WWE planning to go back to Saudi Arabia one week after evolution

Discussion in 'WWE News' started by Psykohurricane55, Aug 29, 2018.

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    On the main site, it was mention that PWinsider reported that WWE might go back to saudi arabia on november 2nd, which is one week after the all women's evolution PPV.

    I don't know what you guys think about this but i think unless they are forced to go back on that date, that this could be the dumbest move WWE has ever did and i don't see Vince being that stupid, even for the amount they gave him.

    Having a saudi show a week after the evolution PPV would be extremely bad PR for WWE, Not only because of the saudi show but also for the Evolution show because, While we all know that this show is just a PR show anyway, It's still positive PR for the company especially since you're ending breast cancer awareness month with a all women show. But you put a show the following week where the women aren't allowed and then you will get the bad PR for both show because Evolution suddenly becomes the show they give the women so that we forgive them for having a show with only the men and it doesn't help either show.

    In the end, i think this new feel like somebody is playing a joke on whoever reported it for PWinsider and that WWE isn't that dumb to have 2 back 2 back show especially another show in saudi arabia after a all women'S show because they most of learn their lesson from the backlash the first one had and it would be 10 times worst if they do it this way.
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    Not a big deal. WWE will be fine. Fake internet outrage won't go far. I'm sure Vince and the powers that be can read a calendar and know what to expect.
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    No wonder they're giving the women their own ppv. :lmao:
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    I too was mystified when the WWE signed this deal. I mean here we are with the Women's Revolution in full swing, the word Diva is a thing of the past and we have Rowdy Rhonda Rousey, the baddest women on the planet taking over the women's division. For over a year we have heard that the women are now on par with the men, well sort of, and yet Vince signs a deal to go to a country where women's rights are marginal at best.

    Anyone with any knowledge of Saudi Arabia knows that women there are basically treated as second class citizens. They only received the right to vote a couple of years ago and this year women were finally allowed to obtain a driver's license.

    Did anyone think that in a country where women can't walk down the street without a male relation accompanying them, would allow female WWE superstars the opportunity to show up and wrestle. I didn't for a second.

    But this isn't about women's rights it comes down to the almighty dollar and the Saudi's are paying through the nose to get the WWE there. Listen I would love nothing more than to see Rhonda Rousey come down the ramp in full gear, haul the King of Saudi Arabia out of the front row and give him the thrashing of a lifetime, but I'm not stupid and it will never happen. Also if I was a female WWE superstar, I wouldn't give him the thrill of watching me in the ring. I would compete in my own PPV and then go home and put my aching feet up for a week. Let the men run around in the sand dunes
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    Saudi Arabia had the world economy in a headlock, but wait... WHAT'S THIS!? Here comes Iran from behind, with their recently acquired ability to trade oil with the US and its allies they've put Saudi Arabia into a sleeper hold! Saudi Arabia is fading fast, we can see them reaching for what looks like a chair but is really a PR campaign to present themselves to the world as a friendlier option for tourism!

    Bah! I say. And not the festive way that Fallah Bah says it either.

    The WWE is the closest thing to the purge that we have in this world. UFC fights will sometimes last thirty seconds, football is getting protesty, baseball and tennis are what you watch when you just can't fall asleep, soccer is.... soccer, and hockey would be on par with the WWE if it wasn't so damn safety-conscious.

    The WWE displayed female athletes in a promo during the GRR, and they had that in-ring promo that mocked the geopolitical strife between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Oh... and, they're apparently being invited back in spite of all that. I honestly think that Saudi Arabia needs the WWE more than the WWE needs Saudi Arabia.

    The WWE can come into any territory, no matter what their laws and customs, and present a show that gives the audience the same rush as if they were watching Roman gladiators fight to the death. Saudi Arabia wants tourism and an escape for their uptight populace, and they can get both in spades by having a unique WWE experience occur exclusively in their country. Hopefully they will eventually relax their customs to the point where the women can wrestle if they really want this to be a regular thing.

    Doing a show where women are forbidden a week after doing a show that's all about the ladies doesn't seem at all odd for the WWE. The Women of the WWE (and Sami Zayn) will benefit from the WWE getting a large chunk of Saudi Arabia's "please love us" fund, and the WWE gets to rub it in the face of the other promotions that they're still growing.
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    Like GSB said, the fake outrage the internet is known for will pass over in a few days just like it did when the GRR card was announced. Besides, I doubt most of the women will complain all that much as I'm sure that, again, just as with the GRR, they'll get paid even if they're not on the show. Some other wrestling promotions might give WWE some crap over it but I wonder how much of that is just based on jealousy that this major economic power is eager and willing to pay WWE hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade to do their thing. If you think Impact, ROH or New Japan would turn down an offer of $50+ million per show like WWE is getting from the Saudi government, I have some lovely beach front property in Nebraska that's reasonably priced and that you'll just fall in love with

    Besides, there are a LOT of companies bigger than WWE who do business with the Saudis like IBM, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Motorola, General Electric and nobody says boo about it.
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    Fake internet outrage went far enough last Wrestlemania.

    And of course Saudi Arabia is champing at the bits for another event. They're hoping this time what happens on the show matters.
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    It's all about the money.

    Vince loves money and he loves being able to say he was the first to do something like bring Pro Wrestling to Saudi Arabia.

    I'm sure the women will get something that puffs up Stephanie's ego just like they did when they got Evolution.

    As for the Outrage that some may feel they'll get over it like they do every other time they get upset about something that doesn't concern them

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