Wrestling & UFC TV Ratings, PPV buys, and Financial Information (Version 2014)

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    The following .zip file contains information on TV ratings for WWE's Monday Night Raw, ECW, NXT, Superstars, and Smackdown shows. It contains TNA Impact ratings. It also has WCW Nitro and Thunder TV ratings, as well as original ECW TV ratings. It includes TV ratings for Clash of the Champions and Saturday Night's Main Event. It also has WWE PPV buys for every show of the last several years, as well as revenue generated from those shows, and also contains as many PPV buys from previous years that I could find. Finally, it contains WWE financial information, including merchandising revenue from the year 2002 through current day. The .zip file also now includes buy rates for the MMA company, UFC, as well as TV ratings for various UFC shows.

    All of this information is presented in the form of Microsoft Excel/LibreOffice spreadsheets, with the information organized as neatly as possible. I have finally included sources for this information, which is located in a text document. Some information has comes from sources which have been since removed from the web due to their age, but I will help the best I can.

    To access this file, just left click on the link and save the file. You can use 7-zip, WinZip, WinAce, or if you have Windows XP, or higher, you can just right click on the file and click "Extract". If you have any problems accessing or downloading this file, let me know.

    Updates in Version 2014:

    1) 2013 data added

    Click the Spoiler tag for updates made in previous versions.
    Updates in Version 3.22.2013:

    1) Moved shows which are no longer on the air to a separate directory to make it easier to find ratings for current shows.
    2) I do not plan to continue updating UFC TV ratings. If anyone is interested in doing so, I'll be happy to add them in.
    3) More unification of display of data.
    4) 2012 data added

    Updates in Version 7.0:

    1) Added yearly WWE profits
    2) Updated all 2011 information

    Updates in Version 6.0:

    1) Much nicer display on spreadsheets. All type should be the same, removed all borders from information, each page on each spreadsheet starts you at the top of the page. Just a much nicer and cleaner look all around.
    2) Add TV ratings for various UFC shows.
    3) Added ratings for WWE NXT.
    4) Updated all information

    Updates in Version 5.0:

    1) Added UFC PPV Buyrates for most UFC PPVs
    2) Fixed a couple of typographical errors

    Updates in Version 4.0:

    1) Updated ratings
    2) Updated PPV Buyrates
    3) Addition of WWE Superstars television program

    Updates in Version 3.0

    1) Updated ratings
    2) Live Event Statistics
    3) Revised numbers and figures in Financial Information
    4) Total Domestic PPV Buys added into Attitude Era years

    As before, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will try to answer them as best I can.

    Note 1: On the Financial Information spreadsheet, you'll notice "Fiscal" and "Transition". The WWE used to have their fiscal year end in April, I believe, so when you see "Fiscal 2000", that means that information covers from April 1999-April 2000. In 2006, the WWE changed to just using a standard year to measure their finances, so when you see "Transitional 2006", that represents the 8 months or so from the end of Fiscal 2006, to the end of December 2006 (so, approximately, May 06-Dec 06). Starting in 2007, the information is just from January-December.

    Hope that makes sense, if you actually care.

    Note 2: If you do not have Microsoft Excel, and still wish to view the information, you can. Download LibreOffice for free, and it contains a Spreadsheet program which you can use to view this information. Starting with Version 7.0, I use LibreOffice to Create and Edit the Spreadsheets.

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