WWE's Biggest Fan show on WWE 24/7

Discussion in 'Live Discussions Archives' started by Mad Metal, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Sep 23, 2006
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    Anyone here watch the WWE's Biggest Fan show on WWE 24/7? It just came out a day or so ago. If not, watch it! Seriously it's 5 times more entertaining than your typical Monday or Thursday night shows. Some videos were hilarious, some were stupid, some were very ridiculous and majority were creative. No doubt it's extremely entertaining and worth watching, but sucks the show is only 34 minutes long.

    On a funny note, Batista played the role of Simon Cowell as the tough judge. Steve Austin also noted to a fan how he thought he would have done much better without his "stupid Hulk Hogan t-shirt" on.

    Mike Timpson's video of how he lives his entire life "religiously" of the WWE is definitely the best video.

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