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    The First Ever Edition ​
    This is the beginning of the NEW WWE. It has gotten its own channel. I will post rosters in a little bit Here is the opening show

    J.R. Ross: Hello and Welcome to East Rutherford, New Jersey for the first edition to WWE 24-7 and its new channel. Were live and here’s my partner Jerry "The King" Lawler.
    Jerry Lawler: Hey J.R. is to be back with you and boy oh boy and I glad to be back with you as my partner. I liked Michael Cole but he wasn't anything special.

    Show Cuts Backstage to Triple H and Shawn Michaels sitting in a room together talking

    Triple H: Yeah I remember that sweet chin that was the best one ever. Hey Shawn, do you miss the Degeneration X days?(crowd cheers) I loved those days where we kicked ass and took names.

    Shawn Michaels: Yeah Trips I miss those days. We need to relive them again. What do you think?

    Triple H: I agree but it’s too early. I would still wanna continue my singles competition but Im thinking we should do something bigger and better.

    Match 1
    R-Truth vs Cody Rhodes vs Evan Bourne ​

    Summary: The match begins with Cody Rhodes winning this match early. He shows that he is the future of the WWE with that nice British bull dog on Bourne and then dropkick to the face of R-Truth. Cody then showboats himself to the fans. The Crowed boos and chants for Bourne which only makes Rhodes upset and angry. He turns and Bourne lands that head scissors take down. When Bourne gets up he is greeted to a nice close line and all the wrestlers are down from the blows they have sustained. The ref issues a 3 count before R-Truth gets up. Truth signals for the Truth Conviction and lands it on Bourne. 1..2... Rhodes breaks up the pin fall. Truth stands up and is greeted by a double arm DDT by young Cody Rhodes and he goes for the pin. 1..2.. Truth kicks out. Evan Bourne recovers after both Truth and Rhodes are down and hits the shooting star press on Rhodes. He goes for the pin. 1...2...3. Bourne wins! Winner: Evan Bourne 5:21

    The show cuts backstage to Triple H and Shawn Michaels talking to Kofi Kingston about their days together in DX and about an idea HHH thought of. Kingston is delighted to hear this idea and agrees. We don't know what their saying but the crowd wants to know what that idea is.

    Match #2
    Kane vs Mark Henry ​

    Summary: Henry takes the early advantage by hitting a suplex on the big red machine Kane. The crowd is signaling for Kane to get up and fight back. He gets up and lands some blows to the world’s strongest man and the match is going Kane’s way until a devastating Splash was hit by Henry. He goes for the pin. 1..2.. Kane kicks out. Henry goes to the top of the turn buckles for the first time ever. He jumps and there’s nobody home! Kane gets up and hits Henry with a DDT. Kane is signaling for that choke slam. Kane raps his paws around Henry's neck and goes to lift Henry up but cant lift him in the air. Mark laughs and then goes for a drop kick to the knees of Kane and connects. Kane hits the mat in pain. Henry drags Kane near the side of the ring and throws his knees around the steel post. Henry then gets back in the ring and signals for the World’s Strongest Splash. He hits it and goes for the pin. 1..2..3.. Winner: Mark Henry 5:34 The Crowd was not into this match at all.

    The Show cuts backstage to Triple H talking with Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. They were telling Punk of their days at DX and how much fun it is. They then pitch an idea to Punk and he loves it. All you hear is boys "Im in". Shane McMahon cannon't stand to find out what it is and the next thing you hear is his entrance theme.

    Shane McMahon: Ok Hunter and Shawn this is enough. I want to know what your big idea is. You’re currently the WWE Champion right? If you don't tell me and the fans your idea your going to be stripped of your title. The fans angrily boo at Shane and Shane smirks.

    Its Time To Play the Game blasts thru the PA system and HHH comes out alone holding his title in his hand.​

    Triple H: Listen Shane. Just because your daddy's son means nothing to me. Im his son-in-law and he respects me just as much as you. So as far as im concerned you have no control over me! I have been talking to Shawn and the guys and we DO have an idea but were not going to be sharing it with you guys anytime soon. I don't have a match yet at No Mercy and until you give me an opponent then ill talk. Good bye Shane. And Triple H walks away.

    Shane McMahon: Dammit no one walks away from me. Come back here right now... (Waits) Triple H thinks he can talk to me like that well hes mistaken. Your going to face The Big Show tonight in a 1 on 1 match for the WWE title and its a NO DQ Match. WWE 24-7 goes to a commercial.

    Match 3
    Batista vs JBL vs Chris Jericho​

    Summary: This match begins with the total domination on the animals part. He hits 2 spears in a row and is already signaling for his Batista Bomb on JBL. Layfield gets up and is about to be Batista bombed when he scraps Batista's eyes. He goes off the ropes and hits a close line from hell. He is going for the pin. 1..2.. Y2J breaks it up. Layfield is stunned and gets a code breaker. Y2J now has the advantage and trades blows with JBL. He knocks JBL to the floor and hits a linesol. He locks in the walls of Jericho on JBL. Bradshaw needs to get to the ropes. He is in severe pain the way his body is twisted. And the Animal breaks it up. All competitors are tired but they have the will don’t they? The show hits to a commercial and returns to Batista. He hits a spine buster on Y2J and signals for the Batista Bomb. JBL gets up and is awoken to a spear. Batista picks up Y2J and goes for the Batista Bomb. He lands the BB and goes for the pin. 1..2..3.. Winner: Batista 11:12

    The Show cuts backstage to Shane talking on his phone. He and his phone mate are both overly worried about what HHH and HBK could have in mind. They begin to think of DX coming back together but then the realize Hunter wouldn't do that yet its to early. Their mind boggled and call in The Big Show. They ask him to make sure he destroys HHH and wins the WWE Championship. They have a great idea in mind. Hey Big Show. Your welcome on the Championship match and all but we need a favor so this will make us even. We need to you not only beat Triple H we need you to injure him. We need you to knock him out for several weeks to we can launch some new things without him getting in our way.
    Match # 4
    The Big Show vs Triple H for the WWE Championship (NO DQ)
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Championship.​

    Summary: The Big Show takes the early advantage and is just throwing the body of HHH around. He hits Trips with 2 spine busters and Triple H isnt getting up. The Big Show is doing his job and is going to hurt the Game big time. The Big Show goes outside the ring to get a chair. He gets the chair and Triple H hits the big show. There trading punches. Triple H gets thrown into the ropes and hits a huge face buster to the head of the Show. Triple H goes for the close line and is met by a thicking spine buster onto the chair. You can hear the thud of his spine hitting the chair. Triple H is screaming in pain and the Big Show is signaling for his choke slam. Triple H is slow to get up but he does. The Big Show goes for the choke slam. 1..2.. TRIPLE H KICKS OUT. JR: Oh my god how did the Game kick out of that? The Big show picks triple h and hits a suplex. The Game looks out of it and The Big Show goes to get a table outside of the ring. The Big Show sets up the table in the middle of the ring. He picks up Triple H and Triple H counters with a DDT. Both wrestlers are down on the ground and out. Triple H gets up first and throws The Big Show in the ropes and hits a high knee to the face. Triple H is thinking Pedigree. He picks up the Big Show and lifts up both arms. The Big show then counters with flipping Triple H onto and THRU the Table. Both fighters collapse to the ground out of pain and sheer exguashton. The Big Show comes gets up and grabs another table and is once again thinking choke slam onto the table to finish HHH off. Triple H avoiding the big show hits him with a low blow and both wrestlers fall to the ground still in pain. Triple H gets up and the Big Show charges at him but the game counters with a spine buster. He is thinking Pedigree. He is awaiting the Big Show to get up when Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy come running out and attack the Game out of nowhere. He gets hit by a twist of fate and then a Swanton Bomb. Kofi Kingston and CM Punk come running out while Hardy puts the big shows hand on HHH. 1..2.. Kingston runs in and breaks it up. Punk and Kingston fight the Hardy's and all wrestlers fly out of the ring. The fight breaks into the stands. The Big Show gets up first and is thinking Choke slam onto the table. Shawn Michaels sneaks out of stands. The Big Show turns and is met halfway by some SWEET CHIN MUSIC. He then falls backwards and turns into a pedigree. 1..2..3.. THE WINNER AND STILL WWE CHAMPION TRIPLLLLEEE HHHHH: 28:26

    Shane McMahon comes running out with Dolph Siggler. Siggler goes after Michaels. Shawn avoids a hit and lands his killer Sweet Chin Music on Siggler. He then drags him out of the ring and HHH and Shane spar. Shane and HHH exchange blows when Stephanie comes out with a mic. "STOP STOP she hollers Stop the fighting Hunter. You’re my husband and I love you! Please"
    Triple H angrily agrees to stop and pushes Shane away from him. Stephanie yells “That’s it I resign. Hope your happy Hunter. I can’t stand to see you 2 always fighting. I quit. The Coach is going to take over.
    Triple H talks with her wife and the makeup and kiss goodbye. Triple H runs in the ring and close lines Shane. He then picks Shane up and pedigrees him. THE SHOW GOES OFF THE AIR!
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    I enjoyed your show I can't wait to see what DX's plan is. Could Kofi and Punk possibly be joining DX. I don't think Kofi would fit in with DX but thats just me. Good show hope you continue it.

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