WWE PPVs could be better if they changed a few things.

Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by AegonTargaryen, Aug 20, 2018.

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    WWE PPVs, judging from the quality of recent dual-branded events as well as Summerslam, need certain changes.

    Particularly, the booking of matches.

    First let's consider the matches. I'm focussing mainly on the men's matches and my gripe isn't so much as match quality or duration per se, but that most matches or feuds have already been done to death on previous PPVs and on TV.

    Take Summerslam for example. Now Roman vs Brock had to be done(For finality's sake), and AJ-Joe and Bryan-Miz were fresh ones, and perhaps even Rollins-Ziggler was okay I guess, since Ambrose was an addition.

    But did they really have to book KO vs Strowman with KO being squashed like that? And Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin on the MAIN summerslam card but not Bobby Lashley was a travesty.

    What I suggest is why not utilize and involve many different people in a match rather than doing the same-old one-on-one matches no one cares about, or are 2-minute squashes? No story was told. No one benefited from KO Vs Strowman, since Strowman gets to do the "I'm an inconquerable monster" schtick pretty much all the time anyway.

    The match-up I would do for the Summerslam opener, and suggest the WWE should go for is something like a 6-man tag involving Lashley, Balor and Strowman taking on KO, Elias and Corbin.

    That way, you get all their entrances, you get a 10-12 min in-ring time, Lashley gets to be on Summerslam, and KO doesn't need to be squashed. The babyfaces win and you can easily make Finn Balor look good by having him end the match with his finisher, on Corbin who takes the fall.

    How much difficult can it be to book such a match rather than have TV-like segment with Elias, a TV-match involving Balor and KO being squashed?

    Also now that Raw is 3-hrs long and you can't book many 6-man tags since you need to fill the time with all these singles matches and segments, which they do week in and week out, and a regular tag team match as well. But a 6-man tag team match in this day and age should actually be considered "special" and placed on a PPV.

    And they already had various singles matches happening on the show.

    What I suggest is just stop booking TV Garbage on PPVs, and involve more people, even if it's something like 3 babyfaces vs 3 heels.

    It saves the WWE from a third PPV in a row with rematches like Rollins-Ziggler, Nakamura-Hardy, KO-Strowman and to make it worse, a Balor-Corbin match. And it's also not like they've ever booked this 6-man tag on a Raw.

    Summerslam could've been better, or any other event for that matter, with such little improvements.

    Just my two cents.
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    Personally, I thought that summerslam was the best Ppv they did all year. Not a bad match on the main card, everything made sense and feud that needed to be advance got advance

    If they could do more Ppv that way instead of over think everything all the time just to fill time, the product would be way better then it is right now,.

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