WWE 2009 : My Way Or The Highway

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    2008.It should have been gold.But it wasn't.WWE was a powerhouse for the majority of the year but once Smackdown! moved to MyNetwork it went downhill-The New home of Smackdown pulled in a dire 1.6 on its debut night.This trend continued for 2 months before MyNetwork cancelled Smackdown.With Less air time WWE released alot of talent(so much so that theres to many to list).Major names are listed below........

    JBL hurt his back again and has to retire.Got backstage roll later on tough.

    Mark Henry sustained another Knee Injury.WWE was fed up with him-so they let him go.Tony Atlas soon followed.

    The Great Khali was forced to leave.If he had continued wrestling any longer than he would be forced into a wheelchair.

    Jeff Hardy after losing at No Mercy it was revealed Jeff had again,been tested positive for drugs.3 Strikes was the rule,so bye bye Jeff.

    Chris Jericho was fed up.His and Michaels storyline had come to a sudden end.Despite the fact he won the World Heavyweight title at Unforgiven he was still not happy.He dropped the belt to HHH at Amargeddon,in a unfication match(WHC and WWE titles) where he was "injured" as a write off.

    ECW soon followed Smackdown after The Sci-Fi Network closed down due to lack of funds.WWE now has 1 weekly TV Show.Monday Night RAW.Vince has cut alot of titles due to this..Here are the current Champions of WWE :

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion
    HHH(def Jericho @ Amargeddon to win both WHC and WWE titles.Unified both)

    WWE United States Champion
    MVP(Beat Shelton Benjamin and The Kendrick at Amargeddon)

    WWE Cruiserweight Champion
    Evan Bourne(Won Gauntlet at No Mercy to crown new champion)

    WWE World Tag Team Champions
    Ted DiBaise Jr. and Cody Rhodes(defeated Ryder and Hawkins at Amargeddon)​

    Here is the current WWE Roster :

    Main Eventers :
    CM Punk(face)
    John Cena(face)
    Shawn Michaels(Injured,Face)
    Undertaker(Making big appearences only,Tweener)
    Randy Orton(Heel)
    Edge(Selling Injuries,Heel)

    Upper Mid Carders
    John Morrison(Face)
    The Miz(Heel)
    The Brian Kendrick(Heel)
    Shelton Benjamin(Heel)
    Evan Bourne(Face)
    Rey Mysterio(Face)
    Chavo Gurrerro(Heel)
    Kofi Kingston(Face)
    Matt Hardy(Face)

    Mid Carders
    Ted DiBaise Jr.(Heel)
    Cody Rhodes(Heel)
    Charliee Haas(Face)
    Jamie Noble(Face)
    Eljiah Burke(Awaiting Redebut,face)
    Vladimir Kozlov(Heel)

    Lower Mid Carders
    Harry Smith(Face)
    Paul London(Face)
    Jake Swagger(Heel)​

    So thats that.WWE has one TV Show and a limited Roster with a poor backstage morale what could be next?Vince has put the deadline of the table-Its My Way Or The Highway.
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    You.. you ended Hardy. You lousy anti-awesome bish. Lol, just kidding. I'm looking forward to your show though, yours are always pretty good and worth the read.

    That backstory is very interesting, although kinda hard to believe ... I personally think you could have stretched the downfall to the year 2010, but that's just me. Other than that it looks great, and you made it easy to manage by only having show.

    Once again, I'd like to point out how I personally don't like actually saying how high up on the card certain stars are, I basically just prefer to roster. But maybe that's just me as well.

    Good luck.
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    The show started off with Mr.McMahon in the ring.Machon told the fans that 2 weeks ago ECW was cancelled leaving RAW as the only major WWE show.Vince told the fans not to worry and the business is in a slump.And due to this fact he had to got rid of a lot of friends and staff.Vince says don't be afraid-we are entering a new era.Vince then spoke on the WWE World Heavyweight title.He said the Hunter does not have a challenger at the Royal Rumble.He then called out GM Mike Adamle and asked him what he was going to do.Adamle said that tonight we will hold a Beat The Clock Sprint.Vince nodded in agreement and patted Adamle on the back as we went to break........

    When we come back from break we are informed that this match will be the first beat the clock match.Out First is Matt Hardy iand it is revealed he will be taking on Shelton Benjamin. It should be noted that Hardy lost his United States title to Benjamin and never got it back.Surely Hardy must be seeking revenge.After a good solid 10 minute scrap Matt went for the twist of fate.However Shelton reversed it and hit the Paydirt for the 1,2,3.A good effort by Hardy but just not good enough.Benjamin wins in 10.32.He looks annoyed as the cameras fade to a promo of Randy Orton returning at Amargeddon and RKO'ing HHH.After the Break, Orton returns to explain his actions.

    As promised Orton is in the ring, microphone in hand waiting to speak.He says that 2 weeks ago at Amargeddon he gave HHH a concussion.He then continues saying that HHH really ended his career and HHH deserved a concussion.He says HHH has used his power to stay on the top for too long and it's time for the new guys to get a chance.Suddenly out of no where HHH runs into the ring and begans to beat down Orton.Orton's lackeys Ted DiBaise Jr, Cody Rhodes and Manu then run down and begin to pull Hunter away from Orton.Hunter then begins to punch all 3 men before Orton runs in with a chair and hits Hunter square on the head.Manu and Rhodes then tie Hunter up in the ropes.Orton gets his chair and then hits Hunter again.He repeats this several times before refs and road agents run down to stop the madness.We then fade to a break.

    Back from the break, we're ready for our second Beat The Clock Match.Its going to be Kane taking on MVP. Kane completely man-handled MVP for a good 5 minutes before going for the chokeslam.MVP managed to get out of it and push Kane into the ref.MVP then went to the outside and got himself the ring bell.He runs at Kane and hits him right between the eyes.MVP then retreats to a corner....and Kane is getting up!MVP runs at Kane and hits the Drive By Kick. MVP wakes up the ref...1,2,3 and we have a winner.MVP then looks at the titantron.....8.50!We have a new leader in the sprint.

    Next Up is some non-tournament action.It's going to be Paul London taking on Jake Swagger.London is carrying a knee injury that has haunted him for the last year or so.Swagger was fully aware of this and went right after London's knee.Swagger dominated the entire match before finishing of with a Spin-Out Powerbomb.3 seconds later and Swagger has picked up his first win on RAW.

    R-Truth is backstage.He cuts a promo saying that next week its a fresh start.On Smackdown! he a good run but on RAW he feels that theres a whole new world to explore.R-Truth says that next week he'll be in action.Scene fades.

    In the third Beat The Clock Match of the evening, we saw John Cena take on The Miz.Miz, surprisingly dominated the entire match wearing down Cena's back and arm which have been in constant pain over the last year.The Miz looked to finish things off with the Reailty Check,however John Morrison came out.Morrison and Miz have been feuding for the last 3 months.Miz began to shout at Morrison before Cena snuck up behind him and rolled him up for the 3.The Miz is in shock before turning into a raging monster.He exits the ring and him and Morrison battle up the ramp.Cena laughs before looking up at the titantron....8.53!3 seconds!Cena has missed out by 3 seconds!Cena looks disapointed as he leaves the ring to a big "Cena" chant.

    Backstage Mike Adamle is talking on his phone.Vince McMahon walks in and says did he see what happened earlier.Adamle nods.Vince says Hunter could be forced to retire if that concussion gets any worse.Adamle laughs at Vince and says Hunter has had worse.Vince says it's not funny and on another matter Orton wants Hunter at the rumble.Adamle says Hutner is in the title match.Vince says Adamle must find a way to calm down Orton or else RAW could become a war zone.Vince leaves leaving behind a pondering Adamle.

    Our Main Event for the evening will be the final Beat The Clock match.It will be between Rey Mysterio and Batista.Batista and Rey shake hands before the match showing their friendship and respect for each other.However it didn't last for long as it turned into a heated brawl.Rey was putting up a good showing until Batista managed to catch him on a sucide dive.Batista caughts Rey like he was nothing before hitting a spinebuster on the outside.Batista then continued to try and put away Rey but Rey wouldn't go down.The finish saw Batista place Rey on the top rope for a superplex.Rey managed to knock Batista off and get to the top of the turnbuckle and hit a Dragonrana on the big man!1,2,3!Rey wins!Rey then holds his head as he looks up on the titantron.....8.40!Rey wins!Rey Wins!Rey is going to the Royal Rumble!Rey celerbrates in the crowd as the show ends


    WWE Royal Rumble 2009
    WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
    HHH(c) vs Rey Mysterio.

    Royal Rumble Match.
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    I could make that image smaller for you if you want. I mean, it'll look the same size, but take up less room. Releasing Jericho and Hardy but keeping Triple H? You're a monster!

    Oh, and I see Adamle's still around too. Careful not to do too much at once; I've been trying to avoid that but it can be hard. So we've got a Beat The Clock Sprint. Good times.

    Shelton goes over Hardy. Alright, I'm on board. Very on board. And it keeps me watching until after the break...

    Backstage politics being criticised in promos? Team Priceless helping out Orton? Triple H getting laid out? It appears I've stumbled into a dream. I like the way you lay out interviews with, erm, whatdyacall it. Indirect speech. Writing full speech is hard and can just sound, well, wrong.

    Hmm, not sure if I like or hate Kane being jobbed out. He's shit, so I'll lean towards like.

    Who's Jake Swagger? Wikipedia tells me he's just debuted. Google images shows me a nice picture. I'm sad to see London get squashed instead of a The Paul London transformation. Ah well.

    Interesting though I was never a massive Killings fan.

    Miz dominates Cena? Distractions aren't very face-like. Tweener-like maybe. The down point for me.

    Retire Triple H. Retire him. Retire him.

    Hmm, not sure about the match but the end result is good. Mysterio/HHH is something new at least. Overall, good show. For God's sake, keep it up.
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    The Show starts with the trademark RAW Pyro.Soon after JR, Tazz and Lawler welcome us to the show as Evan Bourne comes to the ring.He is soon followed by Vladimir Kozlov.Looks like their going to have a match.How nice.Vladimir is improving with every match and is begining to look like a dominating monster while Evan Bourne impressed with his high-flying offense.Vladimir controlled most of the match before Evan dodged a shoulder block.This let Evan gain controll and hit some big offense including a missile Dropkick.However it was not to be as Vladimir caught a crossbody and hit a Black Hole Slam for the 3 count.After the match Vladimir beat down Bourne beforing getting on the mic on demanding competion.

    Backstage, Mike Adamle is talking to Harry Smith.Adamle mentions Harry's family history as Harry smiles.Adamle says Harry hasn't had a match in a while and Adamle would like to give him one.Just then The Brain Kendrick enters.He says if Harry needs a match let The Kendrick give it to him.Adamle agrees as we fade to a break.

    Randy Orton comes out along with his Next Generation team mates for a promo.He says last week that they ended Hunters career.Orton says that he couldn't do it without his friends.Teddy,Cody and Manu all gloat before Orton continues.Orton rants on about he is going to win the rumble and then go onto Wrestlemania to reclaim his title he lost long ago.Suddenly GM Mike Adamle comes out.He says last week Mr.McMahon ordered him to find Orton a oppentent for the Rumble since HHH is facing Mysterio.Adamle says he has found the perfect oppentent-SHAWN MICHAELS!.Adamle leaves leaving behind some angry young men.

    Next up is Harry Smith taking on The Brian Kendrick.Smith impressed using some of his fathers trademark moves, such as Armdrags,Press Slams and Lariats.Smith then went for a running powerslam but Kendrick managed to wiggle out and roll up the second generation star for the win.Kendrick exited the ring lighting fast to only be attacked by Paul London.Paul hit Kendrick with a DDT on the floor, before being pulled away from Kendrick.London repeatdly shouted at Kendrick - "WHAT ABOUT ME?WHAT ABOUT ME BRIAN?"

    We get a promo telling us the first 10 names confirmed for the Royal Rumble Match - The Undertaker,Batista,Randy Orton,Matt Hardy,MVP,R-Truth,Jake Swagger,For One Night Only SABU AND RVD and Edge.

    Tonights Main Event is annouced - It will be Randy Orton,Ted DiBaise and Cody Rhodes taking on Batista,Rey Mysterio and CM Punk.

    Next Up Jake Swagger takes on R-Truth.Swagger again impressed with his mix of matt skills and brawling style.However R-Truth picked up another win with his trademark Axe Kick after a Swagger missed a splash in the corner.After the match Swagger argued with the ref.Swagger became so heated he ran at R-Truth and began to attack him.This led Eljiah Burke to run and save Truth from the beatdown.Burke helps Truth up as we go to a break.

    Backstage Kane is in his locker room sitting on his bench.The room is mostly dark apart from a single light over the head of Kane.Kane says : "...I have been hated......I have been loved...........I have been a champion and a loser.......so where do I go from here...........".Kane then reaches down and pulls up what about to be a small bag."Your my only friend............the only one.....".The single light goes out as we fade to black.

    In the ring is The Miz with a mircophone at hand.He calls at John Morrison who comes out to a great pop.The Miz says that Morrison cost him a title shot last week.Morrison says that Miz dosn't deserve a title shot because every time he gets a shot he loses it.Miz says thats bull crap.Morrison points at when he took on CM Punk at Cyber Sunday.He also points out the scramble match at No Mercy.The Miz then sucker punches Morrison who responds with a few rights and lefts before Miz exits the ring.Morrison then challegenes Miz to a match at the Rumble- A CAGE MATCH!.Miz nods in agreement as the scene ends.

    Next up is our Main Event - Randy Orton,Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBaise taking on the team of Batista,Rey Mysterio and CM Punk..However Punk did not show up as Generation Next showed a video of them beating down Punk backstage.Looks like its only going to be Batista and Rey in this match.The one man disadvantage was not a big effect.This was proven when Batista hit a massive spinebuster on BOTH Teddy and Cody.Mysterio looked better than ever in this match showing us some great Hurricanranas and other offense.The finish saw Orton going for a RKO on Rey but suddenly Shawn Michaels came down to ringside.Orton began shouting at HBK.Orton was then threw out of the ring by Batista.The Animal then picked up DiBaise for A Batista Bomb...but then Rey hit a springboard legdrop after the powerbomb to seal the deal!Rey and Batista celabrate as RAW goes off the air.


    WWE Royal Rumble 2009 - UPDATE!

    Miz vs Morrison

    HBK vs Orton

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    HHH(c) vs Rey Mysterio

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    WWE RAW Preview


    Last week on RAW saw Generation Next lose to the team of Batista,Mysterio and CM Punk.This week Generation next will be seeking revenge as the 3 members of the losing team take on Mysterio, Batista and Punk!Randy Orton will take on Mysterio, Batista will take on Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBaise Jr. takes on The Straight Edge Superstar.

    In other news this week Paul London attacked former The Brian Kendrick after his match with Harry Smith.Why has London attacked his former friend?

    Harry Smith returned to our screens last week.This week he has the task The Miz.Can Harry pull a upset or will The Miz use his new mean streak to pick up a win?

    Another man who returned last week was Eljiah Burke helping out R-Truth.Why has the always arrogant Burke decided to help someone for once?

    And finally the Colons take on the team of Kofi Kingston and Matt Sydal!The winners will definetly by in contention for the tag belts.

    RAW is one USA this Monday at 9PM.Make sure to tune in!
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    The Show opens with John Cena coming out.He tells us lately that things have not been going his way and ever since he got injured things have gone downhill.Cena says there comes a time where you must face facts and come to a conclusion.Cena says that time is now.Cena takes a moment to suck in the atmosphere before continuing by saying he has a important annoucment.He says if he does not win the Royal Rumble he will retire.Cena drops the microphone and heads backstage to cheers from his fans.

    Out comes Batista and it looks like he's taking on Cody Rhodes.Lovely.Cody looks dead scared as Batista smiles at him.Cody uses all kinds of time wasting antics to stop the actully match.Until Batista catches him of course.Batista dominiates for a good 5 minute before Cody retreats to a corner.He pulls something out of tights!Good ol' Brass Knuckles.But wait the ref catches him!The ref takes the knuckles and hands them to the time keeper but as his back as turned Cody low blows Batista and hits the DDT for the 1,2,3!Cody Rhodes Wins!

    Backstage Eljiah Burke is with Jamie Noble.He asks Noble did he see R-Truth.Noble points behind Burke and leaves.Behind Burke is infact R-Truth.Truth asks Burke why did he help him last week.Burke says that in this countrys history Black people have always been looked down upon.He says they have to stick together.Burke then offers Truth to become his new friend and tag partner.Truth agrees and both men shake hands as we go to a break..............................

    Next The Colons take on Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.Kingston and Bourne are a great team showing tons of great double moves.Not to say the 2 brothers aren't great either.In what was surprisingly one of the best RAW matches in recent memory.The Colons end up picking up the win after a Senton/Backcracker combo.After the match GM Mike Adamle comes out.He annouces That Bourne will put his Cruiserweight title on the line againist Kofi,Primo and Carlito!All 4 men stare at each other as we go to a RR Hype Promo..........

    Harry Smith is out and he is taking on The Miz.It is annouced that Morrison is not here tonight.Basic squash match, as Miz picks up the win after a Reality Check.After the match The Miz bloodies Smith with some brutal chair shots sending a message to Morrison.

    Ted DiBaise walks happily to the ring as he takes on CM Punk.Pretty decent match consider DiBaise is pretty new to TV.DiBaise went for the cobra Clutch but Punk managed to lift him up onto his Shoulders for the GO 2 SLEEP!.Punk pins to earn a well deserved 3 count.

    Jake Swagger cuts a promo backstage citing that he has a plan to take out both Burke and Truth.O RLY?

    Our Main Event is here with Orton taking on Mysterio.Orton looks in fine form since returning from his injury and Mysterio looks like his WCW self again.After a good 10 minute match Orton had enough and hit Mysterio with a chair for the DQ.Orton continued his assault until HHH returned and ran down.He scared off Orton and began to tend to Mysterio as RAW went off the air............
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    hi ur bookthis! is amazin how do i start my own i dont know im a noob lol
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    And Number 30 is....

    GM Mike Adamle annouced this week a 8 man survior tag match with the winner getting the lucky number 30 spot.The match was Batista,Cena,Matt Hardy and R-Truth taking on Randy Orton,MVP,Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBaise Jr..Hardy was first out after the Million Dollar Leg Sweep by DiBaise.R-Truth wa next to go after a DDT by Cody.However Cena and Batista fought back elminating DiBaise and Rhodes.MVP was soon followed by a FU From Cena.Cena really wanted the 30 spot(Remember if he dosn't win he'll retire.).However it was not to be as Orton came in and hit a RKO on Cena leaving him and Batista alone.Orton seemed to have it won after a low blow that the ref didn't see.However HHH and Shawn Micheals ran down and Hit a superkick/Pedigree combo leaving Orton down and out!One Batista bomb later we have our number 30.This didn't sit well with Cena however.Batista offered to shake his hand but Cena refused.Cena seemingly in a fit of rage slapped Batista.This led to a Batista Bomb for Cena leaving him down and out.The Animal celerbartes as we go off the air.

    8 More Men for The Rumble.
    The Following are confirmed for the Royal Rumble : Eljiah Burke,Kane,Cody Rhodes,Ted DiBaise Jr,Shawn Michaels,The Brian Kendrick,Paul London and Vladimir Kozlov.

    Rey and HHH go into the Rumble on a high.

    Rey Mysterio and HHH are on a roll to the rumble.Rey Mysterio defeated Manu using his trademark 619 while HHH defeated Chavo Gurrero using his trusty Pedigree.Both men later met backstage and wished each other good luck.

    When will this stop?
    The Miz and John Morrison have been at each others throats for months now.Lets hope at the rumble It stops.This week they signed the contract for their steel cage match at the rumble.Both had strong words for each other each calling the other the weaker of their old team.This led to a brawl between both men.Morrison had it in control before The Miz raked the eyes.The Miz then hit the Reailty Check through the table before leaving Morrison in a bloody mess.

    In Other News.......
    The Brian Kendrick demanded Paul London revealed why he attacked him.Paul agreeded and said that he was tired of Kendrick being the star.He was in the main event while I was losing every week says London.London tells Kendrick that at the Rumble he will not leave in one piece.

    Harry Smith took on Vladimir Kozlov but sadly came up on the short end of the stick after Kozlov hit the Panic Attack for the 3.

    Be Sure to tune into the rumble!







    The Undertaker,Batista,Randy Orton,Matt Hardy,MVP,R-Truth,Jake Swagger,For One Night Only SABU AND RVD and Edge.
    Eljiah Burke,Kane,Cody Rhodes,Ted DiBaise Jr,Shawn Michaels,The Brian Kendrick,Paul London,Vladimir Kozlov,CM Punk and John Cena and many more!



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