WWE TLC: Mixed match challenge finals

Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Psykohurricane55, Dec 4, 2018.

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    We all knew that the finals would be on the TLC card when this whole thing started a few months ago and i'm pretty sure nobody really cares about this match and will probably get put on the kickoff because of lack of time on the actual PPV. But i'm still interested to see who's going to be in that match since a lot of the competitors that are still in the tournament have a match on the PPV.

    Anyway i feel that for some reason Jinder mahal and alicia fox will be the raw representative for the finals. While i would prefer Bailey and Balor to get to the finals, the fact that Finn balor as a match against drew mcintyre kinda make me thing that they won't get the spot in that match since i don't see them double booking Finn for the PPV.

    On the other side, i have a soft spot for R-truth and Carmella. i don'T know why but i fell like with the ridiculous premise of the winner getting a all paid vacation, they have to do vignettes for this and r-truth and carmella would be awesome in these. So while you have a ton of great team left on smackdown, i don't see either miz and asuka or jeff hardy and charlotte getting into the finals mostly because of asuka and charlotte having a big match on the show already and jeff hardy probably getting a match with joe as well, so that leave either naomi and jey uso or r-truth and carmella. So for comedy purposes only i want to pick r-truth and carmella on the smackdown side and have them win the whole tournament in the end just to see them on vacation.
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    I wonder if this will be the last time they do the MMC for a while as interest in this is much, much lower than the first one overall. I haven't watched a single match of this or the first MMC tournament, I'm just not at all interested in tournaments that exist just for the sake of having a tournament and that's really all the MMC is when you get past what few bells and whistles there are. The first one had each time wrestling on behalf of different charities and the winners of this one will earn the #30 spots in the men's and women's Royal Rumble matches; the only way this tournament will have actually meant anything is if at least one of the winners manages to win their Rumble match, otherwise it's just more filler from a company that provides way too much filler already.

    This ought to be on the kickoff show, but it won't be at all surprising if they put this on the main card and have a match that may be semi-relevant put on the kickoff show instead.

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