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Discussion in '2014 Wrestling Awards' started by klunderbunker, Dec 8, 2014.


Who Was The Wrestler Of The Year?

  1. Daniel Bryan

  2. Roman Reigns

  3. Randy Orton

  4. John Cena

  5. Cesaro

  6. Brock Lesnar

  7. AJ Styles

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Who was the best?
  2. Bagpipes

    Bagpipes Top Guys Out

    Aug 26, 2014
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    Suplex, repeat, suplex, repeat, suplex, repeat, suplex, repeat, suplex, repeat, suplex, repeat...
  3. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    Nobody else on the list currently looks like as much of a loser as Cesaro, so I think that's testament to just how good he is. You have to put up with his absolute jar of an entrance theme and then him losing to a weak finish but the stuff in between is ludicrously entertaining. When he didn't look like an absolute chump, it was even better. Against Zayn, in the Andre battle royale, against Cena - it really looked like we had something.

    Does anybody but Dragon Saga and maybe two other guys actually know what AJ Styles has been up to? Like, properly? I bet it was great.

    Fuck Roman Reigns.

    Randy Orton was quietly brilliant. In the main event. Quite the paradox there.

    Brock Lesnar broke The Undertaker's streak and squashed John Cena, two things nobody thought possible. Good for him.

    Daniel Bryan was excellent for four months and deserves to be on the list.

    Bray Wyatt was excellent for the exact same four months and isn't on the list.

    Sami Zayn has the best match of the show on whatever show he's on. It's like if Dolph Ziggler did what he said he did instead of being shit. It's incredible. Dude's a great promo to boot. He even dances well. He's my vote. Or lack thereof.
  4. SpoodBeest

    SpoodBeest City Dweller, Successful Fella

    Jul 2, 2009
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    When it comes to kayfabe terms. Brock Lesnar had the biggest year ever for a wrestler arguably, from ending the most revered streak in wrestling to squashing the face of the company to win the WWE title in the most dominant fashion possible I find it difficult to vote for anyone else. What else did anyone do all year?
  5. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    Oh, and Ambrose and Rollins have been hot shit too.
  6. Hard Hit Prince

    Hard Hit Prince Not really working as a

    Jul 14, 2012
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    Wrestler of The Year, should go to the guy that made the biggest accomplishments and became a bigger star right? Wrong. I simply voted for the guy that gave me the best matches all around, while still being very worthy of attention, so AJ Styles. He's been fantastic in ROH and fantastic in New Japan.
  7. Joe's Gonna Kill You

    Joe's Gonna Kill You The Hunt is On

    May 25, 2010
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    AJ has my vote he's been great between NJPW and ROH
  8. The Dragon Saga

    The Dragon Saga Whale in a Teardrop

    May 28, 2011
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    You say that Sami Zayn has had the best match on whatever show he is on, AJ Styles has had the match of the night whatever show he is on and hes been on a lot more and a lot bigger shows than Zayn has. AJ Styles has spent the last year proving that you don't need WWE to make money, hes spent the last year proving that in 2014, TNA isn't what it used to be and can't offer wrestlers what they used to be able to. Hes broken down the walls of understanding between being a professional wrestler on national TV and being a professional wrestler renowned around the world as the best.

    In 2014 AJ Styles has had multiple MOTY candidates, I've posted links to several of them previously and will do so again on request. He was a big player in the success ROH has had this year and last nights PPV was a showcase of how far ROH has came in 2014. He entered NJPW a relative unknown, Japanese audiences hated him at first because to them he was a nobody who came in and defeated their hero, their John Cena, in his first match there to win what is alongside the WWE Championship the biggest title in wrestling, the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. He held it for six months and the only reason he lost it is because he was beaten by one of the best wrestlers in the world, Hiroshi Tanahashi. Hes wrestled in-front of crowds of 50 people, 5,000 people, 15,000 and 35,000 people across multiple different countries. He is the leader of the top stable in wrestling right now, the Bullet Club, he was handed that spot from Prince Devitt - sorry, he's in NXT now so I guess his importance is enhanced, Finn Balor.

    AJ Styles is the best wrestler of 2014. He won't win this, I get how this forum works after three years and that's fine, Sami Zayn probably has more chance of winning it than Styles does, but in reality Styles' year blows Zayn's out of the water. The only other person on that list who matches is Brock Lesnar and that's because he ended the Streak and beat John Cena with ease, but Brock wrestles three times a year while AJ Styles has been wrestling three times a weekend all over the world. Brock hasn't one MOTY candidate, AJ Styles has numerous. It comes down to those two in reality. No one else on the list is close.
  9. DontshowfearBunny

    DontshowfearBunny Dark Match Winner

    Dec 8, 2014
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    I cant even say the fifth guy's name without wanting to burst out in tears.
  10. Bernkastel

    Bernkastel Reaper of Miracles
    E-Fed Mod

    Jul 3, 2006
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    I don't watch TNA, so I can't comment on Styles. Based on what I have seen in the WWE my vote would go to John Cena. Brock and Bryan have had their moments, but both are like ghosts who do little more than haunt the WWE. Cena on the other hand as been involved in every top story all year. And unlike like his closest WWE competitor, Randy Orton, Cena has been top of the heap on a more consistent basis.
  11. jmt225

    jmt225 Global Moderator

    Feb 6, 2008
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    I see people are voting for that piece of shit Lesnar.

    Listen here, I don't care if kayfabe wise that he broke the streak or destroyed Cena.... it was kayfabe. Do me a favor and name one good match he's had, one good promo.... just name one good anything this chump has done in the year 2014?

    WWE has booked an awesome 2014 for Lesnar, but he hasn't performed up to those standards. The match with The Undertaker sucked (easily the absolute worst 'Mania match The Undertaker has had in over 10 years), the matches with Cena were entertaining but completely one-sided, making them matches anyone could do if put together that way, and the match with Big Show sucked. 4 matches all fucking year, none great. Why is he wrestler of the year again?

    Please don't vote for that clown. Vote for literally anyone else.

    As for me, AJ Styles gets my vote. Best singles matches of 2014, by far, best AURA of any wrestler this year, and even though he hasn't had the platform to showcase himself on television weekly, he's delivered every time he's been called upon, rather if it's been in ROH, New Japan, or some little Indy promotion no one really gives a shit about.

    And look, while I'm sure 90% of you don't give a shit about Japanese pro wrestling, the fact that AJ Styles was IWGP Heavyweight Champions is a huge deal. Brock Lesnar was the last American to hold that title and he completely shitted on it and the entire company as a whole. The belt was nearly destroyed, NJPW was nearly ruined... they had no business returning from that disaster. Then Tanahashi and Okada worked their fucking asses off to make that belt mean something again, make New Japan the premiere wrestling organization in Japan, and AJ Styles continued to carry that load in PHENOMENAL fashion with his reign as IWGP Champion. I firmly believe no one else could have done it but him (especially someone who never had the exposure of WWE). For that alone he deserves Wrestler of the Year.
  12. Nate DaMac

    Nate DaMac Fuck erbody but me

    Mar 4, 2009
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    No Rollins or Ambrose, but Reigns made the cut? Really? I like Reigns, but no.

    I'm going with Daniel Bryan. His 4 awesome months were better than any of the other's entire year.
  13. The_Reptile_

    The_Reptile_ Pre-Show Stalwart

    Dec 28, 2010
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    Yeah I'm probably the biggest Reigns mark on the forum, but he shouldn't be here. Next year maybe.
  14. The Holy One

    The Holy One What's really good?

    Jun 15, 2009
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    Daniel Bryan started out on the role of his career at the beginning of 2014 but unfortunately injuries got in the way. Roman Reigns has improved tenfold since what he was at the start of 2013, but he still has some improvement to do. Randy Orton has impressively built a quite, strong campaign for this award with his matches against Bryan, Shield, Cena, and Rollins and I look forward to his return and what he does in 2015. John Cena has been great as always with the feud against Wyatt, Lesnar, and the Authority.

    In the ring, Cesaro is without a doubt one of the best in the WWE, now if he can work on delivering an actual promo or find a role for him so he doesn't have to do that then I won't have to sigh every time I see him get pinned by an Uso or Kofi Kingston. Despite the accolades, Lesnar has been pretty shit which is disappointing from someone who's only asked to wrestle four times a year.

    Now for my pick, AJ Styles, who's been nothing short of spectacular since his release from TNA. He's had probably one of if not the best title reign in wrestling this year. He's delivered solid match after solid match with 2 or 3 MOTY candidates. 2014 was the year of AJ Styles.
  15. The Brain

    The Brain King Of The Ring

    Mar 8, 2009
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    I guess I should have gotten around to that nominations thread. Oh well. I would have voted Seth Rollins. With no one really jumping off the page and the WWE champion being MIA Rollins has been the one carrying WWE for most of the year. Of the ones that were nominated I guess I'd go with Cena. Maybe. I don't even know. I'll have to think about it a little.
  16. L@RISANO

    [email protected] R.I.P Mustang Sally :( :( :(

    Nov 27, 2013
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    I'm biased, so I voted Reigns.

    But really, had I chosen based on how the year went, it'd be between Lesnar and Bryan...but really, the real Wrestler of the Year should be Traitorface Rollins. Face or Heel, he has exceeded my expectations...
  17. Alastor

    Alastor Championship Contender

    Oct 26, 2010
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    How did Rollins not even make the list when he is the standout wrestler besides Cesaro in WWE in 2014? I like Reigns but his singles push was cut short due to injury and didn't make as much of an impact.
  18. Pay Per Ghost

    Pay Per Ghost What they f*ck happened in the thread section here

    Apr 9, 2010
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    Lesnar, simply coz he had a year that is unlike anybody else's in terms of the sheer magnitude. He was booked like a beast, he beat the streak, squashed the franchise. People may have other choices, but Brock was a great draw and had amazing moments.
  19. FunKay the Inevitable

    FunKay the Inevitable People Like Me, We Don't Play

    May 11, 2008
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    AJ Styles is probably the right answer, but having seen none of his stuff this year I'm gonna' go with Brock. Broke the Streak, Broke Cena and Broke a lot of hearts.
  20. MCMG

    MCMG King Of The Ring

    Apr 19, 2010
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    You can justify most of them but I'm going for Cena.

    Yes he's positioned as the best but it kind of helps that he is. Matches this year? The one with Orton at the Rubmle was actually very good. Two great matches with Bray (and an ok cage match.) MITB was enjoyable. A short title run including a great story told against Brock. I mean, what other top guy would ever, ever do anything like that. From a performance viewpoint; it was superb.

    Rematch against Brock was decent. Hell in a Cell against Orton was pretty good. He was quiet at Survivor Series but was vital in the feud. Not to mention, that absolute masterpiece against Cesaro. A wonderful, wonderful match.

    His promos have been on point too. If you want to go silly and "classic" Cena he does that brilliantly. He STILL has the entire crowd in the palm of his hand. Cena, however, has shown again he is so much more with his promos throughout the year. Highlighted in his feuds with Orton, Bray, Heyman and The Authority.
  21. Dirk

    Dirk Ayatollah of Coca-Cola

    Jun 26, 2012
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    Lesnar has shown this year how great Cena is.
  22. stonecoldstunner

    stonecoldstunner Occasional Pre-Show

    Dec 4, 2014
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    Brock ended the streak..and is the Champ. Is this really a question?
  23. lokisbaine

    lokisbaine Dark Match Jobber

    Jan 6, 2007
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    Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar. All injured or just not their enough to even be considered.
    John Cena you can make a claim for but losing against Brock and being eliminated by Big Show at Survivor Series i wouldn't label him as a serious contender.
    Cesaro? He is a jobber, i love him too but if you lose every match no way you are superstar of the year.
    where is Seth Rollins on this poll? He definitely is a big consideration and he would get my vote.
    I would half consider Dolph Ziggler but Survivor Series has pretty much been his only shining moment
    Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt i would look at as considerable contenders as well, more so Bray Wyatt having defeated chris jericho, john cena, and being in the only feud i even care to watch this sunday.
  24. ABMorales787

    ABMorales787 Lord And Master
    Staff Member Administrator

    Sep 18, 2009
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    Daniel Bryan did more in 4 months than the other guys did in the whole year.
  25. Hulk Hogan's Brother

    Hulk Hogan's Brother Stop asking me what I'm gonna do!!!

    Aug 1, 2010
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    No one's really had an outstanding year in the E. So I'll give it to Styles probably for winning the IWGP belt and having stellar matches during the whole year.

    He's the only one to have done both: have great matches AND have a major kayfabe achievement. Also, he remained healthy.

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