Wrestlemania XXXIII: United States Championship - Chris Jericho (c) VS Kevin Owens

Discussion in 'Wrestlemania XXXIII' started by Jack-Hammer, Mar 7, 2017.

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    It was made official on Raw with Chris Jericho accepting Kevin Owens' terms that their match at WrestleMania be for the US title. The United States Championship has really gotten lost in the shuffle over the past few months and even if it wasn't on the line, this should be one of the best matches on the card.

    Kevin Owens mentioned that he has a rematch for the Universal Championship and that he gets it "whenever" he wants, which means that it'll be some time before Owens is back in the Universal Championship picture as Vince has other things in mind that he wants to do with it and, depending on what develops, could quietly just allow the rematch to be forgotten. As to who comes out on top, it's hard to say right now but I'm leaning towards Jericho retaining the title and for the feud to continue into the post WrestleMania season with Owens eventually winning the title. I'd be fine with Jericho retaining or Owens winning it, I just don't want to see them play hot potato with it
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    With Jericho only being around for a month after before he goes on tour, Owens walks out with the belt. To me, this is the main event for the Raw brand as it has been the best booked storyline the last 8 months.
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    This should be one of the matches of the night, not too hard considering some of the rest are snoozers. But anyway considering Jericho is due to go on tour with his band, I think he'll drop the title to Owens and then quietly, or not so quietly ride off into the sunset for awhile.

    No idea how long he is planning on touring with Fozzy but hopefully he'll come back at some point this year. He and Owens have been one of the only things that have made RAW watchable. The rest of it is pretty dismal if the truth be told.
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    I've always been quite excited about the prospect of this match. But seeing it come to fruition last night was something special, especially given how Jericho is now acting like the face he has been for months. It was so refreshing to see something build through completely natural means.

    Jericho and Owens are so capable of having an amazing match, there little doubt about that. And it seems to me that the WWE have a lot of faith on the match to be great. Honestly speaking, it should be one of the finer matches on the entire card. In terms of the final result, it would amaze me if Owens didn't come through it. His experiment as Universal Champion is over and he won't be back in that position for quite some time. So giving him the United States Championship will be a good stop gap for Owens. That said, I'll be really disappointed if Jericho doesn't come out on top. It's the most logical booking that Jericho ought to get his revenge on Owens at Mania.

    Either way, I can't wait to see this match actually happen.
  5. OYDK

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    As others have said, if they give these guys a decent amount of time to work, this should be a great match. Honestly, I'm liking the way that Mania is shaping up. We have two great stories (probably) coming to fruition in Owens/Jericho and Orton/Wyatt, we have the two "megamatches" in Taker/Reigns and Goldberg/Lesnar, we should have an interesting encounter between Styles and Shane with something on the line, and if Rollins can go, that's another main-event worthy match with him and HHH. Also likely getting the debut of Austin Aries in a CW match that I'm actually really looking forward to. If WWE gives these matches time and doesn't go ass-backwards in the booking department, meaning they actually give the crowd what they want to friggin see, Mania has the potential to be very good in my eyes.

    As for this match, I do think that Jericho walks out as the winner and champion, it just makes sense from a storyline perspective. Plus, every time I say "so and so is the obvious winner" when it comes to Wrestlemania, I end up looking like an idiot. Owens is the guy who seems obvious, but I really do think they give the win to Jericho here before he drops the strap to KO at the next Raw PPV. Either way, I'm very content with however this plays out.
  6. The Life Of Pablo Ren

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    God I really hope this gets the time that it deserves. If they do I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they can potentially put on the Match of the Night. But as things currently stand with everything that's rumored and assuming things are "equal" (meaning if RAW gets a Women's Championship/Tag Team Championship match, Smackdown does too) we have a fifteen match card, even with the pre-show that would leave 12 main card matches plus the obligatory 20-30 minutes for The New Day throughout the night, and those fifteen matches don't include Big Show vs. Shaq which apparently might be back on now? So that whole issue of IF they get enough time is really looking like a BIG if.
  7. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Biggest match on RAW. First hype hit came to me when Owens actually went into the ring and fought like the old good days. Second hype hit came when Zayn and Joe got involved.

    Entertaining as hell. Will be a great match.

    I just hope that Joe and Zayn won't get too involved. This needs to be settled just between Owens and Jericho. Let Joe and Zayn do their own thing.

    Owens walks out of Wrestlemania and possibly destroys Y2J in order to write him off TV after WM.
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    Kevin Owens is a lot better than what he was with Chris Jericho.

    Goldberg squashing him did break his speed but I hope that he reignites the fire by beating Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 33 and thus capturing the United States Championship which he couldn't do against John Cena.

    There's no reason to make Jericho win when we know that he will be leaving soon after Wrestlemania 33. In this way, Kevin Owens can get a good rub off Chris Jericho.

    Also in match quality, this match could be in Top 2/3 for sure.
  9. LBGetBack

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    The whole "Jericho can't win because he's leaving, ummm, at some point!" is just boring and predictable thinking.

    We don't know when Jericho is leaving. He could be around for 2 months after Mania, who knows?

    I say Jericho wins this one. Eventually Owens will write him off of Tv. Not at Mania though.

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