[WWE Bracket] Round 1 Match 13: 'The Milion Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase Vs Iron Sheik

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Who is the bigger Legend?

  1. DiBiase

  2. Sheik

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    The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase
    Most know him as one half of Money INC along with I.R.S. but he was an acomplished singles star as well. He was the self proclaimed Million Dollar Champion and had a great feud with Hulk Hogan the WWE title. This feud saw Andre The Giant win the title and immediatly sell it to DiBiase. He also helped introduce two WWE legends in their Debut, Steve Austin and The Undertaker. He was also an acomplished manager helping the careers of Steve Austin, King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow

    The Iron Sheik
    The Iron Sheik is mostly known for being the man who eneded Bob Backlunds 6 year hold on the WWE title and as the man who lost it to Hulk Hogan giving Hogan his first WWE title. He was also an accomplished Tag Team Wrestler with Nikolai Volkoff winning the Tag Team Titles 1 time. He was WON Most underrated Wreslter in 1980.​
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