WrestleZone Forum Files #9: Will The Miz Be World Champion Again? (Win a Prize!)

Discussion in '[Hidden] General Wrestling Discussion' started by klunderbunker, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. klunderbunker

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    Post in here until Friday, January 5 for a chance to make the main page.

    Today’s Topic: Will the Miz ever be a World Champion again?

    Last night on Monday Night Raw, an announcement was made stating that Miz would be making his return next week after nearly two months away from WWE. Miz is one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time, including a World Title reign in 2010-2011. He’s won a lot since then but never another World Title. Simple question: will he win it again?

    Miz is a talented guy and has succeeded on almost every level, though his World Title reign wasn’t the most well received in the world. Things have changed a good bit since then though and there’s a case to be made for him to get another shot. The question is should that be the case. Let us know what you think and see if your comment makes the A-List.

    One more thing: the best post of the bunch will receive a special prize. More details to come but it's something that could get you cash.
  2. Mighty NorCal

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    I doubt it, because the things the Miz brings to the table are both

    1. bigger than the title

    2. not enhanced in any way by the title

    The way he can get others over, carry numerous talking segments, and carry himself in the public wont be changed in any way by winning a belt, and honestly, are much more important than carrying the title anyways.
  3. Барбоса

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    I think he could be a World Champion again; I just feel that it is unlikely at the moment due to the booking direction on RAW. The main event right now is a land of the giants and comes with the looming spectre of a fourth attempt to make Roman Reigns the standard bearer for the company.

    Indeed, if it did not seem that Vince was so set on getting Reigns established, the Miz with his mic skills, character and the Miztourage (which could include Elias) would be a perfect act to take the title from Reigns through shenanigans over the summer. At the very least, Miz could and perhaps should be Roman's first non-Brock, non-Braun feud over the title.

    I would be far more confident of a second Miz World Title reign if he was on Smackdown, where he would make a strong challenger for AJ Styles.

    The other issue potentially blocking Miz getting a World Title again is that he has two records within his 2018 grasp surrounding the Intercontinental title - Chris Jericho's most reigns of 9; Miz currently has 7 and most combined days holding the title - on a total of 523 days, Miz is only (a WWE recognised) 96 days behind the 619 day record of Pedro Morales.

    With record-breaking/equaling reigns the likes of Punk, Cena, New Day and Nikki Bella all getting considerable WWE focus, it would not be surprising for Miz to be kept away from the World Title to accommodate more records.
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  4. Jack-Hammer

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    I think he has a better shot of being World Champion if he heads to SmackDown via another Superstar Shakeup. When you take into account the fact that Jinder Mahal of all people was WWE Champion for 6 months, I think that the "there's no possible way" argument for just about any man on the WWE roster can be made anymore as Jinder is one of the least talented men on the rosters. On Raw, Vince was in full hoss mode for virtually all of 2017 with guys like Goldberg, Lesnar, Reigns, Strowman and Joe all vying for or becoming Universal Champion and that doesn't look like it's changing anytime soon. It's all but guaranteed that Lesnar keeps the title until WrestleMania where he'll drop it to Roman Reigns and I could easily see Reigns finally getting that long title run; in my opinion, he wasn't ready for his WWE Championship push and while some fans will continue to detest him no matter what, it's hard to argue that he isn't ready now. He's a constant source of fan interest and investment, he's continuously having strong matches and has had too many big moments already so if Reigns takes the title from Lesnar in April, expect him to carry it for most of, if not the rest of, 2018.

    If Miz went to SmackDown, his chances of becoming WWE Champion once again go up. While SmackDown Live is often the better show, not as often as it once was but it's still usually better, and even though it's the current home of the original World Championship of WWE, it's obvious that Vince still views it and treats it like it's the inferior brand.

    Miz isn't bigger than the WWE Championship, Miz is, and in my opinion always was, highly entertaining as a heel with a great work ethic and has been vastly underrated by internet fans over the years, but he's not bigger than the title. I think he's at a point in his career where he could have been but after he lost the WWE Championship, Miz spent years pretty much spinning his wheels in lame duck feuds and one miserably depressing Intercontinental Championship run after another; it's only been within the past few years that we've seen a resurrection of the Miz, he's been great for the Intercontinental Championship and has, overall, been doing the best work of his career but those few years aren't enough to make him bigger than the title and Miz would gain a lot, potentially, by becoming champion again. Also, you have to take into account that despite the good entertainment value he's brought and the fact that he has also spent these same few years as a great Intercontinental Champion, he's ultimately been used to put over, or to at least be the guy who gets beaten up by, the bigger names and/or the guys Vince has big dreams for like Cena, Reigns, Lesnar, Strowman, Joe, etc.

    With that being said, I doubt that Miz will be champion in 2018. By the lay of the land right now, it looks very much like it'll be Styles vs. Cena at WrestleMania whereupon Cena wins his 17th World Championship. I could see Miz reigniting his feud with Cena, but it'll be abysmally one sided, as it always has been and as it was during WrestleMania season last year during the mixed tag match build up. Besides that, you know Miz will be taking time off to spend time with Maryse after she gives birth to their daughter.

    I see Miz wrestling only for another couple of years, I don't expect him to hang around long past 40, so I could see him getting sort of a brief, farewell run as champion but I ultimately expect Miz to stay in the Intercontinental Championship picture for most of the rest of his career. I think they'll have him win the title a total of 10 times, breaking Jericho's record of 9, and, even before he reaches #10, he'll have held the title for more combined days than any other champ in history. So yeah, I think Miz's legacy will mostly revolve around the Intercontinental Championship.
  5. George Steele's Barber

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    It doesn't seem likely but it is far from impossible. Take this short term scenario:

    Wrestlemania plays out as expected, Roman beats Lesnar for the belt and then Brock disappears for the near future. Miz gets a cheap win at Mania over a strong opponent like Balor or Strowman thanks to help from Axle, Dallas, Elias etc.. Rollins and Jordan continue to hold on to the tag belts through Mania.

    Now, post Mania, Miz lays claim to #1 contender spot. Through his big mouth and/or relationship with Kurt Angle, Jordan basically accepts Miz as the #1 contender. Raw spends the next month having Jason Jordan and The Shield feud with Miz, Elias, Axle, and Dallas.

    At the next PPV Jordan and Rollins lose the tag belts due to Jordan's stupidity. It doesn't really matter who they lose it to. During the main event, have Rollins come out to stop Elias, Axle, and Dallas from screwing Roman over. In the chaos, Jordan comes out and screws over Roman giving Miz the title. Jordan is now officially a heel and part of Miz's stable. He and Miz can play off the whole Miz now being a dad IRL and being a better dad than Kurt Angle. Roman has a feud with Jordan that gets him away from the belt and gets him cheers. Angle can feud with Miz over the title, giving the Miz more than a month or two before he inevitably loses the title to Reigns, Rollins, Strowman, Lesnar or whoever.

    OK, it's not going to happen. My point is that there are plenty of months out of the year and events where Miz can win the title and carry the title with a decent story that doesn't shake the foundation of Raw's hierarchy or ruins major events.

    That all said, he doesn't need the belt by any means. In fact the belt may hurt him as it exposes him as a weak main event champion as opposed to an entertaining midcarder. I don't think he would hurt the belt. He may benefit it by carrying it to one of his MTV appearances or if not the belt benefit the company, plus it's just a prop so get over yourself and your title worship.

    So will he win another world championship? I don't fucking know. He could win one in TNA for all I know. Does that count? The point is that he could reasonably.
  6. ISkye

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    While my brain says "absolutely not" my heart has no other option, but to refute the thoughts with a pounding "Yes! Yes! Yes!". The Miz has had an entire career based on proving doubters and even logic wrong. As time has progressed so has the number of times this has happened. We're reaching a point where The Miz is in his late 30's and is possibly objectively better than he has ever been before. His entire career consists of him proving himself time and time again. When he could not convince people he kept at it and eventually we got there even if it was just a year or two ago a large portion of the audience truly understood how good he was. Why would I mention any of this if he hasn't been near the title picture for a long time though? Because of pro-wrestling's nature as a business and The Miz's consistency and work ethic.

    Pro-Wrestling is a world where anything can happen and a place where "What if's" often happen whether it be sooner or later. I'm sure you need no reminder between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho having a match in NJPW to kick off 2018 and Jinder Mahal's championship reign. The thing about pro-wrestling being fueled off surprises and to an extent speculation is that there is always an asterisk next to quite literally everything yet to happen. This doesn't apply to just the show or angles, but the behind the scenes as well. Things such as the occurrence of injury, a radical change of mind, or pure scheduling conflicts may cause the biggest of differences. While the door may shut for someone and leave both them and the fans disheartened, it opens up an entirely new one with endless possibilities. So who better to fill an open position than someone who not only knows the hardships and responsibilities of it but also has a great track record?

    You might be able to compare Miz to a guy like Ziggler in some ways if you'd like on one side. He is a workhorse and works well with pretty much anyone, but there are quite a few things that Miz has that puts him beyond and above Ziggler. Both of them do have a storied career of great matches and moments but the thing with Miz is that he continues to add to his resume and add new weapons to his arsenal. Miz has been great at getting heat in the past and talking, but it's hard to point back to any time before recent in which his promos were anywhere near their current ability. His in-ring work may still not rival that of some of the newer talent in WWE yet he has still managed to work with it and often steal the show from people much more physically inclined. He has a move set that allows him to surpass these more flashy or technical wrestlers in both storytelling and providing entertainment. His mannerisms, voice, catchphrases, fashion, and moves all belong to the character that is The Miz. He is a complete package in a factory of prototype and malfunctioning wrestlers and has years left in his prime.

    While there are younger and arguably more talented guys there are none that have shown to be hungrier than The Miz. It's well noted how people saw him when he started his career and even before he showed up in WWE. He's had every hurdle you could think of thrown at him and somehow still eats, breathes, and sleeps pro-wrestling. The difference between him and a majority of the locker room is that he goes above and beyond although he has done more than his fair share. Even if the stars do not align realistically he will probably get one as a thank you. He will probably never be a John Cena and I think most of us are aware of that but at the same time, he really doesn't need to be. The fact they won't just hand him the title again makes me believe that he wants to work that much harder to achieve it.

    He really isn't going to be the go-to champion on RAW where he would be face to face with guys like Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and honestly even Seth Rollins despite being lowered to an upper mid-card talent at best. However when he was active on a less ridiculous Smackdown seeing him wrestle AJ Styles and somehow steal a win out of him with his endless heel tactics could have been totally possible. Considering how the brand split seems to be the way we're going for at least another year or two it's not hard for me to picture Miz getting traded back to Smackdown and getting a run whether it be this year or next. I'm not sure if it'll be some long or grand reign, but I can say with heartfelt certainty I think there is no way he can continue performing at this high of a level and not be rewarded for it.
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  7. enviousdominous

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Miz has always been a twinkle in Vince's eye, so I think that Miz will be a world champion again in the near future.

    I honestly think that Miz endeared himself to the WWE's top brass by constantly showing up. Miz came into the WWE as a reality TV star, who wasn't shy about admitting that he was there to enhance his TV star status. This notably earned the wrath of JBL, and to some extent Chris Benoit. He was publicly chastised, banned from changing in the locker room, and patronizingly treated like a special education student. Most other people wouldn't have had the stones to keep showing up.

    I honestly think that it's The Miz' time. He's a cocky, brash, temperamental narcissist who wears his shameless fashion sense like a badge of honor. He reminds me of Gino Hernandez or Tully Blanchard. When he needs a win, or if his feud is personal, he'll ramp up the intensity and punish his opponent for taking him lightly. I can't remember there being a potentially great heel champion of his caliber since Kevin Owens.

    Am I excited to see The Miz as a world champion? Sort-of. My lack of enthusiasm at the mere idea of it is due to how often the WWE seems to have been phoning-in their creative work. You don't do justice to a great heel champion by just having them win the title. It would be neat if Miz' stable distracted his opponent and Miz won that way, it would be fucking phenomenal if Miz was allowed to exploit some kind of match gimmick, rule loophole, or psychological manipulation to get an insurmountable advantage over his opponent.
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  8. #hamler

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    What I look for in a wrestler nowadays is consistency. In a world where WWE creative isn't always on their A game, The Miz has managed to be a successful standout with a roster that has never been more talented. The Miz takes whatever is given to him and he turns it into a success; no matter how creatively boring it is. 2016 proved to be The Miz's year and 2017 wasn't any different. It's a matter of when The Miz will be a World Champion again, not if.

    The Miz is one of the few heels that actually knows how to be a true bad guy. He ranks up there with greats like CM Punk, Kevin Owens and Kurt Angle is terms of executing the heel role to perfection. You just want to punch the guy in the face and there really isn't more you can ask for in a top tier champion. If you look at the last couple of heels that held the WWE Championship, The Miz has consistently out performed them in terms of drawing heel heat. Jinder Mahal and Bray Wyatt are former WWE Champions who failed to get to the level The Miz is currently on.

    With a Chris Jericho retirement looming in the distance, The Miz has undoubtedly filled that heel role with great ability. Chris Jericho never needed a World Title to have great feuds. He elevated everyone around him and could be tossed between the main event and midcard without affecting his credibility. The Miz fits here. While some will argue that doesn't warrant a title reign, I'd argue that it's the only reason he will be champion again. Imagine him taking the title from Roman Reigns for a short program. The Miz can make Roman look like a million bucks and their quick rivalry over the Intercontinental Championship proved it.

    It doesn't matter what show he's on, The Miz elevates whatever program he's in. Raw or Smackdown, he's proved time and time again, he belongs near the top of either brand. In all honesty, The Miz hasn't improved since his WWE Championship reign in 2010-2011. He's been that good. People are just finally grasping at it. I'm on the Miz for Champ 2018 campaign and it's doubtful I'm getting off anytime soon.
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  9. Spidercanrana

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    Sure it's possible. But nothing convinces me that he could be a big deal on his own, let alone with another title run.

    Practically his entire career he has needed someone beside him to look relevant. Whether it was Morrison, Big Show, Jericho, Alex Riley, R-Truth, Sandow, his wife Maryse, his Entourage, etc, there was not a time he was well-received solo. That's fine for a great midcard heel, but for a modern audience it is fairly passé for a world champion, and fans see through it. No one is singing Seth Rollins's praises for being riveting TV. Same obviously for Jinder. Cowardly world champions with an army is a stale angle.

    WWE makes me feel that Miz can't stand on his own, as a character or otherwise. He was an afterthought at WrestleMania in the headlining match that he won. A majority of his US/Intercontinental Championship reigns were in a time those belts were treated as afterthoughts, too.

    He elevates talent, but he doesn't seem to be elevated by talent. The world title would be wasted on him.
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    Now that we are once again in a structure within the WWE where there are two World Championships, I could see The Miz becoming a World Champion again.... And this is coming from someone who despised his World Championship reign from 7 years ago. I have never been a big fan of the guy. He's VERY good on the mic but have always felt he lacks in-ring skills. Miz was never believable in a top tier position. He was the WWE Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania but he got overshadowed. He should never have been in that position to begin with. I to this day still disagree with that reign. What's happened has happened though.

    Things changed for the better with Miz in recent years. He started to get better when he began adding more layers of the "movie star" part of his gimmick. It was around the time he won the Intercontinental Championship from Ryder after Wrestlemania 32, when he had shown significant improvement. Maryse returning was a big help. I still don't quite buy the guy as a main eventer. Put him against Reigns, Lesnar, Rollins, or any of those top guys on Raw and he seems like a joke in comparison. If he goes back to Smackdown he would be slightly more believable against AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't see it happening for a while if he does win another World Championship. He's so close to breaking the number of times to hold the Intercontinental Championship as well as most days holding it. Let him break those records. Then maybe move him back to Smackdown and a World Heavyweight Championship run would not be as ridiculous as the last one was. I don't want to see it happen, though I could see it happening.
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