WWE Announces 'Evolution' Reunion

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    No, not the upcoming PPV. After some controversy regarding Batista and a return to the WWE, the company today announced that the four man stable composed by him, Triple H, Randy Orton & Ric Flair, known as 'Evolution' will be reuniting for 'Smackdown 1000'.

    Announcement here

    The major event is scheduled for October 16 from the Capital One Arena in Batista's hometown of Washington DC. The Undertaker is so far the only other special attraction promoted for the event.


    It's rather peculiar that WWE finally announces Batista will be a part of the show, but is oddly being advertised explicitly as a part of an Evolution reunion. Evolution was never a Smackdown act, having their entire run on Raw even their 2014 reunion never really appeared on Smackdown. It does give the smell of WWE just reaching a compromise with Batista rather than actively looking for him to be a part of the show or just of the overall product. There's been an odd stench of jealousy by WWE's part. Batista in the past has expressed that Triple H and Vince McMahon were skeptical of his role as Drax The Destroyer despite that it was a role with Marvel at the time that they were catching fire with pretty much all their projects. Perhaps there's something to Triple H and Vince being so wrong about that.

    What do think? You happy Evolution is having a reunion? Does my theory have any credibility or should I just shut up? Well, it's written so I'm not talking. Sound off below!

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