!!

    Cohen: I…what?

    Eve Taylor shrieks, releasing a string of obscenities as she struggles. Like a madwoman, Callie is wild-eyed, surprising herself. She arches her back. Taylor slips out of Callie’s hold by one arm, rolls over, and pins Clark, bridging the hold. Referee Katie Shepard slides on her knees and smacks the mat for a 1…2…Callie lets go of the submission move and gets the shoulder up. Taylor doesn’t pause, delivering a left hand across Callie’s face. Callie exchanges a left. Eve answers with another left. Together the two superstars trade blows as they fight to get back to their feet. Taylor is up first with a sick grin draped over her face. Callie Clark catches an elbow across her jaw. She looks dazed. Taylor takes her time, grabbing a tuff of Clark’s blonde hair, and unleashes another elbow. Callie’s head bounces against the ropes, completely rocked by the assault but still upright. The alternative fashion model takes a step back and walks up to the cosplayer the way the supermodel used to strut on the catwalk. She slowly turns, raising the elbow, and turns back around to deliver the Discus Elbow. Clark drops to the mat as Eve places a boot over Callie’s chest. Katie doesn’t call for it due to Clark being under the ropes. Eve scoffs and taunts the audience.

    Copeland: No love lost between "The Alternative" and the WZCW fans.

    Connor: Could play to her favor. She has shown many times in the past that she is at her best when she plays mind games.

    Eve proceeds to kick Callie while she is down, slapping the back of her head to get her to crawl onto the ring apron and spill out to the outside of the ring. Katie Shepard begins to count her out, but Taylor gets in her face, ordering her not to. The two argue as Callie gathers herself by latching on to the steel steps. Eve steps out of the ring and casually stands over Callie’s hand. She jerks it back in pain. Eve Taylor blows a kiss at the audience, who jeer venomously. Callie throws her shoulder into the steps, causing Eve to lose her balance and fall down the stairs, landing on an ankle. The former World Champion screams in agony. The audience continues to drown her out.

    Copeland: Eve Taylor has had problems with her ankle before. This doesn’t look good.

    Cohen: The hell is wrong with these fans?!

    Katie begins the ten count. Callie drags Eve’s leg over the steps and slams it against the metal – a resounding thud is heard throughout the arena. Audience woos. As Shepard counts to two, Clark lifts Taylor to her feet, and gathers her onto her shoulders. Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker…Taylor knees Callie repeatedly in the face before wriggling out of her grasp. She slides off and rakes her nails across Clark’s back. Katie Shepard counts to three, and Eve focuses her attention on the official. She hops back into the ring, favoring her ankle, and gets in the referee’s face. Katie is fighting back tears as she’s clearly sick of being bullied and stands up for herself by telling Eve that she will give the DQ if she keeps it up. Callie rolls back into the ring. Eve Knife Edge Chops Callie’s chest, causing her to tumble into a turnbuckle. Callie Clark rebounds anyways and grabs Eve by the head for a Running Bulldog. Clark pins Eve but it isn’t even good for one. Clark hops back to her feet and starts climbing the top rope she’s closest to. Taylor breathes heavily. Once atop, Callie throws herself across the ring in a Spiral Tap…and it lands! Clark goes for the cover and it’s good for the 1…2…Shoulder is off the mat. Not giving up, the cosplayer runs the ropes and lashes out with a Double Backhand Chop. The sound of her hand striking Eve’s cheek loudly rings out. Eve clutches the ropes, and Katie interjects herself between the two combatants for the rope break.

    Copeland: Something's different about Callie Clark tonight. Like a spark has gone off inside her.

    Cohen: Don't be fooled, Seabass. She's still the same manipulative, vile diva she's always been. But compared to Eve, she's Mother Teresa.

    Callie Clark tugs at Eve Taylor’s hair and pulls her away from the ropes. Taylor reverses her grip and executes a Hair-Pull Inverted Backbreaker – Eve pushes her shoulders against Callie’s legs and places her hands on Clark’s shoulders for the pin. 1…2…3-Kickout for Callie as they quickly gather themselves back up. Eve goes for the Northern Lights Suplex, but Callie arches her back and plants with a DDT! Callie doesn’t let up, running the ropes again and springboards into a Knee Smash…Eve snags Callie’s wrist mid-air and hits the Fashion Statement! Callie felt the impact from Eve’s knee instead of her boot, and collapses spread-eagle in the center of the ring. Eve wastes no time by crawling over to the downed opponent, hooking her leg. Katie Shepard is there for the 1…2…The kickout! The crowd get excited as Eve stares at Callie in disbelief.

    Copeland: Don’t think it fully landed, but that had to be a momentum killer for Callie.

    Connor: Very smashmouth style between these women. Ruthless. Relentless even.

    Seeing her adversary still prone, Eve Taylor rolls back up and heads toward a turnbuckle post. She begins to climb it, getting booed in the process. She sneers at the crowd, and gets to the top, her back turned away from Callie Clark. She smiles again, and backflips – Eve Taylor executes a Calliesault! Commentary exclaims loudly as the arena erupts in astonishment. Taylor with the pin again. Katie counts Clark down for the 1…2…3! Hair’s breath away and Callie gets the shoulder up! Eve is furious, arguing with the referee and getting in her face. Eve limps out of the ring, darting towards the announce table.

    Copeland: What is she do-

    She yanks the headset off Sebastian and shouts into the receiver.

    Eve: I demand you get me another referee, Bateman! This one isn’t fit to call my last match!

    She throws the set back at Copeland before turning her attention back to the ring. Callie is on her – tackling her against the table and landing stiff rights across her skull. Eve shoves her off as Katie begins another ten count. Eve with an Eight by Ten! The headbutt lands flush and both blondes stagger, trying to make it back to the ring. Katie shouts “Two!”. Eve favors her ankle again, still feeling the effects of falling earlier. Callie clutches her temple and rushes Eve Taylor. Her Sling Blade/ Eve’s Designer Clothesline brings them both crashing near ringside. Fans rile themselves up with a “We Won’t Miss You” chant. Katie with a “Three!”. Callie stirs first, climbing over Taylor. Unseen by the referee, Eve gives Callie a thumb to the eye. The cosplayer rolls off and holds her face in her hands. “Four!” is barely heard over the growing dismissal of the model. Eve sits up, panting. She hears the crowd, and turns beet red. “I won’t miss you either!” she cries, grabbing the ring apron before delivering a stiff kick to the back of Callie’s neck. “Five!” and Taylor throws herself back inside. Callie is on her knees, half-conscious as members of the front row attempt to assist her back up. Crowd security has to prevent them from grabbing a hold of her. “Six!” Clark isn’t moving. Eve Taylor brushes imaginary dirt from her attire. “Seven!” She shows signs of life, placing one foot in front of the other. Taylor mocks her by mirroring her steps. “Eight!” Callie Clark stops, trying to catch her breath. Eve Taylor goes over to the ropes and pulls them down, beckoning her to get back in. “Nine!” Taylor makes an about-face, telling her to stay where she is. Callie wakes up, and propels herself back inside the ring, Slingshot Spear! Callie scurries for a pin, but it only gets a two. Eve erupts in a wave of adrenaline, getting to her feet and stomping Callie’s backside until Katie Shepard gets in-between them.

    Cohen: There's that veteran instinct kicking in. It's do or die for Eve and she knows it!

    Connor: Callie isn't taking her lightly though and it's showing.

    Eve shouts in Shepard’s face, calling her a bias shrew. Callie Clark crawls over to the ropes and pulls herself up onto her feet. Taylor rolls her eyes, and grapples with Callie. Clark smacks her hands away, leans against the ropes, and lunges with a Pele Kick. IT LANDS and the Gold Rush arena go mad with cheers as they see Callie Clark hopping back to her feet, going for the turnbuckle. Eve Taylor isn’t moving. The crowd are on their feet as they watch Callie ascends the top rope. Calliesault! Calliesault pins Eve Taylor down and Katie Shepard is there for the 1…2…3! The cosplayer rolls off and sits up, clearly shocked as the bell rings and Katie lifts her hand up in victory.

    Harrys: Here is your winner…Callie Clark!!!

    Hearing her name, her expression changes to one that simply says “I told you so.” Eve Taylor struggles getting back up, but when she does it dawns on her that she has lost her final match. She becomes enraged, getting aggressive with Katie Shepard, grabbing fistfuls of her shirt. Security immediately flood the arena, but not before Callie Clark spins Eve Taylor around and sticks her with a Lights Out!!! Officials cart the dazed alternative model out of the ring and cart her out of the building. Cameras follow them as they dump her unceremoniously into the parking lot.

    "NA NA NANA..."

    "NA NA NANA..."



    Copeland: It's over! After everything Eve Taylor has done, after all the lies and the backstabbing that's been her legacy, she is gone and the crowd cannot be happier. This has become THE night to remember. Holy cow. I kinda want to sing along. Do you think they'd dock my pay if I did?

    Cohen: Sick! You're all sick! As the only level-headed person sitting here, we wish Miss Taylor luck in her future endeavors. She will be missed. Bunch of sickos!

    Connor: I didn't expect such an aggressive breakneck fight. Congratulations to Callie Clark managing quite an upset. If this is just a taste of things to come, I cannot wait to see what else tonight has in store for us.

    Callie gives a devilish grin to the cameras as the event goes to commercial break.
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    Returning, we see backstage as Eve Taylor has her bags and a towel drapped over her. She makes her way down the hall as everyone just watches her. They are not too pleased with her smell as you can see some junk attached to her. She reaches the parking lot when a stops. A label in the front showing its an Uber. She opens the door and puts her bags in before getting in herself, not cleaning up after her match. The window lowers as she shows one final look of disdain and shuts it again. The car drives off.


    Flex is shown in his private locker room, doing last minute arm curls as Svetlana is close by muttering words of encouragement to him. She has both the WZCW title and Flexamerica Title draped over her shoulders. Kole and Wasabi are deep into a conversation at the other end of the locker room. Flex drops the weight hard on the floor and takes a drink of water. He stands up and starts taking deep breaths.

    Svetlana: Do not worry my love, soon we will dispatch Titus and be rid of him forever. We won’t have to worry about him ever again.

    She smiles and gently hands the WZCW Heavyweight Championship to Flex Mussel. He grabs the title and flips it over his shoulder, proudly displaying it. He has a cocky look on his face.

    Flex: I’m doing everyone in this company a favour. It’s really shocking to me that people cheer for this man and not ME. I’M the hero in this situation, I’m the King! I’m the one who spares the newcomers, who gives them a chance to be more than just a bottom feeding no name that guys like Titus just rip to pieces and throw in his gold lined garbage can! Look at Keith Kole, before Flexamerica, he was working eight hour shifts putting hamburgers together, now look at him! A prominent member of an important cause. I did that! Imagine if Titus took him under his wing, he’d be used and discarded in a week. Look at Wasabi Toyota, not exactly a newcomer, but still widely forgotten by the general public, I’ve brought Wasabi back to a household name, I did that! NOT Titus Avison! Tonight, I’m fighting for all the newcomers who want to see WZCW grow, to see if flourish into the future, I will DEFEND my World Title and make it great again, I will walk out of Gold Rush on my own power.....not Titus Avison.
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    Harrys: This next match is scheduled for a single fall, and will be contested for the WZCW Mayhem championship belt. It has been sanctioned a mayhem rules bout!

    Matt Tastic appears on the stage, and looks into the crowd. The audience is showing him absolutely no love tonight. He ignores them, and slowly walks down the aisle, and slides into the ring. Once inside, he bounces off the ropes, and climbs the back turnbuckle. Again, no love for him tonight. He turns, and sits on top of the turnbuckle pad, awaiting his opponent and former friend to make his entrance.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico. He weighs in tonight at 235 pounds. He is a former WZCW world champion, and a member of the Hall of Fame, please welcome Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: What kind of chip does Matt Tastic have on his shoulder that would allow him to stab his own friend in the back?

    Cohen: It’s no chip, Seabass. Matt has the desire to win, and Mikey is deadweight. He’s always been deadweight. Always getting the opportunities that Tastic deserves. These are two of the most successful performers in the history of our company, and Tastic has to play curtain jerker, while Mikey has all these accolades handed to him.

    Connor: That’s nonsense, Jack. This is a result of Matt’s own selfish ego, and nothing else.

    The lights go down, as the crowd begins to roar. Green lights begin to pulse, as the Stormrage battle theme begins the blare for the second time that evening. Mikey appears on stage, still battered from his earlier match, but looking focused as she stands at the top of the ramp. Still the Elite Openweight champion, the belt hangs on one shoulder, while the Mayhem title belt hangs on the other. He looks determined as he swiftly walks down the ramp. He places both titles into his right hand, as he walks up the steel steps, and enters the ring. He eyes his former forever-partner, still seated on the turnbuckle, as he stands in the center of the ring, and raises both titles above his head.

    Harrys: Introducing next, the defending champion. He hails from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, by way of Indianapolis, Indiana. He weighs in at 361 pounds. He is a member of the WZCW Hall of Fame, and the current Elite Openweight champion, this is Mikey Stormrage!

    Copeland: Mikey wrestled a tough match against the rookie Dirk Buchanon earlier tonight for the Elite title belt. He’s not 100% here. This will be a tough match for him.

    Cohen: It should be. Mikey’s a duel champion. There’s never been one before because the commission never allowed it. But now that Bank’s is gone, that fat idiot thinks he do whatever he wants because he’s a hall of famer.

    Connor: That isn’t fair, Jack. Mikey saw an opportunity, and took it.

    Cohen: Yeah? Well, Tastic’s about to do the same, Cat.

    The referee takes the Mayhem belt from Mikey, and holds it above his head in the center of the ring, as both men stand before each other. He walks over, and hands the belt to another official, and signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Mikey and Matt circle each other, as the timekeeper rings the bell. The larger man looks incredibly hesitant to fight his friend. Tastic shouts at him repeatedly, “You don’t have a choice, Mikey! Did you forget what that steel chair felt like? Fight Me!” The larger man shakes his head, and holds his hand up, offering a grappling contest. “We’ll do this fair, I wanna do this fair!” Tastic sneers, and meets Mikey in the middle of the ring. He intertwines his palms with Stormrage’s massive hands. Mikey bears down on Tastic, quickly overpowering the smaller competitor. Matt is driven to his knees by his friends raw strength, but stands and quickly kicks the big man in the balls! The crowd boos, as spinning wheel drops Mikey to the mat. Tastic mounts him, and begins raining a storm of fists down on top of the still duel champion. Mikey does his best to cover up, and rolls onto his stomach, but Matt is relentless in his assault. He picks Stormage’s torso off the mat, and drives him face first into the canvas with the snap facebuster “Goblin Slayer!” He quickly rolls out of the ring, leaving Mikey in a dazed heap.

    Copeland: I can’t believe this! Mikey wanted to wrestle this match clean, and even gave Tastic the opportunity, but he kicked him low!

    Cohen: That’s what he gets for not taking this match seriously. I was supporting Mikey earlier. But if this is how he's gonna handle this grudge match, he's going to lose.

    Connor: Matt’s already out for blood. I have a feeling this match won’t last long.

    Tastic reaches under the ring, and grabs a steel chair. He slides back into the ring, as Stormrage is getting to his feet. Matt raises the chair and swings it, but Mikey sees it coming and raises his arm to block the shot. Tastic drives the edge of the chair into Mikey’s gut, but to his shock, it doesn’t do much. The larger man absorbs the blow, and steps forward, fist balled, but Tastic side-steps him. He smacks Stormrage in the back, but again, the shot has little effect. Mikey turns, and shakes his head. The crowd pops, as he puts his hands up, and tells his former partner to bring the pain. He lunges forward to grab the smaller man, but Matt rolls underneath him, the chair still in his hand. He stands and drives it into the back of Mikey’s leg. The big man grabs his knee, as Tastic takes aim at his head. The sickening sound of steel hitting bone echoes through the arena, as Stormrage crumbles to the mat. Matt raises the chair, and proceeds to smack Mikey over and over again across the back. The merciless chair shots create visible welts across the Mayhem champion’s back. Mikey grimaces in pain, and turns over to protect himself, as Tastic drives the edge of the chair into his sternum repeatedly. Satisfied, Tastic slams the chair down on the mat, and signals for the end. He exits the ring, and climbs to the top rope.

    Copeland: What is going on here, surely Matt’s not trying to end this match early?

    Cohen: Mikey’s worn down from the Elite title match from earlier. This is his opportunity.

    Connor: He tried his best to fight Matt off too, but those vicious chair shots! I’ve never seen Matt this aggressive before.

    Tastic stares down at his former friend, his ally, his amigo, as he lays prone on his back some distance away. It’s a bit further for Matt’s liking, but he’s got a ton of energy to spare. He leaps off the top rope, and soars through the air. He adjusts his body mid leap, hoping to flatten Stormrage with a Frog Splash, but the big man moves out of the way at the last second. Matt eats nothing but canvas! Mikey gets to his feet, and shakes his head at the man he still considers to be his best friend. He turns towards the crowd, and gives them a knowing nod. Tastic stands, and holds his chest in pain. He turns, and walks straight into Stormrage’s arms. He lifts him up, and slams him down to the canvas with the “Game Over!” The crowd is going wild, as Mikey falls into the cover: 1…2… but Matt kicks out! Mikey can’t believe it. His finisher wasn’t enough. In disbelief, he looks at the referee, who holds up his fingers. He takes a deep breath, as he lifts the smaller man to his feet. He grabs Tastic, and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Stormrage follows him in, and squashes the smaller man against the padding with an avalanche splash! Matt slumps forward, but Mikey holds him up. He wraps his arm around his buddy’s head, and grabs his leg, setting him up, before launching him across the ring with an exploder suplex! Tatsic’s body bounces off the canvas, as Mikey slowly approaches him. He reaches down, and wraps his massive arms around the smaller man’s waist. He deadlifts Tastic to his feet, and immediately slams him down again with a side belly to belly suplex. The “Live Mas Slam” connects! Mikey ponders how poetic it would be to win with this move, as he hooks his leg: 1…2… but Matt kicks out again!

    Copeland: Mikey’s dropping bombs, but Matt just won’t go down! Everything’s been down hill for him since he missed that frog splash.

    Cohen: He should have spent more time beating up Mikey with the steel chair. This is a Mayhem match, after all.

    Connor: Mikey said that he would fight Matt, but he sure is bringing the pain right now.

    Mikey turns and glares at the chair across the ring. He walks over, and picks it up. He hoists it over his head, drawing a pop from the crowd. He starts to stalk his friend, who’s still struggling to his feet. Stormrage raps the chair against the mat a few times, as Tastic gets back to a vertical base. Mikey raises the chair, but Matt drops to the mat, and rolls out of the ring, earning some boos and jeers from the crowd. Mikey throws the chair down, and goes out after him. He hits Matt with a stiff forearm shot to the chest, which sends the smaller man staggering backwards. Mikey clubs him across the shoulder blades with his huge arm, and proceeds to whip him into the steel steps! Tastic holds his back in agony, as Mikey kicks the smaller portion of the steps away. The big man eyes the larger part of the steps, still connected to the turnbuckle post, and drags his former partner to his feet. He wraps his arms around Tastic’s head, neck, and waist, and positions him for a uranage slam right onto the flat surface of the steel, but he can’t do it. Mikey shakes his head in frustration, as he drags Matt’s body away from the steps, and slams him down onto the padded floor instead. He picks the smaller man up, and tosses his body back into the ring.

    Copeland: It seems as though Mikey’s struggling with his conscious over whether to use any sort of weapon against Tastic.

    Cohen: He needs to make up his damn mind.

    Connor: Think about he feels, Jack. Matt’s his best friend. All he wanted was to have some fun. He never expected Tastic to turn on him the way that he did.

    Cohen: If he wants to keep that title belt around his waist, he needs to forget about those feelings, and end Tastic now.

    Mikey reaches down and throws back the apron, and begins to root around underneath the ring. He finds weapons of all kinds: chairs, tables, trashcans, kendo sticks, and even a giant ladder, but he doesn’t want to use any of them. Not against his friend. Not here, not now. He curses out loud, and fixes the apron. He stands, and gazes back inside the ring, but Tastic is nowhere to be found! He catches movement to the side, only to see the smaller man barreling towards him. Matt dives through the middle rope, and blasts Mikey backwards with a tope suicida! The larger man hits the barricade hard, but doesn’t go down. The former mayhem champion climbs onto the ring apron, and measures the big man. Tastic springboards himself onto the second rope, and jumps, planting his foot square onto Mikey’s jaw with the Flying Power Kick! Stormrage is down. Matt wastes no time looking underneath the ring, as he begins to toss chairs, a trashcan, a kendo stick, and even a table into the ring. He slides in, and quickly sets the table up, and places it against the right corner facing the announcers. He turns around, and grabs the kendo stick. He takes a swing, and tries to whack Mikey on the head with it, but the big man catches it, and pulls Matt over the top rope, and onto the floor. Stormrage yanks the kendo stick from his friends grasp, and breaks it over his knee. He rolls Matt’s body into the ring, and follows him in. Both men get to their feet, and begin to slug it out. Fists and forearms begin to fly, as the two bitter pals fight for dominance. Despite the adrenaline flowing, Mikey’s lack of stamina from the previous match begins to catch up with him, allowing Tastic to get the better of the brawl. Matt kicks Mikey in the head with a standing enzuigiri, which brings him to his knees. Matt backs up, and delivers a dropkick as soon as his larger opponent makes it back to his feet. Stormrage stumbles backwards, but isn’t affected. Tastic steps back to the turnbuckle on opposite side, and charges forwards, blasting Mikey with a running dropkick! The big man falls backwards against the table Matt had set up earlier, but stops himself from going through by catching the ropes at the last second. Tastic charges forward again, and a second running dropkick drives Mikey through the table!

    Copeland: It took three dropkicks, but Stormrage is finally down!

    Cohen: Stay on him, Matt, stay on him!

    Connor: How’s he gonna move him? Mikey’s huge body is trapped underneath all that wood.

    Tastic grunts, as he attempts to pull Mikey’s massive frame away from the corner. Seeing the big man begin the stir, he doesn’t attempt to make a pin. Instead, he grabs a chair, and lays it down on the mat next to his slowly recovering foe. He measures the big man, springboards off the middle rope, and drills Mikey’s head into the chair with a tornado DDT! Stormrage looks to be knocked out cold, as Tastic falls on top of him: 1…2… but Mikey kicks out! Somehow finding the strength to keep going, to keep fighting, until the very end. Tastic screams in frustration, and slams his fists into the mat. He stands, and grabs the closest weapon next to him, a trashcan, and prepares to bash Mikey’s skull in. The big man makes it to a knee, as the crowd watches on the edge of their seats with bated breath. Matt raises the metal cylinder over his head, but Stormrage leaps up, and hoists him over his shoulders! With a sudden burst of momentum, he spins around and drops Tastic down with a Samoan Drop! Both men are down. Stormrage tries to turn himself over, and go for a cover, but finds that most of his strength has been drained. Both men slowly begin to recover, as Matt glares at his former partner with a crazed look in his eye. Mikey glances over and notices the trashcan lid laying right beside him. It must have come loose after Tastic dropped it. He grabs it right as the smaller man lunges forward, fist balled, looking to cave his fist in with a haymaker. Mikey raises the lid, and thrusts it forward, straight into his friends face! Matt stumbles backwards, as Stormrage measures him. He rears back, and clocks him in the head with the Headshot! The sound of the bionic elbow ricochets through the arena, and the crowd gasps. Tastic crumbles to the mat, as Mikey signals for the end. The true end of the game this time.

    Copeland: What a desperation move from Mikey!

    Cohen: I thought he said that he wasn’t going to use weapons against Matt in this match? What a dirty liar!

    Connor: Well this is a Mayhem match, after all. It’s not like he broke the rules.

    Cohen: It’s the principle of the matter, Cat.

    Copeland: Tastic better watch himself, he might not like what’s about to happen!

    Matt gets to his feet and stumbles directly into Mikey’s waiting arms. The defending Mayhem champion holds his brother-from-another-mother in his arms, as he signals to the crowd. With a mighty yell, he lifts the smaller man up, but Tastic uses his momentum to flip himself over the larger man’s shoulders. He falls to the mat, and lands on his feet behind him. Matt leaps up onto the larger man shoulders, and falls backwards, his momentum flipping Mikey onto the back of his neck! The crowd gasps as the inverted hurricanrana turns him inside out. Tastic stumbles over and grabs the closest weapon; a steel chair. He sneers, watching his former bestie trying his best to recover. Stormrage is dazed, and his tank is dangerously low. His adrenaline high is fading fast. He slowly begins to get to his feet, but Matt slams the steel chair across his back! Mikey grits his teeth in pain, and slowly starts to stand once more, but Tastic hits him again. He lifts the chair up, and begins blasting Mikey with it over and over, like he did at the start of the match, but this time he doesn’t stop.

    Copeland: Oh my god, Matt’s snapped.

    Cohen: I knew this was going to happen! Matt’s wrestled with Mikey a little, but the man’s a caged animal, and now his fangs are barred, and pointed right at him.

    Connor: Mikey won’t last much longer. He wasn’t even at 100% before this match.

    Matt brings the chair down over and over, hitting Mikey across the back, kidneys, and legs. Anywhere he can aim is a target for his pent up rage. Finally, he breathes and steps back. He stares in disbelief, as Mikey is STILL trying to get back to his feet. “Just stay down, Mikey! I don’t want to have to hurt you!” The champion makes it to one knee, and tries to push himself to his feet, as Tastic raises the chair once more. The defending roar from the crowd as they chant for Mikey echoes like a cacophony in his ear. With a savage scream, he swings the chair forward, smacking Stormrage in the head as hard as he can! The champion wobbles, but doesn’t fall. Matt stares in shock as his friend shoots him a small, sad smile. Matt closes his eyes and lets out a roar, and whacks the big man in the head once more. Mikey’s eyes roll back into this head, as he falls to the mat. Matt slams the chair onto the canvas, and turns to look at his fallen brother. He reaches down and grabs him by the hair. “Get up, Mikey! Stand up and let’s finish this!” He doesn’t try to hide his emotions. The crowd boos mercilessly, as Tastic drags the champion to his feet. Then, showing an incredible amount of strength, no doubt fueled by his intense anger, and will to win, he lifts the big man up onto his shoulder. Tastic strains, feeling the full weight of Mikey’s 360 pound frame. He drives Stormrage down head first onto the chair with the “Headache Driver!” Totally spent, Matt falls on top of his former comrade, as the referee counts: 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, and the new Mayhem champion, Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: I can’t believe how low Matt Tastic had to sink to win this match. Mikey Stormrage was his best friend! In the end, the champion gave a valiant effort, nonetheless.

    Cohen: Tastic did what he had to do, Seabass. He chose to go down this path, and I’m just glad that he had the balls to see it through.

    Connor: Despicable. This was a disgusting thing to watch. Was it worth it Matt? Was this little bit of glory worth nearly destroying your best friend?

    The referee lifts Matts arm in victory, and hands him the Mayhem title belt. A belt that he didn’t even want. All this carnage, all this destruction, was waged in the name of a worthless crusade. The audience boos Tastic mercilessly, as he glances over at Mikey. The former champion is still unresponsive, and is surrounded by officials. Matt smiles, and rolls out of the ring. He backs up, and starts to head up the ramp, when out of his eye, he sees his old pal finally beginning to stir. Stormrage sits up, and shoots him a hollow look that Tastic can’t really read. The two lock eyes, as Matt lifts the title above his head. He turns, and walks up the ramp, leaving Mikey in the ring to ponder his next move.
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    Leon Kensworth is backstage with a giant Gold Rush 2019 sign behind him.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, I have with me at this time, the finalist for the Eurasian Championship Tournament, Garth Black.

    Cheers from the crowd as Black walks into the shot.

    Garth: Hey Leon.

    He offers the longtime tenured interviewer a sincere greeting.

    Leon: What is going through your mind as your match with Stetson Hayes is only moments away?

    The former world champion wipes his mouth.

    Garth: I just want to start with an apology, an apology to Stetson Hayes. I’m sorry that I’m going to have to wipe out the winning streak you’re on. I’m sorry that after we fight in the ring, you’ll be looking up at me with the Eurasian Championship that you so desired. Because when you get in the ring, it ain’t gonna be no thing to slam you down like a rodeo clown....”

    The crowds boo loudly as Stetson Hayes walks into the shot from the left, staring a hole right at Black.

    Hayes: Stop it, stop it, stop it, you dawyum jackass!

    The former world champion smirks.

    Garth: Oh look. Call the rodeo clown, and he appears!

    Black takes a step towards Hayes, and they are standing right in each others face now.

    Hayes: Yuh better show me a little more respect than that, little feller. Yer the only rassler on this here roster who has the fortiteewd to stand toe to toe with me in that very ring, that ring that I OWNED since mah debut. Have yuh seen my leg collection? How’s that leg doin?

    Stetson looks down at Black’s leg.

    Garth: Just fane boyee! Yeehaw! We uh gonna dayunce owt dere tuh nawt feller! We jus gonna wreck the rootin tootin hell outta dis place cowpoke!

    The undefeated rookie looks slightly offended, and levels his glare at his opponent for the evening.

    Hayes: Yuh think yer funny boy? Makin fun of the way I speak, how bout we start our match right now? Then we’ll see who’s speakin funny when I ‘range yer teeth!

    Garth returns the gaze, not budging an inch.

    Garth: Listen Yosemite Sam, I’m not afraid of you, do you think after everything I’ve done in my career that I’m going to let some rope swinging, horse riding, twig chewing cowboy to threaten my chance at the Eurasian Championship? A championship that’s been waiting for a worthy holder? That holder is not you, it’s Garth Black!

    Hayes shoves Black, and Leon jumps in the middle, security can be seen getting in the way of both men as Leon looks right at the camera.

    Copeland: Garth Black vs Stetson Hayes is coming up .


    Matt Tastic is staggering down the hallway backstage towards a maintenance area, he's dragging the Mayhem Title by his side, he's covered in sweat and breathing heavy. Johnny Klamor steps in front of Matt, dressed in a cheesy bright sparkling sport coat with a mic and cameraman all ready to go.

    Klamor: Matt, Matt! Congratulations on your Mayhem Championship victory, can I get a few wo....

    Matt just shoves Johnny out of the way, and continues right on walking. Johnny motions for the cameraman to follow him, as they follow Matt into the maintenance area. Matt starts rummaging around in a storage closet.

    Klamor: I’m not sure what he’s doing folks, it seems Matt Tastic has lost his mind or he could have taken too many hits to the head, apparently the doors marked Exit aren’t a big enough hint. He’s looking for a way out of the arena inside that small storage closet. Lets take a moment to look back on what was once a great career...

    Matt emerges from the closet with his bag and begins to make his way out.

    Klamor: I seriously hope that wasn't a metaphor.

    The new Mayhem champion turns, and shoots him an annoyed glance.

    Matt: No, you dimwit. Why would I change in a locker room filled with the people I have to contend with? I'm leaving with my beloved.

    The older man looks perplexed, as he tilts his head, not quite understanding the Hall of Famer's words.

    Klamor: The title?

    Tastic scoffs, and shakes his head in disgust.

    Matt: No. With my Victory, you idiot!
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    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two men stare each other down in the center of the ring. Garth’s about the same height as the big Texan, but gives up a considerable amount of size and strength. Rather than charge at him head on, Black side steps Hayes, and wraps his arms around his waist. He tries to take him down, but Stetson reaches down and breaks his grip. He applies a headlock, and takes the smaller man down with a Russian leg sweep. Garth is quickly back to his feet, but Hayes meets him with a chop to the chest. He hits a few more, and whips him into the turnbuckle, and follows him in with a corner splash. Garth gasps as the wind is driven from his lungs. Stetson whips him forwards, then quickly back into the corner with enough force to bounce Black off the pad. The former world champion crumbles to the mat in heap, having experienced the raw power from his opponent. He grimaces in pain, as Hayes lifts him to feet. He chucks the smaller man across the ring with a huge biel throw. Garth holds his back and Stetson approaches him with a smirk on his face. He talks a bit of trash, momentarily letting his guard down. Garth makes him pay, by flipping the bigger man up and over, and onto the mat with a judo throw. Stetson is quick to his feet, but Garth wraps his arm around his head before he can blink. He takes Hayes to the mat again with a headlock takeover. Hayes struggles against Garth’s grip, which despite his small size, is quite powerful. He gets to his feet, and grabs his smaller opponent by the waist, and lifts him up into the air. To his surprise, Garth flips over his shoulder, and lands behind him on his feet. He grabs Hayes from behind, and showing surprising strength, he lifts the near 300 pounder up, and plants his shoulders down to the mat with a German suplex. He bridges, and goes for a cover: 1…not even a 2 count before Hayes gets his shoulder up.

    Copeland: It looks like Hayes was in control in the beginning, but he let his guard down.

    Cohen: Stetson may be a rookie when it comes to the length of his tenure, but he’s no stranger to the business. I guarantee he won’t be acting cocky around Black anymore.

    Connor: If he even gets that chance, Jack.

    Black looks slightly surprised at the kick out at 1 from Hayes, but pounds on his back before he can even get off all fours, before dropping an elbow onto the back, knocking the bigger man back down. Black backs off, and waits for Hayes to start getting back up, but as he does Black hits a kick to the ribs to keep him on the mat.

    Copeland: Looks like Black is just trying to keep Hayes on the mat for now with a load of strikes.

    Black now climbs up to the top turnbuckle after hitting a kick to the side of the head, and stands up, diving off looking for a diving elbow drop...no! Hayes gets his knees up to block it, and Black rolls away holding his arm in pain! Hayes gets back to his feet just before Black, and chops him right across the chest, sending him stumbling backwards, but he comes back at Hayes, who chops him again! Black falls down this time but Hayes pulls him right back up to his feet, and lifts him up into powerbomb position, but Black fires off a load of punches to block it, and counters with a hurricanrana, sending Hayes down to the mat!

    Copeland: What a counter from Black there, avoiding the powerbomb and taking Hayes back down to the mat!

    Cohen: It was impressive, but he needs to find a way to keep control.

    Black tries to go for a pin as Hayes hits the mat, but Hayes rolls to the ropes. Black stomps on Hayes a few times, but as Hayes still hangs onto the ropes, Black steps back, shrugs a little bit, then connects on a baseball slide dropkick to knock Hayes to the floor.

    Connor: Well that's one way to make him let go of the ropes.

    Hayes hits the floor hard as Black follows him to the floor, and drags him to his feet, only to slam him face first into the ring post! Hayes stumbles away as Black follows him, and shoves him from behind, sending him stumbling forward into the steel steps! Hayes goes down after going knees first into the steps as Black rolls into the ring to break the count, then rolls right back out. Black waits for Hayes to stumble to his feet, then charges at him, jumping onto the steps before jumping at Hayes, looking for another hurricanrana...but Hayes catches him! Black looks scared and tries to punch his way out of it again, but Hayes drops him with a big powerbomb onto the steps! The fans let out an audible "OHH!" at the landing as Hayes sees his chance to win the belt and tosses him into the ring, sliding in after him and hooking the leg quickly on a pin, do we have a new champion!? 1.....2.....NO! Black manages a last second kickout!

    Copeland: How did he kick out of that!?

    Connor: I have no idea, I thought he was done for there, but maybe the delay of Stetson having to get him back in the ring and away from the ropes was enough to give him that extra half second to recover?

    Cohen: I think everybody in this arena is surprised by it, but man that was impressive.

    Even Stetson looks surprised as Black is still down on the mat with his shoulder in the air, and Hayes even checks with the ref, who assures him it was only a 2 count, but he shakes his head in disagreement. Hayes says something to himself about time to end it, and grabs the leg of Black, looking to lock him into the Cloverleaf, but Black rolls over onto his back, and kicks him away. Hayes comes back at him, looking to grab the leg again, but Black kicks him away again, knocking him into the ropes and allowing himself time to get back to his feet, but as he does, Hayes takes him out with a chopblock to the front of the knee, wiping him back out! Black is down and holding his knee but Hayes grabs his leg, and drags him to the nearest set of ropes, placing his knee on the ropes, before stomping right on it!

    Black rolls away holding his leg as Hayes follows him, grabbing the leg again, and dropping an elbow on his knee! Black finally gets a bit of a break as he rolls out of the ring to escape the southerner, but as he tries to walk off the pain, he doesn't notice Stetson follow him to the floor, come up behind him and chop block out his knee again, this time from the back! Black falls down as the fans begin booing Stetson, who's like a shark who smells blood in the water right now. Stetson ignores the boos as he grabs the leg of Black again, this time lifting him up by it, only to slam him down on the floor! Black is clearly in a lot of pain as his opponent continues to try and destroy his leg, but he shows no signs of giving up, as he continues to try and get to his feet. Hayes notices the ref is nearing the 10 count, currently on 8, so he pulls Black the rest of the way up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring, sliding in after him and covers him for a pin attempt. 1...2...no! Black kicks out.

    Copeland: Black stays alive but how much longer can he keep going? His knee has been destroyed in this match.

    Cohen: I don't think he can Seabass, he's lucky he can even stand anymore but I'd think as soon as Hayes locks him into the Cloverleaf this one is over.

    Connor: At this point you have to wonder if Stetson should just lock it in and end this. It almost seems like he's toying with Garth at this point.

    Indeed Stetson seems intent on punishing Black more, grabbing his injured right leg and dragging him by it to the ropes, before placing his boot on it, as Black yells in pain and tries to scatter away, but with no luck. Stetson steps off the knee as the ref reaches a 4 count, but he drags Black to the middle of the ring, and attempts to lock him into the Cloverleaf again...but Black counters, perhaps in desperation, into a small package! The ref quickly counts and he might just catch Stetson by surprise here! 1....2...no! Hayes kicks out of the surprise pin!

    Black crawls towards Hayes as he starts getting up, ramming into him head first to stumble him, before connecting with a full on headbutt, which knocks Hayes down to the mat, and allows Garth to crawl to the ropes, and buy himself some time to recover from the onslaught of offense he's taken. Garth slowly begins to pull himself to his feet, gingerly putting pressure on the right knee in the process. Meanwhile across the ring, Stetson is getting to his feet slowly, it seems like a matter of who's going to recover first. Black manages to get to his feet a couple seconds before Stetson, but Stetson is clearly in a better spot as both men walk to the middle of the ring, Garth limping and they go nose to nose. The two men begin trash talking each other a bit, but it doesn't last long before Garth elbows Stetson in the jaw! Stetson stumbles away but as he comes back at Garth, he gets dropped with a quick STO!

    Stetson gets back up while Black shakes out his leg, but Stetson is taken back down with a bulldog! Black is firing up here as he tries to get back into this, and he waits for Hayes to get back to his feet, before wrapping his arms around him, and dropping him with a belly to belly suplex! Hayes is down again, and appears to be in some real trouble here as he stumbles back to his feet, and Black hits an enziguri to stumble him, the big man appears out on his feet, as Black slowly lifts him up onto his shoulder, his knee buckling in the process but he manages to keep Stetson on his shoulders...and connects with the Black Out! Hayes drops and Black covers him, is it over!? 1....2....3!

    Harrys: Here's your winner and NEWWW Eurasian Champion, Garth Black!

    The fans have a mixed reaction to this as Garth gets handed his new championship and is helped up by the referee. Black holds up his championship as he stumbles back against the ropes, but with a smile on his face at pulling off the victory, and pinning the man who hadn't lost a singles match yet.

    Copeland: For the first time in his illustrious career, Garth Black is Eurasian Champion!

    Connor: Stetson Hayes' undefeated streak is over. But when it comes to defeat, it's not about the fall, it's how you get back up and nobody knows that better than Garth Black.

    Cohen: I can't believe this! He had it. And Garth managed to sneak the victory away.
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    We cut backstage to Stacey Madison as she readies for an interview.

    Stacey: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here alongside Callie Clark who just earlier today defeated and downright humiliated Eve Taylor. Callie, don't you have any regret for your actions here tonight?

    Callie: *tch* Like, are you serious? Did you not see the way she was dressed? The fact is that ring attire deserved to be in the trash and she just happened to be attached to it. Do I regret it? Of course not. Do I feel sorry? Maybe a little bit. She took her ball and went home.

    Stacey: That aside, what's next for you?

    Callie: Uh, gold obviously. Like, seriously, this was the only match on the show without a title or contendership on the line. So I'm just gonna add that to my win. So I'll just see what's out there and take it.


    Kagura is in the middle of a dimly lit room, shes crossed legged on the floor on an ornate rug, her eyes are closed and she’s in deep meditation. A diagonal bar cuts the screen in half, showing Xander on the other side, sitting on a bench with a towel draped over his neck, he’s breathing heavy and throwing a shadow punch every now and then.

    Copeland: In just a few moments, these two challengers will fight in arguably the biggest match in their respective careers. The Gold Rush final has come to this, Kagura has fought her way through Remarkable Mark Keaton....

    The screen switches to Kagura limping over to Keaton on the mat after the two fisted heart punch, she drops on him for the three count pin....

    Copeland: Callie Clark....

    The screen switches to Callie Clark’s hand resting on the hammer and referee Prince calling for the bell. Kagura’s hand raised soon after.

    Copeland: Her opponent Xander, had a journey that was just as tough....

    The screen switches to Xander ,locking the Fade Away on the legendary Eve Taylor, she’s fading, fading ...out cold. A zoom in on a sweat soaked Xander’s face shows intensity....

    Copeland: If that wasn’t impressive enough....he dispatched Vega next....

    Xander is shown standing over Vega, who has a nasty gash on his forehead and blood all over his face, Xander’s boot is on Vega’s chest and his arm is raised, the pinfall and another zoom in on Xander’s face, this time an egotistical, satisfying sneer....

    The camera returns to the diagonal cut of both competitors taking in their last few moments in the locker room...

    Copeland: Coming up next, we will find out who claims Gold Rush!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament! Introducing first, from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, Kagura Ohzora!

    The crowds cheers as her music hits and pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. Mist appears on the stage and Kagura walks down the ramp with a serious look on her face, ready for the big match at hand. As she reaches the bottom of the ramp, Kagura walks up the steps and enters the ring through the middle rope, and goes to her corner of the ring as her music slowly dies down.

    Harrys: And her opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 210 pounds, Xander!

    As the drum beat kicks in, Xander slowly walks out onto the stage, soaking in the loud boos from the fans with his arms outstretched wide. He slowly walks down the ramp, taking time to shoot a smirk at some fans who line the ramp in the front row, which only makes them boo louder and begin yelling at him but he shakes his head in disgust and keeps walking. Xander reaches the bottom of the ramp and looks at Kagura who's staring him down from the ring, before looking around the arena at the fans, and throwing up a double middle finger, one for the fans and one for Kagura. He then slides into the ring under the bottom rope, and goes into his corner, yelling at Kagura about how she's going to choke again as he slides his leather jacket off and tosses it out of the ring.

    Copeland: As usual, a loud response of boos to Xander. I think the fans are hoping she kicks his head off in this match.

    Connor: Can you blame them? Xander turned his back on them long ago and he shows no interest in gaining their support ever again. Plus that little "salute" he gives them on the way to the ring.

    Cohen: While I don't agree with that, Xander is certainly a talented performer and I think the fans deep down still respect him, but with the way he acts they refuse to show it. With that said, I'm taking Xander as my pick to win here. Kagura got the better of him last week and no way he's gonna let that happen again.

    Connor: It's not a matter of letting it happen, nobody lets their opponent win. But I think Kagura might just have Xander's number, and I'm picking her to keep that going here.

    Copeland: I don't think I wanna even try to call this one so I'll leave that to you two, but it seems we're ready to go so let's get down to action.

    **Ding Ding Ding**

    As soon as the match starts, Xander charges at Kagura, still in her corner, but at the last second she sidesteps and Xander's attempted splash hits nothing but turnbuckles! Xander rubs his jaw as he stumbles backwards, right into a waiting Kagura, who spins him around and drops him with a quick judo throw!

    Connor: Look at that, that's what Xander gets for trying to jump Kagura!

    Cohen: It wasn't jumping her, the bell had rung. But still a bad decision on his part, I would think someone like Kagura would expect something like that.

    Indeed she did, and Xander has rolled out of the ring to try and regain his composure, but no luck as Kagura follows him out of the ring, and hits him with a kick to the ribs, causing Xander to try and walk away, but Kagura follows him, and spins him around again to catch him with a flurry of forearm strikes, before dropping him with a second judo throw, and the beginning of this match is all Kagura! The fans are cheering in approval as Kagura picks Xander back up, and tosses him back into the ring, but as Kagura tries to follow up, Xander reaches up and catches her in a small package pin, he was playing possum! Referee Katie Shepard rushes over to count the pin 1....2...no! Kagura escapes the surprise pin!

    Copeland: Wow Xander almost ended this one early there with that surprise pin.

    Cohen: That's the smarts of Xander right there Seabass!

    Connor: It was a nice trick, but no way was he going to catch Kagura that early.

    Xander and Kagura get to their feet at the same time, and Xander ducks a right hand, and connects with a forearm smash to the face, stumbling Kagura, but not for long as Xander drops her with a second forearm, this one connecting square on her jaw! Kagura goes down as the boos come in from the crowd for Xander, who eggs the fans on asking them if that's all they got, which makes them boo louder, as he places his foot on the throat of Kagura, choking her until the referee gets to a 4 count, forcing him to step off. Xander watches Kagura hold her throat as she recovers in the corner, but he stops that as he walks in and blocks a punch, only to grab a handful of hair and drag Kagura to the middle of the ring, and turns to Shepard and mocks her yelling at him to release her hair, before doing so by pushing Kagura down to the mat.

    Copeland: This kind of disrespect is what we've come to expect from Xander, but he better be careful about getting on the bad side of the official.

    Connor: I'd say he should be more worried about toying with Kagura, she's got a lot more fight in her and he only slowed her down with the choke.

    Xander kicks Kagura in the face, knocking her down from her sitting position to flat on the mat, and asks the fans if this is their hero, before shaking his head in disgust at their cheers for her. Xander turns around, and bends over to pick up Kagura, but as he does he catches a knee to the side of the head! Xander stumbles away as Kagura jumps to her feet, and ducks a desperation X Rated Superkick, then jumps onto the back of Xander, wrapping her arms around his head as she looks to lock in the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami! Xander struggles to get her off him as she wraps her legs around his waist, but just before she has a chance to take him down to the mat, Xander stumbles backwards into the corner, slamming Kagura against the turnbuckles! Kagura relases her grip as Xander stumbles into the middle of the ring, trying to get himself together after the surprise attack but as soon as he turns around, Kagura blasts him with a Shining Wizard, First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto! Xander drops and Kagura quickly covers him for the pin, and she might end this one here! 1...2...No! Xander kicks out!

    Copeland: So close there for Kagura!

    Cohen: Yeah she almost caught him, but Xander wants this win badly, it's gonna take more than that to keep him down tonight.

    Connor: Kagura seems to have taken advantage after overcoming some cheating from Xander, and now she needs to keep that momentum going and finish him. She appears to have him on the rocks despite the kick out.

    It appears that's what she's doing as Kagura drags Xander to his feet, and tosses him into the corner, only to charge in after him and connect with a running high knee to the jaw! Xander looks dazed as Kagura pulls him away from the turnbuckles, and connects with a saito suplex! Kagura quickly covers for another pin attempt, has she done enough now? 1...2...No! Xander kicks out again! Kagura stands up, debating what to do next for a moment, then seems to get an idea, as she slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

    Copeland: Well this is different, we don't see Kagura go up top often in matches.

    Connor: But when she does, it's for the big moments like this match.

    Cohen: She better be careful though, a crash and burn could leave her in a very bad spot.

    Kagura motions for Xander to get to his feet, and he does, but before she can react, he runs over to the corner and crotches her on the top turnbuckle! Xander fires off a couple quick punches to the head of Kagura, before climbing up to the second turnbuckle and clubbing her over the back a couple times, leaving her hurting as he throws her arm over his head, and appears to be setting up a superplex!

    Copeland: Well this is going to badly for one, if not both of them.

    Xander attempts to lift Kagura for the superplex, but she blocks it by holding onto the top rope with her free hand! Xander tries again, but again has no luck! Xander now looks down and realizes the problem, causing him to punch Kagura in the hand, forcing her to let go of the top rope! Xander now makes a third attempt at a superplex...but Kagura hits him with a palm strike to the chest, and he falls back into the ring! The fans cheer for Kagura winning the exchange after holding their breath to see who would get the upper hand, and Kagura stands up, as Xander stumbles to his feet, and Kagura dives off the top looking for a flying knee strike...NO! Xander blocks it by pulling Shepard in front of him, and Kagura takes out our referee, as Xander jumps out of the way!

    Copeland: Oh that coward! Pulling the referee, a woman no less, into the way of that!

    Cohen: That was genius! He knew he had to avoid that and he did no matter what it took!

    Connor: Well I'm sure he's going to get a nice fine for that too, but hopefully Katie will be okay.

    Kagura realizes what happened, and checks on the referee, who's motionless in the ring, but as she's checking on her, Xander connects with an X Rated Superkick to the back of her head, and she just barely misses the ref as she falls to the mat! The fans are really letting Xander have it now as he simply laughs at the situation, realizing he has his opponent down and the ability to do whatever he wants with the referee down, and he bails from the ring, going to ringside to grab a steel chair!

    Copeland: Oh no no no, this is bad, we need to get somebody out here to stop this! Xander is a sick bastard, we know he promised to hurt Kagura tonight.

    Connor: There's nobody to stop him either, can't we get another referee out here!?

    Cohen: For once I agree with you two, he's going too far now, this isn't a No DQ match, he needs to put that chair down!

    Xander however has slid into the ring with the chair in hand and an evil look in his eyes, as Kagura has rolled to the ropes but is still down, and Katie Shepard is still down. However just as Xander walks over to Kagura, senior official Jurou Akiyama comes running out from the back! Akiyama slides into the ring and wastes no time pulling the chair out of the hands of Xander, much to the pleasure of the fans. Akiyama tosses the chair out of the ring and yells at Xander, who argues he did nothing wrong. Akiyama goes to check on Shepard, as Xander sees Kagura now on her feet on the ring apron, and charges her, knocking her to the floor with a dropkick!

    Copeland: Well thankfully Xander didn't get to use that chair but Kagura still seems to be in a bad way after a superkick to the back of the head, and now being knocked off the apron to the floor.

    Connor: That was a hard kick she took to the back of the head but it seems she's recovered from that. I wouldn't count her out just yet.

    Cohen: He might not have been able to use the chair but I think Xander still has Kagura right where he wants her. He just needs to get her in the ring and finish her off now.

    Much to the approval of the crowd, referee Katie Shepard has gotten back to her feet in the ring and seems to be ok. Meanwhile outside the ring, Xander grabs Kagura and tosses her back first into the steel steps, just as she was getting up again! The fans quickly go back to booing after cheering for Shepard, who appears to be taking back over the officiating for this match as she's begun a count and Akiyama has left. 1...2...Xander rolls back into the ring, and tells her to count Kagura out. 3...4...5....6....Kagura is still down at ringside after being thrown into the steps and Xander has begun taunting the fans again. 7....8...Kagura is stirring, using the apron to get to her feet. Xander sees this and looks angry, as he walks back over to that side of the ring...and pulls Kagura up to the ring apron, but she fights back and snaps his neck off the top rope! 9...but Kagura slides back into the ring and this one isn't over yet!

    Kagura walks over to Xander now, looking to get back on the attack, spinning him around and she strikes him with a forearm, which sends him stumbling, as he bounces off the ropes, before coming back with a forearm strike of his own! Kagura doesn't go down however, and fires off four forearm strikes in a row, the last one knocking Xander silly, and leaving the opening for him to get hit with the Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto, the Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex! Kagura falls on top of him for a pin and does she finally have him? 1....2...NO! Xander with another big kickout in this match! Kagura looks surprised as Xander somehow still has fight left in him, but she stays on the attack, as she pulls him right back to his feet, and bounces off the ropes, but before she can do a move, Xander strikes out of nowhere with a second X Rated Superkick of the match, this one square in the jaw! Kagura drops and Xander covers her for a pin, hooking both legs for the count 1...2....NO! Kagura with a big kickout of her own!

    Copeland: Unbelievable! Both of these competitors are leaving it all in the ring tonight with the hopes of winning the Gold Rush Tournament and becoming #1 contender!

    Cohen: They really are, and at this point I'd say whoever wins this one definitely earned it!

    Xander looks very surprised and slaps the mat in frustration, wondering what he's going to have to do to put Kagura away in this one, but he doesn't take too long to regain focus, as he yells that it's time to choke her out! The fans begin booing and chanting for Kagura, as Xander drags her to the middle of the ring, and then to her feet slowly, as he tries to apply the Fade Away Guillotine Choke...No! Kagura shoves him off, and as he comes back at her, she blasts him in the face with the red mist!

    Cohen: Oh that should be a DQ right there! How is that allowed!?

    Connor: Xander got away with plenty of cheating of his own, including pulling the referee in the way of a move, I think he had that coming!

    Xander is blinded as he stumbles away, but as he turns his back to Kagura, she sees a chance for a little revenge, and takes him down with a Shining Wizard to the back of the head! Xander looks knocked out as he lays face down on the mat, but Kagura isn't done yet, as she drags him up to his feet one last time, and connects with the Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami! The two handed Heart Punch connects! Xander drops flat on his back in the middle of the ring as Kagura falls on top of him, and hooks both legs on the pin, and referee Shepard counts the pin 1....2...3!

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner of the Gold Rush Tournament, Kagura!

    The fans roar with approval as Kagura gets up to her knees with a look of pure joy on her face, as she gets her arm raised in victory after a heated battle with a bitter rival. She slowly gets back to her feet and begins celebrating as the fans cheer loudly and again chant for Kagura.

    Copeland: She did it! Kagura has won the Gold Rush Tournament after a hell of a match with Xander!

    Connor: I knew she could do it!

    Cohen: Take nothing away from Xander, he gave her a hell of a fight here tonight and nearly won, but in the end I think Kagura simply wanted it more. Congratulations to her as her road of redemption continues after losing the World Title in her first defense of it.
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    Backstage in the locker room area we see an open locker. It is then closed, revealling a referee shirt. The camera pans upward and we see Everest.

    Elsewhere we see the World Champion, Flex Mussel, flexing his biceps as he begins to make his way down the hallway. Flanked by Wasabi Toyota as Flex's team finishes preparations and sends him off.

    In another place, dark and dreary. We see Titus Avison. His head slumped over a trunk as his arms hold it. The tension builds as its time for the main event.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at our main event of the evening. For the World Heavyweight Championship. The challenger. Once a dominant Champion himself. He looks to reclaim a World title he has not held in years. The Champion. As dangerous as he is narcissistic. The stage is set. It's time.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event and is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    Please welcome at this time, your special guest referee for the evening, WZCW Hall of Famer, Everest!

    Everest, in his referee gear, makes his way down the aisle and slaps a few high fives with fans. He makes his way into the ring and waves a bit and shakes hands with Truman Harrys.

    Copeland: Everest, the Pinnacle of Perfection, the original Hall of Famer, looks happy to be back in a WZCW ring, even if his role isn't what he was accustomed to in his original run.

    Cohen: There is no way he will be able to call this fairly. He has a long history with Titus. There is a clear bias there.

    Connor: What about his history with Flex? Everest was the one who scouted and recommended Flex to WZCW all those years ago.

    The fans cheers as Titus makes his way onto the stage. The Hall of Famer is no stranger to main events and World Title matches, but the look on his face tells a story. He appears anxious, almost nervous. He still slaps hands and plays to the crowd. He waves to his assistant Rosie, who has taken a seat in the audience and is carrying a sign implying Flex has used HGH. Who let that past security? He gets into the ring and smiles as he takes in the cheers from the WZCW faithful.

    Copeland: Few sights represent WZCW better than Titus in the ring in a big time match. Few bigger than this as he looks to tie "Showtime" David Cougar and Ty Burna with his third World Title victory.

    Cohen: Tall task. He is running into a buzz saw of freedom named Flex. You can never take away the title, Hall of Famer from Titus, but his day is long gone.

    Connor: Flex is French, and Titus seems to have his number. Even going back to the EurAsian Title matches, Titus always found a way.

    The crowd boos as a giant FlexAmerican flag drops over the video screen on the tron. Wasabi Toyota comes out, dressed as a Secret Service agent and then calls Flex out. The King has his FlexAmerican Title and the WZCW World Heavy Championship across his shoulders. "F-USA" the crowd chants as Flex pays them no mind. He stares down Titus, who keeps his eyes locked back at the champ, but the challenger is sweating bullets. Flex gets into the ring and holds his title high in the face of the Hall of Famer.

    Connor: I'm so sick of Flex. He deson't care about anyone but himself. Its evident by the way he treats everyone around him. Tonight, I'm calling it, he drops the title.

    Copeland: Try to retain some professionalism Cat. Flex is a battle tested competitor and one of the strongest men in WZCW history. This won't be easy for Titus or Flex, no matter how we feel about them.

    Cohen: Yeah, Seabass, tell her to stay in her lane. It's about to be all Flex all night.

    Referee Everest takes the title belt as Truman Harrys gives the final introductions.

    Introducing first, in the corner to my left. He is the challenger. Weighing in at 225 lbs, from Keystone City, Kansas, this is WZCW Hall of Famer, Titus!

    The crowd roars as Titus simply raises his hand to them, keeping his focus on Flex.

    And in the corner to my right, weighing in at 220 lbs, he is the self proclaimed "Commander and Chief" and the reigning, defending WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, "King" Flex Mussel!

    Flex poses and mocks Titus as the crowd rains down boos.

    Everest holds the prize the men are fighting for high before handing it off to Truman, who takes it to the timekeeper's area.

    Copeland: Any last second predictions?

    Connor: Titus. Too much experience in big matches. Flex hasn't gotten in his head.

    Cohen: Flex, all the way. FlexAmerica is about to raze the capital tonight!

    *DING! DING!*
    The two are both wary, neither wanting to engage too quickly or tip their hand. They circle, with Titus looking to pick his spot. A man with the experience of Titus knows he can't match power with Titus, so he has to be careful. Flex taunts Titus, trying to make him rush into a fight. The crowd boos a bit at the tactic, but neither man seems phased. They both play to the crowd a bit, bringing them back around. Flex then steps in and offers a hand for an old fashioned test of strength. Titus looks around, the crowd urging him not to accept. Titus ignores the crowd and puts his hand up and grasps hand with the champ. He puts his second hand up, only for Flex to attempt a kick to the midsection. Titus was ready for it though and catches the kick and takes Flex down with a dragon screw leg whip. He smiles at Flex as he gets back to his feet, having outwitted the King. This only seems to anger Flex, who runs at Titus with vicious forearms and backs him into a corner. he hammers away, really taking the fight to Titus until the referee has to separate them. Flex backs off just long enough to avoid the DQ, and then begins to hammer away again. Everest pulls Flex away, earning a glare from Flex. The champ isn't happy, but throws his hands up and backs off. Titus shakes his head a bit but exits the corner and locks up with the champ. Titus uses his technical skills and veteran know how to keep Flex from simply overpowering him. He slips behind the champ and works him to the mat by tripping him. He transitions to a modified arm bar, but Flex fights and reverses the hold. Flex cranks on the arm, but Titus is quick to wiggle and bring his legs up and head scissor the champ to break the hold. They scramble back to their feet and Flex floors the challenger with a shoulder tackle. Titus springs to his feet and avoids the second tackle by leaping with a cross body. The unexpected move knocks The King down but before Titus can capitalize, Flex is on his feet. The two men separate and stare each other down.

    Copeland: A real back and forth thus far, and I can't say I'm surprised. Two men at the top of their game, vying for the top prize in the game. They came prepared.

    Cohen: Did you see Everest put his hands on Flex earlier? I told you he was biased.

    Connor: Biased for doing his job?

    Cohen: Fake news Cat. We all saw it. Just like your type to twist the truth to fit an agenda.

    The two lock up again and after some jockeying for position, Titus gets the upper hand with another trip and drives Flex into the corner. Everest starts the five count and Titus tries to break the tie up. Flex pulls him back in though and Everest has to physically separate them. As Everest has his back turned, Flex rakes the eyes of Titus. This gives him the upper hand and he connects with a few right hands to soften the challenger up. He then puts him down with a short clothesline and makes the first cover of the match...One!...but Titus kicks out with ease. Not letting up, Flex locks on a chinlock and keeps up the pressure. The crowd begin to clap for Titus, who kicks his leg and begins to fight back. He gets to a kneeling position and throws some elbows into the midsection of Flex. The champ throws a big knee to cut the comeback off, deflating the crowd. He stomps down hard on the back of the challenger before he slaps on a camel clutch. The champ mocks the DC crowd as he leans back, putting more pressure into the hold. Everest slides into position on Titus, who says he doesn't quit. He musters some strength and manages to stand and fall back, slamming Flex to the mat and breaking the hold.

    Connor: Still think Everest is biased Jack? He put his hands on Titus.

    Cohen: Only time will tell. Appearances can be deceiving Cat.

    Flex is on his feet first, but Titus isn't far behind. They have a brief slug out, but the powerful Flex gets the upper hand and Irish whips Titus into the corner. He charges at Titus, who gets a boot up to stun the champ. Before Titus can recover, Flex charges again. This time Titus slips out and leaves Flex to crash into the turnbuckle. Titus uses a school boy to roll him up...One!...Two!...but Flex kicks out. Titus makes sure to keep pressure on with a quick reverse DDT before Flex can get his wits about him and makes a second cover...One!...Two!...Kick out by the champ a second time. Titus makes sure to keep the pressure up, grabbing an ankle lock. Flex yells in pain. Titus has won matches with the move, and Flex knows it. He scrambles and powers to the ropes before major damage can be inflicted, but Titus takes full advantage of the five count, only releasing the hold on the four. Flex decides he needs a break and rolls out of the ring before Titus can pull him back in. He has a quick conference with Wasabi Toyota and ringside while he stretches out his foot.

    Copeland: A flurry of offense from Titus has the champ in trouble. Flex wisely took a breather on the outside.

    Connor: Its clearly a stall tactic. Not sure why the referee is letting him get away with it.

    Cohen: He has until the count of ten, it isn't illegal Cat. Try to show some professionalism.

    Titus runs at Flex and tries to hit a baseball slide, but Flex throws Wasabi in front to take the hit. The champ takes advantage and throw Titus into the barricade. The crash knocks a fan's cell phone onto the ground. Flex responds by taking the phone and hurling it into the upper deck of the arena. He then grabs Titus and runs him into the ring post. Everest orders them back into the ring, so the champ rolls his foe into the ring. Flex then begins to climb to the top rope, a rarely used move. Flex measures Titus and jumps, looking for an elbow drop. Titus rolls out of the way, leaving Flex to crash into the mat. Both men take a moment to get to their feet, and Flex throws a wild punch. Titus ducks and gets behind Flex. He grabs a rear waist lock and runs him into the ropes, looking for a roll up. Flex hangs onto the ropes and leaves Titus to roll away. Flex throws off a wild Flexicution that comes nowhere close. Titus dropkicks Flex in the back, sending him stumbling toward the turnbuckle. Titus runs at him, with the champ moving out of the way. Titus leaps and springboards off the second rope and takes Flex down with a a spinning heel kick. He keeps on the attack, grabbing the leg of Flex and snapping it back in a DDT like maneuver. The Hall of Famer then pulls Flex toward the ropes and places his foot on the bottom rope. He uses the ropes to pick up some momentum and them leaps and drops his hip onto the foot. Everest insn't happy and verbally warns Titus. This gives Flex the time to again roll out of the ring and regroup. Titus teases another move to the outside but pulls up short, faking Flex out. He again pulls Wasabi in front of him. Titus points at the champ and laughs and the crowd laugh along with him.

    Cohen: This is an outrage! Titus is mocking our World Champion!

    Copeland: Nothing illegal going on, simple mind games. Both men competing tonight are known for it.

    Flex shoves Wasabi to the side and storms into the ring. He goes after Titus, hammering away with vicious blows. The taunting only seems to have enraged the champ, who backs Titus into the ropes. He Irish whips him across the ring and then back body drops him, launching him high into the air. Titus clutches his back as he bounces off the canvas. Flex grabs Titus by the hair and drags him to his feet before he grabs him by the throat with both hands and launches him into the corner. He then hammers away with vicious European uppercuts. They really stagger the Hall of Famer until Everest comes in and begins the five count. Flex relents as Titus collapses to the mat. Flex gets a head of steam and charges and hits a running knee. Titus avoids a massive blow as he was able to move his head out of the way, but the knee connects with his midsection. Titus rolls out of the ring, clutching his side as Flex poses on the turnbuckle. He spits down at Titus before he rolls out of the ring after him. Flex mocks the challenger as he crawls and uses Flex's tights to pull himself up. Flex simply slaps him across the face and Irish whips him toward the steel steps. Titus leaps onto steps though to avoid a hard crash. He turns and leaps at Flex, who catches him. He connects with a back breaker, but doesn't release his foe. Instead he tosses him into the barricade. Everest warns Flex to get back in the ring, but Flex grabs Titus and positions him for the Spin and Win. Instead of a traditional spin, Flex simply slams him into the barricade. This time a fan's soda and popcorn fall at the feet of Flex. He takes a mouthful of popcorn and spits it in the face of the fan before he pours the soda onto Titus. He then stomps on the challenger one last time before he rolls back into the ring and orders Everest to count to ten.

    Cohen: Might as well call this one. Let's all get ready to head home, knowing WZCW is great again.

    Copeland: I wouldn't count Titus out just yet Jack. He isn't a Hall of Famer for nothing.

    Connor: I just hope that fan doesn't sue.

    Titus is able to get back into the ring at a count of eight, much to the dismay of the champ. Flex stomps down on the challenger, really laying into him with the boots. He only relents when Titus grabs the ropes to try to stand and Everest orders him away. Titus makes his way to his feet, and Flex charges. Titus ducks and backdrops Flex over the top rope and onto the apron. Once the competitors regain their respective wits, Flex tries a shoulder barge through the ropes, only for Titus to hit a quick kick to the head of the champ. This drops Flex to a supine position on the apron. Titus climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps, dropping an leg across the chest of the champ. Both men fall to the floor, but Titus is feeling the adrenaline from the big move and pops to his feet as the crowd roars. He gets Flex to his feet and rams him back first into the ring. He then drapes Flex in the ring skirt and begins to hit brutal chops to the chest, each echoing through the sold out Capital One Arena. Everest orders Titus to stop, leaning through the ropes to yell at him. Titus puts his hand up to show he is backing off before he unwraps Flex and rolls him into the ring. As he goes to get in himself, Wasabi runs over and grabs his leg, unseen by Everest. Titus kicks him away, but the distraction was enough. Flex is able to roll Titus up as the challenger tried to pick him up...One!...Two!...Kick out by Titus!

    Connor: Wasabi just cheated for Flex!

    Cohen: You can't prove that!

    Connor: We can pull it up on replay!

    Cohen: Just because its on tape doesn't mean it happened!

    Titus and Flex get to their feet and Titus slips behind the champ. He locks in a sleeper hold, but Flex quickly breaks it by falling back into the turnbuckle. He takes a moment to gather himself before he grabs Titus and throws him from the corner to the middle of the ring. Titus tries to roll through, but only manages to catch himself on the ropes. He gets to his feet and Flex charges and knocks him down with a clothesline. Titus struggles to his feet and gets taken down with a second clothesline. Flex poses before he charges at the now standing Titus looking for a third clothesline, but Titus ducks. Flex turns around and the Hall of Famer catches him with a kick to the midsection. He follows up with the Tit Drop! The Fame Asser that has won countless matches connects. Titus hooks the leg...One!...Two!...Three! Titus leaps to his feet in celebration, only for Everest to get his attention and point to the bottom rope. Wasabi is throwing a fit pointing out Flex's foot, which Wasabi himself put on the bottom rope. Titus is angry, as he had the match won but Wasabi screwed him.

    Copeland: More cheating from Wasabi, this time making sure Flex didn't lose after taking the Tit Drop.

    Cohen: I didn't see a damn thing Seabass!

    Titus leans through the ropes and tries to grab Wasabi. Flex uses this opportunity to pull Titus back through the ropes and into Everest, knocking him down. Flex then orders Wasabi to grab the title and pass it to Flex. Flex has the title and Wasabi distracts Titus again. Flex goes to take Titus out from behind, but is stopped by Everest grabbing the title from Flex!

    Cohen: What the hell?

    Connor: Everest isn't some ordinary fragile ref, he is a Hall of Famer. He can take being knocked off his feet.

    Everest throws the title out of the ring and then points to Wasabi and ejects him. The crowd roars their approval as Wasabi and Flex both throw a fit. This is the opening that Titus needs. He connects with another kick to set up the Tit Drop. Flex however powers through the knee drop bulldog and connects with the Mussel Bomb! A terrific counter and the champ falls into the cover...One!...Two!...Thr....No! Titus kicks out! The Hall of Famer doesn't go down just yet. Flex is livid with Everest. He gets in his face and slaps his hands to signal a three count. Everest says it was only two, so Flex grabs him by the collar and yells at him. Everest shoves him away and warns he will disqualify him. Flex makes an obscene gesture at Everest before he turns his attention back to Titus. Flex grabs him by the hair and yells at him before positioning him for a second Mussel Bomb. He lifts Titus, only for Titus to counter with a hurricarana. This causes Flex to end up on his knees with his head draped over the middle rope. Titus calls for the Tit Drop again and climbs onto the apron. He connects with a modified Tit Drop through the ropes! Instead of making a cover, Titus ascends to the top rope. The entire arena knows what is coming, and he follows up. The Red Comet! A spectacular shooting star corkscrew elbow drop right into the evil heart of Flex. Titus crawls into the cover and Everest slides into position...One!...Two!...Three! Titus has done it. Titus, the Englishman, has won in Washington DC. The crowd is euphoric as Titus cements himself in the WZCW record book yet again.

    Copeland: Titus is the hero we needed! He has captured the World Title!

    Cohen: NO! Flex was robbed! Someone do something!

    Connor: There is nothing to be done Jack, except rejoice that the tyrannical reign of King Flex has come to an end.

    Everest raises the hand of Titus as Truman Harrys makes the announcement.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and NEEEEEEEEEEEEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Titus!

    Red white and blue confetti fall from the rafters as Titus celebrates in the American capital. He climbs the turnbuckle and hoists his newly won title high. He then steps out of the ring and grabs the FlexAmerican Title. He looks at it and then drops it, before stomping down on it. He then climbs over the barricade and celebrates with the fans, all of them being honorary TMZ members tonight as we fade to black.
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    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship: Flex Mussel (c) v Titus Avison
    Written by Rainbow "Mikey The Bronie" Yaz

    Elite Openweight Open Challenge
    Written by Kill "Don't Call Me Mexican" Joy

    WZCW Mayhem Championship: Mikey Stormrage (c) vs Matt Tastic
    Echelon "Goblin Slayer" Bernkastel

    WZCW EurAsian Championship: Stetson Hayes vs Garth Black
    Intros by Ech feat. The Rest by Matrix

    Eve Taylor vs Callie Clark
    Into The Forum-Verse Spidey

    Gold Rush Finals: Kagura vs Xander
    Skairipa "His Character is too sexy" Matrix

    Segments by
    Shigeru Miyamoto's Favorite Brit Lee,
    Jeff "Tanks Through Your Porch" The Delivery Guy

    Graphics & Intro by
    Some Mexican motherfucker


    Meltdown 158 & Ascension 135 boards will be up by the weekend.

    Thank you very much for your time here, Falkon. We are very grateful to have had you all these years.

    See You Next Mission
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