WWE Charged 9 times!

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by FLUFF, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. FLUFF

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    I think thats pretty ******ed that the superstars are getting charged because they didn't end the match...

    and also dumb that edge is getting charged for competing outside the barricade.

  2. zero

    zero Guest

    The reasons that is in State Law is to keep the safety of the wrestlers, obviously those rules such as not cutting yourself or ending the match to clean up the blood are pretty easy to understand for a small venue; it would stop virus spread/etc.

    But, when it comes to the WWE who make sure everyone is always tested for things like HIV, make sure the crowds are contained when they go outside of the baracades, it's pretty childish.
  3. WWe always gets fined, and vince doesn't care that much. Mostly its from fake blood and stuff. I guess Vince will do whatever to put on a good show
  4. JKO

    JKO Guest

    more of a fact that he is a rich man
  5. zero

    zero Guest

    Fake blood? You think the blood in WWE matches is fake? :blink:

  6. Some of it is, but not most, I read that vince got fined before for providing blood in the match
  7. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    Yeah, he prolly had 50 grand in his back pocket before the event. He is one rich son of a b!+ch.
  8. hhh_#1fan

    hhh_#1fan Guest

    Wow Amazing Stuff
  9. McLean26

    McLean26 Guest

    Its pretty gay that they arnt allowed to promote stuff in Kentucky anymore
  10. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    ^It doesn't say they aren't allowed to yet. They're trying to get the ban on it. Hopefully, Kentuky realizes how stupid it was for doin such a thing.
  11. hhh_#1fan

    hhh_#1fan Guest

    yeah kentuky is stupid lol
  12. J-Slim

    J-Slim Guest

    The Kentucky state laws R gay.

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