WoS Wrestling: UK Wrestling From An American Perspective

Discussion in 'Wrestling Discussion' started by Hyorinmaru, Sep 2, 2018.

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    I just got done watching the pilot episode of World of
    Sport and I loved it.

    This is my first taste of UK wrestling not under the WWE banner and my first thought was that this is what wrestling in America needs to be like.

    Not over produced which is nice to see. The wrestling inside the ring is some of the best I've seen from anywhere in the world and while there wasn't any storyline to advance the stuff outside the ring being the first episode the stuff that did hapoen outside the ring had me just as captivated as the stuff in the ring.

    Throughout the episode they paid homage to the legends from World of Sport's history and showed them in the audience but they didn't cut to them every 5 minutes. Just a few packages with interviews and a couple shots of them in the front row.

    Speaking of the audience they were so much better than any WWE live audience. They loved it, weren't being jackasses to get in camera and while very rambunctious were very respectful to the people in the ring. It reminded me a lot of the live audiences in Japan on the NJPW shows i've been able to see.

    All in all one of the best 2 hours of wrestling i've seen in a very long time and i will be watching more of it so if I have any more thoughts I'll post them here.
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    From a British perspective. It's about average but it's daytime TV on a terrestrial station so it's probably about as good as it's going to get as we're an extremely censored nation for the most part. Our school teachers like to have inappropriate conversations with our children as part of "sex ed" but god forbid we see a running into a boot on TV.

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